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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for there strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

Item One: Sabishii School for Unwanted Children

"Mom, why am I here?" A fifteen-year-old Kagome asked the tall woman beside her. "Don't you want me?"

"Now Kagome, this isn't the time or place to talk about this." The woman answered in reply, completely avoiding her daughter's question.

"But Mom-"

She was cut off by a quick hand across the cheek. "Kagome, quit your complaining. Children all around the world have it worse then you." The woman reached into the obscenely large purse* to pull out a brush. Combing her daughter's raven black hair back behind her ears, she frowned. Her daughter reminded her too much of her late husband, that's why she had to get rid of her. The teen's bright gray-blue eyes stared back at the older woman. Shivering slightly at the gaze she turned in her seat, putting the brush away. "There are some rules I want you to follow while at this school."

Kagome nodded in understanding. "No talking to stranger's unless they introduce themselves. Then be polite and give them my name and after that make myself scarce. I know the routine, Momma." She answered sarcastically. Kagome bit her lip after another hand connected with her cheek.

"No sassing me young lady. Now be good. 'Momma' loves you." At that point the woman's cell phone rang. Digging it out of her purse, she flipped it open, and started to talk to the person on the other line. Shooing her daughter out of the car, she popped the lock for the backseat.

Kagome sighed. Pulling out the two suitcases and duffel bag that held her stuff, she started to drag it to the gate. Taking a deep breath to hide her disappointment that her mother wasn't walking her to the door, she pressed the white intercom button.

'State your name, and business for visiting SSUC.' A male voice pressed from behind the speaker.

"Kagome Higurashi, new student." She said without feeling.

'We have been expecting you, please proceed.' The gate started to open with the squeaking of unused hinges and the grinding of gears. Taking one last look over at where her mother was parked, Kagome wasn't surprised to see the woman take off. Ever since her father's death three years ago, her mother had grown to be cold and distant. Keeping herself busy with work and household chores. Shaking her head, ebony tresses falling from behind her ears, Kagome turned towards the school. This was her new life and she was going to see it through.


After reporting to the office and receiving her room and schedule, Kagome found herself hauling her suitcases and bag through many halls, trying to find her way. I wish that people would give out maps, this place is like a maze, she thought. After searching for the better part of an hour she found a hallway which numbers started close to her own. Looking at the numbers beside the doors, she smiled widely when she found hers. Setting her suitcases on the floor, she pulled the key she had been given out of her pocket of her blue skirt. Unlocking the door and pulling her luggage into the room, she glanced around. The left side of the room was a single bed, the same on the right side. I guess I'm rooming with someone. A small desk was pushed up against the back wall, underneath a window. It was completely covered with schoolbooks and white papers, drawings of flowers and bones spread across every availably space.

Gulping audibly, she turned to the right side of the room. The bed was made, three plush animals sat in a row below the pillow. The sheet was a pale pink, small purple flowers embroidered across the soft fabric. The wood bureau that rested against the back board had a pink doily that sat underneath a pink lamp, a white shade with pink tassels that fell from the base. Coughing and gagging at the amount of pink on that side of the room, she turned to the left once more.

Dropping the duffel bag on the bare bed she unzipped it. Pulling out a can of lice spray, just in case, she followed the directions and sprayed it across the bed. Popping the lid back on, she shoved it into the bag again.

Shuffling through the duffel bag she pulled out her bedding. Stretching the white fitted sheet across the thin mattress, she hummed a soft tune throughout her work. Next was a light blue sheet with white clouds and yellow moons. Petting the sheet lovingly for it was a gift from her father, she unfolded it and stretched it across the bed. Pulling two pillows out, she covered them with matching pillowcases, and tossed them on the bed. Finally, she pulled out a deep blue comforter covered with clusters of stars, her grandmother had hand-stitched it. Kagome pleaded for hours with her mother to bring it. Wrapping it tightly across herself she spun, the warmth of the fabric making her feel like a princess. Giggling at the thought she laid it on the bed.

Finished with her bed, Kagome turned to her empty bag. Folding it, she placed it underneath the bed, after of course making sure there weren't any monsters there first. She knew she was to old to worry about that sort of thing but she was in unfamiliar territory, she had to make sure. Plus, she had lived with her grandfather, if that didn't make you cautious, nothing would.

Turning to her suitcases, she grabbed the closest one. Dropping it on her bed she opened it. Clean clothes laid there, crisp and clean cut. Going to the bureau on her end she opened it, only to close it again. Strange, she thought, There were clothes in there. Shrugging, she opened the second drawer, again this one was full of clothing too, as was the third, fourth, and fifth.

Biting her lip and worrying about not having anywhere to put her clothes she was shocked to hear the door to the room open and someone step in. Turning, she came face to face with a living replica of herself. She had the same eye color, though the girl's seemed colder, and the same colored hair, the girl's was longer. Even their body's were the same, though the other girl had fuller breast, Kagome was still growing a set.

"Umm, hello." Kagome said, a small, worried smile playing at her lips.

The older girl didn't respond, except for walking to the pink side of the room and sit down on the bed, glaring pointedly at the blue on Kagome's side. When she finally spoke it was in a hoarse whisper, barely audible. "Blue is a boy color. Why do you wear blue and demand on having blue sheets?" Only then did Kagome observe what the other girl was wearing. A white shirt with the word, 'Princess,' etched across the top in pink, with a pink skirt, a darker pink crown on each side. She matched her bed perfectly.

Kagome looked at her own clothes. She had decided to wear a light blue skirt, and a dark blue long sleeved shirt, the neckline embroidered with 'x's.** "I like blue, it has many shades but they are all called blue. Pink on the other hand can only go so far before its call cream or red." Kagome said sitting on her bed, and looking straight at the unknown girl. Reaching across the space, she offered her hand. "My name is Kagome Higurashi, and you are?" She asked politely.

The girl stared at the extended limb before pulling out a handkerchief and shaking Kagome's hand, "My name is Kikyo Miko."

"Nice to meet you Kikyo, I hope we can become friends during our stay at SSUC." Kagome smiled warmly, why hate the girl she just met? You can't always depend on first impressions nowadays. Extracting her hand from Kikyo's grip, she stood. "I have a question. Where do I put my clothes? It seems both bureaus are full."

"You have hangers." It was more of a statement then a question.

"Yes... but I don't see how that has to do with my clothes dilemma."

"Not to smart are you?" Kikyo replied smugly. "Well let me spell it out. Closet, hangers, clothes."

"I put my clothes in the closet? But what about my undergarments?"

"You have a suitcase."

"Hold on, the office said that I would receive a bed and a dresser."

"They were mistaken. I have to many clothes to put in one bureau."

"Okay how about this. I'll put my clothes in the closet, you move all your clothes from the top drawer, and that will hold all my undergarments."

Kikyo stared at Kagome. "Fine, but I'll clear out the bottom drawer. Just like where you belong, underneath everybody."

Kagome clenched her fists but didn't say anything, just let her think she has the upper hand. Taking a calming breath she moved to her suitcases. After hanging her clothes, she opened the closet. Inside half the closet was full, and a shoe rack hung from the door. Not at all surprised to find that most of the wardrobe was pink, she gathered all her clothes and pressed them in there. Turning, she found Kikyo finished packing her own bureau with clothes. Sighing softly, Kagome gathered her undergarments and arranged them in the bottom drawer.

Just as she was finished placing the last tank top in, she heard a knock at the door. Jumping at the sound, she reached for her suitcases. Tossing them under her bed, she smiled. "Finished." Looking behind her, she found Kikyo all but screwing a guy at the door. His long silver hair ended a little below his waist. His glowing amber eyes held little warmth and upon his head- Kagome gasped. On top of his head were a pair of the cutest fuzzy white ears, she had ever seen. Not that she had seen many.

Sitting on her bed, she grabbed a plush animal she had packed when her mother wasn't looking. Giggling softly when the ears twitched, Kagome hugged the animal tighter to her chest. Giving the plushie one last squeeze, she sat it back on the bed, and stood. Picking up her papers from the office, she ran through the necessary supplies. Have, have, have, might have, have, have, don't have, have, and have.

Muttering a soft curse, she turned towards the door. The couple still stood there, talking. Walking past them with a muttered 'excuse me,' she nearly screamed when a cold hand grabbed her wrist. Turning towards the source of the freezing limb she found herself looking at Kikyo. "Yes, Kikyo?"

"Have you met my new roommate, Inuyasha? Her name is Kagome Higurashi, isn't that a silly name?" Kagome bit her lip and looked down, why did Kikyo have to make fun of her in front of this guy? "She just moved in."

Inuyasha looked at Kagome blankly. "She looks like a wench to me."

Kagome felt her eyebrow twitch. Looking up at the silver-haired hanyou, she growled softly. Wrenching her wrist out of Kikyo's grasp, she curled it into a fist. Bringing it in a high arc, she felt it connect with his jaw. Blowing on the reddening knuckles, she glared at Inuyasha. "I don't know who you think you are, but call me a wench once more, and you'll wish I punched you again." Turning on her heel she stalked off, ranting.

Inuyasha rubbed his abused jaw,she may look weak but that wench has a powerful right hook. Looking down at Kikyo, Inuyasha 'smiled,' "That kinda hurt."

Kikyo's face 'softened,' "Are you okay Inu-chan? Do you need ice? The nurse? Anything?" Kikyo glared at the retreating form of Kagome, "That bitch will pay." Turning back to Inuyasha, Kikyo leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you tonight, be careful. Don't let any girl's get close enough to punch you again." A chaste kiss on his lips and she disappeared into her room, closing the door softly.

Back with Kagome

Kagome continued to rant about how some guys didn't have enough respect to women when she found herself staring at a window. Looking out the glass, she gasped at what she saw. Two boys were kicking at a small orange-haired child. Opening the window, she crawled on to the sill. Taking a deep breath she jumped, landing on the back of the larger of the two. Clutching her throbbing head, she looked at the second boy. "Who do you think you are picking on a little kid? Do you have no pride?" Standing, she glared at the boy. He was hot, his long black hair braided down his back, his ears holding a piercing each. He wore a complicated mess of wraps and armor for clothing.

The boy laughed, "You dare interfere with the 'Thunder brother's,' Hiten and Manten? And whom do you think yourself to be?"

"The 'Thunder Brothers?' You think yourselves high enough to give yourself a name?" Setting herself into a fighting stance, she glared at Hiten. "If you defeat me, I'll give you my name. If not, you leave the kid alone." A loud noise behind her made Kagome turn around. Manten, the other half of the brother's, was standing up, his body marked with pebbles from when she landed on him. Moving her head from brother to brother, she loosened her muscles. Watching their body's for movement, she noticed Hiten's stomach clenching. Twisting out of his lunge, she brought her elbow up to the back of his head. Finishing him with a roundhouse kick, that landed straight in the middle of his back. Landing on her left foot, she winced as it snapped. Ignoring the nausea spreading through her stomach, she turned to Manten. "Bring it on."

The large demon charged her, imitating his older brother. Grabbing his arms, she dropped to the ground, right foot connecting with his stomach and bringing him over her head. Feeling the ground shake from his weight and momentum, Kagome stood, nearly falling back down from the pain in her left ankle. Pressing her right foot to the base of Manten's throat and her knee to Hiten's, she smiled. "You two know the agreement. I win. You leave the boy alone. And to award you for a job well done, no one has ever injured me, I'll give you my name. I am Kagome Higurashi. Remember that name, for I will be waiting and watching, for the time you mess up. Remember that." One last press of her knee and foot, and both boy's slipped into unconsciousness.

Standing and adjusting herself, Kagome looked over at the young boy. Picking him up, she hobbled up the steps and down a few halls. Stopping in the middle of the hall Kagome remembered something, she didn't know where the nurse's office was! Looking around, her eyes landed on a girl her age. She had brown hair pulled into a low ponytail. She wore a black knee length jean skirt that zipped in the front. A pink spaghetti strap shirt covered her chest. Walking up to her, Kagome smiled. "Hi, my name's Kagome Higurashi. I was wondering if you could point me to the infirmary."

The girl turned, her bright magenta eyes shining with youth and ebullience. "Sure. I'll take you there. My name's Sango Taijiya, by the way. Nice to meet you." They started down a hall. "So why do you need to see the nurse?"

Kagome blushed, "Well I really don't need to see the nurse, it's the boy I'm carrying that does."

Sango looked at the bundle in Kagome's arms, "Oh poor Shippo."

"His name's Shippo?"

"Yup, Shippo Kitsune."

"Such a cute name," Kagome gushed.

Sango nodded, "Well he's a very sweet boy. As long as he isn't on a sugar high." Kagome giggled along with Sango. After only a few minutes of knowing each other, Kagome already felt as though Sango and her had been friends forever. As they walked; well Sango walked, Kagome hobbled, they continued to talk about their lives before they came to SSUC. Sango's story almost made Kagome cried. Her brother, Kohaku, had been kidnapped by a demon. During that period, he had been hypnotized and sent to kill Sango's entire village. "After he was finished, he came out of his trance and he couldn't believe what he had done. So he walked to our home and killed himself. I awoke three hours later to total and complete destruction of my family and friends. I was the only survivor."

Kagome sniffled, "I am so sorry. And here I was complaining about being abandoned, I feel so shallow."

Sango smiled and patted Kagome's back. "No need to feel that way. We all have our bad stories."

"But compared to you, I am shallow. Maybe I should just count my blessings."

Sango grinned wider, "I do everyday." Sango looked up. "Oh here we are." Kagome looked at the door, across the door read 'INFIRMARY.'

"Well that's obvious." Sango giggled. Turning to her new friend, Kagome beamed. "Well it was nice to meet you Sango. Maybe we can hang out some more later."

"Of course. Here," she pulled out two pieces of paper and a pen. "This is my cell phone, and room number." Sango handed Kagome the paper and pen. Kagome wrote her room number, she didn't own a cell, and handed the paper back to Sango. "By the way, Kagome, if a guy named Miroku Houshi asks for my information, kick him in the balls."


"Because if he got that close to you that means he groped your ass." Kagome looked confused. "You'll understand what I mean. Ja ne."

"Ja ne." Kagome waved and walked through the infirmary's doors.

Immediately after opening the door, Kagome was hit by the smell of antibacterial soap and rubbing alcohol. Walking towards the desk that blocked the door to a storage room, she noticed a silver bell sitting on the edge of the wood. Tapping it lightly, she was awarded the sound of a small 'ping.' Giggling softly, she pressed it again. 'Ping.'

"All right already, I'm coming, I'm coming." A short woman came from the storage room. A black patch hid her right eye. Her gray hair was held back in a white hair band. She wore red and white priestess clothing from what looked like five hundred years ago. The old woman smiled. "How can I help ye."

Kagome returned the smile. "I was walking back from my room when I found this little boy being picked on. I chased away the guys and had someone show me to this place, but beside the point Ms..." Kagome looked around for a name.

The lady smiled more, "Kaede."

"Yes, well I was wondering if you could take a look at him Ms. Kaede."

"Yes, yes. Follow me." Walking around the desk, Kagome almost forgot to cover her limp, but Kaede still saw it. "Tell me, was ye going to tell me ye was hurt?"

Kagome blushed, "No, not really."

"Follow me." They entered a large room. As all hospitals go, the inside was white, and the beds made. Out of the ten beds, two were occupied. Glancing at the beds she found Hiten and Manten sleeping. Wincing when she noticed that both had white gauze wrapped around their heads, she continued to follow Kaede. "Here we go." Picking Shippo out of Kagome's hands, she placed the small demon on one bed and ushered Kagome to another. Leaving to gather the needed supplies to heal Kagome and Shippo, Kaede quickly returned. Wrapping Shippo's wounds and Kagome's left foot, she pulled out two clipboards and handed them to Kagome. "Fill them out as best as ye can." Kag nodded. "I'll be back. Don't get in another fight with those two."

Kagome gaped at the older woman, "How did you-"

"Doesn't matter, now lay back, prop ye foot up, and fill out those sheets. After ye's done, rest. I'll check up on ye from time to time." Kagome did as she was told. When she finished, Kagome placed the clipboards on the unused side of her bed. Leaning back, she closed her eyes. And opened them quickly when she felt something snuggle next to her.

Glancing down she noticed Shippo curled in a neat ball in the crook of her elbow. Smiling, she ruffled his orange head. Only then did she realize something. One second! He has a tail! Blinking rapidly, Kagome shook her head. Oh well, I should be used to youkai. Especially cute one's like Shippo. Stroking the kit's head, she soon fell into a deep slumber.

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