InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Kagome Meets Grimmjow ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It was a normal night for Kagome and her group. Everyone was asleep in their campsite. Kagome is asleep in her sleeping bag with Shippo snuggling in her side. Inuyasha has left them to go to the undead pot named Kikyo. In the meantime at the campsite, an injured panther demon walks in and sits near the campfire.


Kagome point of view


I just woke up from the sound of a twig snapping. I quickly grabbed my bow and arrows and aimed at the greenish blue-furred panther. “Who are you?” I asked him. “Grimmjow,” said the panther. By this time Shippo, Sango, Kirara, and Miroku are awake and battle-ready.


Normal point of view


Shippo is behind Kagome while Sango has her boomerang ready and Miroku has his staff ready. Grimmjow did nothing. “I'm not here to fight,” said Grimmjow. Blood started to make a big puddle under Grimmjow. “Let me help you,” said Kagome. Right before Kagome could help him, Inuyasha jumped in blocking her from helping Grimmjow. “Inuyasha what are you doing?” Kagome questioned. 


“Protecting you,” said Inuyasha.


“He said that he was not here to fight, so let me help him,” said Kagome.


“No” stated Inuyasha.


“You have no say in the matter because you left us defensive while Sango, Kirara, Miroku, Shippo, and I slept. AND WHERE WERE YOU? You were with the undead pot Kikyo.” Stated/yelled Kagome.


“DON'T CALL KIKYO THAT”. Yelled Inuyasha.


“I'M STILL HElPING HIM” Yelled/stated Kagome.


“NO YOU DON'T” Yelled Inuyasha.


“Inuyasha” sango Kagome in a sweet voice.


“Don't you dare say it Kagome?” Said Inuyasha as his dog ears flopped flat down on his head and slowly back away from Kagome.


“SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT and SIT.(10 Sits) Yell Kagome. 


As she yelled, Inuyasha's body flew down into the ground making a 10 feet deep Inuyasha equator.


“Sorry Grimmjow about that.” Apologized Kagome.


“Don't worry. So are you the alpha of pride? Ask Grimmjow.


“What do you mean? Ask Kagome.


“Are you the leader of this group?” Ask Grimmjow. 


“Ah, No, of course not. Why do you ask that? Inuyasha is the alpha of this pack.” Stated Kagome.


“In the display that's, I just saw you are the alpha of this pride. Female alphas are usually rare. Don't the members of this pride agree with me?” Grimmjow stated/questioned.


”Yes we agree with you, Grimmjow” Stated Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. “Mew” from Kirara.


“NO, she's not the alpha I'm the alpha” stated Inuyasha.


“To me, you are not. What type of alpha abandons their pride while the pride is asleep?” Pointing at Kagome, “She is a better alpha than you” stated Grimmjow. Shippo, Miroku, Kirara, and Sango nodding their heads in agreement.

Inuyasha runs off. “So would you let me help you?” Ask Kagome to Grimmjow.


“So wouldn't let it go are you?” he answered.


“No” She answered.


“Fine, you can help me” Stated Grimmjow.


“So Grimmjow what happened to you to get these injuries anyway?” Ask Kagome as she dresses the injuries.


“My pride got attacked by a spider half-breed. He said to join him or perish. My pride and I said no and that spider half-breed left. The next day, while my pride was sleeping the spider half-breed, attacked us and I am the only survivor. I am going to avenge my pride.” He answered.


“Do you by any chance know what the spider half-breed name is?” Asked Miroku.


“Yes, his name is Naraku. Why do you ask?” Answered Grimmjow.


“He is the one we are after for a few personal reasons.” Answered Sango.


“What are some of the reasons you are after Naraku?” Asked Grimmjow.


“To free my little brother Kohaku from Naraku's grasp.” Answered Sango.


“To free my family from the curse of the wind tunnel.” Stated Miroku.


“I don't have any reason other than to stay with Kagome, my adopted mother,” Said Shippo.


“Aw I view you as my son Shippo and I don't mind if you want to call me mama.” Stated Kagome.


“Thank you, Mama” said Shippo as he runs over to Kagome and hugs her as his life depends on it.


“My reason is to restore Shikoh no Tama Jewel or the jewel of four souls. I accidentally scattered the jewel into 1000 pieces. I must restore Jewel and make a pure wish on it.” Answered Kagome.


“You may join us if you want Grimmjow.” Stated Kagome.


“Sure if you don't mind me coming along?” Asked Grimmjow.