InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Hitohana ❯ Hitohana ( Chapter 1 )

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Her eyes followed the swaying of his hair, silky silver strands the seemed to float along behind the youkai. Sesshomaru-sama.
Rin smiled to herself as she walked behind her savior, her Sesshomaru-sama. Everyone was so afraid of him… Rin wondered why. The silver haired demon stopped suddenly, moving to the side of the road and off into the woods. Rin followed.
He settled himself against a tree, closing his eyes as Jaken moved to start making a fire. Rin wandered off to a patch of flowers, settling herself among the velvety petals. With a toothy grin, she started to pluck the blossoms and weave them into a crown. For Sesshomaru-sama, of course.
Of in the distance, a wolf bayed at the moon. Rin cringed a little, and whimpered slightly, but she remained in her patch of flowers. Sesshomaru-sama would protect her. She knew he would. But sometimes, she got a little scared, anyway. Wolves were mean. So very, very mean.
But Sesshomaru-sama would protect her, she knew. Sesshomaru-sama was so strong, and so brave. Everything a Daddy was supposed to be. Even if he really wasn't. But she could make-believe, though. She could pretend that he was.
Jaken had said that Sesshomaru-sama would never care for a filthy human such as her. It made Rin sad that she would never be able to be Sesshomaru-sama's daughter. Maybe if she was youkai? Would Sesshomaru-sama let her be his daughter if she was a youkai? Rin thought so.
She continued to weave the crown, smiling to herself. Right now, she could sit and pretend the Sesshomaru-sama was her Daddy, and that she had a Mama waiting for her. At home, with kisses and hugs just for her. Rin sighed. It was a pretty dream.
Rising to her feet, Rin held the completed crown before her in reverence. It was the best work she had ever done. She walked towards Sesshomaru-sama, the flower circlet held high. Jaken scoffed as she passed by, but she ignored it. She was only focused on Sesshomaru-sama.
She stood before the youkai, flowers in her hands as he opened his eyes. The topaz gaze flicked from the crown, to her, then back again. He stayed silent, and stared at the blooms as if judging their quality. After several silent minutes, Sesshomaru-sama bowed his head.
Gingerly, Rin set the flowers on his head with a wide smile on her face. Jaken squaked his indignation in the background, but both ignored him. Sesshomaru-sama looked at her one more time, and then closed his eyes again. Rin turned and skipped over to the now roaring fire, dropping down by its side to settle in for the night.
Rin smiled as she drifted off to sleep. Otou-san looked pretty in flowers.
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