InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Kagome 2 ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Breakfast everyone!" I called, making sure I sounded as cheerful as possible. I returned yesterday after we finally had a plan, wanting to at least spend some time with my family and friends before I died. Ever since I fell down the well, I had been neglecting them more and more; this was a chance to spend quality time with them without worries about the Feudal Era. For now.

Sota was the first to arrive at the table. "Woah!" His eyes widened. "You made all this by yourself, Kagome?"

"Yup!" I replied cheerfully. "I don't do this often, so let's cherish the moment, shall we?"

"Wow, Kagome." said my mother, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes. "What's the occasion?"

"Who said we needed an occasion?" I lied. "We're here together, we're healthy, we're happy, and that's all the occasion we need!"

Grandpa wasted no time digging into the food. "That's my girl! Kagome's really growing up."

Sota looked at me strangely like he had caught onto something; I felt butterflies in my stomach. Thankfully, whatever was on his mind, he didn't address it. "So is Inuyasha visiting later on?"

I nearly choked on my food. Oh God, he just had to ask.

"Kagome? Are you alright?" asked mom.

I coughed and coughed and cleared my throat before answering. "Yeah mom, I'm fine. I just ate too fast."

Inuyasha didn't come after me. He didn't question my decision to visit home either. He just stood there with this unreadable expression on his face and watched me go down the well. That look gave me such a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Why couldn't he protest? Yell at me or something! Tell me to hurry up, complain about me taking too long, or something. But he didn't. He kept looking at me like that...with that look in his eyes. I had to get out of there before I lost my composure.

"Ah, Kagome." Grandpa spoke up, thankfully distracting me from my thoughts. "That Hojo boy came by yesterday. Something about a date."

"Grandpa, Kagome already has a boyfriend, remember?" said Sota. "She's dating Inuyasha."

Sota just had to go there again! For the second time, I began coughing violently and had to clear my throat until I calmed down.

"Geez, Kagome! Are you sure you're not sick?!" exclaimed my little brother.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I sighed.

Grandpa narrowed his eyes. "You should stay home from school today."

Sota shook his head at him. "Grandpa, it's Sunday."

"I said I'm fine!" I shouted a little too loudly, causing everyone to stare at me. "Uh, sorry about that. I'll tell Hojo I said okay."

I bet Hojo really wasn't expecting me to actually come out. Poor boy. With or without Inuyasha, I never really liked him like that. I should've told him about that earlier, but he was just so persistant and honest I couldn't really find it in me to say it. Plus I didn't get a chance to think about it very much. Still, there was at least something I could do for him, this being my last day and all.

"Hey Kagome!" He greeted me. "So, how do you feel about a movie?"

"Actually, I have some plans of my own. How do you feel about that theme park nearby?" It was like I was desperate to spend all the money I had saved up until that point.

Hojo looked surprised. "A theme park? Wasn't that expensive?"

"Uh, not really."

"Kagome, are you sure? There's no point in rushing."

If he only knew how untrue that was. I didn't have much time left. I had to do everything I could while I could. And so, instead of coming up with an answer, I just grabbed his hand and we both ran to the park.

We went on a lot of rides and Hojo was determined to win every stuffed animal for me; he actually did well. I made sure I was overly cheerful. When I felt like my mind was wandering elsewhere, I purposely picked the most gut-wrenching, craziest rides so that I wouldn't be able to think straight.

Maybe that was a bad move because I ended up puking in the middle of the park. Hojo was nice enough to cater to me even with everyone staring at us, bless him. After I got cleaned up, we decided it was time to leave.

And what did I see as soon as we walked through the exit gates? Three familiar female heads, staring at us, gossiping. Ayumi, Yuka and Eri. How did they know we were here? How long had they been watching?

"...You guys can come out, you know." I sighed. "We know you're there."

Hojo looked around in confusion; the poor boy hadn't noticed. Well, now that they were running towards us, giggling, he had to notice them.

"So this is what you've been doing the whole time?" Yuka whispered. "And we all thought you were sick! How'd you get your mom to lie for you?"

I groaned. "It's not like that, you guys."

The three of them started running their mouths about God knows what; they were talking so fast I couldn't even make out what they were saying. Somewhere along the way, Hojo started to shift uncomfortably, looking down at his feet.

"...Well...I'll see you later, Kagome." He said quietly and turned his back. He probably felt unwanted.

"Wait, Hojo!" I called, not about to leave any of my friends in that manner. Thankfully, he turned back around to acknowledge me and my friends stopped chatting. "Um, thank you, Hojo. For always being there for me, and always being my friend. It means a lot to me."

He blushed and scratched his head. "Oh, it's nothing, Kagome! I-uh-well, I'll see you in school!"

If he got the wrong idea...well, given these circumstances, I'll let him. I can't bring myself to burst his bubble since I already know what's gonna happen later on. It's the least I can do.

"So, what happened to your other boyfriend, Kagome?" Eri started gossiping again. "Are you two-timing him?"

Not too long ago, I would've been content to live exactly like them. Not too long ago, my life was no different from theirs. When I look at them, I see myself as I was before. I sometimes wonder if I really would've been better off as I was then...if I hadn't been caught up in everything I'm caught up in now.

I never came up with a real answer. I knew that now that I had a taste of the other side of the well, especially since I'd met Inuyasha, I would never be completely happy living the way I did before. At the same would have been much easier, and I probably wouldn't be counting down the hours until my death. But what's the point in thinking about that now?

"You guys, you wanna go shopping?" I cut off their chatter, pulling them into a group hug. "My treat. Anything you want."

", Kagome, are you serious?!" Eri exclaimed.

I smiled and nodded. "Dead serious."

"You're the best, Kagome!"

During the shopping trip, I also bought presents for my family. I was flat broke now. I wrote letters to my family and for everyone else I knew, sort of as an...explanation or a good-bye for them to read after I was gone. God, why was it so hard?

But there was no turning back now. I was already on the other side of the well. I had to get ready to load Zearth.

I saw something shiny directly in front of me. Light glinting off of metal; and someone was behind it. An arrow, perhaps?

Suddenly it flew towards me and hit me right in the chest. As I looked down and saw my blood, I received confirmation.

That was definitely an arrow.