InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Hakudoshi ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It had been a week since that slayer boy died. Now I'm standing here at the edge of a cliff, just looking down at the world below me. Those stupid people, going on with their lives, not having a clue what's going on...

I don't wanna die for them.

Fuck this. I don't want to be a hero. Why?! Why me? Why am I the one who's gonna die regardless of whether I fight or not? Why not them? Why do they get to carry on living, huh?


I jumped; that was Dung Beetle's voice. "Get away from me!" I screamed at him. "I'm not riding that thing! I don't want to!"

"...It's not your time yet." he continued-I had never been more relieved in my entire life. "But it will be soon though. A week, tomorrow...hell, maybe even in a couple of hours. You might as well make the rest of your time well spent."

Then he teleported away.

The rest of my time? Well spent?

Ah, screams of the innocent. Music to my ears. There's nothing more stress relieving than chopping off a few heads.

I had come to a conclusion last night; if I'm gonna die, I'm taking a good number of people along with me. They are the reason I'm dying anyway. If they didn't need saving, there would be no need for Zearth or anyone to pilot it and that stupid contract wouldn't exist.

I smirked as I pointed my halberd at the child in front of me. It shivered and cried; good. Now it knows what it's like to be me. Hasn't it realized that I'm no older than it is? And yet, here I am, first forced to be Naraku's slave, now forced to give my life for a bunch of undeserving little humans.

But something chopped my halberd in half before I could kill the kid. A wind blade. I narrowed my eyes and looked up at my "sister".

"Stay out of this, Kagura." I growled. "Let me do what the fuck I want with my last moments alive."

I leapt at the kid with my bare hands, but Kagura punched me aside before I could get to it. Damn bitch! Now that she had her heart back, there was nothing I could threaten her with!

"What is wrong with you?!" I screamed at her. Now the kid had gotten away! "I'm gonna die anyway! Let me take some people with me! You wouldn't want your little brother do die alone, do you?"

Kagura shook her head at me. "You're such a fucking idiot."

"Oh, I'm the idiot now?" I scoffed. "You're the one who's defending them, when we're giving our lives for them and they're not even grateful! Didn't you see how they attacked Kohaku while he was fighting? They attacked the same person that was protecting them!"

Kagura didn't answer me. This is weird. She has more mouth on her than everyone else I know combined. Kagura and silence don't go together.

"Why aren't you angry?" I spat at her. "If you are, why aren't you acting more like it? You and everyone else! It's crazy! Kohaku just...sat there and fought, like he was fine with everything! Don't you get it? We're all going to die!"

"Not everyone is as simple minded as you are." she said to me.

Simple minded?

Well, I guess that's true. I am the youngest out of the entire crew. I haven't seen much in my short life. Never had the time to. But if I'm so simple minded, then why doesn't anyone care to explain to me what's going on so that I won't be so simple minded anymore?

"Tell me, is this going to save your life?" asked Kagura. I blinked. What was she talking about?

"No, but-"

"Is this gonna undo what's already been done? Is it gonna solve anything? No, it just results in more dead people. You're not making any fucking sense. When you have a problem, you're supposed to come up with a solution to it that solves it. You killing random people has nothing to do with what's going on."

I didn't get what she was trying to say. There wasn't any anger in her eyes, or sadness or anything. Just...determination.

Determination for what?

"Come with me." she motioned for me to follow her.


"I said come with me, dammit." she rolled her eyes. "I'm your big sister. Is that too much to ask?"

I scoffed at her. My big sister, huh? That was true, but since when did we treat each other like siblings?

"Kanna killed seven thousand people while she was fighting." Kagura noted absent-mindedly while staring at the downpour outside of the cave we were taking shelter in.

I scoffed. "And you're telling me this because?"

"All in all, I think roughly about ten thousand people have died so far during the fights." she continued, ignoring my question. "I'm only going by Dung Beetle's calculations. One careless move from any of us could easily mulitiply that number."

"So what?" I kicked a stray pebble. "Let them die. I don't know why you care."

Kagura chuckled; not because she found anything funny. It was more of the forced chuckle people have when trying to keep their tempers under control.

"You don't get it, do you? Didn't you pay any attention to what Naraku used to say?!" she began to raise her voice. "We. Have. Enemies. Now. Those around us have begun to recognize that we're often crossing paths with Zearth; they're connecting the dots!"

That got my attention. I did remember Naraku saying something about not getting caught because it was never a good thing to make yet another enemy.

Kagura shook her head. "You've only been working with Naraku for a short time so maybe you don't understand; but every single person you kill has people more than willing to avenge them. They all have friends, parents, siblings, families-all their lives get turned upside down by the death of one person. Don't think they won't come after you, because they definitely will. Retaliatory wars are the worst. One thing happens, someone wants revenge and kills someone else, and then that person's friends want revenge and kill the other person, and so on and so forth. We don't need that. So don't go around recklessly killing people! You don't know who knows who."

Come after me? I wish they would. And like I said, I'm gonna die soon anyway, so there really won't be much for them to come after.

"And if they don't come after you, they'll cause problems for the people who knew you that were left behind." Kagura added, as if reading my mind. I scoffed.

"So what's the point of you telling me this, anyway?"

Kagura glared at me.

"Warning me, keeping me close to you like you wanna keep an eye on me or protect me-could it be that watching Sango interact with Kohaku made you develop some sisterly feelings for the only relative you have left?" I taunted her, smirking. "Oh Kagura, how touching!"

Kagura just turned away silently while I cackled. Her silence was bothering me more than I cared to admit; maybe there was some truth in what I had said? Nah, it couldn't be. I cackled louder and louder to drown out those thoughts.

Dung Beetle didn't teleport us straight to the cockpit this time; instead, he teleported us outside of Zearth, where we could see three demons talking among themselves.

"This is the problem I was talking about. Take care of it; I'll be back when it's time to fight." he then vanished.

The three demons appeared to be some sort of birds; I could only guess because they had wings. There were two male demons and one female; the female was much louder than the others. After they finished conversating, the female turned to us, smirking.

"Goddamn." she licked her lips. "So which one of you is the leader?"

"State your business." Sesshomaru stepped forward; he probably was apprehensive about these three, like we all were.

The girl raised her eyebrow. "Uh, I believe my question came first! So what, are you the leader?"

"No he isn't!" Inuyasha answered, growling at his brother. "There is no leader. What the fuck do you want?"

The winged demon tilted her head, then chuckled. "Okay, okay, no need to get angry. I apologize; I was rude. My name is Seiko and these are my brothers Takeo and Hiroshi. All we really want is to...examine this thing."

"And why the hell would we let you do that?" I snapped. The tallest one-the one named Takeo-stepped forward.

"Because this thing killed our family." he answered bluntly. Hiroshi put his head down and stared at his feet; Seiko slapped her forehead.

"Dammit, Takeo. You could've at least tried to say it with some tact." she sighed. "But yes, what he's saying is true. This thing killed our entire family; we were lucky we weren't there when it happened. Us three are the only survivors."

Kagura growled a bit. "So what, do you want revenge?"

"No...please, no." Hiroshi spoke up after having been quiet the whole time. "We don't want any trouble; we're not going to jump to any conclusions. We just wanna know what's happening to us and what's going on. Please. We're coming to you in peace."

Everyone looked at each other; silently communicating their feelings through their eyes. It seemed they came to a mutual conclusion that these three did have a right to know.

"This not a demon nor a human. It's not alive." Kagome stepped closer to the bird demons.

Seiko blinked. "It's...not alive? What is it then?"

"It's more of a weapon. A weapon that you control from the inside; it's called a robot." the teenage girl explained. "And this robot's name is Zearth."

"Inside, huh?" Seiko tapped her chin. "Can you take us there? It's fascinating, and could be useful."

Kagome shook her head no. "We're not capable of that. We...we're just pawns. Only Dung Beetle can do that."

"Dung Beetle? You mean the weird looking thing that comes when you call for it?''

I shrugged. "Someone call him."

Immediately everyone began to shout his name; it took a while for him to appear, but once Rin started to call for him, he appeared from seemingly out of thin air-right in front of Takeo's nose.

"Yo." he greeted, causing Takeo to step back in surprise. "I see you brats haven't taken care of these three. What's wrong with you all?"

"'re little Dung Beetle, huh?" Seiko noted, examining the mouse-like creature.

"Hey, hey!" Dung Beetle protested. "None of this "little" stuff."

Seiko blinked, taken aback. "Okay, Dung Beetle-"

"That's Lord Dung Beetle to you!" he snapped. Seiko stared at him in silence and then cleared her throat.

"Um...okay...? you understand our proposition?"

"Are you idiots or what?" replied Dung Beetle. "Didn't you hear the brats? You can't control this thing! How can a monkey understand the tools of God?"

"We don't mind that." whispered Hiroshi. "As long as we can make a deal or your...people."

"My people? You mean, me representing the other world?"


Dung Beetle laughed loudly. "You don't understand anything. If I was an alien of sorts, I could just turn this Earth into a colony and kill all of you. Ah shit, I said too much."

Suddenly, the one named Takeo aimed what looked like a sword at Dung Beetle. This only caused him to snicker.

"So what, you're trying to threaten me into giving you what you want? Go ahead, attack me. Try it."

To prove his point, Dung Beetle purposely flew at Takeo's sword-and to everyone's surprise, the sword just went right through him like he wasn't even there.

"You wanna see more? Hey, one of you!" he turned to us. "Attack me!"

I wasted no time in chopping at him with my naginata; just like before, it went through him like he was made of air. Kagura threw some wind blades at him; they had no effect whatsoever.

"Like I told you; I'm not a being from this world. Nothing from this Earth can harm me or Zearth."

"I understand your point." Hiroshi said softly, stepping in front of his brother. "But we've lost everything to this...Zearth. Please at least find it in your heart to allow us to understand the situation, Mr. Dung Beetle."

"Mr., huh?" Dung Beetle sounded as if he was in deep thought. "That's not so bad. got a point there anyway...alright, I changed my mind."