InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Kikyo 3 ( Chapter 24 )

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Three hours.

Kagome was three hours late.

Inuyasha was pacing back and forth, unable to calm down. "Dammit, where is she?!" He kept saying. "I knew I should've gone with her!"

I bit my lip. There was a part of the plan that wouldn't be able to move forward without her.

"Change of plans." Dung Beetle announced as he teleported into the cockpit. "We're not going through with the plot we had before. They signed up a new pilot for this round, and we're starting now."

"Wait a minute, what about Kagome?" Inuyasha shouted.

Dung Beetle paused in mid-air. "Kagome...has been murdered."

There was a chilling silence in the air. I shook my head. He was kidding, right? This was Dung Beetle after all, maybe he was just playing a cruel joke on us. Weren't we supposed to die at the same time?

"Deaths unrelated to Zearth don't apply to the rules." sighed Dung Beetle. "Zearth would have taken the soul from both of you at the same time, but that's not how she died. So Kikyo's gonna have to fight by herself."

The demon slayer, Sango, let out a choking sound and dropped her head on Miroku's shoulder, trying to silence her own cries. The monk dropped his head hopelessly and held onto her, patting her while keeping his eyes closed. Kaede shut her eyes and started to pray.

"You're kidding me!" Inuyasha swiped at Dung Beetle at his claws. "How do you know?! Did you see a body?"

"Yes, I did. If you wanna know, Seiko and Hiroshi are taking care of it right now."

Inuyasha's jaw dropped; then he started clawing at the walls. "Goddammit! Let me out!"

"Can't. Fight's starting."

"Fuck the fight!" He screamed. "Why did you wait until now to tell me?!"

I sighed. My poor boy. "Inuyasha, he probably just found out himself. Try to calm down."

It was no use. He kept shouting and hitting the walls but only managed to hurt himself. Nothing he did was any good. He took out Tetsusaiga and attacked; everything he tried was useless. But he didn't stop.

Meanwhile, the enemy robot was descending towards us. It was human shaped like Zearth and had nothing really special about it except that this one carried a needle. Was it to be used to skewer the cockpit?

Inuyasha's breathing became frantic; he was getting desperate. He couldn't do this the whole time; I needed to concentrate to be able to win. Was that...a choked sob I just heard? "Goddammit...let me out..."

"After the fight." answered Dung Beetle, only serving to make him more angry.

Suddenly, we all saw Sesshomaru approach his brother. I grew a bit nervous as to what he was about to do.

"Sesshomaru?" The hanyou's eyes darted to his sibling, then to his sword. "That-Tenseiga, give me that!"

His daiyokai brother just side-stepped him when he lunged at him, trying to take his sword. Then he held him by the neck and hit him upside the head, knocking him out. He proceeded to drop Inuyasha on the ground and silently return to his seat like nothing had happened.

"...I already told you I can't take you outside." Dung Beetle droned, looking at Inuyasha.

Silently, I thanked the heavens that he'd silenced Inuyasha without hurting him...much. I didn't get to pray for long though, because soon we heard a sizzling sound above us like something was dissolving. It was coming from above us.

"A solvent?" Sango questioned, finally taking her head off of the monk's shoulder.

"I like their style." Dung Beetle noted. "That way, there's no need to get the needle directly into the cockpit."

I guess they weren't using the tentacles anymore. I shook my head and regained focus; soon I managed to break from its grasp and jump away from the needle. I tried to shoot lasers at it, but for some reason, they weren't working this time. They managed to dissolve a hole through Zearth's head.

I feel like I'm dying again.

That was too close for comfort.

I narrowed my eyes and punched at it, but it was already gone. One turn back told me that it was behind me. I swung another punch; it just dodged like it was teasing me or something. How annoying. I grabbed it by the arm to throw it; but it took advantage of my open side by sticking another needle into Zearth with its other arm.

"Ugh..." I groaned, my eyes widening. It was like I was being burned alive. I could feel the needles-one on Zearth's head, one on its side. The opponent used my distraction to back-flip out of my grasp and land on its feet.

This one is very fast. It just disappeared again; I prepared to strike where it reappeared; unfortunately, I was too late in noticing that it reappeared directly above us. Luckily, I managed do dodge it when it tried to stick another needle inside Zearth. As if we weren't already melting.

"Those needles..." I murmured to myself. "...It has two left."

If it had no more of those needles, it wouldn't be able to attack again. All I had to do was make sure that those two did not hit Zearth's cockpit.

The first one, I took with my arm. Oh, god. This must be what it's like to have someone stab you in the arm with a sword that's on fire. It attacked again-I took the second needle with the other arm.

"Kikyo?" Kaede called. "Are you okay?"

I couldn't answer her; I was too busy trying to handle the pain. My body was covered it sweat, my breathing rapid, my voice seemingly gone. Now it couldn't attack anymore.

"Now I can-" I paused mid-sentence.

Please don't tell me I just saw what I think I saw.

Yes, I did. It just re-grew a needle from its body.

"Shit." I swore. "It can regenerate the needles that fast? What do I do now?!"

"Say." Kaede spoke up. "What happens if Zearth loses?"

She just had to ask. No one answered her. We didn't need to. I wasn't going to allow that to happen.

I swung at it again, then gasped as I felt it stick a needle in Zearth's leg. Then I froze in pain as I felt another one pierce Zearth's chest, where the cockpit was.

We saw the needle as its tip forced open the top of our cockpit. Fortunately it stopped mid-way and did not go all the way through.

"What is it doing?" I asked.

"Looks like the needle wasn't long enough to go through all the way." said Miroku. "It's probably waiting to re-grow its needles now."

I had an idea. I simply walked near it and waited. Waited until the needles were almost fully grown. Then, when the needles were ready, I was close enough to pull them out and attack the enemy with its own weapons.

I smirked-they stumbled back a good amount. This time, I pulled out the needles that were stuck in Zearth, bit my tongue to try to ignore the pain, and attacked them with the same needles that had hurt us. I didn't stick it in once and leave it there like they did; I attacked multiple times with each needle. I stabbed them ruthlessly over and over again until the needle was dull and I needed a new one; and then I pulled out another one from Zearth's body and did the same thing.

Finally, I knocked them over completely. They did not seem to have the energy to even try to get up. I stuck Zearth's claw-like hand inside the enemy's chest and pulled out their cockpit.

Whoever that was I was about to kill, I didn't want to see them.

It was then that Seiko and Hiroshi teleported into the cockpit, carrying Kagome's body.

"Kagome!" Sango cried, running to her friend's body. Miroku followed her; Inuyasha was still knocked out. I sighed and quickly crushed the opponent's cockpit, killing everyone inside it. I won.

"...Well, there's a problem now." said Dung Beetle. "At first, we didn't know that Zearth signed up both of them for sharing the same soul. So we counted them as seperate pilots for seperate battles. But...after this, there will be six battles left, but only five pilots. We're short one pilot. So unless we can find and contract another pilot soon, we're as good as dead."

Seiko stepped forward. "I'll do it. I'm ready."

"...Alright, I'll have you sign up later."

At this, her brother Hiroshi turned his back to her like he was angry about something. I guess he was upset at her decision because he was going to lose his only sister; but I couldn't be mad at her because we needed it.

I walked up to my unconscious hanyou and touched his head. Somehow, I think it's better this way. I don't think he would've been able to watch me and Kagome die together. I smiled one last smile and took Kagome's form from Hiroshi and sat her down next to me in her seat, making her sit up as straight as a dead person could.

Taking her hands in mine, I bowed my head in a kind of prayer. "We could've been the closest form of sisters; it's a shame it took something like this for us to be able to see that." Another sigh escaped my lips.

"Time to go." Dung Beetle announced before he teleported everyone else out of the cockpit.

"I'm sorry. I should've known better." I apologized as I sat back down in my seat, getting ready for the final moment.

Me and my future reincarnation, dying together. How ironic. I kept her hand in mine and never let go.

(Normal P.O.V.)

Sota kicked the well as hard as he could. He couldn't believe this. What did Kagome mean, she decided to stay in the Feudal Era and never come back? What is that?

"There's gotta be an explanation behind this." His mother whispered. Sota hoped so. The three of them had been standing around the well all day after they had read her letter. They tried and tried to get the well to work for them, but like always, it was no good.

Suddenly, they heard rustling sounds frown down the well, like somebody was in there. Could it be?

"Kagome!" Sota smiled. "I knew you'd-"

But the figure that jumped out of the well wasn't Kagome.

"...Inuyasha?" the boy blinked. "What happened to Kagome?"

The hanyou stayed silent; biting his lip and avoiding eye contact. This scared Sota. This wasn't normal.

"Is it true?!" He damanded, grabbing Inuyasha's clothes. "Kagome's staying with you guys? She's leaving us for good?!"

Inuyasha's voice did not come out naturally. He spoke in a whisper, like he was scared to say what he was about to say. "...Yes. She told me to say good bye."

"Why?!" cried Sota, shaking Inuyasha. "Why would she do that? She said she'd never leave us the way daddy did! Kagome you liar!"

No one told him otherwise.