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Chapter 8: Flower Petals
Kagome had just managed to get the children settled down for a nap when all four suddenly woke up crying. Their heartbroken weeping sent a terrible chill through Kagome. As she struggled to hug and comfort all four at once, she couldn't help fearing what this might mean. Inuyasha, she thought, come back soon, and bring good news!
Sesshomaru stood beside Rin's body and swept the Tensaiga over her. He did not speak as he returned the Tensaiga to its sheath and knelt down at her side.
“Lord Sesshomaru,” Jaken said, “did it work?”
“See for yourself,” Sesshomaru replied.
Rin stirred. Slowly, she lifted a hand and rubbed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes and blinked up at the afternoon sky. A smile as beautiful as the rising sun crossed her face when she saw Sesshomaru.
“You came for me, my lord!” she whispered.
“Of course I did. You are mine, are you not?”
“Yes!” Rin sat up and looked down at herself in surprise. “The barrier is gone! Bosoporu said the spell would kill me if it was broken.”
“I refused to accept that,” Sesshomaru answered quietly. “It is for me alone to decide if we shall part and I do not choose to be apart from you. I… need you.”
“Oh, my lord!” Rin threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his hair. Sesshomaru put his arm around her and held her against him. He closed his eyes and lowered his head until his lips were touching her neck.
Inuyasha stared in complete disbelief. “I don't believe it!”
“Did he just say he needed her?!” Shippo echoed in astonishment.
“It almost sounds like… like he loves her!” Sango murmured.
“Are we sure that's Sesshomaru?” Miroku muttered.
“I have my doubts,” Inuyasha replied.
Rin abruptly turned and stared at Jaken. “Jaken!” she exclaimed in sudden fear. “Where are the children? Did something happen to them?”
“I… I gave them to Inuyasha!” Jaken said, sounding flustered. His eyes flicked to Inuyasha and back.
Rin sat back and looked at Inuyasha. “But…” Tears formed in her eyes. “But where are they?”
Inuyasha quickly strode forward. “Your children are safe, Rin. They're with my friend Kagome in the future.”
“In the future?” Rin's confusion did not keep the tears from spilling from her eyes. “I don't understand.”
Sesshomaru stood up, drawing Rin to her feet. “I would also like this explained,” he said. “I understand that you can travel to Kagome's time, but how is it that my children could also do so?”
“I took them,” Inuyasha said. “Kagome and I can take pretty much anything through the well, so I figured it would work with the kids and it did. It seemed like the safest place since, even if Bosoporu learned of their existence, he wasn't going to be able to find them there.”
Sesshomaru bowed his head slightly. “I am in your debt, Inuyasha. Although I could have taken care of Bosoporu myself, I thank you for showing such care for my children.”
Sango leaned over and whispered to Shippo, “That's two times now he's admitted those kids are his.”
“Yeah,” Shippo nodded. “It's starting to creep me out.”
“Maybe we've been misjudging him all these years,” Miroku said. “After all, he helped that human village protect themselves from Bosoporu before.”
“That's right,” Inuyasha said. He fixed his eyes on Sesshomaru. “Do you remember a priestess named Senowyn?”
“Why did you help her save her village? It doesn't seem like you.”
Sesshomaru almost smiled. “I was impressed by her devotion to her people. When she chose to give her life for them, I decided to honor her memory by destroying Bosoporu. It is unfortunate I did not do a better job.”
“Well, we all make mistakes,” Inuyasha said with a shrug.
Rin tugged on Sesshomaru's arm. “May we go and get the children now? They must be very worried.”
“Of course.” Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha. “I assume there is no impediment to retrieving the children from Kagome right away?”
“Shouldn't be.” Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at his companions. “Kilala won't mind carrying us all back, will she?”
“No,” Sango said.
“Good. Let's go.”
“One moment,” Sesshomaru said. “Rin, go with Jaken. I have something I want to do first.” Rin did not look happy, but she followed Jaken to the dragon. Sesshomaru turned to face the fortress and drew the Tokijin. The sword's evil miasma billowed out in a red fog that was visible to Inuyasha and Miroku.
“Let's get out of here,” Inuyasha said quickly. “They can catch up.” He hurried with the others to Kilala and the four of them quickly climbed onto her broad back. Kilala leaped into the air and they zoomed away.
Sesshomaru raised the Tokijin and walked up to the towering wall of the castle. With his considerable demon strength, he slammed the sword into the castle, smashing the wall and sending massive cracks through the structure that quickly reduced it to rubble, aided by the gnawing evil of the Tokijin's power. He regarded his handiwork expressionlessly for a moment and then walked over to join Rin and Jaken.
“I am sorry I let this trouble come to your door, Rin.”
“It will be all right, my lord, once I have my children back.”
Sesshomaru touched her cheek gently. “Our children, Rin.”
Rin's eyes went completely round. “Do… do you mean that, my lord?” she asked uncertainly.
“I am not the best mate for a human woman,” he replied softly, “but I am nevertheless yours. I do not begrudge the children I have given you.”
Rin put her arms around him. “I love you, my lord!”
“I know.”
The children recovered from their momentary grief, but Kagome was still worried. The children were half-demons, so she never doubted they might have a deeper connection to their mother than a full human child might have. She fed them a large dinner loaded with carbohydrates to make them sleepy and put them to bed a little early. She left Souta to read them a story, because the children found his voice more soothing than hers, and returned to the kitchen to help her mother finish cleaning up.
“Are they asleep already?” Mrs. Higurashi asked.
“No. Souta's reading them a bedtime story.”
“I'm worried, Mom. I'm afraid something bad has happened.”
“Why's that?”
“The children all woke up crying at the same time this afternoon. I'm worried that something happened to Rin.”
“They seemed all right at dinner.”
“I know, but still. They're half-demons. Demons have an innate spiritual power. It's possible they could feel their mother's life, even across time.”
“But… that's all in the past. You speak as if it's happening right now.”
“I don't know! It confuses me too, sometimes. I just hope I hear from Inuyasha soon.”
“Be patient, dear.”
“I'm trying.”
But Kagome was completely unable to sleep that night. Every time she started to doze off, worried thoughts about Rin would intrude on her brain and force her wide awake again. She spent the night alternately staring at her ceiling and at the clock, wishing she knew what was going on.
“You look like crap,” Souta greeted her cheerfully the next morning.
“Gee, thanks!” Kagome grumbled. “Pour me some tea, would you? I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.”
“Still worried?” Souta handed her a filled teacup.
Kagome took a deep swallow of the tea and sighed. “Yeah. I don't know how much longer I can wait. I need to know what's going on. I'm really starting to worry.”
“Mom and I can look after the children if you want to make a quick trip through the well,” Souta said seriously.
Kagome nodded. “I've been thinking about doing that. Is Mom up yet?”
“She's outside.”
Kagome downed the rest of her tea. “I'll go talk to her.”
The door opened and Mrs. Higurashi poked her head in. “Oh, good, Kagome; you're up.” She smiled and stepped through the door. “Look who I found.”
Inuyasha stepped through the door behind her.
Relief flooded Kagome and she jumped to her feet. “Inuyasha!” she cried. She dashed over and flung her arms around him. “I've been so worried! Please tell me everything is all right.”
Inuyasha embraced her warmly. “Everything is all right.”
She looked into his eyes. “Really?”
“Really.” He smiled at her. “We rescued Rin yesterday. She's fine. In fact, she's waiting on the other side of the well for her kids.”
“Thank goodness!” Kagome exclaimed. “That's wonderful news. Let's go get the children up right now.” She took his hand and led him toward their bedroom. “I was so afraid something bad happened yesterday. The children all started crying at once and I thought… Well, it doesn't matter what I thought.”
“Well…” Inuyasha hesitated. “Rin did die briefly, but Sesshomaru brought her back.”
“What?” Kagome stopped dead in her tracks.
Inuyasha put his arm around her waist and urged her forward. “I said everything's all right now. But we need to get these kids back to their mother.”
“All right, but I want a longer explanation later.” Kagome resumed walking.
The children were still asleep on their futons, curled up in little balls. Kagome couldn't help smiling.
“They are so danged cute.” She glanced at Inuyasha. “You know, when my mom saw these kids, she started asking questions about you and me.”
Inuyasha went pale. “About us? Why?”
“You know why.” Kagome grinned at him. “My mom thinks she deserves some grandkids.”
“Um… Well… But… I live in the past and you live here and well… I don't see how that would work and…” he trailed off, looking desperate.
Kagome laughed. “Don't panic. I'm not asking for a commitment. Not now, anyway,” she finished with a wide smile.
Inuyasha's mouth worked silently.
Kagome leaned over and shook Sonnemaru's shoulder. “Wake up, Sonne. I have good news.”
Sonnemaru sat up, rubbing her eyes. “What is it, Miss Kagome?” Then she saw Inuyasha and her eyes widened.
“Inuyasha's here to take you home,” Kagome said. “Your mother is waiting for you.”
“Really?!” Sonnemaru's face lit up. “Mama's back?!”
“Yes! Help me wake everyone and get your things together. It's time to go home.”
“Yay!” Sonnemaru squealed and she pounced on Massenmaru. “Massen! Wake up! Mama's back!”
“Huh?” Massenmaru mumbled sleepily.
Kebakushin sat up. “What's going on?” He rubbed his eyes with both hands.
Kagome woke Koshitenba. “Wake up, Koshi!”
“Mama's back! Mama's back!” Sonnemaru chanted. “We get to go home! Wake up!”
“Mama!” Koshitenba cried. She jumped to her feet and looked around. “Where?”
“At home, silly!” Sonnemaru said, but she hugged her little sister tightly.
“Let's pack up all your toys, children,” Kagome said. “You can take everything with you.”
“Yay!” Four little voices cheered in unison and they began dashing about the room, collecting the various toys and things they had accumulated over the past several days.
Inuyasha stared. “Where did they get all this stuff? They haven't been here that long!”
“You try taking care of four little kids who miss their mother,” Kagome said pointedly. “Just help us pack.”
It took several minutes to get everything assembled. By the time they made their way back into the kitchen, Mrs. Higurashi had rice balls packed and ready to go. She held her arms out to the children and they crowded into them for one last hug.
“I'm going to miss you, children,” she told them with tears in her eyes. “You're welcome back anytime.”
Mrs. Higurashi and Souta escorted them to the well house and watched as Kagome and Inuyasha sorted out the baggage and the children so they were either carrying or touching everything. At last, all was ready and they climbed up onto the edge of the well.
“I may be gone a few days,” Kagome called. “See you later!”
And they jumped into the well.
Shippo leaned over the edge of the well and stared down into its dark depths. “This sure is taking a long time. I wonder what they're doing.”
“Kagome didn't know he was coming,” Miroku said reasonably. “I'm sure it's just taking them time to get organized.”
Sesshomaru was seated comfortably against a tree, watching with his usual expressionless gaze. Rin, however, was pacing back and forth between Sesshomaru and the well, clutching her hands together.
“Please try not to worry, Rin,” Sango said. “I know Kagome would not let anything happen to your children.”
Rin tried to smile. “I'm not worried,” she lied.
“Here they come!” Shippo announced, and Rin dashed over to stare into the well.
“Look out!” Inuyasha called. “We've got a lot of stuff.” He climbed to the top of the well with Koshitenba in one arm, wedged in by an assortment of toys. Rin immediately snatched the little girl out of his grasp, sending toys tumbling every which way. “Great!” Inuyasha muttered.
“Mama!” Koshitenba cried. She clung to her mother tightly with tears spilling down her little cheeks. “I missed you so much, Mama!”
“My baby!” Rin whispered. “I missed you, too. I've been so worried.”
Inuyasha helped first Massenmaru and then Kebakushin out of the well and they dashed over to grasp their mother around the waist.
“My boys!” Rin cried. She freed one arm so she could grasp the nearest around the shoulders.
Inuyasha climbed out and hauled out a bunch more stuff, followed by Sonnemaru and then Kagome.
“Good lord!” Shippo stared around in amazement. “What is all this stuff?”
“Ask Kagome!” Inuyasha growled.
“Just toys,” Kagome said innocently.
“Mama!” Sonnemaru shouted. She wedged herself in between Rin and Massenmaru.
Rin dropped to her knees so she could hug all four of her children at once. “I missed you all so much,” she said. Her eyes were bright with tears. “I'm so glad you're all right.”
“We were worried about you, Mama,” Sonnemaru said. The others all nodded, their little faces damp with tears.
“Everything's all right now.” Rin stroked Sonnemaru's hair and kissed each child on the cheek. “We're together again and your father will never let anyone take me away from you again.”
For the first time, the children looked past their mother to Sesshomaru, who was still seated next to the tree. He tilted his head slightly to one side and held out his hand. Tentatively, Koshitenba closed the distance between them and climbed into his lap. Sesshomaru put his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek.
“I trust you did not cause Kagome too much trouble.”
“No Papa,” Koshitenba said gravely.
The other three children approached their father. He took each one by the hand and drew them close for a kiss.
“I am glad nothing happened to you,” Sesshomaru said.
“Will you stay with us, Papa?” Massenmaru asked.
Sesshomaru studied his son's face for a moment. “Yes. I will stay.”
“Yay!” Koshitenba cried and she flung her little arms around Sesshomaru's neck. Sonnemaru sat next to him and snuggled inside the circle of his arm. Massenmaru leaned against the stump of his missing arm and Kebakushin draped across his knees.
A faint smile touched Sesshomaru's lips.
“Did you see that?” Kagome whispered to Inuyasha. “I think he just smiled!”
“No way,” Inuyasha whispered back. “His face would crack.”
Rin knelt down next to her family. “Will you really stay with us, my lord?”
“Yes, Rin.” Sesshomaru carefully lifted his arm free from Sonnemaru and cupped Rin's face in his hand. “I've had enough of traveling. I think I will live with you for a while.” He drew her face to his and kissed her gently on the lips.
“I don't believe it,” Inuyasha said. “That is not my brother.”
Kagome smiled. “He certainly has changed.” She lifted an eyebrow at Inuyasha. “Maybe his example will inspire other members of the family to settle down.”
“It would be about time,” Shippo remarked.
“He's starting to repeat himself,” Miroku commented.
“He does have some catching up to do,” Sango noted.
“He's doing it again.”
Kagome looped her arm through Inuyasha's. “Why don't we go talk about it?”
“Uh… uh… uh…”
“Don't let the children leave without saying goodbye.”
“We won't.” Miroku, Sango and Shippo waved as Kagome led a pale and stuttering Inuyasha away.
“I think his carefree days are over,” Miroku said.
“Speaking of that…” Sango fixed a sharp eye on Miroku and Miroku went pale. “I think you and I should have a talk as well.” She grabbed him by the arm and marched him away.
Shippo immediately began scanning the sky. “I better hide from Shouni,” he mumbled. “There is way too much settling down in the air.” And he scurried away toward the village.
Sonnemaru pointed at the toys piled up by the well. “Mama, look at all the nice things Miss Kagome gave us.”
Rin examined the pile with some dismay. “We may need a larger house.”
“That's all right,” Sesshomaru said. He sounded amused. “I'm sure Jaken would be happy to add a few rooms onto the house.”
“What?! Me?!” Jaken stared.
“Perhaps you can get my brother and his friends to help. They seem to enjoy prying into my affairs.”
Jaken put a hand over his face. “Of course, my lord. Why not? We're all just one big happy family, now, aren't we?”
Sesshomaru looked into Rin's eyes. “Yes, we are all one family now.”
Rin smiled happily. “I love you, Sesshomaru.”
“I love you, too, Rin.”
~~The End ~~