InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 39: The Inu Gang vs. the Schichinintai ( Chapter 39 )

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Chapter 39

"Time for you to die!" Bankotsu yelled charging Inuyasha. Inuyasha held his position and block each swing of Bankotsu's blade.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed as she watched Bankotsu attack Inuyasha relentlessly.

"Over here stupid girl!" Jakotsu yelled sending his snakelike sword towards Kagome.

Kagome shrieked when she saw the sword heading towards her. She wouldn't be able to move in time.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, earning him a punch to the face from Bankotsu. Inuyasha was thrown to the ground sliding a few feet, leaving a small trench in his path.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango yelled flinging her boomerang into the sword's path causing the sword's connected blades to wrap around her boomerang, stopping just a few feet short of Kagome.

"Woman!" Jakotsu said angrily. He gave his sword one good jerk and send Sango's boomerang towards her.

"Sango!" Miroku yelled as the boomerang made impact with her. Miroku's attention was distracted when Renkotsu fired at him. He jumped out the way quickly and began dodging attack after attack from Renkotsu.

`I've got to get that cannon-like gun away from him!' Miroku thought as he dodged yet another explosion.

Meanwhile, Kagome ran over to Sango to help her to her feet. She stared at her friend. Sango sat up slowly. She was injured, but not severely. Luckily the boomerang hadn't been thrown back at her with full force.

"Sango, are you okay?" Kagome asked. Sango moaned slightly and nodded her head. Both girls stood and stared at Jakotsu. Jakotsu smirked and placed his sword on his shoulder.

"Just hurry up and die already! You are making me miss out on my fun with Inuyasha!" Jakotsu complained.

"You'll pay for that, you pervert!" Kagome yelled firing an arrow at Jakotsu. He jumped out of the arrow's path and watched in amazement as the arrow burned a hole into the ground where it landed.

`Is she some sort of priestess?' Jakotsu thought glaring at the girl. `I better be on my guard. This girl may not be so easy to kill after all. Stupid Bankotsu! Why could I have gotten Inuyasha?'

Inuyasha had seen Kagome run towards Sango. He stood up and stared in their direction to make sure Sango was okay. When Sango stood, he glared at Bankotsu.

"Just what the hell do you want with us anyway?!" Inuyasha demanded pointing his sword at Bankotsu.

"Hmph!" Bankotsu huffed. "We were informed that your grandfather was the one who beheaded us and that you now possess the shikon no tama! We are out for revenge and the jewel so we can be alive once more!"

"What?" Inuyasha asked in confusion.

"These bodies we have are made of clay, dirt, and bones. They are mere shells of our former selves. With the shikon no tama, we could be alive in the flesh, soul, spirit, and bones! We were informed to attack you and take the shikon no tama!" Bankotsu stated.

`So that's why,' Inuyasha thought.

"Tell me who told you all of this!" Inuyasha demanded.

"Don't know," Bankotsu said scratching his chin. "They were disguised in the darkness. I only saw their silhouette. I couldn't even tell you if it was a man or woman."

Inuyasha growled furiously. Someone was definitely out to get them and had even taken the time and effort to raise these freaks back from the dead. Something was definitely going on. Could Sesshomaru be behind all of this? No. Sesshomaru wouldn't be that sneaky, would he? Inuyasha knew Sesshomaru to be very forward and blunt, but he didn't hide things from anyone. He had no reason to. He was definitely way too proud for anything like that. Inuyasha knew better than to rule Sesshomaru out as a suspect, but it just didn't seem his style.

"But enough chit chat!" Bankotsu yelled charging Inuyasha again.

Inuyasha broke his thoughts and through tetsusaiga up to block the attack. The two swords began clashing relentlessly, again and again. Inuyasha would block an attack and then Bankotsu would block Inuyasha's attack.

Miroku, meanwhile, could do nothing but dodge and jump as Renkotsu fired again and again. Miroku finally made his way towards Renkotsu. He was slowly closing the distance, and at one point, it seemed Renkotsu had run out of ammunition. Renkotsu through down his weapon and picked up what looked like a small gourd from his waist. He drank the liquid and then spit out fire at Miroku. Miroku jumped behind a huge boulder just in time. He could feel the heat from the fire as it flew on either side of the boulder. He had no idea how he was going to get himself out of this one. He could hear Renkotsu approaching the boulder.

Jakotsu frowned as he glared at Kagome. She had an arrow ready to fire again. Jakotsu suddenly jumped in the air. Kagome immediately released her arrow. Jakotsu attacked with his snake-like sword as he dodged Kagome's attack. When Kagome saw her arrow whiz past Jakotsu, she knew she was in trouble. The sword sped towards her rapidly.

"Kagome!" Sango yelled jumping in front of her and throwing her boomerang up, shielding them from Jakotsu's attacks.

"Eh?" Jakotsu said in shock. He began flinging his sword time after time as he threw a fit not unlike that of a four-year-old child. "Hey! Die already! Give…me…my…Inuyasha! Agh! I…want…Inuyasha!"




Sango and Kagome rolled their eyes behind Sango's boomerang as they stared at Jakotsu in disbelief. Suddenly, Jakotsu jumped in the air ready to pounce on them from above.

"Ha! Ha! Got you now, you stupid bitches!!!" Jakotsu said with a laugh as he began descending upon them. Sango and Kagome gasped. There was nothing they could do in time.

Meanwhile, Miroku had witnessed the entire thing. He knew he had to help the girls. It was when Jakotsu started running towards them that he made his move. The fire around him had died down and he now heard Renkotsu almost on top of him.

"Take this!" he said jumping up and throwing a fist full of dirt in Renkotsu's eyes.

"Agh!" Renkotsu shouted as he flung his arms up in an effort to shield his face, but it was too late. The dirt had already entered his eyes.

"Sango! Kagome! Duck!" Miroku shouted as he ran towards with incredible speed. Sango and Kagome looked at Miroku then quickly flung themselves on the ground with Sango's boomerang covering them like a blanket.

"Brace your weapon Sango!" Miroku commanded.

"Huh?" she said in confusion. She soon received her answer when Miroku jumped on the boomerang as if it were a springboard.

"Oof!" both girls cried out. Miroku went flying in the air, heading straight for Jakotsu.

"Hey you stupid lech!" Sango cried out waving her fist at him threateningly from under the board.

"Eh he he," he said with a guilty smile. His face then turned serious when he remembered his mission. He looked behind him. Renkotsu had removed the dirt from his eyes and was hot on his heels. He drank some liquid from his gourd as Miroku flew towards Jakotsu.

"Ah! The sexy monk!" Jakotsu said as his eyes lit up and he extended his body in a spread eagle fashion. "Come to me! I will cut off your ponytail and keep it as a souvenir after I kill you!"

Miroku clenched his fists and eyes shut angrily. He growled loudly as he laid his plan into action. He headed straight for Jakotsu. Suddenly, Renkotsu shot fire towards both of them just as Miroku reached Jakotsu. Miroku smirked as he pressed his hand on the top of Jakotsu's head and did a front flip over him, pushing Jakotsu straight for the fire. Miroku traveled as fast as gravity could take him away from the fire.

"Aghhhhh!" Jakotsu screamed, waving his arms and legs frantically as he headed straight towards the fire. Then, the fire engulfed him. Miroku could feel the blazes upon his back, but was luckily out of any serious danger. He landed on the ground about fifty feet from where Sango and Kagome still lay safely tucked under Sango's boomerang. The two of them peeked out from under the boomerang to see the fire blazing over their heads.

"AGH!!!" they both screamed.

"Sango! Kagome! Get out of there!" Inuyasha shouted. His distraction, however, earned him a hard punch from Bankotsu, sending him skidding to a stop thirty feet away. He quickly regained his strength, however, and stood up to stare at the display before him. Bankotsu, too, stopped to see if his companion was okay.

Sango and Kagome held the boomerang over the top of their bodies as a protective shield as they crawled towards Miroku. When they arrived, they both breathed a sigh of relief. Sango then flamed red and began slapping Miroku relentlessly.

"You jerk! You lech! How dare you use us for your springboard! And then have liquid fire blown over our heads no less!" she screamed.

"Hey! But you guys are okay!" Miroku said as he pleaded for his life. Sango stopped her hand in mid-swing, and her face turned soft.

"Yeah," she said solemnly. "I guess you did save us. Sorry, Miroku."

"I would expect more gratitude from you next time," Miroku said folding his arms across his chest arrogantly. Sango gave him a warning glare out of the corner of eye. "Eh he!" he said timidly, flinging his arms in front of him protectively.

"Guys, look!" Kagome said. They all watched as the fire died down and a "burnt to a crisp" Jakotsu fell towards the ground.

"Damn…*cough/gag*…monk!" Jakotsu murmured as he plummeted towards the ground. He landed with a sickening thud. Renkotsu ran over to him, and Bankotsu watched in anticipation.

"Jakotsu, you okay?" Renkotsu asked. Jakotsu wiggled for a bit then sat up and blinked a couple of times. He was colored completely black from head to toe. His eyes were the only proof he was even alive as he displayed their white color as he blinked. He began brushing himself off as the color of his clothing began to return.

"You okay?" Renkotsu repeated.

"Yeah," Jakotsu said. "I feel a little tired, but other than that I feel perfectly fine."

"Wh-What???!!!" Kagome stuttered.

"There's no way he could have…that's impossible!!!" Sango shouted in disbelief.

"Fire that hot would have killed any normal human within the first five seconds!" Mirokus said. "And he doesn't even have burn scars!"

The three of them stood there with their mouths dropped open in shock as they stared at Jakotsu brushing himself off. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"That's the thing you are forgetting Miroku!" Inuyasha shouted from a hundred feet away. They all turned to look at him. He pointed his sword at Bankotsu. "These guys ain't normal! They have been raised back from the dead! They are walking corpses! Conventional ways of killing those that are living won't work on them!"

"Hmph!" Bankotsu said arrogantly turning to the side. "You're not as dumb as you look!"

"What did you just say to me?!" Inuyasha demanded as his balled his fists at Bankotsu in anger.

"I said…"

"I know what you said jackass!!!" Inuyasha shouted angrily as he jumped towards Bankotsu. He swung his sword only for Bankotsu to dodge it easily.

`Man!' Inuyasha thought. `We've got to think of some way to kill these guys! But he is so fast and his skill with a sword is incredible! I don't have time to think!'

Meanwhile, Myouga and Shippo were hidden safely in the nearby brush. They had seen the entire thing and were also baffled by what they had witnessed.

"These guys were raised from the dead," Myouga said to Shippo as he watched Bankotsu and Inuyasha battle each other. "The only way to kill them is to condemn their evil spirits back into the pits of hell. But how can we do that?"

They watched as Bankotsu was flung into a tree near them only to stand up with a smirk on his face and charge Inuyasha again. Myouga stared over towards Kagome and the others who were now glaring threateningly at Renkotsu and a renewed Jakotsu. Kagome had an arrow pulled back, Sango gripped her boomerang in a threatening manner, and Miroku held onto his staff in a fighting stance.

`Somehow…we've got to figure this out,' Kagome thought. She released her arrow and it grazed the shoulder of an unexpecting Jakotsu. What happened next, however, surprised all of them. Jakotsu cried out in pain. He dropped to his knees. His arm was smoking. He ripped off his sleeve to reveal his bare arm and…bone! The entire portion of his arm between his shoulder and elbow had been burned to the bone. There was nothing left except a clean white bone. Kagome and Sango gasped and shrieked. Shippo thought his was going to be sick. Bankotsu and Inuyasha halted their fighting as they stared at Jakotsu. Jakotsu continued to cry out in utter pain.

"But…but…I barely even grazed him," Kagome stuttered.

"That's it!" Myouga said jumping to his feet. "Kagome! Miroku! It is up to you to defeat these cretins for good! Purification is the only way!"

"Purification?" Miroku thought out loud. "Of course! These guys are nothing but evil spirits inside shells of their former selves. To rid of them, we must rid of their evil spirits!"

"Ha!" Bankotsu said charging Inuyasha. "You still have to kill us before we kill you!"

Inuyasha prepared himself for the attack, but it wasn't him Bankotsu was attacking. Bankotsu jumped over Inuyasha's head and began running towards the brush. Inuyasha followed Bankotsu's glare to find Myouga and Shippo!

`Myouga's discovery must have pissed him off!' Inuyasha thought as he ran to rescue his friends. Myouga and Shippo's eyes began to twitch, and desperate "help me" looks emerged onto their faces. Shippo then jumped out of the shrubbery and ran towards Bankotsu.

"Take this!" Shippo shouted throwing a spinning top towards Bankotsu. The top landed on Bankotsu's head and began grinding him into the ground. The top's illusion soon died down, however, leaving an enraged Bankotsu glaring at the top that lay on the ground before him. His eye twitched in anger.

"Die squirrel!" Bankotsu shouted bringing his sword down upon Shippo.

"Squirrel?!!!!" Shippo shouted at him before screaming in terror. The sword flew towards Shippo only to come into contact with something hard. Bankotsu looked up to see Inuyasha had blocked his attack.

"Shippo! Myouga! Get over there and help Kagome and the others! Shippo, use your illusions as a distraction!" Inuyasha commanded. Inuyasha flung Bankotsu's sword to the side and began attacking him relentlessly. Shippo and Myouga nodded and ran towards the others as Inuyasha and Bankotsu continued to battle.

Meanwhile, Kagome and the others faced off with Jakotsu and Renkotsu. Jakotsu rose to his feet. He glared angrily at Kagome.

"You will pay for that bitch!" Jakotsu warned angrily. Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. Jakotsu and Renkotsu growled at Kagome and the others before charging them, when suddenly…

"Catch me if you can!" Shippo shouted casting multiple amounts of leaves in the air. In one little poof all of the leaves transformed into identical figures of Shippo. The different Shippos ran in different direction with the real Shippo somewhere in the midst. The little foxes plunged toward Renkotsu and Jakotsu. Four or Five attached themselves to each of them as each fox began tugging on Renkotsu and Jakotsu as if they were annoying little out of control children.

"Oooo! Hair!" one said as it tugged at Jakotsu's hair.

"Hey brat!" Jakotsu said reaching for the fox when he froze in pain. One of the other foxes was pretending to play the drums on Jakotsu's bare bone.

"Why you!" Jakotsu said flinging the kitsune off of him.

Meanwhile, Renkotsu was having the same problem. One of the foxes grabbed his bandana and began running with it as Renkotsu chased after him. Other foxes clung to him as he ran, each tugging on him in their own respective areas. One tried to untie Jakotsu clothing while the other tugged at his shoes.

Kagome and the others watched in shock at first. Now the shock had turned to utter amusement. The sight before them was hilarious. All three of them laughed slightly under their breath before bursting into laughter. That is what triggered Jakotsu and Renkotsu. They were pissed.

"Aghhhhhh!" Jakotsu screamed as he released his snake-like sword, popping each Shippo it came into contact with.

Worry overcame Kagome. She knew that somewhere in there was the real Shippo. Jakotsu's sword would slice him in two equal halves!!!

"Shippo!" Kagome yelled. "Get out of there!"

All of the Shippos ran for their lives. One by one they each popped and disappeared. Kagome looked around as the number of foxes decreased by the second. Suddenly, there were no foxes left.

"No! Shippoooo!" Kagome screamed dropping to her knees.

Inuyasha glanced over at Kagome when he heard her scream out Shippo's name. He saw Kagome drop to her knees.

`No!' Inuyasha thought as he fought Bankotsu. `It can't be! Shippo can't be dead!'

"You BASTARD!" Inuyasha yelled as he struck Bankotsu hard with his tetsusaiga. Bankotsu flew into a huge tree about a hundred feet away, and to everyone's surprise, the tree came crashing down into the forest. Inuyasha growled angrily. He looked to where Kagome still sat on her knees in despair from losing her kitsune friend. Sango and Miroku stood in shock. Myouga, however, had seemed to remain completely calm. Myouga's attitude was pissing Inuyasha off.

"Hey flea! Have a little respect, would you?!!!" Inuyasha said angrily. Myouga smiled.

"For what?" Myouga said as he turned around to reveal a little kitsune clenching onto Myouga's back for dear life. His eyes were closed and his body shook in fear.

"Shippo!" Kagome screamed running towards him as tears flew from her eyes. Shippo opened his eyes to peak at Kagome running at him.

"Kagome!!!!" Shippo cried out, leaping into Kagome. The two nuzzled each other for a second before Kagome glared at Jakotsu.

"Hey fox! I told you to distract them, not get yourself killed!" Inuyasha scolded. "I can't turn my back on you people for a second!"

"Inuyasha, look out!!!" Kagome yelled.

"Huh?" Inuyasha said, jumping out the way of Bankotsu's sword as it crashed into the ground. Bankotsu glared angrily at Inuyasha. Inuyasha landed on his feet a few feet away with a smirk.

"Let's get this over with you maggot infested wreck of a corpse!" Inuyasha retorted.

"What?!" Bankotsu said angrily.

Inuyasha swung his sword at Bankotsu only for him to jump up and dodge it. He retaliated with a punch to Inuyasha's face. Inuyasha took the hit this time and took the opportunity to swing his sword around striking Bankotsu in the back.

"Aghhh!" Bankotsu cried out in pain as he hit the ground a few feet from Inuyasha. Inuyasha glared at him with a smirk. Everyone else gasped.

"Bankotsu!" Jakotsu cried out towards his leader. Bankotsu had a long red slash down his back as he lay face down on the ground. Everyone stared in utter shock. Was Bankotsu dead?

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