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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:

{ Sango giggled, "I guess you're right . . ." She turned serious. "Please Inuyasha, just talk to her. She needs to know you don't hate her. . ."

"Who said I didn't hate her?"

Sango glowered, "Just do it or my boomerang will be permanently lodge in you brain." A gulp on the receiving end, "Now go."

"Fine . . ." He turned to go.

"Good boy," she was gone before he could turn around.

"Stupid wench . . ." }

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Item Seven: Breaking Kikyo

A dark figure watched, in a cauldron of gray liquid, as Kagome ran from the office. "Perfect. Simply perfect. She's coming straight for me. I will finally retrieve what was rightfully mine!" There was a slithery-like laugh. "The fool! She'll never know what hit her. The foolish girl . . ." Another snakey laugh. "Mine! The Shikon no Tama will be mine! I will become the most powerful being in the world!" The creature waved a limb over the liquid mixture, the image disappearing. "Now, to prepare for my guest . . ."

Kagome ran blindly towards the forest. How could I be so stupid! Of course he wouldn't believe me. He's a stupid jerk! I hate him! Rubbing her watering eyes, Kagome was momentarily distracted from where her feet were landing. Tripping over an uprooted root, felt the skin on the outer side of her wrists tear and bleed. Hauling herself to her knees, she looked at the wounds. They were slightly deep, showing her a bit of red muscle. Swallowing the bile and blood that threatened to ptyalize out of her mouth, she stood. This wasn't the time, nor the place to be nauseous.

After finally standing on her shaky legs, the red pants skittered with grass stains, Kagome waited a few precious seconds for them to return to normal. Taking a deep breath, she started to run again, entering the forest and forever sealing her fate . . .

Inuyasha growled, Damn bitch! Why'd she have to run away like that? Growling louder, he lifted his nose to the air, "Where are you?" ((sniff sniff)) "Found you, you stupid wench." Turning towards the forest, he started to run, chasing after the very elusive Kagome. When I find her, I'm going to kill her! How dare she act like she didn't do anything wrong? Who does that wench think she is?

Running to the outer ring of trees that started, or ended, depending where you were standing, he sniffed the air once more. There was a strong coppery smell in the air. It was slightly similar to him. Taking a deep whiff, he tried to remember where he smelt it before.

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{Flashback} {Biting her lip sharply, she gasped when her teeth broke skin, blood oozing out of the wound sluggishly.}

Inuyasha's ears twitched in realization. "K-Kagome . . ." Running into the forest, not bothering to sniff for other youkai, he trailed after the scent of her blood. Moving his feet as fast as possible, he was soon on top of the girl, literally.

Kagome continued to run until her legs were tired. Stopping in front of one of the largest trees she had ever seen, she bent forward, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. Gulping in large amounts of air, she didn't take notice as her three wounds dripped on the forest ground.

When she finally had regained her breath, Kagome glanced at the tree before her. It was like the other trees, except, this tree had a large gouge in the bark. She was about to walk up to it and examine the hole, when something large and warm collided into her back. Gasping, she was knock to the ground. Kagome growled. "That has to be the fifth time I found myself on the floor. Now whoever's on my back. GET. OFF!" Lifting one foot, she grimaced when it connected solidly with something hard. It hurt her foot!

"Wench! There was no need to kick me in the head!" Inuyasha's perturbed voice broke through her pain.

"I-Inu-Inuyasha? What are you doing following me? And will you please get of my back? If not, you can at least move your butt from the top, I do need to breathe." Pulling in a labored breath to prove her point, she frowned when he simply moved to the small of her back. "Thanks, sorry to inconvenience you." Her voice was dripping with venom and satire.

"You're the wench that ran away, no need to get sarcastic with me." Kagome rolled her eyes, how stupid can one guy be? "Now, if you promise not to run away and talk, I'll get off your back."




"My, my, such language for a wench!"

"GET THE *BEEP* OFF!!!" Inuyasha snickered as he got off the flustered Kagome. The young miko stood, her face red, and not all because of her anger. Raising a hand and wiping the blood away from her mouth, she glared at Inuyasha. "I was about to drown in my own blood, you ass-wipe!"


"You stupid, mother-*BEEP*er! If you weren't a hanyou, I'd kill you!"

Inuyasha scowled at the name, "What does being a hanyou have anything to do with killing me?"

"I wouldn't mind killing you if you were full youkai, but since you carry some human blood in you," Kagome muttered something under her breath that sound awfully similar to, 'though you don't act it.' "I can't kill my own race."

Inuyasha face hardened, "I see. So you kill youkai?"

Kagome grinned, "I haven't killed anything, excluding insects and spiders." Inuyasha fell. "What? Did I do something?" Crouching next to Inuyasha, Kagome poked his ears. "Hey, you okay? Did you hurt something?"

Inuyasha's ears twitched. Normally, Kagome wouldn't have thought anything of it, but since she was staring at him, it was kinda hard not too . . .

"So cute!" Kagome softly scratched at the base of one of Inuyasha's soft and fuzzy doggy ears.

When she didn't hear a 'Get Off' or a 'What the hell,' Kagome started to scratch the other ear. After a few minutes of none stop rubbing, Kagome jerked visibly when Inuyasha started to growl. "I'm sorry!" She immediately pulled her hands away as if she had just touched fire. "I didn't realize that they were so sen . . . si . . . tive . . ." Kagome trailed off as another sound erupted from Inuyasha. "Are you . . . snoring?" A soft snore. "I guess that answers that . . ."

Standing, Kagome brushed off her pants and glanced over at the large tree. "I wonder what that large gouge is . . ." Shrugging, she walked over to it. Placing two fingers on the impression, she gasped at how hot it was. Pulling her fingers back, she glanced at them. They were turning red, a sign that she had been burnt. "What the . . .?" Turning sharply, she looked over at Inuyasha, he was still sleeping.

Freaking out, Kagome ran, or should I say, tried to run towards the sleeping hanyou but something withheld her. Kicking at the restraining force, she glanced over her shoulder, trying to get a peak at her captor. What she saw terrified her.

She found herself staring at a fifty-foot centipede, obviously a feminine centipede from the looks of the face. Breathing heavily, she looked at her arms, they both were held to her small frame by sickly yellow limbs. Struggling harder, Kagome continued to yell at the thing. "LET ME GO!"

A feeling of heat and anguish spread through Kagome's body. What is this feeling? I've never felt this way before. What's going on! A flash of bright purple light flashed before Kagome, the arms of the centipede loosening before dropping her to the ground. Panting, Kagome flipped around, crawling backwards away from the centipede. "L-leave me alone!"

"The jewel . . . You have the jewel . . ."

"W-what jewel? I have no idea what you're talking about! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Another flash of violet, this time, Kagome was coherent enough to here the painful scream of the centipede.


"THEN LEAVE ME ALONE!" Kagome's back brushed into something warm. Glancing up she gasped.

Inuyasha stood above her, his claws flexing by his side. "Kagome . . ."

"Y-yes, Inuyasha?"

"Get out of this forest! Leave this place!"

Standing up, Kagome actually let out a small growl. "Let's get this straight, mister. I am my own person, I have been since the moment my mom left me at the gates to this bleeping school. I will do what I want, when I want to, and however I want, is that understood?"

"If you want to live, you'll leave." Inuyasha's gaze, that had previously been intent on the centipede, slid to her. "And trust me, you want to live."

Shivering under the gaze of molten amber, Kagome's argument died at her lips. Why does he affect me this way? Am I simply to weak? Keh, yeah, right. Turning on her heel, Kagome made a mad dash for the exit. She barely made it five feet before she heard the fight between Inuyasha and Madame Centipede.

"The jewel . . . I must have the jewel! Nothing will stop me!"

Inuyasha smirked, "There's no way in hell that I will ever let you hurt Kagome. Come on."

The two lunged at each other. Turning in surprise, Kagome couldn't do anything but watch. Watch as the centipede lashed out at Inuyasha. Watch as he dodged, but still was sliced through the ribs. Watch as the centipede notice her and try a different approach, sending it's long slithery tongue towards the frightened girl.

Inuyasha noticed this. "Stupid girl! Get out of here!"

Kagome moved out of the way of the slimy lingua. Falling to the forest floor, she felt her already sprained ankle (from items one and two) twist another three inches. Yelping in pain, Kagome pulled the throbbing limb and rubbed it, the friction turning to heat, the heat helping the pain. Looking at the arthropod, Kagome felt her heart pound and her breath become rapid.

The centipede gave her a sickeningly evil smile and sent another tongue attack towards her. Kagome tried to run away, she really did, but for some reason, when fear wraps its arms around you, it keeps you from moving, like an evil embrace. Screaming in pain and fear when the tongue impaled her, Kagome felt herself lift into the air. Looking down, shock masking the pain, not to mention her senses, she saw what looked like a pink ball come out of her.

Everything stopped. Inuyasha, a few centimeters away from slicing through the head of the demon, while Kagome was 'floating' in the air.

Then as if to catch up with itself, time passed quickly.

The centipede quickly swallowed the jewel, taking its prize for 'killing' the girl; Kagome slammed to the ground, her head hitting a sharp rock sending her into unconsciousness. All the while Inuyasha shouting out a phrase, golden blades cutting the centipede in half, the jewel falling from her mouth.

Inuyasha smirked, bending down and picking up the fallen rock. Pushing it into his pocket, he ran over to where Kagome laid. Sliding his hands across her body (not like that you pervs) to check for any injuries other than the already healing wound where the jewel had come from and the concussion she would have from the fall, Inuyasha couldn't find any. Cursing to no one in general, Inuyasha lifted the unconscious girl in his arms. Eyes widening in shock as said girl started to awaken, Inuyasha sat her down wants more. "K-kagome?"

A smile spread across the girl's lips. "That's what they call me." The voice was soft, hardly even present, causing Inuyasha's heart to leap into his throat. If she died it would be his fault.

"Dammit, I'm sorry Kagome, I, I should have protected you. I'm such a fool." Inuyasha's fist connected with the ground.

Kagome giggled. Leaning forward to get up she gasped as pain spread through her torso. As fast as she gasped was as fast as Inuyasha's arms were around her, pulling her to his chest. He buried his face into the back of her neck taking in her sweet scent. It reminded him of raspberries and vanilla. It was, calming . . .

"I-I was worried. Why didn't you run when I told you to?" His hot breath on the back of her neck caused Kagome to gasp, small shivers of pleasure down her spine. The warmth she had felt when he first kissed her returned, her lower belly turning into a fiery inferno. Inuyasha smelt the change in her scent and smirked, "Getting all fired up are we?"

Kagome went to slap him but decided against that. He wants to play games? I'll give him a game . . . Moaning softly, Kagome nodded, "You get me so hot. It been forever since a guy got me this turned on . . ." Kagome's voice was thick and sexual, a hint of desire wrapping around her words. "I want you so bad . . ."

Inuyasha blushed. "You're just teasing me aren't you."

Kagome smiled, "Of course, puppy. I love to give you a treat and just yank it away."

Inuyasha smirked, "That could be taken a different way you know. . ."

Leaning against Inuyasha's shoulder, Kagome nodded. Yawning widely, she grinned. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For saving me and killing that demon."

Inuyasha glanced at Kagome's shoulder, "You shouldn't have gotten hurt."

Kag shook her head. "Don't worry, pain just let's you know you're living, and of course," she turned in Inuyasha's arms. "Pain's fleeting."

Inuyasha chuckled, "That's a terrible philosophy."

Kagome smiled wickedly, "But it's mine."

Inuyasha shrugged, "Whatever you say."

"Of course." Kagome licked her lips, she had this sudden urge to just kiss Inuyasha till his lips bled. "Hey, Inuyasha?"


"Would you mind, if I kissed you?"

Inuyasha blinked, he hadn't been expecting that! Shaking his head and getting one of those, 'I-knew-you-wanted-me looks, he leaned forward, capturing Kagome's lips in a chaste kiss. Pulling away, he raised an eyebrow at her disappointed look. "What?"

"That wasn't a kiss."


"This is." Pulling on Inuyasha's forelocks, she smashed her lips tight against his. Sliding her hands up his chest and around his shoulders until they rested against his neck, Kagome tilted her head and ran her tongue across Inuyasha's lips. Not thinking to clearly, Inuyasha opened his mouth without much resistance. (Much? How 'bout slim to none?) Sliding her tongue across his and across his teeth, she winced when she slit her tongue slightly on one of his canines. The taste of blood made the kiss all the more feral. Soon after, Inuyasha and Kagome had to pull apart, their breathing labored, and both were staring at the other.



"About Kikyo, was she really cheating on me?"

Kagome bit her lip and glanced down. "Inuyasha, I'm sorry but, it's true. I know you liked her and all, but you deserve someone that wouldn't cheat on you."

Inuyasha sighed, "I thought as much."


"Her smell. When ever we saw each other, she had a certain smell. I guess, since she was the only one that would go out with me, is the only reason we went out. I felt as though she was the only on that accepted me."

Kagome gave Inuyasha a sympathetic glance before resuming to look at the very pretty red of haori. "I, I accept you Inuyasha . . . I don't care what or who your parents were . . ."

Inuyasha looked at her in shock. "You, would want to go out with me?"

A very deep red spread across Kagome's cheeks. "I, I guess, but you'd have to ask me first."

"Then it's decided . . . I'm breaking all ties with Kikyo."

"What!?" Kagome's head snapped up, her blue eyes staring into Inuyasha's golden ones, trying to detect any hint of a lie. "Y-you're going to break it off?"

"Of course. 1) I've found something much more compatible." Kagome blushed, "2) she cheated on me."

"Wouldn't what we do sorta like cheating?"

"Shh, that's our secret." Kagome blushed harder.

"Oh. Okay . . ."

"Unless . . . You don't want to . . ."

"No!" Kagome had an almost pleading look in her eyes. "No. That's not what I meant. Oh never mind . . . We need to get back . . ."

"You're right, we do . . ." Inuyasha bent down. "Hop on."


"Your ankle wouldn't let you keep up with me so just get on!"

"Okay, okay, don't get your boxers in a bunch." Kagome climbed onto Inuyasha's back. Gripping his shoulders lightly, she smiled when his clawed hands softly gripped her thighs. After a few seconds, Kagome felt the two jump into the air. Giggling at the experience, she couldn't help but look down. Bad move. Whimpering, she hugged Inuyasha's neck and buried her face into his neck.

Kagome smiled, he was finally doing it. He was going to finally cut all ties with that cheating bitch. She stayed on Inuyasha's back as he jumped up and over the gates, past the three buildings and up to the fourth, student lodging. Crawling off Inu's back, Kag smiled. "Thank you."

Inuyasha blushed lightly, he could still remember how good it felt to have Kagome's body so close to him. Looking at the young teen, he felt a tug at his heart. Turning swiftly, he grabbed Kagome in a tight hug.

Gasping at the tingling sensations creeping over her skin, Kagome shook it off and returned Inuyasha's embrace. It can't be, I'm not falling for him . . . am I? This seems to unreal . . . Something's not right, I have a bad feeling. I've learned to trust my feelings.

Something's going to go horribly wrong. I know it. I just know it . . .

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