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Chapter 61
Miroku was already dressed for the ball, and Inuyasha was still deciding what to wear as he scanned the closet in his room. Miroku wore a black and white tuxedo. His jacket and pants were black, and he wore a white shirt underneath with a thick silver tie tucked into a silver vest with an intricate pattern stitched into it. He waited patiently for Inuyasha to choose his attire.
Inuyasha scrambled through the various closets looking for something to wear. He had tried on one of his old tuxedos, but it was too small. He sighed. He really didn't have anything to wear. Suddenly a knock came at the door.
“Who is it?” Inuyasha said as he marched over, still irritated about his findings…or lack thereof.
“It is Myouga, sire,” Myouga said on the other side of the door.
Inuyasha opened the door, and Myouga walked into the room. Inuyasha noticed Myouga held a garment bag in his hands. Myouga stopped near the bed and turned around.
“I thought you might need something to wear, sire,” Myouga said motioning towards the garment bag. “As soon as you left the Dining Hall earlier today I had it ordered to be cleaned. It was your father's. He had saved it for a special occasion, but unfortunately he was never able to wear it. I am sure your father would want you to wear this tonight. It was his finest.”
Miroku and Inuyasha exchanged glances as Myouga retrieved the garment from its bag. He pulled out a very elaborate tuxedo. Inuyasha's eyes grew wide. He knew his father had to have spent a lot of money on it. It was made of the finest materials he had ever seen. Inuyasha smiled at Myouga.
“Always prepared, huh, Myouga?” Inuyasha said.
Myouga smiled and handed Inuyasha the garment as he left the room. Inuyasha turned the garment this way and that, admiring it, thankful he finally had something to wear. He just hoped it fit. His father was a very muscular man. Inuyasha thought for a minute then turned to Miroku.
“Miroku,” Inuyasha began. “I am going to get dressed, but I need you to do me a favor first. Find Satoru. Tell him I need one of the servants to go on a mission.”
Meanwhile, Kagome was rummaging nervously through her clothes. She had nothing to wear! She had no idea there was going to be a ball! One of the maids had brought Sango a beautiful pink dress that she now wore. Sango wore her hair in a high ponytail to show off the low back of the dress. The dress was a one-shoulder dress with three rows of rhinestones starting from the one shoulder part of the dress and scooping down diagonally to the left part of Sango's back, connecting the front and back together. The dress was made of a beautiful pink silk, and there was a slit on her left leg.
Kagome, however, was distraught. She had no idea what she was going to wear. She soon heard a knock at the door.
“Who is it?” Kagome asked.
“It's Myouga, my Lady,” Myouga said on the other side of the door.
Kagome ran to the door and opened it, ready to tell Myouga about her dilemma, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw Myouga already had the answer to her problems as he entered the room with a garment bag in tow.
“I figured you would be wondering what you needed to wear, my Lady,” Myouga said as he walked to the bed.
“Oh thank you, Myouga! You're the best!” she exclaimed, excited that her troubles were over.
He opened the bag and retrieved the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. Kagome and Sango both gasped at the sight of it. It was perfect. It was exactly what she had been looking for.
“Oh thank you, Myouga,” Kagome said giving him a hug.
“Your welcome, my Lady,” Myouga said. “It was Inuyasha's mother's. It was her finest. She had saved it for a special occasion, but unfortunately was unable to wear it before she died. I am sure she would love for you to wear it.”
Kagome smiled then noticed the dress had the symbol of the Takashi family on it. Could she wear that?
“Um Myouga…” Kagome said looking at the symbol. Myouga noticed where her eyes were focused and immediately decided he had something else he had to do.
“Oh, so sorry, my Lady,” Myouga said, quickly handing her the dress. “But they need my help downstairs.”
And with that, he rushed out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Kagome looked at the door and blinked a few times.
“Well, that was just weird,” Sango said.
“Tell me about it,” Kagome said. “I was going to ask him about Inuyasha's crest being on the dress and if I was allowed to wear it, but he just took off.”
“Well, you really don't have much choice at this point now do you?” Sango said. “Besides, Myouga wouldn't hand you anything he knew you couldn't wear.”
“I guess you're right,” Kagome said as she began taking off her clothes. She sighed.
“What's wrong?” Sango said.
“I'm so happy Inuyasha is alive and well,” Kagome said holding the dress up to her. “But…what am I going to do now? He has decided to become Lord of the Western Lands. I can't just leave my school, friends, and family behind because my best friend suddenly decided to become a ruler. I don't know what I am going to do now.”
“Well,” Sango began. “I don't know what to tell you. The decision is entirely up to you.”
“Not really,” Kagome said.
“Huh?” Sango replied.
“I am going to tell you this, but you have to swear not to tell Miroku,” Kagome said.
“Swear,” Sango said as she crossed her fingers behind her back.
“I think I am in love with Inuyasha,” Kagome said hanging her head. “When he died is when I realized it without a shadow of a doubt. I'm in love with him. It's just…now that he's alive…I don't know how to act around him. That's the reason I said not really, Sango.”
“Well you know that we're leaving after his inauguration,” Sango said.
“I know,” Kagome said. “That's what worries me. It took Inuyasha weeks to warm up to me as a friend, and now he has about twenty-four hours to…I'm not going to think about that right now! I am going to get dressed, and I am going to that ball, and I am going to have a great time! Whatever happens, happens for a reason. As of right now, I am returning to my family after he is sworn in as Lord.”
“Are you sure that's what you want?” Sango asked.
“Do I really have a choice, Sango?” Kagome asked. Sango smiled mischievously and nodded her head.
Inuyasha was finally ready. His father's tux had fit him perfectly. Inuyasha wore black pants, black shoes, and a white collared shirt underneath his jacket. His jacket was made of a satin-like material although it was actually pure silk. His jacket was white with black silk trimming the collars and sleeves of his jacket, almost as if someone had sewn black, silk ribbons to the edge of his collar and sleeves. His cufflinks were in the shape of the Takashi diamond crest. He wore a black bow tie and a black silk vest with small Takashi diamond crests scattered throughout the vest. The buttons that fastened his jacket were also made in the shape of the Takashi diamond crest. Needless to say, he looked sharp. Inuyasha turned this way and that in the mirror until he was finally satisfied. He took a deep breath. A knock came at the door and Miroku soon entered the room.
“Hey…whoa…” Miroku said with a laugh. “You need to chill out! You look nervous as hell!”
“Feh!” Inuyasha said. “I don't have anything to be nervous about!”
His countenance gave it away however as soon as he sulked back into his scared out of my mind attitude. Miroku laughed.
“Come on,” Miroku said. “What's bothering you?”
“It's a lot of things,” Inuyasha said taking another deep breath. “I've taken on the responsibility of the Lord of the Western Lands. About a month ago I had to steal to eat and now I am a Lord? It's a little overwhelming.”
“I can see where it could be,” Miroku said eyeing his friend. “But I can tell that is not what is mostly troubling you.”
Inuyasha sighed as if to say his friend was right.
“You guys are leaving after my inauguration aren't you?” Inuyasha asked.
“Yeah,” Miroku said. “Sango and I have our responsibilities back home and Kagome needs to get back to school. Now that Sesshoumaru is dead, they've started school again over there.”
“I don't say this too often Miroku, but…” Inuyasha said with a sigh. “Is there anything that I can do to change you guys' mind?”
Miroku smiled and rested a hand on his friend's shoulder.
“Are you sure it is not a certain Lady you are wanting to stay?” Miroku asked.
“Feh!” Inuyasha said. “Why would I want her to stay?”
“Because you're in love with her,” Miroku said flatly.
“I…I…never said that!” Inuyasha stuttered defensively.
“No, but it's written all over your face,” Miroku said matter-of-factly.
Inuyasha sighed and walked away from the mirror. He walked over to the window and stared out into the night.
“It's just…” Inuyasha said gathering his courage. “When I first met Kagome, I thought she was an annoyingly happy, nosy little wench…but now…”
“But now you love her,” Miroku said.
“I didn't say that!” Inuyasha retorted. “Besides, even if I did, what would it accomplish if I told her how I felt about her? Would she stay? I can't ask that of her…to leave everything she knows behind? To start anew here just because I told her I care about her? Besides…she would never want to be with someone like me.”
“If you are referring to you being a hanyou, you and I both know Kagome isn't like that,” Miroku said.
“I know,” Inuyasha said. “But I can't ask her to stay here just because her best friend happens to care about her. She has a life back east. It's stupid. Forget I ever said anything. It would accomplish nothing. I need Kagome here because she would be of great help to me in ruling the Western Lands. She's good with people. I could use someone like that.”
“Hold on a second,” Miroku said. “Are you saying that you would ask Kagome to stay here for your own personal benefit? Now that is selfish!”
“I'm not saying anything,” Inuyasha said. “I'm just trying to be realistic.”
“Well, maybe you should open your eyes,” Miroku said. “Maybe you should approach her a different way…if you know what I mean.”
Inuyasha thought for a minute before he caught onto what Miroku was hinting at, but he wasn't ready for that type of commitment…was he?
The ballroom was bustling with all sorts of important people there to celebrate the arrival of their new Lord. The ballroom had been decorated beautifully. They had draped various tapestries on the golden walls, and scattered Takashi crest confetti on the red carpet floors. Flower arrangements had been placed around the room, and there was a bar in the corner serving various drinks. A long table had been adorned with a white linen table cloth and various foods and punch. A DJ stood in the far-left corner playing music softly. Small round tables covered with white linen provided a place for people sit and enjoy their food. Waiters and waitresses walked elegantly around the room carrying trays of appetizers and glasses of champagne. If one were to enter the ballroom from the guest entrance, the first thing that would have caught one's eye, however, would be the large staircase on the back wall. The stairs made of red carpet and the banisters made of genuine gold led to the top of the staircase where there was a red curtain. Obviously someone was meant to come down those stairs, and the person meant to, paced around nervously behind the curtain.
“Why couldn't I just walk out there and join the people?” Inuyasha said. “Why does it have to be this big production?”
“Because, my Lord,” Myouga replied. “We have to present you to the people. You can't just waltz in there like a common villager. People will hound you! Everyone is excited to see you are alive and well, sire. They all will want to meet their new Lord. You command order when you walk down those stairs.”
“I can't do this by myself,” Inuyasha said.
“And you don't have to,” someone said from across the room.
Inuyasha whirled around to find Kagome standing in the doorway. She was absolutely breathtaking. She was dressed in a gorgeous strapless white gown. The top of the dress was trimmed in gold and came to a point on either side so that it was almost shaped like a flattened U, showing off her cleavage quit nicely. From the top of the dress to about her hipbones, the dress was made of a thick satin-like material that was hard and form-fitting like a girdle. Three rows of golden stones ran vertically from the top of the dress to the bottom of the girdle-like top. The bottom of the dress was made of a beautiful, soft, flowing white silk. Underneath the top layer was another layer of golden silk. Both layers seemed to lift and flow around her legs softly as she walked. There was a high split up her left leg showing her legs off nicely. The finishing touch, however, lay at the top of the split and in the center of the very top of her dress. There…lay the Takashi diamond crest, made entirely out of various stones, color coordinated with the actual colors on the crest and about the size of a silver dollar. Kagome had swooped most of her hair back into a diamond hair clamp Myouga had brought her, leaving a little down in back, showing off her shoulders, but leaving her hair full and beautiful. The clamp too was the Takashi family crest made of stones.
Inuyasha stood there with his mouth open. He couldn't say a word. She walked towards him as air caught underneath her dress lifting it just enough so Inuyasha could get a good look at her legs. He gulped when she finally reached him.
“You…you…you look,” he stuttered. Kagome giggled.
“Thank you,” Kagome said. “I think that's the best compliment you've ever given me.”
He snapped out of it and smiled. He rested his hands on her arms.
“You look amazing,” he said still eyeing her up and down.
Kagome blushed. It really had been the first time he had given her such a sincere compliment. It was definitely out of character for him. She too, however, had been entranced by the way Inuyasha looked. He was very handsome in his father's tux.
“You look great, too, Inuyasha,” Kagome said staring into his eyes.
He looked back down at her, rubbing her arms gently. Both of them looked entranced by one another. Myouga turned around to give the couple some privacy.
“But there's something missing,” Kagome said.
“Huh?” Inuyasha said searching himself. “What's wrong?”
Kagome smiled and pulled out a white rose boutonnière.
“Your family flower,” Kagome said. “May I?”
“Of course,” Inuyasha replied.
Kagome went to work pinning the boutonniere on him. Inuyasha stared at her the entire time. She was absolutely stunning. He couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. Then reality set in. She would be leaving in less than twenty-four hours. He sighed.
“There,” Kagome said with a smile. “Now you look absolutely handsome.”
Inuyasha gave her a weak smile. Kagome got a look of concern on her face.
“What's wrong?” she asked.
“Oh…uh…I'm just a little nervous, that's all,” Inuyasha lied. He was nervous. That wasn't a lie. But that hadn't been what was bothering him the most.
“Myouga figured you would be,” Kagome said with a smile. “He asked me to come here and walk down with you.”
“He did?” Inuyasha asked looking over at Myouga.
“Yeah,” Kagome said. “He also brought me this dress.”
Inuyasha stared at the crests on Kagome's dress then looked at Myouga with a smile.
“He did, did he?” Inuyasha said with a smirk. Myouga looked at Inuyasha sheepishly over his left shoulder.
Only those that are part of the Takashi family were allowed to wear the crest. Myouga knew that as well as Inuyasha. You had to be related by blood or be married into the family. Inuyasha shook his head. Could Myouga leave hints for Inuyasha any more than he already had?
“All of that is okay, isn't it?” Kagome asked. “If not, I can go back downstairs with Sango and Miroku.”
“No!” Inuyasha shouted. Kagome and Myouga blinked a couple of times at his outburst. “I mean, no, Kagome. I want you to walk down with me. I feel ridiculous walking down these stairs. It would make me feel better if I wasn't the only one who looked ridiculous!”
Kagome laughed and nodded her head.
“Okay then,” Kagome said. “Let's do this and get it over with. You're missing your own party!”
Downstairs everyone turned and looked up at the staircase as two trumpets sounded. A servant dressed in fine servants' clothing stepped forward.
“Hear ye, hear ye! Presenting his Royal Highness, Lord of the Western Lands, Inuyasha Takashi, and her Highness, Lady Kagome Higurashi!” the servant yelled.
Kagome and Inuyasha immediately began to blush. They made it sound like they were together. Inuyasha looked around. He knew Myouga had had something to do with this.
“Myouga!” he said as Myouga reached for the curtain's cord.
“So sorry, sire, busy, busy,” Myouga said nervously as he walked over to pull the curtain.
Inuyasha rolled his eyes and extended his arm to Kagome. She looked at it curiously.
“Take my arm,” Inuyasha ordered. “I would hate to be seen as ungentlemanly by my father's people my very first day.”
Kagome took his arm and smiled.
“Correction,” she said. “They're your people now.”
The curtain flew open and Kagome and Inuyasha stepped forward. The entire crowd cheered. Kagome could tell Inuyasha was a little shocked at how the crowd praised him, a worthless hanyou, but they all went wild. Everyone, young and old cheered for him as if he were a famous movie star. Inuyasha was frozen in place. He couldn't move. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
“Inuyasha,” Kagome said under her breath. “Start walking.”
He didn't move. He was frozen in spot. He suddenly felt faint. Kagome realized that he was nervous beyond belief. She had to do something. Inuyasha looked down at the stairs and then back at the people before him as dreadful memories began filtering back. Sango and Miroku looked up at them from below. They knew something was wrong with Inuyasha. He wouldn't move. All of the memories of his childhood flashed before his eyes. He remembered how he was made fun of for being a hanyou, how he was beaten and ridiculed. Finally, Kagome placed her other hand on his arm. When that didn't work, she dug her nails into his arm slightly. Inuyasha snapped out of it and looked down at her.
“I'm right here with you,” she said, trying not to move her lips too much so no one could understand what she was saying. “Everything will be okay. Trust me if you can trust no one else.”
Inuyasha smiled and placed his free hand over hers.
“Thank you, Kagome,” Inuyasha said and he began walking down the stairs.
The crowd went wild cheering for their new Lord. As long as Kagome kept her hand on Inuyasha, he was fine. At one point she took her hand away to wave at someone and she seriously thought Inuyasha might fall. She immediately replaced her hand and patted his arm with the other. They finally made it down the long staircase. Photographers lined up taking pictures of Kagome and Inuyasha.
“Is this the life you are ready to live?” Kagome asked with a smile.
“Not this part of it,” Inuyasha said with a laugh.
“How are you feeling, my Lord?” an older woman asked. Inuyasha thought back to how his father would reply.
“Very well, madam, and you?” he replied. “You look very lovely this evening.”
“Oh why thank you, my Lord,” the woman said, her eyes radiating from receiving a compliment from her Lord. “I am having a marvelous time.”
“Excellent,” he said. “Well, please enjoy the rest of your evening.”
The lady nodded, curtsied, and walked away. Kagome leaned over to Inuyasha.
“Impressive, my Lord,” Kagome whispered.
“Thank you, my Lady,” he said in a gentlemanly manner. “I am just trying to act as my father would.”
It wasn't long before Inuyasha was completely comfortable and acting just as his father would…well almost anyway. Inuyasha still needed to brush up on his manners and work on his temper, but other than that, he was doing a fine job…as long as Kagome was near him. Inuyasha seriously couldn't carry on a conversation with someone unless Kagome was there.
“Are you okay, my Lord?” a man asked. “You looked as if you might fall on the stairs.”
Inuyasha balled his fists at his side and wanted to punch the guy, but Kagome soon took Inuyasha's arms and spoke for him.
“Oh, he's fine,” Kagome said with a laugh. “He's just still a little woozy from being brought back from the dead and all.”
“Oh, of course,” the man said with a laugh. “How silly of me. Well, I do wish the best for you my Lord. And Lady Kagome…” The man took Kagome's free hand and kissed it. “It was such a pleasure to finally meet you.”
Though even Inuyasha knew that that was merely a way to show respect to a Lady of the Land, Inuyasha was extremely jealous. He didn't want anyone touching her. He controlled himself enough however to even smile at the man as he walked away. He then immediately turned around and grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. He chugged it down as if it were water then placed the glass back on the waiter's tray.
“Um…you okay?” Kagome asked.
“Yeah…fine…good,” he said brushing himself off.
Kagome knew what the problem was, however. Inuyasha wasn't the type to hobnob with people he didn't even know strictly because they were seen as important in the community. That was what this party really was. Inuyasha didn't know a third of the people there, but he had to be cordial and friendly to everyone. It had to be nerve-wracking for him. He was used to being a loner, away from people, and now he was suddenly thrown into an environment in which he had to be friendly and speak to people he didn't even know. He had also been accustomed to rejection and these people were in love with him. It all had to be very overwhelming for him.
Sango and Miroku walked over about that time. Miroku proudly had his arm around Sango. He had been ogling her the entire night. He stared at the way the dress perfectly accented every curve and feature. Kagome smiled as the two of them walked up. She knew it would probably be a relief to for Inuyasha to talk to someone he actually knew.
“Good evening, Lady Kagome,” Miroku said. “You look lovely this evening.”
“Why thank you, Miroku,” she replied. “You look very handsome as well.”
“Good evening, Sango,” Inuyasha said taking her hand and bowing. “You look quite beautiful this evening.”
“Er…um…thanks, Inuyasha,” Sango said nervously as he released her hand. “Um…are you drunk yet?”
“Sango!” Kagome said.
“Well, I was just wondering!” Sango said. “He's never given me a compliment like that before!”
“No, and I haven't given many compliments before period!” Inuyasha said in a harsh whisper, leaning in so only they could hear him. “I don't even know half of these people, and I have given out more compliments tonight than I have ever given in my entire life! I am trying to act like a gentleman here so help me out and don't make this any harder than it already is!” He stood up straight and straightened his tux. “Now, if you will excuse me, I think I will go find another glass of champagne.”
“Fine, Inuyasha,” Kagome said. “But can you at least sip on this one?”
“Sure,” he said as he bowed and walked away.
“He's trying really hard, huh?” Miroku said.
“Yeah,” Kagome said as she watched him walk away, meeting a few more people along the way. “I just think he doesn't want to disappoint his father. I think he could really care less what everyone thought of him. He hasn't before…why should now be any different?”
“Good point,” Miroku said.
Finally, the DJ started to play music everyone could actually dance to. Many of the couples took to the dance floor. Others moved out of the way so the dancers could have the floor. Miroku took Sango by the hand.
“Would you like to dance?” he asked her.
“I'd love to,” Sango said as she allowed him to lead her out on the dance floor.
Kagome stood there with her glass of champagne in her hand. She stared down into the glass. She had only taken a few sips, but she didn't really want it any more. Her mind began to wander. She became nervous as she watched everyone dance. She started to think of Inuyasha. She was so happy he was alive. She looked across the room and found three girls surrounding him, apparently taken by his good looks and charm. `Charm,' Kagome thought with a laugh. `Now that's something I never thought Inuyasha would have.' She set her glass down on a neighboring table.
“Harlots,” an old woman suddenly said from behind her.
“Excuse me?” Kagome said.
“Those three girls the Lord is talking to,” she said. “They are the town harlots. They trick men with their good looks and fake innocent attitudes, then take men for everything they're worth.”
“Well…I am sure they are nice girls,” Kagome said.
“Hmph!” the old woman retorted. “They are obviously nice in bed. Otherwise they wouldn't have so many suitors.”
“Well, I can assure you the Lord is far smarter than to be taken away by such nonsense,” Kagome said with a smile.
“Let's hope so,” the old woman said. “For your sake, my Lady.”
“My sake?” Kagome asked.
“Yes,” she replied. “I must say I would love to have such a lovely and admirable young lady such as yourself to rule our lands.”
“Why thank you,” Kagome said with a smile.
The old woman curtsied and walked away. Kagome sighed. It was beginning to look like the entire town was wanting to get Kagome and Inuyasha together. Kagome decided to walk over to Inuyasha.
“How are you young ladies do this evening?” Inuyasha asked the three girls that had surprised him from behind.
“Very well indeed now that we are here with you my Lord,” the one with black hair said.
“Uh…” Inuyasha began as he leaned away slightly.
“Yes,” the blond said in a seductive tone. “We are so excited to be here.”
“Are you now?” Inuyasha said, nervously adjusting his collar.
“Oh, yes,” the girl with brown hair said. “We've been dying to meet you.”
The three girls then managed to get a hand somewhere on Inuyasha's body.
“Oh, such nice muscles, my Lord,” the blond said.
“Oh yeah,” the black haired girl said placing a hand on his chest.
Inuyasha wanted to run away and hide from these women. He had no idea what would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Suddenly, he spotted Kagome walking towards him. If she caught him like this, he would be dead for sure!
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