InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Jun ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A/N: Jun and Dung Beetle are not my characters. They are characters from the manga Bokurano by Mohiro Kitoh. Neither is the "game" and the concept of it.

Also, this is Sessh/Kagura but the story will not revolve around them. They will get their focus when it's their time, though they will get more time in the story than everyone else.

We thought we'd seen it all. In the Feudal Era of Japan, while fighting Naraku, along with so many others, we thought we knew all there was to war. We thought we were so strong. So invincible...but in reality, we didn't know anything. Not until we day.


"What's this?" Shippo chirped, his high-pitched voice echoing off the walls of the cave he was investigating.

"Hey, Shippo!" he could hear Kagome calling as she chased after him. "Don't wander off like that, you'll get lost! And-hm?"

The girl had to stop and observe this cave. After all, she was in Feudal Japan, so why were there computers a cave? She and Inuyasha were the only people who could get through the well.

"Oi, Kagome! Shippo! What's taking so long?!" Inuyasha shouted as he caught up with them, Miroku, Sango and Kirara following closely behind him. "Come on! We gotta find Naraku; we don't have all day!"

The hanyou received no answer; instead, Kagome continued to inspect the computers. "Inuyasha, these are computers...from my time."

"From your time?" Inuyasha blinked. "How'd they get in here? We're the only ones that can go through the well."

"Yeah...or maybe we're not." Kagome frowned. "This is something serious; there's something going on here that we don't know about. I don't think we can leave this alone."

"Aw come on, what's the worst that could happen? We don't have time to investigate every little suspicious thing!"

Their arguing was interrupted by a small chuckle from the back of the cave. A boy about age twelve stepped out into their view. He had short, cropped black hair and wore not only jeans and a T-shirt, but also a pair of glasses. Definitely not from the Feudal Era.

He walked towards them and stopped when he was about four feet away, and smirked. "I see you've found my secret lab."

"What the hell kid?!" Inuyasha growled as he stood back up. "Who are you?"

"Me? You guys can call me Jun."

"Well're definitely not from here." Kagome gave a friendly smile. "What are you doing here? Where are you from?"

Jun tilted his head and surveyed each person in the cave. It was as if he was studying them somehow, to see if they were qualified for something. His eyes landed on Kagome; and he seemed to have come to a conclusion.

"You guys wanna play a game?" he asked, a sad smile forming on his lips.

"A game?" Shippo immediately piped up. "What kind of game?"

"You control...a giant robot. And you fight enemies and save the world."

"Kagome?" Sango spoke up. It seemed she was gaining interest in this. "What's a robot?"

"It's like a metal demon, but he's probably talking about a toy." Kagome answered cheerfully. "So, Jun, a computer game, right?"

Inuyasha growled loudly. "Aww, come on! We don't have time for this! A stupid game will only-"

"Hey there Kagome."

Inuyasha had been cut short due to a whirling tornado running him over. Everyone else knew who it was; Koga had come to flirt again. Jun, however, seemed a bit shocked.

"Uh...hey, Koga." She chuckled nervously, prying her hands away from his. "We were just about to play a game."

"A game, huh? What kind of game?"

"You fucking wolf!" Inuyasha swiped at Koga with his claws; which the wolf demon easily dodged. "Get out of here, we're not playing any stupid game! We have things to do!"

"But Inuyasha, we've been going around in circles for days!" Shippo whined. "I wanna play!"

Kagome scooted closer to the hanyou. "Plus, we need to know as much about this kid as we can. He could be a valuable ally,"

Jun's left eye twitched; he had heard Kagome's comment, but chose not to reply. "Look, if you wanna play, take this seriously, alright?!" he snapped, then held out what seemed to be blank sheets of paper. "Now, all you have to do is seal your contract by touching these papers."

First there was silence; then there were giggles. "Y-you're kidding right? C-contracts?" Kagome laughed; kids took playing pretend so far sometimes. "Alright, whatever you say."

She put her hand on the paper, and Shippo did as well. Miroku and Sango followed soon after, shrugging it off and not paying much attention to it. Koga, wanting to please Kagome like always, "signed" the contract. Only the mumbling hanyou was left.

"Aw come on Inuyasha, it'll be fun!"


"Why not?"

"Because-HEY!" Inuyasha exclaimed as Kagome took his hand and placed it on the piece of paper, contracting him. "What was that for?!"

The teenage girl in question just smiled. "Lighten up a bit, will you?"

"Fine! Whatever."

Jun was eerily silent. It was obvious he wanted to talk; but he wasn't. Was he unsure of what to do? The boy sighed and looked up at a spot in the ceiling of the cave; refusing to meet their eyes.

"And begins."

Deadpan silence filled the cave as everyone struggled to figure out what Jun meant. "Wait..." Kagome spoke. "'s not a computer game?"

There was no response.

"Jun...this is a game, right? Right...? Jun...?"

When there's no place for you to fit in in this world, do you carve yourself to fit the world, or do you carve the rest of the world to fit you? I chose the latter, and I carve so many others to be whatever I wanted.

Until then, when someone decided to carve me to fit their vision instead.


It gave off no demonic aura; however it was strong, and definitely not human. This thing that called itself "Dung Beetle". Naraku scoffed. What a ridiculous name.

"So? What's taking you so long? Contract it already."

The thing sure talked a lot for such a small creature. It looked like a floating mouse; kind of. Its expression never changed; and it had no arms or legs. It was just a floating metal ball with a tail, mouse ears, and a face painted onto it. Yet it was very much alive.

"...And I get power over that...correct?" Naraku once again laid his eyes on the creature that was standing on the beach. It was the biggest thing he'd ever seen. It was supposed to be invincible; protected by fifteen layers of armor and had power unheard of in this world. "How do I know it's as strong as you say?"

"Are you stupid or what?! Obviously, you'll find out when you use it. There's nothing to lose!"

"Hmph." Naraku put his hand on the contract. One by one, he ordered his incarnations to do the same. Kagura, Hakudoshi, Kanna, and then finally, the demon-slayer boy Kohaku. They were all to see if this thing was really worth it.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It took a while for me to realize that; but by then, it was too late. One that had wanted nothing but power will hate it and what came with it. Invincibility, living too long...all of these things were also things I'd come to see as a curse.


"In order for them to be protected, they have to be contracted too." said Jun. Sesshomaru eyed him suspiciously; the boy had not looked him in his eyes the entire time. He didn't know if he could trust him. But now that he knew Naraku and his brother both had power over that, there was no harm in him trying. This boy, and the other creature...the creature called "Dung Beetle" could not be slain. He had never encountered beings such as these.

What harm could come from testing out a weapon? At least to him that is. So he "sealed the contract". If he didn't like it, he wouldn't use it, but he didn't know what Rin and Jaken might do.

"You heard him Rin! Come on, let's sign!" Jaken rushed his contracting frantically, and Rin did so without question. Too late.

"Alright, everyone else is already there." Dung Beetle announced as he put up some sort of shield around them, much like the one Naraku used. "We got all fifteen. Let's go."

And to everyone's surprise, they were teleported away by the small thing to the place that would be the first step to their demise.