InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Kikyo ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I have been taking everything for granted. I'm such a fool. Smart enough to be a great priestess, mature enough to guard the Sikon Jewel, but too foolish to live right. Too dumb to recognize that I had been granted something most people will never dream of: a second chance at life.

It took this much for me to wake up. I had to have certain death waved in front of my face a second time for me to appreciate what was around me. The world is so much different now.

It isn't until we're about to have something taken away that we appreciate what we have and treat it the way we should.

What had I been thinking?

I had a chance to do my life over. This time, I could've made sure that I died without regrets! I should've thought about that. Instead, I chose to live on in hatred and vengeance, abusing and neglecting the life I'd been given yet again.

Just because my relationship with Inuyasha didn't work out (although it was no fault of our own), I completely rejected life and everyone around me. Even the one that loved me. And because of that, she suffered from a hole in her heart for fifty years while I slept and not once did she complain. She was always there when I needed, never pushy, never forceful, and not once did she act selfishly.

Somehow, I get the feeling Kagome probably wouldn't have needed to wait as long as I have to figure this out.

I hadn't seen Kaede in a while. After the fox died, I made sure to pay her a visit. I confided in her what was going on with me and the rest of the pilots that were still alive.

"You'll be the time?" She had asked me. "You mean it'll be different from the other times?"

"Not too much." I replied. "Kaede, let's go take a walk. You never told me what you'd been doing the past fifty years."

Well, there was one thing I didn't tell her. I didn't tell her what happens to the person after the fight. That I'm no longer going to be here. I changed parts of the story so I wouldn't have her asking me about that.

She is no longer the little girl I used to know. I feel so distant now; it's like she's a completely different person. Well, I guess I should've expected that. It has been fifty years. Eve after spending the whole day with her, it wasn't enough. I could've done this sooner and had more time to get to know her again had I been smart enough.

When we returned from our walk, the hut was gone.

Burned down.

It was no accident.

Fortunately, the first villager who saw us was loyal to Kaede and ushered us out as quick as possible. A woman had walked in while no one was paying attention and set it on fire.

It was only a small woman, so they caught her pretty easily before she could do further damage; but the what came out of her mouth turned a lot of people against us. She kept shouting about her children and family, saying that nothing else mattered to her now and she'd do as she wanted even if it killed her.

Then she revealed that the thing called Zearth was said to be controlled by people; one of which was me, and she'd seen me walking out this hut.

Somehow, information had leaked out and spread.

The man who had helped us get out unnoticed had to go back to his home; we parted ways when we thought we were far away enough from the village.

"You all are heroes, no doubt." Kaede said from beside me. "But the enemies of the casualties."

I nodded. Dammit. How far had the information spread? Now people unrelated to this were in danger, just for being associated with the pilots. My poor sister. Maybe coming to see her was a mistake. I put her in danger.

It's not like I can blame them, though.

Dung Beetle stopped us not long after and teleported us to the cockpit of Zearth. I asked him to take Kaede with us; she didn't have a safe place to be right now. The bird demons weren't present. They were out trying to figure out which people had leaked our information.

When we arrived, I saw that Kagome's seat was already out in the center.

"What is this?" I raised an eyebrow. It's not like I wanted to fight right now. "I thought I heard the voice."

My reincarnation tilted her head. "When?"

"This morning."

"Me too."

"Wait, what?" Dung Beetle interrupted us. "You both heard the voice? It only calls one soul at a time."

Well obviously it didn't. Why would we lie about this? No one would rush their turn in a situation like the one we were in.

"Then...the only way for us to do this is for both of you to fight at once." He concluded.

Kagome's face paled. "Well, which one of us is gonna...?" She didn't say the word die.

"Lady Kikyo." The monk called me. "Didn't you say when you first boarded Zearth that you had never agreed to this?"

I nodded. I only recalled walking through a forest before I was suddenly teleported to Zearth's cockpit.

"And Dung Beetle, you said Zearth chooses one soul at a time, right?"

"Yeah. What's your point?"

"Kagome and I share a soul." I finished. I didn't need to hear any more. "She is my reincarnation from the future. We are one soul in two different bodies; it probably signed me up with her when she touched the papers. Which means..."

I heard Kagome gulp. "...We're both gonna die at the same time."