InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Soul Reaper School ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

2 days later Normal point of view

Kagome and Sesshomaru are walking with Rukia and Renji to the sword class. Rukia knocked on the classroom's door #123. "Come in" said the kind yet tough male voice of the teacher. The four of them entered the room to see a male and a female teacher. "Okay, class we have two new students today. Their names are Sesshomaru Taisho and Kagome Taisho. My name is Nanaite Marite and his name is Aku Samurai. Rukia, Renji you can go if you want." Said Nanaite. Some female students were whispering about how hot Sesshomaru is and how to get his attention. The male students were whispering the same thing about Kagome and how cute her ears and tails are. "Okay, we will stay." Said Rukia and Renji at the same time as they followed the class because they wanted to see their sword skills. "Okay, students go pick a sword and a sparring partner." Said Aku as he led the group to the sword chamber where all different swords are hanged on the walls.

Kagome walked with Sesshomaru and looked through the swords. The other students look for the coolest look sword instead of their quality. Kagome saw two swords that were perfect for her and Sesshomaru. She picks up a sword with a red hilt with silver full moons and the blade is silver with a hint of red. She gives that sword to Sesshomaru because it's the perfect weight for him and he put the sword on his left hip. She picks up a sword with a black hilt with blue raindrops covering it and the blade is silver with a hint of green. The sword's weight is slightly lighter than Sesshomaru's and put her sword on her back.

Kagome and Sesshomaru followed the rest of the class to the dojo. They went to the back of the dojo and went in a fighting stance that nobody knows. The two teachers were too busy with other groups to notice Kagome and Sesshomaru's fighting stance. Their stance left no openings. Kagome and Sesshomaru stayed in their stance for one minute waiting for the other to move. They moved at the exact moment. Their swords clash in the middle. Sparks went everywhere and the sound of the clash attracted the other people in the dojo to watch. Kagome and Sesshomaru broke apart and charged again at speeds that a lieutenant can barely reach. The others in the dojo only saw a black and a white blur. The students and teachers are astonished at their fighting skills. Renji and Rukia called the captains and the other lieutenants to watch Kagome and Sesshomaru duel. The captains and lieutenant came as Sesshomaru dodged Kagome's sword and did a backflip.

They genty put their swords on the floor away from their duel. After Sesshomaru put the sword away, a green whip magically appeared in Sesshomaru's left hand. When the end of the whip hits the ground, the ground gets eaten by a green liquid called acid. "Fluffy, you know that whip will destroy the dojo." Said Kagome as she dodged his whip. Kagome put her right hand in the same way as Sesshomaru's left hand and a pinkish-purple whip appeared in her hand. "Yes, this Sesshomaru is aware." Sesshomaru replied as their whips wrapped each other. A gold light swallowed Sesshomaru and Kagome was absorbed by a pinkish-purple and reddish-silver light.

When the lights dissipate they have their zanpakutos in their hands. Sesshomaru has a sword with a black hilt with blueish-purple crescents covering it and the blade is silverish-blue with a flame shape carved in it. The blade is jagged on both sides. Kagome has two swords. The first sword is a 5.5 feet long silverish-green blade with a gold tree carved on its white hilt and its roots wrap around it. The hilt has a black foot long ribbon attached to its back. The second sword is a 5.5 feet long black blade with a silver skull carved on its hilt. A pink foot long ribbon attached to the back of the hilt.

Everyone was surprised that they got their zanpakuto on their first day. Usually, soul reapers get their zanpakuto after a year of school. Kagome and Sesshomaru attacked each other again. Their speed was equivalent to the captains now and the spectators do not know that they were holding more than half of their powers. Kagome sank into the ground in her shadow after breaking apart. Sesshomaru immediately went alert and ready to strike. Kagome sneaked behind him and her body wrapped around Sesshomaru's body from behind. The zanpakuto with the tree on it pressed on Sesshomaru's neck while the other one held off Sesshomaru's zanpakuto. "Do you submit?" Asked Kagome in canine language but nobody understood what she said except Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru whimpered in that act of surrender and she freed him in acceptance.

The bell rang thirty minutes ago but nobody wanted to leave school until the duel was over. The captains left as soon as the duel was over. Kagome and Sesshomaru walked over to Renji, Rukia, and the other lieutenants.

"Hi, guys who are you? I am Kagome Taisho and this is my brother Sesshomaru Taisho." Said a happy Kagome as she put the discarded swords back where she found them before the duel.

"Hi, Kagome and Sesshomaru." They answer except Rukai and Renji.

"My name is Rangiku Matsumoto and is the 10th division lieutenant." said a tall blond lady in a black komodo with pink outlines.

"My name is Yachiru Kusajishi and is the 11th division lieutenant." Said a pink-haired girl in a black komodo.

"My name is Ikkaku Madarame and is the 11th division 3rd seat." Said a bold man.

"My name is Nemu Kurotsuchi and is the 12th division lieutenant." Said a medium size woman with purple hair in a black komodo.

"My name is Izuru Kira and is the 3rd division lieutenant." Said a blond man in a black komodo.

"My name is Kiyone Kotetsu and is the 3rd seat in the 12th division." Said a blond woman in the same komodo.

"My name is Momo Hinamori and is the 5th division lieutenant." Said a short, kind-looking girl with black hair, and her komodo was black.

"My name is Shūhei Hisagi and is the 9th division lieutenant." Said a man with black spikey hair and has a '69' tattoo on his left cheek.

"My name is Nanao Ise and is the 8th division lieutenant." Said a short, black hair, woman with glasses.

"My name is Marechiyo Ōmaeda and is the 2nd division lieutenant." Said a big man with purple clothes.

"Do you want lunch, Kagome, Sesshomaru?" Said Rukia.

"Sure" Said Kagome.

30 minutes later, from the Kagome point of view.

'We are waiting for our lunch. What's taking them so long.' I thought.

"What are those cool whips you two have?" Asked Rangiku.

"This whip" I started to explain as I manifested one in my right hand. "is a demon whip made out of demon energy." I finished as the whip disappeared out of my hand. The food came and everyone except Sesshomaru and I started small chatter. Then I heard two voices calling me in my mindscape. I asked 'Who are you' as two figures appeared in my mindscape. The first figure was a giant black buck, his vine-like antlers had grown leaves out of it. The second figure was a bit scary, it was a giant spider with human hands as her 8 arms/legs and has no skin, just bones, and muscles. They answered 'We are your zanpakutos'. 'What are your names?' I asked. 'My name Shadouraifusu ( means shadow life)' Said the buck. 'My name is Desusutomu (means deathstorm)' Not known to me at the time, Sesshomaru had the same conversation with himself. Neither of us was aware that we were glowing. "-me. Earth to Kagome, Sesshomaru." Said Renji as he waved his hand in front of me knowing to not mess with Sesshomaru. Instinctively I grabbed his hand and flipped him on his back with Desusutomu pointing at his neck. A few seconds later I realized what I did and released him.

"I am sorry it was a reflex I gained from Sesshomaru's training." I said.

"It's fine, do you know you two were glowing." Renji replied.

"No, I was talking to my zanpakutos and they told me their names." I replied.

"No way shouldn't know your zanpakuto's names already." Said Ikkaku.

"But I do and probably Sesshomaru too. Don't believe me, show me the training grounds." I said.

"Okay" Replied Ikkaku as we walked to the training grounds.