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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:

Kagome smiled, he was finally doing it. He was going to finally cut all ties with that cheating bitch. She stayed on Inuyasha's back as he jumped up and over the gates, past the three buildings and up to the fourth, student lodging. Crawling off Inu's back, Kag smiled. "Thank you."

Inuyasha blushed lightly, he could still remember how good it felt to have Kagome's body so close to him. Looking at the young teen, he felt a tug at his heart. Turning swiftly, he grabbed Kagome in a tight hug.

Gasping at the tingling sensations creeping over her skin, Kagome shook it off and returned Inuyasha's embrace. It can't be, I'm not falling for him . . . am I? This seems too unreal . . . Something's not right, I have a bad feeling. I've learned to trust my feelings.

Something's going to go horribly wrong. I know it. I just know it . . .

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Item Eight: Feelings and . . . Falling?

"Are they back yet?"

Miroku glanced up at the sound of Sango's voice. "Uh, no. No, I haven't felt Inuyasha's or Lady Kagome's aura."

"Okay, uh, thanks." Sango turned to leave.

"SANGO! Wait!" Miroku reached out, grabbing a soft fistful of Sango's skirt. "I wanted to talk to you some more. Do you mind?"

Sango narrowed her eyes at the lecher. "You won't do anything funny, right?" She nudged his back with her toe.

Miroku sighed, You grab a girl's butt once or twice and you're tarnished for life. "No, I won't do anything funny, I won't even touch you, watch." Raising both hands in the air, Miroku sat up and placed them under his butt. "See, I'll sit on my hands, just so we can talk."

"This is supposed to impress me?" Sango still kept glaring at Miroku, "It isn't working." Still she sat next to him. Looking out the window of the infirmary, Sango sighed. "Why are you always such a lecher?"

"Huh? Where'd this subject come from?" Miroku looked out the same window, he had a bad feeling about this conversation.

"It just- Oh, nevermind."

Miroku raised an eyebrow, it wasn't like Sango to leave a conversation hanging, not that she and he have had any. . . "Come on, Sango, you can talk to me. I'm always here if you need some one."

Sango turned to look at him, "But every time I'm within arm's reach, you just, well, you know, act perverted."

Miroku leaned closer to Sango. "Do you want me to be less perverted?"

Noticing their close proximity, Sango blushed. "W-well, that would be a start. . ."

"Alright then, no more groping."

Sango face fell, "Huh? Miroku are you alright? Do you have a fever? You're acting stranger then usual. . ." Rolling her eyes, Sango once again, faced the window. "You're always so frivolous, I'm not sure whether or not to take you seriously."

Miroku smiled, "You can take me serious, I promise."

Sango turned to him once more, "Your sure?"

"Never been more sure of anything in my life."

"No more groping?"

"I won't even place my arm on your shoulders, unless that's what you want."

"Then, will you do it now?"

"Wrap my arm around your shoulder?" Sango nodded, "Sure."

"That seems to be today's word," Sango joked.

Miroku chuckled softly, scooting closer, but not to close, he lifted one of his arms and wrapped across Sango's shoulders. Ever since he had met her he had wanted to touch her, and touch her he did, but. . . this was different. This time she wanted that physical contact, she didn't slap him, hit him, nothing. It was almost, he didn't know. To him it felt like bliss, he could only hope she felt the same. Tucking her head under his, he felt her tense. Making a soft 'shh' sound, Miroku slowly calmed Sango down, her muscles relaxing under his gentle, but firm, hold. Pulling up straight, he looked into the magenta eyes that had captivated him since day one. Taking his other hand he placed it under her chin and lightly titled her head up.

Sango's cheeks turned a bright crimson, Don't ruin this moment for me please, Miroku, please. Please don't grope me, please. I don't think I could take another, please. She watched as his purple eyes soften and a soft smile tug at his lips.

"There's no need to be afraid Sango, I made a promise and I'm going to keep it." Miroku smiled wider when she smiled. "Now, stop looking so depressed. I won't hurt you, I could never hurt you. . ." he leaned forward slightly, his lips an inch from her own. "Is this okay?" His warm breath brushed across her lips, causing her cheeks to flame. Nodding slowly, she wasn't quite ready when his lips came crashing down on her own. She gasped at the sparks of warmth and light that ran from her lips to her toes, and everywhere in-between. Lifting her arms so that they rested on Miroku's hips, Sango pushed herself into the kiss, returning all the feelings and pent up attraction that she had laid dormant since their first meeting. Growling softly in that back of her throat, Sango decided that it was time for a more hands-on approach. Sliding her hands up from his waist, she let her hand drift over Miroku's chest and stomach, until they found refuge at the nape of his neck.

After their air depleted, both Sango and Miroku pulled away from the kiss. Breathing heavily, with their arms wrapped around each other, they tried to remember life before that kiss. Her cheeks burning red, Sango smiled slightly. "I don't know what to say. I don't think 'thank you,' is appropriate."

Miroku grinned, "How about we don't say anything at all and return to talking."

Sango bit her lip in disappointment, though she would never say it aloud, secretly she had wanted to continue, 'making out,' for lack of better words. "Or do you want to continue swapping spit?" Sango's face lit up like a firecracker as she looked up and stared at the boy in front of her.

"Uh. . ."

"Should I take that as a 'yes'?"

"Yes," Sango breathed out before Miroku claimed her lips once more. It felt so right, and yet, so deliciously sinful at the same time. Tired with her hands remaining locked around his neck, Sango moved them across his back, feeling the muscles flex and tense under her touch. Sliding her arms across his ribs, she barely noticed when he squirmed, So you're ticklish, I'll use that to my advantage one of these days. Sliding her hands once more up and across his stomach and chest, she pushed him lightly in the shoulder to get him to lay back. Straddling his waist, she noticed that while they had been kissing, his hands hadn't staid idle. Gasping when his fingertips ran across her breast, it turned to a moan as he cupped the round pliable orb. Retreating her lips from Miroku's, Sango sat up, her weight pushing lightly against Miroku's err, ahem. Placing one hand on her lips and the other across her chest, she glanced down at Miroku.

The look on Miroku's face was a mix of different emotions; pain, hurt, lust, love, enjoyment. They all seemed to be masked by one feeling though, worry. But not worry for himself, he couldn't care less if he beat to a bloody pulp were he laid, he was worried about Sango. Had he somehow, some way, hurt her or offended her, or worse, do something that made her hate him? Biting the inside of his left cheek he spoke to the 'spooked,' Sango. "Are you okay, Sango? Did I do something wrong? Hurt you in some way?" She shook her head in a nonverbal way of saying 'no.' "Then what's wrong?"

"These feelings. I always thought I hated you because you groped, but these feeling are telling me otherwise. They're telling me that I don't hate you, not in the least, in fact I think I might actually like you, more than a friend type a way. But that's not what scares me. . . No it's the fact that it happened so suddenly. I'm just scared that it's lust and not love. Do you know what I mean?"

Miroku shook his head, "No, I don't. But I'll tell you this," he reached out and lightly pulled the hands away from her mouth and shoulder, "I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you."

Sango's eyes widened, "W-what?!"

"I'll put it simply, 'I love you'."

"How do you know? You're seventeen, and I'm only sixteen! How can we be in love at such a young age!"

"Love knows no boundaries, including age."

Sango felt her eyes water, "You do realize what you are saying, right?" The tears fell down her cheeks, landing softly on Miroku's deep purple button-up shirt, making soft 'plip' sounds.

Brushing his hand across her cheeks softly, Miroku smiled. "I know exactly what I'm saying. I'm saying that even if you don't love me now, or if you never love me, that I will always hold you close to my heart, because, dear Sango, you are my love." More tears escaped the young exterminator's eyes. Collapsing across the young monk, she let the salty tears fall from her eyes.

"You don't have to worry," her voice was muffled in the clothe of Miroku's shirt. "I think that I'm already in love with you."

Miroku looked down his nose at the mess of brown hair, "Well, that's nice to hear."

Sango lifted her face up to come to his eye level, "You also realize this means you can't flirt with anymore girls, right?"

"Seriously? Damn, I was hoping our little love thing would a little less constricting." He laughed when Sango glared at him, "Kidding, kidding! I have the best girl in the world, why would I want anyone else?"

"You mean, second best." A familiar voice called from the doorway of the infirmary. The couple laying on the bed glanced up and jumped off each other, blushing madly. Miroku was the first to recover, some what. . .

"INUYASHA! I can't believe that you would even compare Sango to Kikyo! That's just plain wrong!"

Inuyasha snorted, "I wasn't talking about Kikyo, bozo! I was talking about Kagome!"


When did he start liking her?

Sango and Miroku turned to each other, What was going on with their best friends? Sango looked at Inuyasha, "What are you talking about? Last time I remember, you were dating that cheating-freak. What happened?"

Inuyasha smirked, "Me and Kagome talked about it."

Another voice echoed through the room, "Right, talked."

Inuyasha smirked wider, "I thought we were keeping that a secret."

Kagome walked through the door, favoring her left foot. Her right arm held what looked like a bleeding wound at her side, the blood oozing from her fingers. In short, she was covered in blood. Sango was the first to jump into action.

As punishment for interrupting class and all that bull, Sesshomaru had given Miroku and Sango twenty hours of detention. And where did they serve it? The infirmary.

Shouting to Miroku to get different medical supplies, Sango ushered Kagome to a waiting bed, waving Inuyasha to the one next to it. "Alright, I'll first start with Kagome, then I'll take care of your side wound Inuyasha. Kagome remove your shirt. Inuyasha and Miroku, don't look." Kagome blushed but did as she was told. After being stripped of her shirt, she watched as Sango gasped at the severity of the situation. "I don't have enough experience to stitch that! Miroku! Get Ms. Kaede, now!"

"On it," Miroku dashed out of the bed chamber in search of Kaede.

"Okay, let's get your superficial wounds out of the way so Kaede doesn't have to deal with them too." Sango smiled at her friend, "You'll be fine."

Kagome smiled, "I know, Inuyasha took care of me just fine."

Sango looked at the hanyou, when he turned away she noticed that he had a small smile and worried look on his face, "I'm sure he did."

After washing the blood from her face, stomach, and legs, they had removed the pants earlier, Sango wrapped what wounds she could. This included Kagome's head, left ankle, her arms and hands, and the burns on her fingers; the entire time asking Inuyasha for details. When she was finished, she looked down at Kagome, the girl was fast asleep. Smiling she pulled the blanket from the foot of the bed and spread it across the sleeping girl. Two seconds later, the doors banged open and in walked Kaede and Miroku.

Kaede looked at Kagome. "Alright Sango ye patch up Inuyasha, Miroku supplies, I'll take care of Kagome."

*Boring stuff occurs, I don't know much about the fixing of a wound but just thinking about it makes me want sleep. . . . No offense Kaede!

Kaede: . . . . . . . . . .

AnTr: You rarely speak, let alone get into any episodes. . . . . . . Oh well that's your problem, should've been thirty years younger and a lot more active.

Kaede: . . . . . . . . .


Kaede: . . . . . . . . . Ye are an insolent child!

AnTr: *looks about to throttle Kaede* I'm going to kill you soon. Yes, you'll die an honorable, but painful death. . . . . . BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kaede: *knocks an arrow and aims it at AnTr* Die, hellspawn!

AnTr: *stops laughing* How'd you know?

Kaede: . . . . . . . . . . . . .*

After finishing stitching Kagome's wound, Kaede turned to Inuyasha. He was sleeping as well, obviously Sango made him unconscious by the large lump on his head. Sighing she looked over at Sango, she may be a good nurse but she lacked patience. Kaede walked over to Sango and Miroku, intent on stopping their make-out session.

*AnTr: sings, badly I might add. . . .Sango and Miroku up in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Sorry couldn't help it. . . . . .*

"You two, stop that. Isn't that the reason you are in here?"

Sango and Miroku sprang apart for the second time that afternoon. "No!" Sango shot back bitterly. Hey, you have someone interrupt your kissage, you'd snap at them, too. "We were sent because- um- because- oh! Oh yeah! Because we 'interrupted' our class. Like anyone was listening anyway. . . ."

Kaede sighed, "Very well then, ye's two are free. I'll want to see ye's bright and early tomorrow, before ye leave for the mall."

Miroku looked confused, "Aren't you going to keep us from the mall?"

"No, no one will be here. I'm sending ye to the mall with first-aid kits so that ye can treat anyone that gets hurt on the trip." The two groaned. "Watch yeselves, or I'll send ye in matching nurse's outfits." The two high-tailed it out of there. "See ye's tomorrow."

Turning back to her in-patients, Kaede sighed. "Young love."

Sometime between when Kaede walked over to Miroku and Sango, and when they had left, Inuyasha had woken up and crawled into Kagome's bed. The now laid spooning the other. In other words, Kagome was lying flush up against Inuyasha's front, his arm underneath her head like a pillow. Of course where Inuyasha hands were wasn't really appropriate, but Kaede let it slide, they were asleep. What harm could leaving them in that position do? Different types of erotic fantasies flashed in front of the 60-year-old woman's mind.

Kaede blinked, she really needed to lay off the porn sites.

*AnTr: I know, I know! Disgusting. But come on, think about it. Sixty years old and single? She has to get pleasure from somewhere. . . .*gags* ewww. . . . . I got goose bumps just thinking about it. . . . . . ewww*

Glancing at the bloody hakama, Kaede begrudgingly collected it from the ground. She started to walk away when she heard a clatter against the ground. Looking down she noticed a rosary she usually used to calm demons. Smiling she looked at the sleeping hanyou. Might as well, just blame it on the evil porn sites, they always made her think bad thoughts. . . .

Muttering a soft incantation, she watched as the beads glowed, dismantled, and launched themselves away from her hand, reforming itself around the hanyou's neck. Walking carefully towards Kagome she shook the girl awake.

Clamping a hand around Kagome's mouth she waited for the girl to open her eyes. When she did, they went wide with fright. "Quiet! Now I'm going to explain this once, I have a subduing spell on Inuyasha. Think a word that is linked to Inuyasha and Inuyasha only. Now, when I lift my hand, say the word. The necklace may subdue him, but it can be used for other things, if ye catches my drift." Kagome turned bright red. "Now, say the word." She lifted her hand from Kagome's mouth.



"What the hell happened!"

Author's Note: Okay. . . . So I always have to keep a hentai in this fic. Since Miroku promised Sango he wouldn't do hentai-ish things. . . . I made Kaede the new hentai. . . . . .

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Sango: *blush*


Inuyasha: *mouth full of dirt, can't say anything, but what he mumbled sounded offly similar to 'you know you liked it, bitch'*

Kikyo: I'm back! *Sees Inuyasha in hole* Oh! You're ready to go to hell with me!

AnTr: Why do you go to hell? I thought you were a priestess. Shouldn't you go to heaven?

Everyone: *silence*

Kagome: That's an interesting thought, why do you want to go to Hell, Kikyo?

Kikyo: Uhh, cause it's warmer?

Everyone: *sweat drop!*

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