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Midnight Meets Moonlight
Chapter Six
A New Arrangement
“When did Kagome say she was coming back again?” Miroku asked Inuyasha as they packed up camp the next morning.
Inuyasha let out a short sigh; he had been asked this question numerous times already. “She said in a few days, bouzo. That's why we're going back to Kaede's village, to wait for her there.”
“I thought you said she told you to keep looking for the shard,” Sango broke in, looking at the hanyou shrewdly.
“I think Inuyasha is just nervous that he left her with Sesshoumaru and wants to make sure she's all right,” Shippo piped up, earning a thunk on the head from Inuyasha. He was about to complain and cry, but since Kagome wasn't around, it didn't have any purpose. Instead, he just stuck his tongue out at Inuyasha and scurried ahead of the rest of the group as they set out.
Inuyasha gave a mock growl at the young fox, but his words held some truth. He WAS worried about Kagome being left alone with Sesshoumaru. It was bad enough he had to deal with his brother in the Feudal Era, but now that he knew that Sesshoumaru was alive in Kagome's time…he didn't know what to think of it or how to deal with it.
Kikyou was more than qualified to help them look for the shards while Kagome was away, but Inuyasha didn't want to search without her. He'd made the decision to go back to the village early that morning so he could be there to see Kagome as soon as she exited the well. To make sure she was safe.
Sesshoumaru was an enigma to him right now. Before, it was simple to figure him out. He was jealous of Inuyasha, wanted the sword from his father, and would kill him to get it. That much, Inuyasha understood. The bastard was heartless, ruthless, and dangerous.
But then the asshole had to go and start changing on him, becoming unpredictable. He cared for a human girl, yet he despised humans. He claimed to want his father's sword, but as soon as he realized that the sword was the only thing keeping Inuyasha from losing his mind when he was in demon form, he stopped trying to steal it, instead only trying to find a stronger sword for himself. They had fought against each other and with each other…and Inuyasha didn't trust him. At least not with Kagome involved in the whole situation.
Which was another thing that baffled him. Why was Sesshoumaru so interested in Kagome when they were in the future time? She had seemed comfortable with him, and he had seemed genuinely interested in her welfare. He even apologized to her!
He frowned. And what was the whole deal with the “she is not yours” thing? Sesshoumaru had sounded oddly possessive over her when Inuyasha had tried to keep her from him. He snorted to himself. Of course Kagome wasn't his…she never would be.
There was a time when he thought she could be, but that time had passed a while ago. He just couldn't let go of the past, and she was made of the future. All he wanted to do now was be her friend and protect her.
The only thing was…he wasn't sure if she wanted to be protected from Sesshoumaru.
She had seemed pretty damn cozy around him yesterday. Just what the hell was going on between the two of them? Sesshoumaru and Kagome…just the thought itself was ludicrous. Sesshoumaru would never be interested romantically with Kagome…it just wasn't in his heart. And Kagome…well, Kagome wouldn't fall for his brother. He was sure of it.
At least…he thought she wouldn't. Vigorously he shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. He felt stupid for even thinking of that.
“Inuyasha?” Kikyo's soft voice broke through his contemplations. “What's wrong?”
Looking up and noticing his surroundings for the first time, he realized he had fallen behind to the back of the group and they were staring at him expectantly. He flushed a little for getting so absorbed and not paying attention to his surroundings. What if they had been attacked?
“Nothing's wrong,” he said a bit sharply, and increased his pace. Sango and Miroku exchanged a look before following after the hanyou, who had taken the lead once more.
Traveling all day was exceptionally quiet due to the fact that Kagome was not around. She was usually the one who kept up a cheerful conversation so the trip wouldn't get boring, but without her there, everyone was lost in their own thoughts.
Everyone was relived to see Kaede's village come into sight later that night. However, when they reached the outskirts of the small village, Inuyasha had stiffened. Quickly, he told everyone to get some rest and get settled in.
“Where are you going?” Shippo yelled after him as he ran off at a breakneck speed, but Inuyasha didn't answer him. He had caught a scent that had not made him happy, and as he fairly flew through the forest, it didn't take him long to catch a glimpse of Sesshoumaru, resting with his back against Goshinboku.
Inuyasha placed his hand over Tetsusaiga's hilt, but did not draw. “What are you doing here?” he asked calmly, showing a remarkable show of restraint and maturity. Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrows, slightly impressed at the hanyou's tone.
“It was not to fight you,” he said boredly, taking his eyes away from the hanyou and looking in the direction of the bone-eaters well.
Inuyasha's eyes followed his gaze and swung back, hard and icy. “Why are you so interested in Kagome?” he asked bluntly, bringing his elder siblings eyes back to him.
“What concern I have with the miko is no business of yours, hanyou.”
“Like hell it isn't,” Inuyasha said, starting to lose his patience and his grip tightened on the hilt on his sword. Sesshoumaru stared at him for a moment, before letting an odd smirk cross his face and stand up.
“She interests me hanyou,” he drawled slowly, “because of the fact that she knows my future self. And until I have enough information about the girl and myself to keep me satisfied, I will not leave her side.”
Inuyasha's draw almost dropped open. “What in the hell do you mean, `I will not leave her side'. You're not going near her!”
“Oh?” Sesshoumaru said, one sculpted eyebrow heading to his hairline. “And I suppose you will try and stop me? You can barely protect the miko yourself, and you plan to keep me from her? You are a fool, Inuyasha. I am here to satisfy my curiosity, nothing else.”
“What curiosity, Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha said, frustrated. “You never cared before! Why now? Why her?”
“You honestly think I'm going to hurt her, don't you?” Sesshoumaru said. “She worth the effort of getting information, but she is not worth the effort of trying to kill. Your miko will be safe, Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha growled. “She's not a tool.”
“It's surprising to hear that come from you, little brother.” Sesshoumaru's barb hit home and Inuyasha tensed. Before he could retort, Sesshoumaru held up a hand. “Inuyasha, whether or not you like to admit it, I do not, nor will I ever need your consent. You don't expect me to just ignore the fact that she knows what happens to me in the future?”
Inuyasha seemed to study him critically after that. Yeah, Sesshoumaru had changed, but was it for the better? Whatever, he was still an asshole, but if he wanted to traipse around with them, he wasn't going to put the effort into fighting him. It would take up too much of his time. In the end, he might go crazy, but Sesshoumaru was going to do as he liked.
Finally, he shrugged. “Fine, do whatever you like then. But don't expect me to show you any sympathy if you piss her off.”
Sesshoumaru scoffed mentally. What could that little slip of a woman do to him? As he watched Inuyasha stalk away, he settled back down to sit next to Goshinboku, waiting until the girl appeared.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
“Mama?” Kagome yelled as she opened the door to her mother's house. “Are you here?”
“In the kitchen, Kagome!”
Kagome followed her mothers voice and found her at the stove. “Hello, dear,” her mother said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Are you staying for dinner tonight?”
“No, I just came to ask if I could borrow some earrings. Do you still have the pearl ones?”
“And who is this dinner with that you would wear the pearls?” her mother asked with a sly smile, wiping her hands on a dish towel.
Kagome willed herself not to flush under her mother's gaze. “He's just an old friend, mama.” She paused. “Actually, it's Sesshoumaru.”
“Oh, that's nice, dear,” her mother said, leaving the kitchen and climbing the stairs with Kagome following her. “Who's Sesshoumaru?”
“Mama…” Kagome said, exasperated. “I know I've told you about Sesshoumaru before. Remember, Inuyasha's brother…well, half-brother.”
Her mother's eyebrows knit down in concentration as she went to her jewelry box in her room. “I thought Inuyasha was the only one allowed to go through the well.”
“No, mom, Sesshoumaru is a full demon. He's immortal. He's alive in this time, and we ran into each other.”
“Does Inuyasha know?”
Kagome looked uncomfortable. “Yes…he's not really happy about it, but I'm a big girl now. I can make my own decisions.”
“I know that,” her mother said, rummaging through necklaces and rings. “But didn't you say he was dangerous? Didn't he try to kill Inuyasha several times?”
“Yes,” Kagome said. She wanted to say, “And me as well,” but she had left out that little tidbit when describing her adventures in the Feudal Era. “But he's different now. He's not like how he used to be. In fact, he's offered me a job at his museum. That's why I'm having dinner with him tonight, so we can work out the details.”
“Ah!” her mother exclaimed, finding the elusive earrings, and handing them to her daughter. “I'm happy for you, Kagome. What sort of person, uh, demon, is he?”
Kagome sat on her mother's bed and tried to think of a way to explain Sesshoumaru. “In the past,” she started, “he was not very nice. He was very prejudice against humans, and hated Inuyasha because he was half-human. He was also angry because Inuyasha's father gave Inuyasha the Tetsusaiga, leaving Sesshoumaru with a sword that couldn't kill. Many times, he tried to take the sword away, but when he figured out the Inuyasha needed the sword to live, he left him alone.”
“That was noble of him. It seems he understands the honor of family.”
“I think he does, but he didn't back then. He was very ruthless and very dangerous. He's the strongest demon we've ever come across.” Her eyes seemed to soften, surprising her mother. “And he travels with a human girl. She's the one who really started to change him. Now, he's not so cold and emotionless. He protects her, and I think she saved him, in a way.”
“Oh?” her mother said, probing a bit more. It seemed her daughter had an infatuation, by the softness of her voice. “Does he resemble Inuyasha?”
She shrugged, her eyes still faraway. “A little. The eyes and hair color are the same, but Sesshoumaru is taller, his hair is longer, and he doesn't have dog ears. His are pointy, almost like an elf's. He has markings on his face, which I think were passed down through his family. He had a crescent moon on his forehead and stripes on his face. He looks more mature.”
Her mother laughed and startled Kagome out of her musings. “Are you sure you're just friends, Kagome?”
This time Kagome did flush. “Of course we are. He's Inuyasha's brother, for crying out loud.” She glance at her watch. “I should finish getting ready, he'll be here soon.”
“Have fun, dear,” her mother said, waving as Kagome ran down the stairs. Smiling softly to herself, she put the lid on her jewelry box and left the room.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Sesshoumaru did not look up as Inuyasha stalked past him. It seems both demons had the feeling that Kagome would return either that night or in the morning, and Inuyasha didn't trust Sesshoumaru to be with Kagome alone. Sesshoumaru had sat next to a tree that was closer to the well, putting the wooden structure within his view. He glanced at it from time to time, slightly surprised to find himself impatient for the girl's return. He wanted to question her, wanted to know about his future self. More importantly, he wondered why his future self seemed to show such an interest in the fiery miko. Ignoring the fact that he himself had always found her to be a puzzle, he tried to find reasons why he would stay in her presence.
Her temper fascinated him, for it was so misplaced in this time. Her lack of prejudice was also misplaced in this time, and would end up getting her killed.
She was not afraid of him, and seemed to understand a part of himself that he didn't want known. He frowned, and switched his direction of thoughts.
Physically…she was a pretty human, he admitted to himself. Even he wasn't going to deny that. But, there were many pretty human girls…what made her so special?
He wanted to press a knuckle to his temple to ward off the oncoming headache.
“Sesshoumaru-sama!” Jaken's voice coming from the brush behind him didn't make things any better. He had smelled the toad coming, so he wasn't surprised.
“Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama,” Jaken continued. “I've been looking for you all night. You left camp without telling me, and so suddenly too.” He seemed to get tears in his overly large eyes. “Did you leave me behind, Sesshoumaru-sama?”
“Jaken,” Sesshoumaru said, his voice stopping the oncoming sobfest. “Go to the Western Lands.”
“What?” Jaken screeched, tears returning. “Sesshoumaru-sama is sending me away now? What have I done wrong?”
“Go,” Sesshoumaru ordered again. “Investigate the rumors of a Shikon shard on my lands and meet us on the border in a few days.”
“Helping us out now, Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha's brash voice yelled across the clearing. “I didn't think you had it in you.”
“Once you find the shard, you will have no reason to come to my lands again,” Sesshoumaru said, inspecting a clawed hand. “Therefore, it is beneficial to me to find the shard.”
Inuyasha growled, but ignored him to continue his pacing.
“Jaken,” Sesshoumaru said. “I expect that you will have the proper information for me when we meet again. Do not fail me.”
“Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama,” Jaken said, and disappeared into the bushes again.
The silence was held for another half hour before Inuyasha's pacing began to get on Sesshoumaru's nerves. “Are you really so anxious about her reaction to this new arrangement, Inuyasha? Are you afraid she might actually like the fact that I'm to be around now?”
He smirked to himself as Inuyasha tensed and glared at him. “Keh, at least I'm not limited to this time,” he said, jumping to the well's edge. “You are stuck here, but I can go to her anytime I want.” With that, he laughed and jumped into the black hole.
Sesshoumaru frowned. It seems Inuyasha had bested him at something. What caused only him to be allowed to the other side? He didn't like that fact, but his irritation didn't last long. Only a few minutes had passed before Inuyasha reappeared through the well, his ears slightly laid back.
“Did you not find what you were looking for, hanyou?” Sesshoumaru asked in a mocking voice. “Perhaps she was not there?”
“So what?” Inuyasha shot back, and crouched on the well's lid, staring into it's depths as if willing the girl to come through it.
“Perhaps she was with me,” he couldn't resist goading, but was slightly surprised when Inuyasha growled to himself and said nothing.
“She was with me, wasn't she?” he said, and took in this new turn of events. Now his curiosity was piqued more.
“So what?” Inuyasha said again, but his lips had moved into the “pout”.
As they both faded into silence again, Sesshoumaru couldn't help but wish that time went faster.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
“Why didn't you tell me we would meet again last night,” Kagome said, taking a small bite of her food and looking across the table at the modern Sesshoumaru.
He took a sip of his wine before answering. “Kagome, I'm afraid that I won't be able to tell you anything like that anymore. I can not tell you what goes on in the past, or what I will do in the past. It would change things from the way they were supposed to happen.”
“I understand that,” Kagome assured him, but sighed. “It would have been nice to know these things beforehand, however.”
He let a small smile grace his lips. “Yes, but it could also ruin what I need to protect.”
“Protect?” Her eyebrows drew together in an adorable expression of confusion. “What do you need to protect?”
He put a claw to his lips, signaling that it was a secret, and let out a chuckle at her miffed expression. She smiled back at him after a moment, however, loving the sound of his laughter and being unable to stay irritated with him.
“Okay, keep your secrets, I won't pry anymore,” she promised. “Okay, how about we talk business then, since the past is a touchy topic.”
“All right,” he said, placing his napkin down to signal the end of the meal. They moved into the living room once more, this time Kagome declined any wine. She needed to stay clear-headed for this meeting, and she didn't need what had happened last time happening again. He sat in the chair across from her, making himself comfortable as he began to talk. “Since you have no way of knowing how long you will be staying in the Feudal Era, you will call me the night you get home if you can work the next day so I have ample time to tell Tomo that she has the day off. She will train you the first few days until you are able to give tours on your own, and you will be paid accordingly for the days that you work.”
“That sounds fair,” she said. “Are there any papers I need to sign?”
“We'll deal with that on your first day. Tomo will take you around and give you the history on our artifacts, and you will be expected to memorize that so you can give the information to our patrons. Most of it, I'm sure you already know, so that will not be a problem.”
“Is that what made you start a museum?” she asked, slipping off her heels and tucking her feet under her. “The history?”
“I've had a lot of time to travel around the world,” he said dryly. “So of course I picked up a few things along the way that acquired value as time passed.” His eyes grew slightly far away. “Plus, I felt it was my job to keep history alive and share the things that no one else remembered.” His eyes turned back to her, and she felt a strange little jolt in her lower stomach. “After all, past is what makes the future.”
She nodded slowly, knowing there were more to those words than the surface meaning. But before he could expand on it, he changed the subject. “Are you returning to Inuyasha tonight?”
She shook her head. “No, I was planning on going back in the morning.”
“Well then,” he stood up, “I should get you home so you can be well rested for your trip.”
She took his word for it and soon he was pulling up to her driveway and the night was over. She was slightly disappointed. She enjoyed spending time with him.
`As a friend' she assured herself, but all thoughts flew out of her head as he grabbed her hand before she could exit the car and slowly brought it to his mouth.
He told himself it was to be a simple kiss on the hand good-night, a gentlemanly gesture, but as soon as his lips touched her creamy skin, the kiss turned sensual. `It couldn't hurt to give her an innocent taste of what's to come' he told himself, and let his tongue touch her skin for the barest of seconds.
His sharp hearing caught her intake of breath, and he inhaled the headiness of her changed scent. He lingered a moment longer than what was considered a polite kiss between friends before removing his lips and releasing her hand.
“Good night,” he said softly, and almost smiled when all she did was nod absently and exit his car. She seemed to be dazed as she let herself into her front door, and he smirked after her.
He couldn't resist licking his lips once to get every essence of her flavor, and knew tonight was going to be full of cold showers. All from just that single contact with her…
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Kagome let out a deep breath when she was inside her home and leaned against the door.
“What in the hell was that?” she whispered out loud and put a hand on her pounding heart. She had never felt anything like that in all her life, even with Inuyasha. And she had kissed Inuyasha full on the lips, for crying out loud. But all Sesshoumaru had to do was place his lips on her hand of all things, and she was reduced to goo.
She moaned as she headed to her bed. She had a feeling that things were going to get a little complicated.
Great…just what she needed.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Kagome closed her eyes as she fell through the well the next morning, opening them to the clear skies of the Feudal Era. She enjoyed the view for about a nanosecond before a shadow obstructed her view and Inuyasha landed next to her.
“Inuyasha, what…” she asked, confused as he grabbed her around the waist and hauled her out of the well. They landed on the ground and he released her. She stepped back, brushing down her modest black skirt, before noticing that Inuyasha was standing protectively in front of her. Perplexed, she followed his line of sight and met the piercing gaze of Sesshoumaru, standing before them.
Her heart began to beat, remembering the heat of his lips on her hands, and she flushed before she could help it. `Wrong Sesshoumaru, Kagome,' she thought. `Don't get them confused!'
She noticed that his eyes grew amused over the sight of her flushing, and that immediately brought her back to her senses. She glanced at Inuyasha who was looking at Sesshoumaru as if he would grab Kagome again and take off.
“Inuyasha, could you let me speak to him alone?” she asked, and flinched when he rounded on her and let out a stream of curses and threats. “Inuyasha…” she said warningly.
His ears went back in mutiny, but he really didn't feel like breaking his nose either. “Fine,” he spat. “But don't make this a habit, wench!”
She sighed as he stalked into the forest, watching him until he disappeared to put off looking at Sesshoumaru again. He, however, did not want to wait.
“Miko,” he said. “It seems that I am to travel with your group for the time being.”
Her eyes swung back to his, wide. “What? Why would you want to do that?”
“You have information I want,” he intoned. “About who I am in the future. The only way to get this information is to follow you.”
“Me?” she squeaked.
“Believe me, I'm not ecstatic over the arrangement either,” he explained. “But the sacrifice is worth the result.”
“Sacrifice?” Her eyebrow twitched in ire, but she reigned in her temper. “So basically, you're going to use me? Question me about who you are in the future so you can feel better about yourself? Sorry, Sesshoumaru, it doesn't work that way.”
His eyes hardened at her patronizing tone and he took a step towards her, pleased to see her move a step in retreat. “And how does it work, miko? Surely you don't expect me to ignore the fact that you know who I become.”
“You don't `become' anyone, Sesshoumaru. You are still the same person, no matter how much time has passed.”
“That does not satisfy my curiosity. However, if you give me the answers that I seek, I will help you gain the Shikon shard that resides in my lands.”
She paused at that. He was playing dirty and he knew it, she could tell by the slight lifting of his lips. They needed that last shard, and if anyone could help them acquire it, it would be Sesshoumaru. She glared at him. “I can't stop you from following us, but I also can't tell you how much help I'll be to you. There are some things I can't reveal to you because if you knew about them ahead of time, it would not remain the same in the future. Time is a very tricky thing.”
“I understand that much,” he said dryly. “But that will not stop me.”
“I suppose it wouldn't,” she said, sighing. Turning away from him and towards the village, she called back half-heartedly over her shoulder. “Welcome to the group.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
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