InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Soul Society ( Chapter 7 )

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"What happened, Grimmy, and why are we out of our bodies? Also, why do we have a chain connected to our chest?" Question Kagome. "I don't know, Kitten." Said Grimmjow. "Let's watch our kit grow." Said Kagome."Sure" Replied Grimmjow.

Several years later, they noticed that their chains got shorter. "Grimmjow I think it might be safer if we pass on." Said Kagome. "I know but I am not ready." "Ok, but I'm going before I become a hollow but we will meet in the Soul Society, I believe those guys in black komodos called it. Bye, see you there, Grimmy." Said Kagome as she walked over and hugged him. "Bye, my kitten." Replied Grimmjow as he returned the hug and she faded away.

When Kagome woke up she found herself in a hut. She checked herself for injuries and if she still had her spirit energy mostly concealed. She found no wounds, her spirit energy was mostly concealed, and she was in her humanoid demon form. For example, she saw claws, her twelve tails, felt her fangs when she touched her teeth, and she tried to find her ears but when she did they were on the top of her head and triangle shape. Then she heard footsteps heading her way, she stiffened and got into a fighting stance that her brother, Lord Sesshomaru, drilled into her. She put on an emotionless mask. "Do you think she's up yet, Renji?" Said a girl's voice.

"I don't know Rukia, she's been asleep for quite some time." Said a boy's voice that she assumed to be Renji. The door opened up, and Kagome saw a boy with blood-red hair with weird black tattoos all over his body and he was wearing a black komodo. He had a sword strapped on his hip and she guessed it was Renji. The other person with him is a girl with black hair the same color komodo, a sword on her hip the same as the boy and she assumes that the girl's name is Rukia.

"Oh, so you woke up," Rukia stated but Kagome wouldn't lessen her stance. "We mean you no harm. My name is Renji Abarai and the girl that is beside me Rukia Kuchiki. What is your name?" Question/said Renji who is surprised that the animalistic girl in front of him knew how to fight. "My name is Kagome Taisho, is this the soul society?" "Yes, how do you know what this place is?" Asked Rukia. "I know because I saw a few people like you killing those creatures you called hollows and they've been chasing me and mate for a few years because they feared us turning into hollows. The first time we met two was when my mate and I were fighting a hollow then they interfered in the fight. They tried to convince us to go to soul society and failed. Also, they told us that they are soul reapers." Said Kagome. "What are you?" Question Renji. "I am a Miko, foid or shadow fox, and elemental dog demoness." Answered Kagome. "Wow" both Renji and Rukia said, surprised. "I thought they died out about 300 years ago" "Doubt it, my brother and I ensured that. So, what year is it?" Kagome asked. "The Year 2020, why do you ask?" Asked Renji. "Don't worry about it, just curious." Said Kagome as the three left the hut. "If you are up to it, do you want to meet Captain-Commander Yamamoto, the leader of the 13 Divisions Imperial Guards?" Said Rukia. "Sure, do you want to race? Just tell me which building." "Ok, don't push yourself. It's the circular building in the middle of the soul society." Said Renji as the three of them got ready for the race. "1...2...3...GO" Said all three of them at the same time as they disappeared.

15 minutes later Renji's point of view

Rukia and I silently agreed to stay together as we used shunpo to get to the first division, but when we got there we saw Kagome play with a black dog. 'How did she beat us.' I thought as Rukia and I had our mouths hanging out. 'Because she is the fastest, kindest, strongest demoness anyone heard of.' Answered my zanpakuto, Zabimaru in an eager way. 'Why are you so eager, Zabimaru?' I asked him mentally. 'She was famous for she cared for all species, no matter demon, half-breed, or human. Even when she was a human Miko she didn't kill demons or half-breeds in her path like the other Mikos and monks. She saved me when I was a child from monks that wanted to kill me for being a demon. She lied to them saying that I was her servant and that he couldn't take anything away from her. After he left, she checked me for wounds and healed them. She turned to leave when she asked my name but I didn't have one and that I told her that. She said that was okay and said that if it were okay she would name me, Zabimaru. She told me that her name is Kagome and she asked if I want to come along to see if her brother would train me in self-defense. She also asked if I promise to never hurt anyone unless to protect myself, my mate, my friends, my family, or find supplies for survival. ' Answered Zabimaru. 'WHAT, you were alive?' I asked as Rukia, Kagome, and I walked through the first division hallways. 'Yes, I was alive. The soul reaper school is wrong when they say zanpakutos are born with the soul reaper but right when they say zanpakutos died with their partners. I died in a war with the South and West. Kagome's adopted brother, Lord Sesshomaru was the lord of the western lands.' Said Zabimaru. 'It seems you care about her a lot.' Stated Renji. 'I do I view her as an older sister.' Said Zabimaru as Rukia, Kagome, and I walk to Captain-Commander Yamamoto's room doors. 'Bye Zabimaru.' I said. 'Bye Renji. Said Zabimaru.

Captain-Commander Yamamoto's room doors Kagome point of view

Renji knocked on the double doors, and we heard an emotionless voice say "Enter." The three of us entered. I saw ten people with high spiritual energy and sense ten demon spirits, not including Renji and Rukia. Renji and Rukia went on their knees to bow. I did in respect but not on my knees. "Renji, Rukia go to your captains." Said Captain-Commander Yamamoto. "Yes sir!" Said Renji and Rukia as they move to their captain. "Who are you" Said Captain-Commander Yamamoto. "My name is Kagome Taisho, Captain-Commander Yamamoto" I answered. "What are you?" Question Captain-Commander Yamamoto. "I am a Miko, foid or shadow fox, and elemental dog demoness," I answered. "ABSURD" Said Captain-Commander Yamamoto. "What do you mean 'Absurd' don't you see or sense them? There are fourteen of them not including me." I replied. "WHAT?" Said everyone except Renji. "Where are they?" Captain-Commander Yamamoto questioned. "Instead of me telling you their locations, I will show you, Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Please come out." I said/asked.

Eleven out of twelve demon spirits came out. "Hello, Lady Kagome," Said eight of them as they bowed down to me in respect. Three other demon spirits said, "Big sis", as they ran and hugged me. All of the soul reapers except Renji were surprised even if they don't show it, I sense it in their aura to know. "How have you died, everyone?" I asked. "War against the South lands for your ashes." Answered the demon spirits at the same time. "Did the South try to revive me then use me as a weapon like Kikyo," I asked nobody in particular. "Yes, I protect your kit and Rin so don't worry. I died from my injury protecting the children when they tried to take the children as hostages. I defeated them as the South retreated and the Lord Sesshomaru came victorious. Then I died." Said Senbonzakura. "Thank you, Senbonzakura." "You're welcome, M'lady." Replied Senbonzakura. I was about to ask about the children when the door threw open and a soul reaper appeared. "Ichigo Kurosaki needs help, there's a 6 story tall, three-head dog hollow. 'My twin brother is fighting a hollow, I will ask him later.' I thought as I ran towards my younger twin brother's scent.

In the first division Normal point of view

All of the soul reapers and demon spirit just noticed that Kagome was gone. They ran towards Ichigo's fight assuming that Kagome went that way. When they got there, they saw a very injured Ichigo trying to break a pink dome that's around him with his zanpakuto. Kagome was standing there looking at the hollow in his red eyes. Then the next thing she said surprised the soul reapers.


"Sister?" The hollow replied.

'WHAT' they thought.

"What causes you to be angry, Sesshomaru's beast?" Ask Kagome.

"Nobody can give me a challenge, can we battle sis?" The hollow is identified as Sesshomaru's beast.

"Sure, hand to hand or beast battle?" Asked Kagome.

"Beast battle" Sesshomaru's beast.

"Why did she ask that and what beast battles?" Asked Renji.

"Lady Kagome asked that because she wants to know if they are doing it in their true form or in humanoid form. Demon's true form is usually their form they are born in. The true form is usually an animal and over time they gain a humanoid form. Lady Kagome was a different case, she was human first, but turned into a full demon by being adopted in Lord Sessomaru's family by blood bond. The blood bond was exposed to turn her in a half-breed but instead turned into full-demon." Explained Senbonzakura.

"Guys stay back and don't interfere." Said Kagome.

Kagome turned into a six-story tall shadow/void fox/elemental dog mix. She had midnight blue fur with a silver and red streak in it that reached her butt. A pair of black doggy/foxy ears, the right ear has a red tip and the left ear has a silver tip. She had blue cat eyes with the left eye having a gold slit and the other eye a green slit. Her teeth are now a foot and 2 inches long. She has a blue crescent moon in the middle of her forehead. Her hands and feet became paws. Her 12 tails are now 6 feet long, half had red tips while the other half had silver tips.

Sesshomaru's beast and Kagome jump on each other. On the ground where the two been are giant scratch marks with green liquid eating away the ground like acid. Sesshomaru's beast was on top of Kagome. Sesshomaru's beast has Kagome's neck in its mouth. Three of Kagome's tails wrapped around Sesshomaru's beast's necks as the result choking him. Kagome used that chance to flip them so that she was on top. She used her other tails to pin his paws and tail. Her two tails that are wrapped around his outer heads have her Miko ki. The Miko ki was enough to destroy the two heads but nothing else. After the two heads were destroyed the two tails wrapped around the remaining neck. "SUMMIT" Ordered Kagome in a bark. After a minute of struggling, Sesshomaru's beast bared his neck to her in an act of surrender in animal language and that she is his alpha. Kagome nipped his neck and licked it in acceptance of her new role as alpha.

All of the soul reapers were surprised that Kagome could beat a hollow that Ichigo could not. Kagome changed back to her humanoid form. "Sesshomaru's beast can you allow Sesshomaru to take his body back, please." Said Kagome. He nodded. Sesshomaru's beast's eyes turned from blood-red to gold like honey. His body changed from a giant dog to a six-foot-tall man. Kagome was about to walk away from the soul reapers into the forest with Sesshomaru following but stopped when she heard Renji tried but failed to free Ichigo from the pink dome. Kagome walked over to Ichigo and picked up a thick wooden stick that was a foot long with a radius of two inches out of the ground. The barrier fell as Ichigo was swinging his sword as the result he fell face-first into the ground.

"Ichie how have you been?" Said Kagome.

"How do you know me and only one person is allowed to call me that?" Replied Ichigo.

"You don't recognize me, my twin brother Ichigo, I am so hurt." Said a fake hurt Kagome.

"KAGOME!!! Is that you? What happened to you?" Said Ichigo.

"Yes, it's me who else calls you Ichie? I have changed a lot since you have last seen me. I became a Miko, foid or shadow fox, and elemental dog demoness. You changed too it seems." Said Kagome.

"You can't be kidding me, do you actually believe our crazy grandpa's stories." Said Ichigo

"I used to believe demons were fake too, but after falling down into the well in our shrine on our fifteenth birthday, that thought changed. When I fell in the well I traveled 500 years in the past that's where I met Sesshomaru and other friends and enemies. Did you know your sword has a demon spirit in it?" Said Kagome.

"Oh okay, how did you die." Asked Ichigo

"I died in a war protecting my friend and my mate or you call husband stepped in front of me to protect me yet the tentacle went through me after going through him." Said Kagome

"You are married!!! Who did you marry? What war? Who killed you and why? Why was the tentacle involved?" Ask Ichigo.

"The war happened 500 years ago. The half-demon who killed me was named Naraku. The reason tentacles were involved was that he uses his tentacles as a weapon. My mate died with me in the war at the same time and my mate's name is Grimmjow."

"GRIMMJOW!!! He is a villain, he killed people." Said Ichigo

"I killed many to save lives so are you saying I'm a villain? Those who tried to kill or kidnapped me usually became allies rather than enemies, for example, Sesshomaru. He tried to kill me the first time we met, but then we became a brother to me." Stated Kagome as Sesshomaru nodded with a smirk.

Pointing at Sesshomaru, Ichigo said to Kagome, "HE TRIED TO KILL YOU AND YOU CAN STAND NEAR HIM WITHOUT FEELING THREATED, you are crazy." Stated/yelled Ichigo.

"STOP YELLING, you are making all demons' ears bleed," Started/yelled Kagome as she and the other demons cover their ears. "or do want to die." Finished Kagome in a deadly sweet voice that sent shivers down everyone's spine.

"Captain-Commander Yamamoto, can I become a soul reaper?" Ask Kagome.

"If Kagome becomes a soul reaper this Sesshomaru is going to join her too." Said Sesshomaru.

"Okay, I will allow this. You two will start class in two days." Said/ordered Captain-Commander Yamamoto.

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