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Chapter 36

The sun shone brightly on Kagome's face the next morning, waking her up from her deep and peaceful sleep. She leaned up slightly and looked out across the meadow, admiring its beauty underneath the morning light. She smiled to herself as she gently laid her head back onto the soft, green, meadow grass.

`Wait a minute,' Kagome thought. `Soft meadow grass?'

Kagome looked around frantically until she finally realized she had ended up falling asleep in the meadow last night. She then felt a hand on the side of her waist. Kagome gulped and turned slowly to see Inuyasha's sleeping form pressed firmly against her back.

`Okay,' she thought. `I obviously fell asleep rubbing Inuyasha's ears, but how did we end up spooning each other?'

Kagome slowly started shifting under Inuyasha's grasp in an effort to relieve herself from their position. She was almost free…when Inuyasha's hand forced her back to the ground, pulling her towards him. Kagome blushed furiously. She knew Inuyasha would be doing the same if he knew of their position. She then had an idea. She plucked one of the long pieces of meadow grass from the ground, and began tickling his nose with it. She had hoped he would swat away the grass in his sleep, but instead, it did nothing but wake him up. His eyes flew open and Kagome froze. Inuyasha yawned dumbly, at first unaware of their position. He looked around the meadow drowsily until his eyes focused on Kagome, and flew wide open!

"Whoa!" Inuyasha yelled out of shock, somersaulting backwards and landing flat on his face. "How did…"

"It wasn't me!" Kagome said quickly.

"I didn't do anything!" Inuyasha protested, lifting himself to a sitting position.

"I am just as shocked as you are!" Kagome said anxiously.

"Then how did we…" Inuyasha said.

"And you…" Kagome said.

"Nothing happened…I don't think," Inuyasha said thoughtfully.

"Nothing better have happened!" Kagome demanded.

"You were the one who stayed out here!" Inuyasha argued.

"Oh, so am I some harlot, now?" Kagome asked angrily.

"I never said that!" Inuyasha replied angrily.

"It wasn't my fault!" Kagome argued.

"Then whose fault was it?" Inuyasha asked.

"I…I…don't know!" Kagome said angrily. "Why are you asking me?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Well, it wasn't mine either!" Kagome argued.

"I just don't want you to think that I am some kind of perv like Miroku!" Inuyasha yelled. "I didn't do anything and I had no idea you were out here!"

"Same here!" Kagome said.

"Well, then it was purely accidental!" Inuyasha said.

"Right!" Kagome replied. "And it's nobody's fault!"

"Right!" Inuyasha said with a nod.

Inuyasha and Kagome sat Indian-style next to each other and stared straight ahead. They were blushing furiously and could hardly believe the position they had woke up in. They said nothing to each other for the next few minutes, just staring blankly ahead of them.

"Food?" Kagome finally said.

"Yeah!" Inuyash replied quickly, as they both jumped up and swiftly walked towards camp.

Meanwhile, Miroku and Shippo were hidden in some nearby tall grass. They had heard their little quarrel and had come over to watch. The two watched Inuyasha and Kagome walked away and rolled their eyes.

"Those two are so weird about stuff like that!" Shippo said innocently. "I don't get it. Mom, Dad, and I used to sleep together all the time. What's the big deal?"

"Uh…" Miroku said as he blushed, unsure of how to answer the little kitsune.

"I guess that just means that he hasn't gotten very far with Kagome yet," Shippo said. "I'm not quite sure what that means, but it's obvious even to a little kid like me that Kagome and Inuyasha are nuts about each other. Why don't they just admit it? That's so weird."

"I will agree with you on that one, Shippo," Miroku said. "Those two have a tendency to act strangely towards each other when it involves emotions."

Meanwhile back at camp…

"Where are those two? I sent them out forever ago to chop up some firewood and they have yet to return," Sango said as she paced back and forth. "Inuyasha is going to be pissed that we haven't started breakfast already! I know he wants to get on the road!"

"Patience, Sango," Myouga coaxed. "Inuyasha may seem domineering and controlling, but it's just his way of hiding his emotions. He cares for you all deeply, and would never seriously be mad at you over something as trivial as breakfast not being cooked."

Sango stopped her pacing and stared at Myouga.

"I guess you are right," Sango replied. "But still, Inuyasha can be a real jerk, whether he means to or not...especially to Kagome."

"Trust me Sango," Myouga replied. "Inuyasha would do anything for all of you. He just has a little growing up to do. He acts just like his father did at his age. It took Inuyasha's father forever to admit his feelings for Inuyasha's mother. After that, though, his father's entire attitude changed. He was still confident and domineering, but in a more noble way. He wasn't as quickly angered and began to show everyone how much he cared for them…including me." Myouga laughed. "To put it bluntly, he wasn't as much of an arrogant brat!" Sango laughed.

"That sounds like Inuyasha alright!" Sango said with a laugh.

"Mind telling me what's so funny?" Inuyasha said suddenly.

Sango and Myouga looked up to see Inuyasha standing over what should have been a fire, with Kagome slightly behind. Sango and Myouga exchanged glances.

"N-Nothing," Sango said with a smile.

"Keh!" Inuyasha said folding his arms. "I can see ya'll haven't even started the fire to cook breakfast yet. I turn my back on you guys for one little second and…"

Inuyasha stopped in mid sentence when Kagome gasped. Inuyasha looked up and saw a bear with demon red eyes looming over Sango.

"What?" Sango asked in confusion.

"Sango, get down!" Inuyasha shouted jumping towards her.

Sango flung herself under Inuyasha as he jumped over her and towards the bear. Inuyasha unsheathed tetsusaiga and with one slice across its chest, brought the bear down. Inuyasha landed on his feet in between Sango and the bear. He rested tetsusaiga on his shoulder and turned around to look at Sango.

"You okay?" he asked her. Sango nodded as Inuyasha knelt next to her. "You're not hurt or anything are you?"

Sango shook her head and stared at Inuyasha in shock. She hadn't sensed the demon coming and then Inuyasha had acted so worried about her. It really was enough to make Sango's mind race in circles. Inuyasha stood up and helped Sango to her feet.

"Remember what I said," Inuyasha warned. "We are going to have to be on guard at all times." Sango nodded.

Kagome smiled at the picture. Inuyasha was growing more considerate with each day. It made her feel better. Perhaps, he would be stronger if he ever turned demon again. Kagome's smile then turned into fear when she noticed their faces staring at her in utter panic. Kagome looked above her to see a moth demon come swooping down at her.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha shouted as he lunged towards her.

Kagome looked up and screamed. Inuyasha raced towards her as fast as he could, but even he knew there was no way he was going to make it in time. Suddenly…

"FOX FIRE!" Shippo shouted as he jumped into the air releasing a shield of green fire in between Kagome and the moth demon.

The moth demon shrieked and took off towards the sky with his wings on fire, and soon collapsed in the neighboring woods. Everyone looked in the direction of the moth, then looked at Shippo. They were stunned to say the least. Shippo ran towards Kagome who was now on her knees panting heavily from her near death experience. Miroku walked past Shippo and towards the others.

"Wow!" Sango said to Miroku when he reached them. "I never knew Shippo could do that, did you?"

"No," Miroku said shaking his head. "This is the first I have seen it."

"Me too," Inuyasha said. "The little squirt's been holding out on us."

"Kagome, are you okay?" Shippo asked Kagome when he reached her.

"Yeah," she said nodding. "I'm just a little shaken up. Shippo! Where'd you learn how to do that?"

"My mom and dad taught me before they died," he said as he blushed sheepishly. "Myouga's been helping me perfect it."

Kagome looked up at Myouga. He smiled at her then took out a pocketknife and began scraping a stick to a point. She looked back down at Shippo who was still rubbing his foot around in circles sheepishly. Soon, however, a figure loomed over Shippo. He looked up slowly to see Inuyasha standing over him with his arms folded across his chest.

"What do you want?" Shippo asked with a terrified squeak. Inuyasha bent down and picked up the little kitsune by the tail.

"You've been holding out on us you little runt!" Inuyasha said. "Why didn't you do that earlier?"

"Um…because…uh…." Shippo stuttered nervously.

"Out with it, fox!" Inuyasha demanded.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded as she stood up.

"Because I wasn't sure if I could do or not and now was the perfect time to try. You weren't going to be able to make it in time to save her any way!" Shippo shouted. Inuyasha scowled and smashed Shippo's face into the dirt.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome scolded again.

"I could have gotten there, but you were already there, so why should I have bothered?" he said arrogantly.

"Hmph!" Shippo said jumping to his feet. "Kagome would have been swooped away by that moth demon!"


Inuyasha stared angrily at the knot he had just given Shippo with his fists still balled threateningly at him. Shippo looked up to Kagome pitifully.

"Ow! Kagomeeee!" Shippo wined.

"Inuyasha, SIT!" she said.


"Hehehe!" Shippo said triumphantly as he pulled himself to his feet.

He walked right past Inuyasha and jumped on Kagome's shoulder. He knew he would be safe there. Kagome knelt next to Inuyasha's face-planted body.

"Inuyasha, you could be a little more grateful," Kagome scolded. "He saved me from that moth demon!"

"Keh!" Inuyasha said pulling himself up to a sitting position. "It would have given you back once it found out how annoying you are!"

"Inu-ya-shaaaa…." Kagome said with a smile. Inuyasha flung his hands to his head when he knew what he had done. "SIT!"














Sango, Miroku, and Myouga had watched the display with their mouths wide open. Kagome had never shouted out that many incantations before. She had actually smiled throughout the entire thing too, as if she was doing some little cheerleading routine. When she was finally finished, she stood up cheerily and walked over to them. They stared at poor Inuyasha smashed seven feet into the ground and gulped.

"So? Who wants breakfast?" Kagome asked with a smile.

Sango, Miroku, and Myouga scurried around to build a fire and start cooking breakfast, while trying to pretend they hadn't seen anything. Kagome had Shippo still perched on her shoulder and decided to pick some of the berries that were growing at the edge of the woods not far from them. She retrieved a small bowl from her backpack, then happily marched towards the berries. Myouga kept a cautious eye on Kagome as she began picking the berries. He didn't know why, but something didn't feel right. He walked towards her and decided to examine the berries she was picking.

"Hello Myouga," Kagome said as she happily picked the berries.

Myouga didn't respond and instead stared at the berries she was picking. Kagome finally noticed this and stopped picking the berries to look at Myouga. He stared at the berry she held in her hand, then at the pile of berries she had made in the small bowl. Suddenly, the berry in Kagome's hand began to react as if had bubbling, boiling water inside of it.

"Lady Kagome!" Myouga shouted smacking the berry out of her hand. "Put those down!"

He then hit the bowl she had in her spilling the berries she had picked on the ground. Kagome looked up at Myouga pitifully as she looked at the berries she had put such effort into picking be ruined by smashing into the ground. Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha came running towards them. They had heard Myouga shout Kagome's name causing Inuyasha to jump to a standing position. They then witnessed Myouga smack Kagome's hand, then knock the bowl out of Kagome's other hand.

"What happened?" Sango asked.

"Myouga!" Inuyasha chided, stepping forward in a manner similar to that of king who had just been insulted. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Forgive me, my Lord," Myouga said folding his hands in front of him and bowing slightly. "But these berries are cursed. I felt something different and found out that the berries Lady Kagome was picking had been tainted."

"Tainted?" Miroku asked. "Tainted with what?"

They all watched as a small bird swooped down and gobbled down one of the berries Kagome had dropped.

"Observe," Myouga said.

The bird flew towards the sky, but in a matter of seconds its eyes turned into a solid black color and its moves became somewhat mechanical as if it was in some sort of trance. They all gasped.

"What was that stuff?" Shippo asked clenching onto Kagome's shoulder even tighter.

"That, dear fox, was the doing of someone who wanted to possess Kagome," Myouga said. "I do not know who it is, but I do know their intentions. Humans and demons alike know of this potion. It is a type of hypnotism. In this form, you have to consume the potion. In other words, if Kagome had eaten these berries, she would have become a walking zombie, abiding by the potion user's will."

They all exchanged glances. Kagome stared at the berries as if she was speculating something. She then turned to the rest of the group.

"Hey! I have an idea! What if I eat one or two of them? You guys can follow me, and we can finally find out who is doing all of this," Kagome said suddenly.

"WHAT???" they all said in unison.

"Kagome, have you lost your mind?" Sango asked.

"There's no way you can think that's a good idea," Miroku said.

"Kagome, NO! No way in hell am I going to let you do that! Are you nuts?" Inuyasha asked.

"Okay, okay," Kagome said motioning for everyone to calm down. "I won't do it. It was just a thought."

"Well, be sure you get those thoughts out of your head before we reach the castle, alright?" Inuyasha said. Kagome nodded.

"Besides," Myouga said. "It wouldn't have done you any good." They all looked at him. "This may not have been done by the same person that is sending all of the animals east in fear. This could be someone entirely different."

"Huh?" Inuyasha said. "What do you mean?"

"Kagome now wears the shikon no tama around her neck. We have picked up even more enemies than we had before. Those who never really had an interest in finding us or killing Kagome will now want us all for dead so they can take the shikon no tama," Myouga explained.

"I was beginning to wonder where all of our enemies were coming from," Inuyasha asked looking at the pink jewel around Kagome's neck. "What's the big deal about this jewel any way?"

"I have heard of it," Miroku said. "This is a very sacred jewel. I am surprised the town of Nomad's Land was able to protect it as long as they did."

"Well, they had the help of Inuyasha's father," Myouga said. "Nomad's Land borders the Western Lands. We are now in the Western Lands. This was Inuyasha's father's domain. He did his best to try to keep peace throughout the land, and would help out whenever possible. He knew about the jewel, but pretended not to, for he knew the fate of those who were tempted by the jewel."

"The fate?" Sango asked.

"When the jewel is tainted with evil desires, it corrupts and controls your heart, making you the most powerful evil ever known to mankind. If the jewel is purified, it will disappear," Myouga said. "I don't know if you noticed, but that moth that attacked you was a demon, Kagome."

"That's right!" Kagome said. "But how is that possible? I thought all evil demons were destroyed."

"They were," Myouga said with a nod. "At the time you purified them. You see, everyone's desires change, including those of demons. If someone, demon or human, possess an evil desire for a period of time, they will search for the jewel. All demons know of its existence…especially half demons." Everyone looked at Inuyasha. He looked away.

"Half demons?" Sango asked.

"Yes," Myouga continued. "Half demons, and any other demons that consider themselves weak, will hunt down the jewel in order to make themselves more powerful. When their desires turn evil is when the jewel will corrupt them. For example, if anyone were to ever wish to have the jewel to become more powerful so they could rule the world, the jewel would corrupt them and they would come searching for it. Power and riches easily sway the heart. You, Lady Kagome, may have purified those made completely of evil, but you only did it at that particular point in time. The shikon no tama searches for a person's innermost evil desires then uses it as a lure. When people see the shikon no tama, they automatically begin to think of what they could accomplish with such a jewel, and the answer there is……anything!"

Kagome and Sango gasped. Kagome picked up the jewel and looked at it. She knew she had to protect it. She knew she had to do whatever it would possibly take to keep the jewel out of the hands of the enemy. She stepped forward.

"Fine!" Kagome said clapping her hands together. "I think we had underestimated it before, but now I think we all finally understand how dangerous this jewel can be.. We all are going to have to work at not letting it fall into the wrong hands. It could bring devastation and destruction to the entire world."

"Times ten," Myouga chimed in.

"Exactly!" Kagome said. "I am ready to do this. I was chosen as caretaker of the jewel for a reason yet to be known, but somehow I know we have to pull together and do this. I can't do this without your help guys."

"Kagome's right," Inuyasha said. "Don't let her out of your sights even for a second! Kagome, don't take off the jewel even when you bathe."

She nodded. Inuyasha turned and looked towards the west. He stared down at the fire Sango and Miroku had already built. For the first time in his life, he was a little scared. He knew that someone or something awaited them at the castle, but it wasn't that that scared him. Kagome was automatically put in danger twenty four-seven now. He would have to be even more cautious than before. It frightened him to no end to think he might lose her. He looked at Kagome. She looked desperately at the jewel that hung around her neck. Miroku stepped towards Kagome. Kagome looked at him.

"We will do what we can," Miroku said. "We knew we were meant to come on this journey for some reason, and perhaps this is it. We will stick by both of you…Inuyasha and Kagome."

Inuyasha and Kagome smiled at Miroku. Sango stood up next gripping her boomerang. Kirara stood at her side.

"I am prepared to fight," Sango said walking towards Kagome and placing a hand on her shoulder. "We can't let anything happen to you guys. You are like a sister to me, and Inuyasha?" Inuyasha looked at Sango as she turned towards him. "Believe it or not, you are like a brother to me. I will fight under your command." Kirara meowed at her side.

"I've never been that much of a fan of dogs, but I guess you'll do," Shippo said with a smile. "I will follow your orders if it means keeping Kagome safe."

"And you know I will always be by your side, Master Inuyasha," Myouga said bowing slightly. "I will do what I can to help, and I will always keep a lookout for Kagome."

Inuyasha scanned the scene in front of him. There stood all of his closest friends staring at him as if he were their leader. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Myouga, and even Shippo were willing to stand by him after all he had put them through. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would have this many friends so willing to stand by him, much less follow his orders. He never was much for all the fame and glory. He just did what he had to do because he felt he had to do it. He stood up straight and smiled at them.

"I don't know what lies ahead, but I do know that it is going to be dangerous," Inuyasha began. "I have never been much of a leader, so I would prefer not to have the title, but I can promise you that I will do whatever it takes to not allow harm to come to any of you."

Everyone smiled and nodded. They all came together to form a circle each one exchanging a determined, confident smile with the other.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Inuyasha said. "Let's eat some breakfast and get on the road!"

They all smiled and nodded as they began preparing their usual breakfast. Inuyasha smiled to himself as he watched his friends go to work to make the food. Myouga smiled up at his master. He reminded Myouga so much of Inuyasha's father. He could only hope and pray, however, that Inuyasha would decide to rule the Western Lands once he arrived.

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