InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Betrayal ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Meanwhile with Inuyasha Normal point of view


Inuyasha is running back into the clearing that he met Kikyo earlier that evening. Kikyo was sitting on a tree root as Inuyasha burst into the clearing with an angry look on his face.


“What's wrong Inuyasha baby?” Asked Kikyo.


“My pack doesn't view me as the alpha anymore, that stupid woman took my title.”


“Don't worry Inuyasha love, your pack doesn't appreciate you, but I do. Why not join me and teach that reincarnation of mine a lesson.” Said Kikyo


“Lets join Naraku.” Said Kikyo.


“But Kikyo is the one that caused us to kill each other in the first place.” Said a worried Inuyasha.


“Don’t worry Inuyasha, don’t you trust me?” She replied.


“No, no, no, I do trust you b-.” Started Inuyasha.


“No buts if you don’t trust me and join Naraku, then go back to the stupid reincarnation of mine.” Said a light upset Kikyo.


“No, I am sorry I will join you anywhere you go. I love you Kikyo, my love.” Said Inuyasha frantically.


“It's okay my love.” Replied Kikyo.


“Get on my back and we can go.” Said Inuyasha. Kikyo did what he wanted and both of them left to join Naraku’s side.


Next day with Kagome and her pack.


Kagome, Grimmjow, and the rest of the pack are walking to Kaede's village to rest. While Kagome goes to her home in the future to get supplies for their adventure.