InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Koga ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"They announced a name for the monster!" Ginta's exclaim echoed throughout the cave. "Zearth."

Zearth is growing more and more famous by the day; those that had seen it were talking, and gossip travels fast. Plus, those three bird demons-even though there was only two now-seemingly had a lot of connections with influential demons and humans alike; I don't know how, but it was like they controlled what the people did or didn't know.

I, too, was an influential person, so I discussed things with them and spread the information to the rest of the wolf tribes. Some things, they had to know; other things, we weren't sure how they'd react to. We carefully monitored the public's knowledge of what was going on, and if needed, we lied.

Announcing names got everyone talking, and my wolves were no exception. Well, what's left of us, anyway.

"What kind of stupid name is that?" Hakkaku replied. "I could've come up with something much better!"

I scoffed. "The hell you could."

"Hey! what's that supposed to mean, Koga?"

"Shut up you guys! They announced names for the other monsters that were fighting with it, too!" said Ginta excitedly. "The first one, "Arachine". The second one is "Bayonet". Then we got "Cancer", "Drum", "Enigma", and "Fig". And the last one that just appeared, they named it "Gonta"."

"Who's coming up with these stupid names? I swear, the last one sounds like yours!" Hakkaku scratched his head.

"I think it's a really good name." Ginta protested.

Little did they know, I was standing behind them, cracking my knuckles. "Stop talking about that!" I ordered as I slapped both of them upside the heads. "Change of topic!"

"OW!" Hakkaku rubbed his head. "Hey, speaking of which, didn't that monster come over here once and almost-"

"I said, change of topic!" Once again, I had to hit them. I did not want to be reminded of the time I had to kill that Hakudoshi kid before he got a chance to kill Ginta, Hakkaku and the rest of us.

After the Rin kid died, I made a decision. I, Koga, was not going to self-destruct, blame others, or waste my time crying. It's not because I want to die, of course not. But in a situation like this I want to live the rest of my life to the fullest.

And them, too. I want them to carry on happy lives like this had never happened. That's why I don't want them to talk about this subject. They don't know that I'm one of Zearth's pilots and that I don't have much time left.

We talked about the battle's location, and the fight usually starts wherever the pilot is. So if we don't want to cause massive destruction to those around us, the pilot needed to go somewhere secluded and remote. But we don't know when the battle will begin-and they are the last minutes of my life. So I will not live in fear. I wanna live normally; I'll wait until the battle starts to move to a safe location.

"So Koga, what are we doing today?" Hakkaku asked me.

I shrugged, my mind not on their conversation. "Same thing we do every day, I guess."

There's one problem though; after Rin's fight, we finally got to see the cockpit we rode in from the outside and see what it looked like. It was shaped exactly the same way as the "vital spots" of the enemies we'd been crushing.

So what the hell is inside those enemy spheres?

Or maybe...who?

We never really talked about it. I guess a lot of people were afraid of the truth, and it wasn't like Dung Beetle was gonna give us any good answers anyway.

I wonder if we really are saving the world.

"Oh, Kagome!" I happily ran to her, Ginta and Hakkaku huffing and puffing behind me, and handed her a little bouquet of flowers I'd made. "Missed me?"

"Oh! Koga." She chuckled nervously. "Um, thank you for these."

As predicted, dog-breath was soon standing in front of my face, growling. "Don't you ever give up?! Especially now, when we have more important things to worry about!"

Ginta and Hakkaku murmured to themselves, not having a clue what he was talking about. I almost smacked myself; he could've tried to be a little more secretive-but if I did, it would give away that something was going on.

Instead, I just turned around and puffed out my chest proudly. "Kagome deserves only the best, no matter what the circumstances!"

Truth is, I actually got over my inital crush on her a long time ago. At first, I was just excited to find a girl that could see Shikon shards and I was interested in that kind of power. Then as we got to know each other better, I developed a little bit of a crush that soon faded away since we actually didn't know each other as well as we could have.

It was never love. Never the kind of unbreakable bond that she and Inuyasha have.

It's just that it kind of became habit for me, I guess. And for them, too. It felt weird if I didn't act like that, since that's the way we usually our strange way. I know they love each other and that Kagome loves Inuyasha, not me, and I'm fine. Kagome knows that my flirting is only a part of my personality since I love toying with people, and though he acts jealous, dog-breath knows, too, that I don't really like Kagome in that way and that I'm doing this to ruffle his feathers. And it seems he has fun with it too, since he always goes along with it, leading to another "fight".

Weird, isn't it? We are the strangest sort of allies. But it's fun as hell.

"Think of me when you look at those flowers!" I winked before running off again.

"So hey, Koga, Naraku's dead." Ginta spoke up later that night after we had set up camp. "I didn't expect that."

I snorted. "Old news. Your point?"

"Well, we weren't the ones who killed him. So does that mean we didn't avenge our comrades?"

My eyes narrowed as Naraku's death replayed in my mind. His insane laughter, the blinking of one of Zearth's lights, Kagura shoving him, and him falling to his death.

Kagura. Dammit, now I regret listening to her conversation with the human kid. Those words won't leave me alone.

"Killing Naraku wouldn't have avenged our comrades anyway." I finally answered, causing Ginta and Hakkaku's eyes to widen so much they looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

"What? Are you crazy, Koga?" they exclaimed in unison. "He was the one who killed them! And what about that Kagura?!"

"Does killing Naraku or Kagura bring our comrades back from the dead?" I asked lazily. They shook their heads no. "There's your answer. Naraku was someone who needed to be killed because that was the only way to stop the massive amounts of damage he was doing."

"But someone like Kagura...I'm not saying you need to like her. Hate her if you want. But know that if we killed her, we'd only be doing to her friends the same thing she did to us. Our comrades would still be dead, and now she's dead, and now there's even more hatred among everyone. Violence only begets more violence. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity, understand? Plus, how many people have we done the same thing to anyway? We've killed a good amount of people; if they all came to avenge their friends that we slaughtered and killed us, what the hell would that do for either party?"

I paused and sniffed the air. "Speak of the devil. Come out, wind witch."

My followers gulped as Kagura came down from the tree branch she was hiding in and covered the lower half of her face, smirking. "Ho. So it was you eavesdropping on us that day after all."

"KAGURA!" Ginta and Hakkaku hugged each other in fear and stood there whimpering pathetically.

"Don't get the wrong idea." I put my nose up in the air haughtily. "Just because I've realized this doesn't mean I'm your friend. I still find you disgusting, but I'm not keen on a war since now I know that no one wins in a battle. Both sides lose."

"Indeed." Kagura chuckled. "No matter who survives, the only thing that's been done is damage. No one can win in a situation that brought only pain and suffering for everyone." She folded her fan and tapped her chin with it. "Although, I didn't expect for you to understand so quickly."

I scoffed. "If you can feel bad about something you've done, anything is possible."

"But that's where you are wrong, Koga." I turned my head sharply to glare at her. "I don't."

"What are you saying?" I snarled. "So, even though you know the same thing I know, you can't even say you're sorry or anything? So all of that I heard from you when you were talking to the human kid was a lie?"

"No, I just do not lie." Kagura shrugged. "I'm not going to say I'm feeling emotions that I'm not. I can't tell you that I apologize or that I feel sorry about it because...I don't. And..."

"And what?"

"And the thing is, ever since I got wiser, I always knew it was wrong, what I did. I do wish that I never did it. I know I should feel bad or sorry or whatever, and sometimes I find myself wishing I would. But...I don't." She sighed. "I can't make myself feel emotions. I don't know why I'm not feeling them, but I'm not gonna stand here and lie to you by saying that I feel them."

"Hmph." My previous anger subsided. I looked away, not knowing what to think.

"But do know, Koga, that although I'm not sorry for it, I take full responsibility for my mistake." With that she was gone, flying in the sky on her feather.

The next day, it came.