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Miroku's Torture

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Chap ter Two

Miroku's sandals padded against the wooden floor as he walked into the darkness. He'd survived illusions before. He'd battled plenty of demons before. He'd withstood the seduction of beautiful women......kinda.

The perverted monk saw a light across the room begin to glow and blatantly ignoring all the advice his friends had ever told him he began to walk towards it.

As Miroku got closer he saw that the light was coming from a candle seeming to be on a lone table. The candle's flame couldn't pierce the darkness but for a few inches so the monk wasn't any better off than he was before.

Miroku stood staring at it as we all are at the power and mesmerizing quality of fire.

Deciding that it wasn't going to do him any good parading around with a light to be seen by others Miroku left the candle alone and tried to walk around the table.

He walked. And walked. And walked some more. "What the-" was all Miroku got out before he felt several hands grab him and yank him backwards.

Having been taken by surprise several times before Miroku was ready to escape. Only to have his staff roughly twisted out of his hands and his body pinned against something soft and cushy. Miroku tried to see who his attackers were but all that could be seen was the candle far off to the left.

Not seeing was bad enough but being temporarily blinded by a bright flash of light was worse. Especially by stage lights. That had poles. That had scantily clad women attached to them.

Finding himself set into some kind of red chair called a "lazee boi" Miroku looked around. His view wasn't bad seeing as how he was surrounded by beautiful women. All that he could see was the stage with the poles with the girls with the smiles.

Relaxing, he decided to see where this would take him.

"Welcome," smiled a red-head as she leaned seductively towards the happy Miroku. Pouring a glass of sake she offered it to Miroku with a flirtatious batting of the eyes. "We've been so looonely. Waiting for you."

"Well it's not in my nature to keep a lady waiting," Miroku replied taking a drink noticing that the women all seemed to be in great physical shape. 'I wonder what they do.....'he thought with a pervertic grin.

All the women hovering about him giggled behind their hands and glanced at each other.

Circling Miroku they looked at him with sultry gazes as he started smiling again. If this was torture then he was gonna enjoy it.

"We've been waiting to show you something." a dark-haired girl said sliding her hand down Miroku's arm as she headed to the stage. "And it goes something like this......"

Getting up on stage with three more voluptuous(1) females in the background she let her voice sing,

"I'm too sexy for my love too sexy for my love
love's going to leave me.
I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
so sexy that it hurts."

Hmm. She did a good job of getting her voice low for the part.

Miroku drank more sake until he realized something. The girl on the right was a dance beat behind the others! It was still a good performance though. Besides, the massage he was getting from four of the lovely "ladies" made Miroku not have a worry in the world. And that one girl! He didn't know why she liked nibbling his ear and running her hands through his hair but he was just fine with it!

"And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan.
And I'm too sexy for your party
too sexy for your party
No way I'm"-and then she tore off her shirt.

To show Miroku what amazing abs and pecs he has.

Yes, "he".

Miroku screamed bloody murder as he slapped the girl-guys's hands off of him. They were guys. Guys! In women's clothing? But still guys!

Miroku's memory played a nasty trick on him and reminded him of what he'd been thinking when he'd still thought they were.....girls.

The poor misguided monk felt the hands once again grabbing onto him as he tried to escape. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

From afar Kikyo smiled as she watched the thrashing monk try to run. Futile. Silly monk.


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