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~~Chapter 4~~
~Return of the Amorous Monk, Miroku~
Sango flushed as she stared at the lacy bras and panties. She couldn't quite bring herself to touch the lingerie, and she frowned as Kagome whipped after another off the rack to show her. “What about this kind? You may need an underwire, though,” Kagome mused, staring at Sango as though she was trying to make up her mind. “They give a lot more support.”
Kagome grinned at Sango's confused expression and shuffled through the bras on a rack to find one with the aforementioned underwires. Sango reached out slowly, hesitantly, as though the bra would bite her. Casting Kagome a quick look and getting an encouraging nod in exchange, Sango finally made contact. “It's . . . why is it so unyielding?”
Making a face, Kagome held the bra up to Sango's neck. Sango flushed. “It's an underwire. They're never comfortable. Anyway, you should have at least four or five good bras. It's a rule.”
Sango remained silent as Kagome pushed more `bras' at her.
They were in the middle of selecting Sango's panties when the ruckus broke out. InuYasha stomped toward them, completely oblivious to exactly what department he was walking through. Miroku followed behind with some packages of men's underwear. Sango tried to hide the lingerie in her arms before the perverted monk saw it.
“For the last time, no!” InuYasha growled over his shoulder.
Miroku made a face. “Boxers wouldn't be that bad, InuYasha. Nothing constricting, nothing binding . . . It'd be just like not wearing any.”
InuYasha shot Miroku a menacing glower. “No.”
Kagome glanced at Sango. “I think this is going to get ugly,” she remarked with a rueful grin.
Sango figured out what the men were discussing and nodded, despite the marked warming in her cheeks.
“Why did I think that this would be fun?” Kagome lamented.
“My underwear has pictures on them,” Shippou remarked from his perch on a display table.
InuYasha snorted. “You're youkai, Shippou. Youkai don't wear underwear.”
“They will if they want to stay in the shrine,” Kagome broke in with a note of warning in her tone. InuYasha ignored it.
“The hell they will,” InuYasha shot back.
“What do you have there, Sango, my sweet?” Miroku asked, eyeing the things that Sango was still trying to hide.
“Things you don't need to see, Monk.”
Sango's flush darkened. “Never.”
“I like that dress. It suits you.”
Now painfully flushed, Sango wished she had gone with her first instinct to wear the long skirt and blouse that she'd arrived in. But she had let Kagome talk her into wearing one of the little dresses hanging in the closet instead. The peach mini-dress covered everything completely but barely reached Sango's mid-thighs. It was one thing to wear the school uniform. She was surrounded by other girls her age then. But this was quite different, and she wasn't so sure she liked feeling quite so vulnerable, especially around Miroku.
Kagome stalked back to the two of them with a resigned look on her face as she dug in her purse and held out a wad of bills toward the monk. “Miroku, why don't you, InuYasha, and Shippou go find the food court or something while we finish up in here?”
Miroku finally glanced around himself. It took him all of thirty seconds to realize what sort of things surrounded him, and Sango rolled her eyes. The monk looked like he had died and had gone to Nirvana. “These, Sango,” he remarked, holding up a flimsy bit of silk that were supposed to pass for panties, “would suit you perfectly.”
Kagome snatched the panties out of Miroku's hand. “Go!”
InuYasha put a hand on Miroku's shoulder and propelled him out of the department. Shippou ran after them and leapt onto the hanyou's shoulder.
Kagome helped Sango choose some panties. They paid for them in silence, and Kagome led the way in the direction where the guys had disappeared.
“What's going on?”
Kagome glanced in the direction where Sango was staring and frowned. A crowd of girls were hovering around a table in the food court. “Do you see InuYasha or Miroku anywhere?”
Sango's eyes got huge, and Kagome frowned then gasped. The girls surrounding the table had parted just enough to spot Miroku talking quite animatedly to the girls while InuYasha was slouched back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest. Shippou sat on InuYasha's shoulder, and the girls on that side were apparently taking turns cooing over the kitsune and trying to play with InuYasha's long hair. The hanyou turned to scowl at the girls, and Kagome winced as his voice carried over the milling crowds, “Will you knock it the fuck off? It's just hair!
Kagome groaned softly. Sango grabbed her arm and dragged her forward. Shippou spotted them right away and launched himself off of InuYasha's shoulder and into Kagome's arms. “Kagome!”
“Enjoying yourself, Monk?” Sango asked, tapping Miroku on the shoulder.
Miroku's back stiffened and he slowly turned to stare at Sango. “Sango! How long have you been standing there?”
“Miroku introduced me to lots of girls,” Shippou remarked happily. Kagome glared at a girl who reached over to touch Shippou's hair.
Squeals erupted across the table followed by InuYasha's unmistakable snarl.
“Ooh! Look at the ears!”
“Are they doggy ears?”
“Where did you get those?”
“Do they come off?”
“Can I touch them?”
“They're so cute!”
“Damn it!” InuYasha bellowed, shooting to his feet and jamming his hat back down over his ears. “What the hell are you doing, you bitch?” He stomped off, leaving a group of very sad girls behind. Kagome and Sango exchanged looks. Kagome ran after him.
Miroku gestured at the chair that InuYasha had so unceremoniously vacated. “Care to join me, Sango?”
She narrowed her eyes as Miroku winked at one of the girls who was still leaning over the table. “I don't think I will,” she said, injecting as much ice as she could into her tone. She stalked away after Kagome and InuYasha, fuming. `That miserable monk! What is he doing, flirting with all those girls, and using Shippou to do it?'
“Sango! Wait!”
Miroku fell into step beside her. “Is something wrong?”
Sango didn't miss a step even though she couldn't control the snort that escaped. “Need I remind you that Shippou is a child? What were you thinking, using him to attract women?”
Miroku held his hands up in self-defense. “Actually, they were flocking to InuYasha. I think it was something about his hair.”
She hesitated. “Really?”
Miroku nodded. “Yeah. If you haven't noticed, there's not many around with silver hair like his.” He stopped short, staring in a display window at a news broadcast on television. A tornado ripped across the screen. He frowned, idly rubbing his hand where his kazaana used to be. It was a gesture that she didn't miss.
“You miss it?” Sango asked quietly.
He shrugged and tossed his arm over her shoulders, propelling her away from the store window. “In a strange sort of way, I suppose. I had it for such a long time . . .”
“Poor Monk,” she said with a smile. “You surprise me.”
“Sango, your smile is enough to make me forget any sorrow.”
She gasped as his hand found its way to her rear. Without a second thought, she slapped him hard.
Miroku groaned but grinned. “Ah, to be touched by the softness of your hand . . .”
“You'd think you would learn not to do that,” she complained, her cheeks bright pink. “And what are you smiling about?”
“Have I told you, Sango, that I hope our children have your passion?”
Her flush deepened. “I must have really slapped you hard that time,” she grumbled.
“Sango, my Sango . . . You can't possibly hurt me.”
“Miroku . . .”
He chuckled. “Remember? You left your Hiraikotsu at the shrine.”
Before Sango could retaliate for that comment, Miroku grabbed her hand and dragged her through the crowd, intent on locating InuYasha and Kagome.
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