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Chapter 13

He swore to protect her…he swore he would never let anything happen to her. And now…he couldn't believe that his Kagome was…was…DEAD!

Inuyasha pounded his fist into the floor. He cursed and pounded over and over and over again. Unbeknownst to him, Sango, Miroku, and Kaede were all watching him. Tears came to Sango's eyes as she glanced up at her friends' motionless body. Could this really be the end of her friend? Was Kagome really dead? She couldn't come to grips with it. She couldn't believe it. She sat there in shock as someone would if they had just learned that their mother or father had died in a car wreck. Miroku and Kaede were starting to move around. The medicine was working on them quickly. Sango glanced over to where Inuyasha knelt beside Kagome's bed. She noticed an indention in the floor, an obvious result of Inuyasha's fists. She looked at Inuyasha. His face was overwhelmed with emotions battling for dominance. She could tell he was sure whether to be angry, sad, hurt, depressed, or all of the above. Inuyasha's next actions startled and surprised Sango. Inuyasha flung himself onto Kagome.

"No!" he shouted. "There's gotta be something I can do!" Tears filled his eyes. "Kagome!!! Kagome…*sniff*…" He looked up at her and said ever so softly, "Don't leave me. Don't leave me." He kept saying those words over and over again. His voice became softer with each word until Sango was almost certain that he had fallen asleep. Silence spread throughout the room. Sango, Miroku, and Kaede stared at Inuyasha kneeling beside the bed with his arms and upper body flung across Kagome. The entire room reeked of sadness. There was nothing anyone could say or do, and no one…no one…could come to grips with the realization that Kagome was dead. Inuyasha slowly reached up to take hold of the necklace he had given her.

Finally, he said, "I'm not going to let you go Kagome." He closed his eyes and began praying and wishing and calling to his ancestors for their help. He prayed and wished until he could pray and wish no more. It was painful for the others to watch Inuyasha's efforts to bring Kagome back. Miroku, now feeling a lot better, stood up and walked over to Inuyasha. He knelt next to his friend, tears now in his eyes from watching his friend's desperate efforts.

"Let her go, Inuyasha," he said softly. Inuyasha whirled around to face Miroku with red, angry eyes.

"She's not GOING anywhere!" he said in a threatening manner.

"Inuyasha, it's not good for you to be in here, now," Miroku continued. Inuyasha glared at him.

"Leave me alone!" he yelled.


"I said leave me ALONE!!!" Inuyasha yelled. Sango hurried over to Miroku and tried to coax him away in fear of what the hanyou might do to him. Miroku stood with her and walked over to help Kaede. Once Kaede was standing, she calmly walked over to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha," she began. "Why do you cry?" Sango and Miroku rushed over to pull Kaede away certain that she was about to be clobbered by Inuyasha. Inuyasha merely lifted his head stopping Sango and Miroku in their tracks.

"What?" he said. Kaede smiled.

"Kagome must want to live," Kaede said looking at Kagome. Inuyasha gave her a confused look.

"Why are you saying this?" he asked her.

"I say Kagome must want to live because…" Kaede began but was cut off by a familiar voice.

"Inu…yasha," Kagome mumbled under her breath. Inuyasha eyes flew open and began trembling.

"Kagome!" Sango and Miroku shouted rushing to her side. Sango began to cry.

"She's alive! Oh, thank heavens, she's alive!!!" she exclaimed through her tears. Inuyasha sat there dumbfounded. Kagome had spoke…and she had called his name. Tears of joy began to fall down his face.

"Kagome…" he said laying his head on her stomach. "Thank God you're okay." He lifted his head to look at her face. Her eyes began to flutter open.

"Wh-What happened? Wh-Where am I?" she asked still in daze.

"You're at Sango's," Miroku said as he allowed a single tear to fall. He hugged her.

"Wh-What's going on?" she stammered softly. "Why is everyone crying?"

"You gave us quite a scare there, Kagome!" Inuyasha said smiling through his tears.

"Inu…Inuyasha!" she shouted with concern. If she could have moved she would have leapt up and immediately started examining him. "Are you okay?" Inuyasha laid a clawed hand on her shoulder coaxing her to relax.

"I'm fine," he said still smiling. "It's you I'm worried about. How do you feel?"

"Like I've been hit by a truck!" she said with a pathetic moan. Everyone laughed slightly through their tears. They were so happy to see that Kagome was going to be okay. "Inuyasha?" she said.

He held her hand and leaned in closer. "Yeah?"

"Did we win?" she asked raggedly. He smiled.

"Yeah, girl," he said brushing some stray strands of hair from her face. "We won."

She smiled. "Good," she said. Sango leaned in next.

"Kagome?" she began. It took a minute for Kagome to focus on who was talking to her.

"Sango," she said with a smile.

"Do you feel like eating or drinking something?" she asked. Kagome shook her head.

"I just feel like sleeping," she said rolling her head to the side.

"Well, before you fall asleep, drink this!" Kaede said walking through the door with a cup in her hand. "It will speed up your recovery." Everyone looked up and realized that they hadn't even noticed that Kaede had left the room. She handed the cup to Inuyasha who tilted her up slightly so she could drink the medicine. After she drank the medicine, she fell right to sleep.

"Let's let her rest," Kaede said motioning for everyone to leave the room. Inuyasha didn't budge. "Inuyasha?" Kaede said like a mother scolding her child when he would obey her orders. He whirled his head around in defiance. Kaede smiled.

"Come on, Inuyasha," Kaede said. "She will be fine now. We just need to let her rest." Inuyasha glanced at Kagome. He finally stood up and reluctantly left the room determined to come back and check on her every few minutes. Kaede closed the door quietly after Inuyasha walked out. Kaede and Inuyasha joined Miroku and Sango in the living room.

"Thank God Kagome is okay," Miroku said. Sango nodded her head.

"I had almost accepted that she wasn't going to make it," Sango said looking the cup of tea she now held in her hands. Miroku and Sango were sitting next to each other on the couch. Inuyasha and Kaede walked up. Inuyasha was satisfied finding a comfortable spot on the floor in his usual Indian-style position and Kaede sat in the easy chair across from Sango and Miroku.

"Mew!" they heard from the kitchen. They all turned their heads to see Kilala walking out of the kitchen towards them.

"Kilala!" Sango said excitedly. She scooped the little cat demon in her arms when she had reached her. Sango examined her wounds. "Looks like she made it!" Sango then got a puzzled look on her face.

"Kaede," she began. "Just what happened out there? Some demons were killed while some demons were turned human while others, Inuyasha and Kilala for example, were left unharmed by Kagome's purifying." Kaede poured herself a cup of tea from the kettle sitting on the coffee table and then settled herself for a story.

"The prophecy never said that Kagome would rid the world of demons. It merely said that she would rid the world of all powerful evil," she said taking a sip of her tea. "Many people took that to mean that she would rid the world of demons when in all reality the word everyone had needed to pay attention to was `evil'. Kagome did not kill the demons, she merely purified them. The effects were based upon how evil the individual's soul was. If the demon did not have evil desires, they were left unharmed. If they were completely evil, they were destroyed. If they were only partially evil, only that part was destroyed." Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha sat there taking in everything she had said.

"I wonder what happened to Sesshomaru," Inuyasha thought out loud. Sango and Miroku looked at him. They both wanted to say that he had been destroyed, but it was still Inuyasha's brother…even if he was the main one behind this whole "war". The truth was that they were both in too much of a hurry to get Inuyasha and Kagome home to worry with what was happening around them.

"Did the prophecy ever say anything about what would happen to Kagome?" Miroku asked. "I don't recall of it saying anything." Kaede shook her head.

"That is why I said that Kagome must have wanted to live. Most priestesses would have been dead long ago. Kagome must have fought to live…which could also explain why she is so tired," Kaede said. Kaede stretched and set her cup of tea down on the table.

"I wonder why the purification didn't work on humans," Sango said thinking out loud.

"Because," Kaede said. "By having powerful demons full of evil, it sets an unfair advantage to mankind. If humans are evil, mankind is still powerful enough to take care of them. But when you have one race so much powerful than the other, something has to be done to keep peace." Everyone nodded in comprehension.

Inuyasha said nothing but stood up and left the room. No one questioned where he was going because they all knew he was going to check up on Kagome even though they had left her room not long ago. Sango smiled as she watched the hanyou drift out of sight.

Inuyasha crept up to Kagome's bedroom door and pushed it slightly open. He peeked inside to find the young priestess sleeping peacefully. He pushed open the door and shut it quietly behind him. He walked over to her and sat on the floor next to the bed. He stared at her. `Kagome,' he thought. `I wouldn't have made it without you.' He flinched a little. He had been so worried about Kagome that he hadn't realized his own pain. He looked down to where Sango had wrapped the bandages nicely around his waist. He smiled. `I wouldn't have met such great people like Sango and Miroku if it wasn't for you,' he thought smiling at her. He had to be honest with himself. He knew he would probably be in far worse pain than he was in had it not been for Sango insisting to bandage him. Now, he was thankful for that, for he was able to move about freely and check up on Kagome when he pleased. Trying not to wake her, he slid his clawed finger underneath some hair that had fell over her face and swiftly removed it. `She should never hide her beauty,' he said to himself. `Wait a second! What am I saying! I'm becoming some mushy pussy!' He looked down at her. `Ya' see what you're doing to me, Kagome?' He smiled. If only Myouga could see the way he was acting. He would have a field day with it. Myouga was the only person that knew him from the time he was born until now. He knew how secluded Inuyasha kept himself, and he certainly didn't pay any mind to women…until now.

In the other room, Sango peered out the window. Chaos was everywhere from the battle being over. Ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks drove by endlessly. Every now and then you could hear a couple of humans rejoicing that the war was over and they had won. Sango secretly wondered how all of this was going to change things. Would the laws be different? Would she now be out of the job? She walked back over to where she had originally been sitting.

"Miroku," she said. "What do we do now? If all of the demons are purified…are we out of the job?" Miroku stopped sipping his tea and looked at her.

"The demons are purified…for now," he said setting his teacup on the coffee table. "That doesn't mean that a few them don't need to be kept in check every now and again. Just like humans, demons can get out of line. We will be needed in those times. A priest or priestess is never out of the job because we do more than fight. We heal and preach as well. You on the other hand are an exterminator. It might not be such a bad idea if you started attending school with Kagome once all of this blows over." Sango nodded her head. She didn't entirely object to the idea of going to school. She would like to get out and learn something knew, but she would always be there to provide her services when needed.

A couple of hours passed and Sango and Miroku had taken turns checking up on Kagome and Inuyasha. Finally, Inuyasha decided to join them in the living room. They sat there talking for a while more until Kaede starting mumbling something about a prophecy again.

"Just what the hell is this prophecy that you guys keep talking about?!" Inuyasha blurted.

"That's what I would like to know," a voice said from the hall entrance. Everyone looked up to find…Kagome!

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted rushing to her side. "What are you doing up? You should be resting!" Kagome had literally pulled herself the entire way. She was now bracing herself against the wall.

"I don't want to sleep anymore!" she said. "I want to know what is going on. What is this prophecy?!" It was more a demand rather than a question. Inuyasha looked at Miroku and Sango searching their faces for what he should do concerning Kagome's health. He wasn't sure whether to take her to the couch or to take her back to the room. Sango and Miroku just sat in shock for a couple of seconds, then Miroku nodded.

"I guess that it's only fair that you know," he said. Inuyasha wanted to know what this was all about too.

"Don't push yourself, Kagome," Kaede instructed. "If you are sure that you can come sit with us then come, but don't come over here out of mere impatience." Everyone looked at Kagome.

"I'm fine," she said and tried to walk over to where everyone was seated. It was all in vein, however, because she immediately about hit the floor after she let go of the wall. She would have hit the floor had it not been for Inuyasha catching her.

"Take it easy, Kagome," he instructed and lifted her in his arms. He walked over to the couch. Miroku got up so that Kagome could lay down and walked over to another chair. Sango stayed seat so that Kagome could rest her head in her lap. Inuyasha laid Kagome down gently and then sat down in front of the couch.

"So," he began. "I wouldn't mind hearing about this prophecy myself." He folded his arms in his kimono. Kaede nodded her head for Miroku to go and fetch the written prophecy while she explained it. He nodded and left the room.

"The prophecy was written long ago," Kaede began, "after the battle with Kikyo and the demons. It is written that a battle of the same ordeal would take place in the future…though it never mentioned when." Miroku returned with a scroll in his hand. He opened the scroll and began to read aloud.

"In the days yet to come, a child will be born in the east and in the west. The royal child of the west, produced from human and demon blood, will be banished to the east. The eastern child, unbeknownst to her, will be produced from white human blood, and will encounter the western child. The union of western justice and eastern purity will spark mankind's final battle in which the fate of the world will rest in their hands. West and East will be far more powerful than any of their kind and will rid the world of all powerful evil. However, should West and East not accept each other's origins, the world will be doomed for the rest of its days." Miroku finished reading and rolled the scroll. He set the scroll on the coffee table and took his original seating. Kagome and Inuyasha just blinked mindlessly.

"Okay…so what exactly does all of that mean?" Inuyasha grumbled through gritted teeth.

"It means," Miroku said, "that you and Kagome were destined to meet before you were even born. You, Inuyasha, are the western child the prophecy speaks of, and you, Kagome, are the eastern child. Inuyasha is half human and half demon and was banished from the west as the prophecy states. It states that Kagome will be produced from "white human blood," which is another way of saying that Kagome will be a powerful priestess of white magic. Eventually, your union would spark a war. The only way to win that war was for the two of you to accept each other. In other words, Kagome would have to accept the fact that Inuyasha is a hanyou and Inuyasha would have to accept the fact that Kagome is human. Your kiss on the battlefield proved that neither of you cared whether the other was human, demon, or what have you. Your love was pure and it was that purity that purified the world." Kagome and Inuyasha were blushing fiercely.

"But why us?" Kagome asked. Miroku smiled.

"Both of you were born with extraordinary powers for your kind. While acceptance of race was an issue…it could not have been completed by mere mortals," he stated. Inuyasha growled.

"Yeah, but ya'll knew the entire time it was us, didn't you?" he asked. "How? The prophecy doesn't mention either of our names." It was Kaede's turn to speak.

"Priests and priestesses can sense certain things about individuals for one thing. For another, you could really put two and two together. For example, Inuyasha you are a hanyou banished from the west from your royal family. Plus, we heard of your night excursions and how powerful you were at defeating some of the most powerful demons in the city. You were really easy to figure out. Kagome, on the other hand, was a little more difficult to figure out. She had yet to discover her powers, but we knew that she came from a powerful, pure, and unselfish bloodline so we decided to keep an eye on her. We soon were able to tell she was the one because we could sense her inner powers. She just didn't realize she had them until recently," Kaede finished.

"So, that's it, huh?" Inuyasha said. "So what happens now?" Kaede and Miroku exchanged glances and shrugged their shoulders.

"We told you everything we know," Miroku said. "Nothing is ever mentioned in the prophecy about what will become of you two. That's also why we were so particular with you Kagome. We assumed that you were going to die in the battle." Miroku smiled. "Glad to see that didn't happen." Inuyasha growled.

"You mean to tell me that you have thought all along that Kagome would die in this battle and you never said anything…and you let her go into battle??!!!" Inuyasha shouted jumping to his feet.

"Easy Inuyasha!" Miroku said holding his hands up for him to calm down. "We were only basing our assumption upon prior knowledge of Kikyo's death. We assumed the same would happen to Kagome. Of course, we hoped that that wouldn't happen, but if Kagome didn't fight…we were all going to die anyway," he said. Inuyasha let down his guard. He knew Miroku had a point. He settled himself down again. Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes speculating in their own minds.

Kagome broke the silence. "Sango…where are all of the other exterminators and priests…and…and your family?" Sango stroked her friend's hair gently.

"Unfortunately I witnessed a few of them die, but my father and brother are okay. We passed them after the battle. They were injured, but were getting help from the ambulances that arrived. I'm sure that by now they are helping clean things up," she said with a smile. Her smile soon faded, however, when she realized that Kagome's family was out there too. "What about your family?"

Kagome hung her head in sadness. "I don't know," she said. "My family is not quite as experienced as some of the other priests and priestesses around here. We have the genealogy to be, but we just don't practice it the way my ancestors did. That's why I'm worried. I saw some pretty good fighters out there being massacred…and it makes me wonder how Mom and Grandpa held out. Souta should be okay because if I know Mom she left him in the care of one of our good friends while they went to fight." Inuyasha was looking at her out of the corner of his eye. He could smell the fear, anxiety, and despair that Kagome was experiencing. He felt sorry for her, but he hadn't seen either one of her family members during the battle. Sango and Miroku felt the exact same way. Kagome apparently didn't want to think about it any more because she quickly changed the subject.

"So what will happen to all of these demons now?" Kagome asked. Sango quickly explained to Kagome what actually happened out there on the battlefield and the effects her purifying had on the demons. Kagome's eyes grew wide. She couldn't believe that she had actually done all of that. Kagome tried to sit up. Everyone quickly turned their attention to her…especially Inuyasha who acted as if he hurt every time she moved.

"I'm okay," she said weakly straining to sit up. She finally managed to sit up. "That medicine works great. I should be better in no time." Inuyasha smiled. He was glad to hear it.


Everyone exchanged a few confused looks.

"Who could be at the door at a time like this?" Sango asked out loud. Miroku followed Sango to the door. Sango opened the door to find an older man standing on her front porch. He was going bald and the hair he had was white. He was little plump and was dressed in servant's clothing.

"Good evening madam," he said bowing. "I am in search of my master, Inuyasha." Inuyasha's ears perked up and he got up running towards the door. When he reached the front door, he pushed past a confused Sango and Miroku to see…

"Myouga!" he said with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

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