InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Sesshomaru's Children ❯ Absolute Love ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: The characters Inuyasha, Kagome, Souta, Kaede, Shippo, Sango, Miroku, Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken are borrowed from Inuyasha, A Feudal Fairy Tale, by the incomparable Rumiko Takahashi. Sesshomaru's children were all invented by me.
Summary: Several years have passed and Rin has grown up. She has remained with Sesshomaru as his servant and companion, and in due course becomes his lover. She becomes pregnant and Sesshomaru leaves her in a house in the mountains to raise the child, but he doesn't abandon her. He returns regularly to visit her and the children they keep having together. But while Sesshomaru is away, trouble finds Rin, and Inuyasha and his companions must step in to save her and protect Sesshomaru's children.
Chapter 1: Absolute Love
Rin never really thought about the passage of time. The seasons changed, but all that meant was that sometimes she got cold at night without a fire and sometimes she did not. She did notice that her body was changing. Some of the changes were inconvenient, like the bleeding that happened every month, but others were not. She loved the fact that she was now tall enough to look into Sesshomaru's golden eyes by just tilting her head back slightly. His face was so beautiful, she would sometimes just lie on the ground and stare at him, when she really should have been sleeping. She loved Sesshomaru absolutely. He was the center of her world and the reason for her existence.
Sometimes he would leave her and go off by himself, or with Jaken, but that never made Rin unhappy, because he always came back for her. Always. She was happy to wait for him, because he would tell her to wait, and Rin was happy doing whatever Sesshomaru told her to do.
He was away at the moment. Rin didn't know why. He seldom told her why he was leaving before he left, or what he had been doing when he returned, and Rin never asked him. She just assumed that if Sesshomaru wanted her to know, he would tell her. But he had not taken Jaken with him this time, which was probably just as well, because Jaken was ill. Rin could not remember another time when Jaken had been ill. Apparently, neither could Jaken, because he was a terrible patient.
“Rin!” Jaken whined loudly. “The fire has burned too low! I'm freezing!” He clutched his blanket up under his chin, shivering in the cool night air. “And I'm thirsty!”
Rin poured water into a cup for him and helped him sit up to drink it. “The water is cool,” she said. “It should soothe your throat.”
“What good is that?” Jaken complained. “My head is pounding and all my joints ache.”
“You just have a cold, Jaken,” Rin replied. She put more wood on the fire. There were only a few sticks left. “I need to get more firewood.”
“Don't leave me!” Jaken cried. “What if I need something?”
“I'll only be a few minutes,” Rin said. “I'll leave the water right here where you can reach it. You don't want the fire to go out, do you?”
Jaken shuddered. “No!”
“All right then. I'll be right back. Try to get some sleep.” Rin set off into the trees to find more firewood. She returned with an armload of branches and twigs to find Sesshomaru standing over Jaken, who was sound asleep.
“Lord Sesshomaru!” Rin exclaimed. “I am so happy to see you.”
“Hello, Rin,” Sesshomaru replied in his low, beautiful voice. “What is wrong with Jaken?”
“He has a cold, my lord. He has been ill for three days.”
“He is not a good patient. He complains a lot.”
“That does not surprise me.”
“Would you like me to make you something to eat?”
“No thank you.” Sesshomaru took off his armor and swords and sat down with his back to a tree, well away from Jaken.
Rin dropped the firewood into her pile and knelt down next to Sesshomaru. “You were gone for a long time, my lord.”
“I'm glad you're back.” She put her head on his knee, her hand resting lightly on his shin. Sesshomaru stroked her hair and Rin smiled happily. Moments like this were the greatest joy of her life. She said nothing, content simply to be with him.
She sat up and looked at him. “Yes, my lord?”
Sesshomaru didn't speak. He just looked at her. His eyes held hers in a gaze that took Rin's breath away. Aching desire welled up inside her. It happened more and more often now, whenever Sesshomaru looked at her like this, that Rin would find herself consumed with desire for him. It was so hard not to touch him when she felt like this.
“What do you want, Rin?” Sesshomaru asked softly.
Rin drew in a ragged breath. “I would like to kiss you, my lord,” she replied in complete honesty. It never occurred to her not to tell him what she was feeling.
“You may do so.”
Rin was stunned, but she didn't hesitate. She leaned forward and touched her lips to his. She was surprised by how warm and soft his lips were. She lingered in the kiss, savoring the scent of his skin, wishing she dared to put her arms around him. She drew away reluctantly and looked into his eyes.
“Thank you, my lord,” she whispered.
He touched her cheek with his fingertips. “Why do you stay with me, Rin?”
“Because I love you, my lord.” Once again, it did not occur to her to say anything other than the truth.
Sesshomaru regarded her silently for several moments. Then he slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her gently toward him. Rin leaned against him and kissed him again, more deeply this time. She put her arms around his waist as he embraced her with his one arm. Excitement and joy set Rin's pulse racing. Her body craved things she didn't understand, inspired by the taste and the scent of him. Her senses were filled with him. The chilliness of the night air was chased away by the heat in her blood.
Frightened by her own feelings, Rin pulled her lips away and buried her face in his hair. The musky scent made her heart pound.
“Lord Sesshomaru,” she whispered breathlessly, “I want… I want…” She couldn't finish the thought. She didn't know what she wanted.
“I know what you want, Rin,” Sesshomaru murmured in her ear. “I will give it to you.” He rolled her onto her back, his body lying partly on top of hers. His lips found hers and he kissed her deeply. Rin clung to him. His touch set her on fire. “Untie your robe,” he commanded softly.
Rin complied, using just one hand since the other was pinned underneath him. He pushed her robe open, exposing her body to the night air. But she wasn't cold for long. Sesshomaru pushed her legs apart and moved on top of her. She hadn't seen him undo his trousers, but she realized he must have when she felt him begin to penetrate her. She gasped and closed her eyes.
“Look at me, Rin.”
Rin opened her eyes and stared into his golden gaze as he took her. It hurt at first, but only for a short while. Soon, the steady movement of him inside her became the most wonderful feeling she had ever known, beyond anything she could have imagined. She clutched his shoulders and cried out as her body was flooded with pleasure.
“Oh! Lord Sesshomaru!” she cried. “Oh!”
Sesshomaru moaned softly and put his head down beside hers. His breath warmed her ear. He lay like that for a long moment and Rin held him joyfully. Not even in her deepest dreams had anything this wonderful ever happened to her.
After a moment, Sesshomaru lifted his head and looked into her eyes. “Is that what you wanted?”
“Yes, my lord!” Rin smiled happily. “It makes me happy to be close to you.”
“I know.” Sesshomaru moved off of her and resumed his seat against the tree. “You may make food for me now.”
“Yes, my lord.” Rin closed her robe and tied the sash as she went to get food from their supplies. She hummed happily to herself as she worked. Now she had everything she could ever have wanted.
Rin was very happy. Although in general Sesshomaru's habits didn't change that much, every now and then he would send Jaken off on an errand for a day or two and then Sesshomaru would be intimate with her. Rin loved it when he embraced her. It felt wonderful just being close to him; having intercourse with him left her ecstatic.
Months passed, but as usual, Rin didn't really notice. It got warmer and the nights were shorter. Normally, Rin liked the shorter nights, but at those times when Jaken was away, she wished the nights were longer, because it meant more time to make love with Sesshomaru. He would couple with her until she fell asleep, but he wouldn't let her stay awake all night, even if she wanted to.
“Go to sleep now, Rin,” he would tell her.
“But I'm not tired, my lord,” she would always answer.
“Yes you are.” He stroked his fingers through her hair. “Go to sleep. Jaken will not be back for another day.”
“Yes my lord.”
Of course, she usually was tired. Making love until well past midnight left her exhausted, both from effort and from ecstasy. Sesshomaru's seemingly inexhaustible sex drive brought her to such powerful climaxes that it would take her several minutes to catch her breath. And then he would start moving in her again. It was simply joyous.
But one afternoon while Jaken was away, Sesshomaru regarded Rin in his usual expressionless way and called her to him.
“Rin, I think it is time for you to stop traveling with me.”
Rin was crushed. “Oh no, my lord! Please do not leave me behind! I belong with you!”
“Nevertheless, you cannot travel with me anymore.”
Tears welled up in Rin's eyes. She struggled to keep them from spilling down her cheeks. “How have I displeased you, my lord? I will correct myself. I want to stay with you.” A tear slid down her cheek and she quickly brushed it away.
“You have not displeased me, Rin. I am not punishing you.” Another tear collected in her bottom eyelashes and he caught it on his fingertip. “You are with child and I do not care to travel with an infant.”
Rin stared at him. “W...with child?” she stammered. “But… how…?”
A hint of a smile touched Sesshomaru's lips at her naiveté. “It is a consequence of our intimacy, Rin.”
Rin looked down at her belly in wonder. “A child?” she whispered. Then she looked up at Sesshomaru, her eyes shining. “Your child?”
“Yes,” he said. “I will find a house for you to live in and raise the child.”
Rin was torn between heartbreak and joy. The thought of being separated from Sesshomaru filled her with despair. But the knowledge that she had a part of him inside her nearly overwhelmed her with happiness. She did not know what to say.
“I belong with you, Lord Sesshomaru,” she said finally in a small forlorn voice.
He cupped her cheek in his hand. “I know. I am not leaving you behind, Rin. I am leaving you in one place.”
She gazed into his eyes uncertainly. “You will come back to me?”
In an instant, the despair drained out of her and joy took its place. “I love you, my lord!”
“I know.”
When Jaken returned that evening and was informed they would be finding a home for Rin to settle in and raise the child she was expecting, he went ballistic.
“You whore!” Jaken shouted. “What sort of creature are you to lie with any man we pass?! How could you betray our master like this?” He waved his staff wildly and hopped from foot to foot in outrage.
“Be quiet, Jaken,” Sesshomaru said calmly. “The child is mine.”
Jaken froze in mid-hop. “Yours?!” His round eyes nearly bulged out of his face with shock. He rounded on Rin. “You dared to touch Lord Sesshomaru?!”
Rin regarded him with amusement. “Are you jealous, Jaken?”
“What?!!!” Jaken nearly screamed. “What do you mean by that?! How dare you imply…!”
“Shut up, Jaken.” Sesshomaru sounded faintly annoyed. “What I do with Rin is my business and none of your concern.”
Jaken immediately dropped to his knees in a deep bow. “Of course, my lord! Forgive me, my lord! It's just…”
“Just what?”
Jaken cringed at the distinct tone of irritation in Sesshomaru's voice. “Nothing, my lord!” he said quickly. “It's none of my business!”
“I am glad you see it that way.”
Sesshomaru took Rin to live in a small house in the mountains, not far from the village where his half-brother, Inuyasha, lived. It was really just a cottage, having only three rooms and a small attic. The walls were made of stone and the roof was slate. The front door was made of sturdy oak panels, as were the shutters covering the windows. It was a solidly built house, if a little dusty from disuse. It sat in a high meadow blanketed with scrubby grass and wild flowers. A small, swift stream flowed nearby.
A low stone fence enclosed a rectangle of yard in front of the cottage. A wooden gate with a simple latch gave admittance.
“What is that for?” Rin inquired as they approached.
“That is for your garden,” Sesshomaru said. “The fence keeps the rabbits out.”
“Oh.” Rin thought about that. “Why do the rabbits want into the garden?”
“To eat the vegetables.”
“What vegetables?”
Sesshomaru almost smiled. “The ones you will grow to feed yourself and your child.”
“I don't know how to grow vegetables, my lord.”
“Jaken will teach you.”
“Me?!” Jaken exclaimed.
Sesshomaru regarded him without expression.
“Of course! Yes! Vegetables!” Jaken said with forced excitement. “I can do that!”
Sesshomaru and Jaken stayed with Rin in her new house for nearly two months while they got her settled in. Sesshomaru sent Jaken off on frequent excursions to obtain household items that she needed, like cooking utensils and bedding. And while Jaken was gone, Sesshomaru made love with Rin.
Although it saddened Rin to know that eventually Sesshomaru would leave and it would probably be months before she saw him again, she knew he would come back, so she took comfort in that. But when he and Jaken at last departed, she watched him walk away with a deep sense of loss. She wept after he was gone.
But learning to live in her own house and raise her own food was a challenge and Rin did not want to disappoint Sesshomaru. He expected her to get by on her own and Rin had no intention of failing. He had explained to her what she would need to do when she had her baby, and although she was a little frightened by the thought of doing it alone, she was determined to succeed at this as well. After all, it was Sesshomaru's child, and she looked forward to holding it in her arms.
She had the baby on a cold winter day with snow falling outside her shuttered windows. It took her all day and it was a lot of work, but in the end, she lay in front of her fireplace nursing her infant daughter.
Sesshomaru arrived the next day, strolling through the snowfall as if it were a beautiful summer day.
“Lord Sesshomaru!” Rin cried when he opened the door and stepped inside. She hurried to put her arms around him.
“I see you are already finished,” he said.
“Yes! Come and see.” She led him to the little bassinet she'd woven from the bark of trees she had collected whenever she'd gone out to get firewood. The infant girl slept peacefully in her swaddling. “I call her Sonnemaru.”
Sesshomaru squatted down and gazed at the baby. “She looks like my brother,” he said quietly. “No doubt it is because she is a half-demon, like him.”
“I think she's very pretty,” Rin said proudly. “She has your face.”
Sesshomaru lifted the baby's fluffy silver curls away from her forehead and noted the purple crescent-shaped birthmark centered there. “Yes, she has.” He stood up. “How do you feel, Rin?”
“I'm fine, my lord. Are you hungry?”
“Will you stay for a while?”
Rin smiled happily. Sesshomaru had come back to her, as he had said he would. This new life would not be so bad, as long as Sesshomaru always came back.