InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Koga 3 ( Chapter 18 )

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I have to kill their Kagome?

"All these people's lives..." I whispered as something became clear to me. "I can see them. I can see where their lives are."

I looked outside; maybe only the current pilot could see this, but this was incredible. It was like staring at the night sky, filled with countless was beautiful. Their Earth-the rest of their Earth had become dark, and the people in it were represented by stars. A dark Earth, with its surface lit up by billions of lights...of lives.

"There are so many..."

"Koga." Seiko called, interrupting my daze. The view became normal again. The world no longer looked like a starry sky, but like it always did. And below us, I could see the faces of the people of this dimension, looking at Zearth in fear of their lives.

"I...I can do this." I tried to reassure myself. I bit my lip, and looked over to the Kagome inside our cockpit-our Kagome. Then I thought of Ginta. Of Hakkaku.

I will do this. In order to save this Kagome-the Kagome we knew-I was willing to kill theirs. To save the remainder of our tribe, to save the only friends I have left, somehow, I was willing to kill the ten billion people on their Earth.

For them, I will do it. I can be a despicable, selfish villain. I am disgusting. I'd rather save my own life and people, in exchange for billions of other lives. But...I guess that's how everyone is.

You know, it's much clearer to me now, how Kagura was able to kill my comrades. She was thinking the same way I'm thinking right now. She was in the position I am in right now, and later when it's her turn, she'll be in it again-and I won't be able to blame her because I did the exact same thing.

"You know, I get it now." I looked Kagura in the eye. "Why and how you did what you did. And how you feel. Because honestly, I don't feel sorry about what I'm about to do either. I take responsibility for it, and maybe I should feel sorry...but I don't, and I can't, because all I'm thinking about is saving my friends. And I take pride in that, and them."

She raised her eyebrow at me and I snorted, looking down. "I can't hate you anymore...not after this. I guess I'm not that different from you."

"Shippo, come here." I heard Kagome say. The fox whimpered and did as told. "Don't close your eyes this time like you usually do. We all have ten billion people to kill. Even you."

Here I go.

Though the others were looking, I had to close my eyes to be able to do this. I closed Zearth's hand, effectively crushing and killing their cockpit and the people inside it. Soon, the ten billion that inhabited their world would follow.

"Are we back?" I asked, finally opening my eyes.

"This is your Earth." Dung Beetle confirmed.

I lifted my head up, and then my eyes widened. "The lights..." I whispered. "I see the lights..." Just like the enemy's world had lit up with star-like lights representing the souls of the living, our world was doing the same to me now.

"I can tell which ones they are." I continued. "That one is me, that one's Ginta...and that's Hakkaku."

"I can't do it..." I overheard the fox kid named Shippo say. "I don't think I can fight."

I snarled. "You'd better."

(Normal P.O.V.)

The wolves' den was restless. Koga had left without warning, and he had not returned in two days.

"You know what I've noticed?" said Ginta. "The thing called Zearth has lights on its face. When it first appeared, there were fifteeen. Two days ago, when it reappeared again, another light went out. There's only eight lights still on."

Hakkaku remained silent. He, too, had noticed that, but didn't know what to think of it, or why it brought a feeling of dread to his chest.

"Ginta..." He spoke. "Do you think Koga's ever coming back?"

There was silence before Ginta answered. He looked to the sky outside as if he was searching for something, perhaps...a spirit. Then he blinked and smiled as if he had found what he was looking for and was satisfied.

"Koga would never leave us."