InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ To Be Unrequited ❯ To Be Unrequited ( One-Shot )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
A/N: As I walked outside this morning, I just couldn't help but type this, and I'm sorry, I know this is long. The dawn is always so beautiful...sighs. And I just couldn't help compare it with Kagome's unrequited feelings in the beginning of the InuYasha anime. A metaphor of nature. Please read, enjoy, and review!

Disclaimer: InuYasha belongs to the wonderful Rumiko Takahashi, and definitely not me.
As I meander away from the others
The sun arises from between its bed in the hills
A glowing, buoyant orb floating to the surface of the sky
Setting a small glow:
A small campfire
In a safe haven.
Momentary peace and serenity
For my troubled soul, full of turmoil,
For he adamantly refuses
To lose sight of his memory
Of her,
And find his love for me.
If there ever was any
Hues of pink support the backdrop
Heating to a darkening crimson when approaching the source of light
The exact color of his firerat haori
Which I so yearn to clutch and cuddle into
Flecks of blue
Shyly peeping through the sky
Never showing his whole self
Always hiding
A secret part of him away.
Dashes of cerulean here and there
Never solidified in one place
Like Him
Dashing to and from the long-dead miko
And her cast-off reincarnation
Morose gray is sequestered
Away by the warmer hues
Who are irked by the presence of gray night and sorrow, where no light or hope shines through
Impeccably matching
The color of her eyes
Dull and
And when cast characters
I, the sullen rejected gray
He, the mesmerizing colors of fire and passion
Oh how I my heart clenches when considering
The uncharted territories of "what if"'s
If only she was
No matter what my rationale protests
No matter how strong the claws of guilt persist
Birds awaken
To lament their sorrowful, cheerful, chagrined, melancholy stories
Drifting into the ears of the shut-eyed young kitsune a distance away
And floating into our meadow
Where he slumbers
Inu ears flicking at the notes and pitches
I long to whisper sweet nothings
Into those same gateways of hearing
Plants and flowers unfurl, leaves and petals amuck on the ground
The Sun shines. Its rays
Golden incandescence illuminating the sky
As artfully as da Vinci's brushstrokes
Revealing the glittering dew
Nestled deep in the grass blades
For surely one day
His feelings for me
Will see the light
And shimmer as water drops in the morning
If they exist at all
Clouds: those plump old maids,
Close relatives to my feelings and heart.
Gathering round
Seemingly tittering and gossiping while
Casting envious looks
In the direction of
The sun.
Every look he sends to Kikyo
Or a single lapse of time thinking
About her
Sends a green thread to wrap around my heart
Covering it with the monstrous, swampy
Green of envy
The lazy lull of the clouds disperse
As they pounce forward
To overcast the sky
Mimicking the swiftness of a providing mother panther
What hurts the most is
His speed-
When catching a glimpse of her face
Or a whiff of her scent, no matter how stale-
Is hundred fold faster
Leaving the ravenous mother panther
In the dust
Pitiful attempts to a cloudy day
Result futilely
As shafts and beams of luminescence
Manage to break free, just as
My feeble attempts
At stopping him
From seeing her
Emits the same response from him
Each and every time.
A growl
A glare
Anything but kindness and a passion towards me
If life was to continue down this path
My time in the feudal era is almost up
How fortuitous we are to be able to love
To set the first spark
When you first lay eyes
Or the first brush of the hand
Or perhaps lips
The feeling of kindling your affections
Nurturing them
Having them spring into full blossom
But alas, not all love is
A soul can grow weary
When nothing is given in return
And tire
And shrivel
And flicker to its last breaths...
Knowing another one other than oneself is admired.
A broken spirit
A broken heart
And in the end
All my trials lead to error
No avail
Wasted effort
Until the end of the day
Where I retire
To rest and reenergize
For the pointless conquest
Of obtaining his affections
For she shall never
Set foot and squash, damper and diminish
My ardent hopes and vows, all for him
Just as seemingly so that the Sun shall hang in the sky for eternity
My love
It is only myself that I doubt...
The cumbersome burden
That heavies each day
Lingering in my conscience
Brainwashing my heart
Which can only be stopped by the cease of uncertainties
The day will come
Where the weight of infatuation
Will drag me down
And squeeze my heart
Until my frail human spirit
Is crushed.
Can I go through with this?