InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Training ( Chapter 2 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Shippo's eyes widened as he thought of his adopted mother being like this - a half demon - forever. His mouth turned into a smile as well. "Yay!" he cried, jumping into her arms.

"But I wonder," Sango said, looking Kagome over, "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

Chapter Two - which I deleted without realizing and now have to write all over. . . I'm such an idiot. . .

"OW! Why do you have to hit so hard?!"

"I'm not. You are just a weak hanyou. If you knew how to defend yourself better - "


Inuyasha winced, holding his ears. Why was Kagome so loud all the time? Sheesh!

"You know, if you were any louder, I'd have to get ear-plugs."

Kagome hissed, snarled, and growled in one, then pounced at him. She swiped at him time and time again, trying to land a hit. And none of them made it.

Inuyasha was, in a word, too fast. She couldn't catch him! But then, at least he wasn't hitting back. . .

Sango and Shippo were sitting from a distance, watching the two fight-slash-train, and watching Kagome as she got better by the second. Her swings were becoming more coordinated, her movements more fluid, and her hits more powerful by the minute.

Miroku was standing near Sango, watching as well. He had to admit Kagome looked pleasing to the eye before, but now she was downright gorgeous! Being a hanyou suited her almost too well. It got you thinking about the possibility that one of her parents were a demon, or both half.

He smiled now, enjoying the view of Kagome's kick and the way her skirt was so short.


And now Miroku was facedown in the dirt, a lump on his head and anime swirl eyes.

Sango was standing behind him, her boomerang swung to the side like she just hit him with it, head down, eyes closed and with an anime pulse on her forehead. "Hentai," she muttered, going back to her designated spot.

Shippo didn't even notice she was gone. He was too wrapped up in his 'Mother' to notice Sango had left.

Kagome didn't notice, either. She was too wrapped up in trying to tear Inuyasha's throat to shreds.

Just now Kagome paused, her tail dropping to brush the ground, and caught her breath. Inu may not seem like much of challenge at first, but now she knew that those demons he fought all the time must've been really strong to hold their own against him for so long.

Inu himself was hiding how he caught his breath, not letting Kagome know she was more of a challenge herself than she seemed. He was surprised, to say the least. Astounded. Hell, he was surprised himself that he was as strong as he was, having a human mother, even with his Father being a Lord, which made him so powerful.

But for Kagome, who had two human parents - as far as he knew - and was merely bitten, was the most amazing thing he'd seen since Kikyo came back. On top of that, Kagome was escalading in her power faster than he would have thought possible. Even her scent was ascending in strength.

Before, her scent had been faint but vivid, showing she had not much physical strength, but did not lack in more magical powers. Now her scent was strong, sweet, vivid and long lasting, even though that sounded like a Winterfresh commercial.

Her scent lingered on everything she came close to, and Inuyasha guessed that by now he was probably covered in her scent - from head to toe, to use the cliché.

Once Kagome caught her breath she took a deep breath, shutting her eyes. She'd never done this before, but that didn't matter. It was instinct telling her to calm down so she could think more clearly. But also she listened, paying attention to the slightest sound and even smell.

She could hear the breathing of everyone present, plus Inuyasha's heartbeat. She could smell something like vanilla and cherries, which she worked on tracing. Two of her favorite snacks, which were irresistible, she thought.

And it seemed to be coming from somewhere in front of her, and when she opened her eyes, she realized with a shock who it was coming from.

[D/L: Gee, can you guess who?]


He blinked at her, looking a little confused at why she said his name like that. Almost like she was surprised, and even shocked.

"What?" He looked over his shoulder, thinking maybe she meant someone else, or at least to make her think that it was what he thought.

"Why on Earth do you smell like Vanilla?"

Now it was Inuyasha's turn to look shocked. "How am I supposed to know?" he snapped. He narrowed his eyes. "It's a little bit hard to smell myself, you know!"

"Oh, God!" Kagome turned around, trying to block the scent from her nose. Before she'd known she was attracted to him, but had pushed it down, thinking it was better that he be with Kikyo. And now he smelled extremely good to her nose?! "Great, just great," she whispered, lifting a hand to rub her temples. "I have a freaky dream where my arm is oozing green, I wake to find I'm a hanyou, Inuyasha offers to train me, and now my nose tells me he smells like Vanilla and cherries?" She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "What next?"

Almost as if called a dust devil came onto the clearing, and died down in a second. Turned out to be Kouga, who was looking at Kagome like she was a gift from Heaven.

His scent hit her nose as well, and he smelled like a forest. Wood, tree sap, dirt, and, faintly, sweat. Like a man who did everything to the fullest, even if it required pushing himself to the edge, and liked doing everything in the wilderness.

Interesting, Kagome thought. She turned to Shippo, holding open her arms for him in a silent invitation.

Without a second's hesitation he jumped into her arms, and Kagome got a good whiff of him, too. Kagome laughed mentally, smiling down at her 'pup'.

(Grass, open fields,) Kagome hugged him closer. His smell wasn't one you could identify, but it made you think of plains, sunlight, even butterflies that travel over them.

Turning back to Inuyasha, then Kouga, she found that they now had their eyes locked. Figures. You couldn't put them in separate corners without having them fight.

"Boys, don't start," she said, catching both's attention. Kouga came up to Kagome, taking in her newest attributes, and circled her, much to the displeasure of a certain male hanyou.

"What happened to you?" Kouga asked, smiling slightly.

(If he liked me before, he must really love me now,) Kagome thought, resisting the urge to giggle.

"In a nutshell, a demon bit me." Kagome took a step back and set Shippo on the ground, who whined. She brushed her bangs back with her hand, cooling her forehead. "So far I'm turning into Inuyasha."

"Gods forbid," Kouga said, looking over at Inuyasha, who glared daggers. "But this is an interesting change for you - " His eyes caught something else, behind Kagome, and he laughed. "What did the monk do?" he asked, gesturing at the black and purple mound on the ground.

"I hit him," Sango said, now standing as well. "He brought it upon himself." But she didn't say what he did. He was still out; if anyone tried to injure him now he might not wake up.

Kouga just shook his head before fixing his attention back on Kagome. "You look much better as a hanyou - and here I thought you couldn't look any better," he said, adding a compliment.

Without meaning to, Kagome blushed, looking away. Compliments were hard for her to handle, and he made it sound like she was the most beautiful being on the planet, even as a human. Which meant now she was a Goddess.

If Inuyasha didn't put her down all the time, she might've been able to not feel so embarrassed right now. But then, if Inuyasha didn't put her down all the time, she might realize that what Kouga said might also be taken as an insult.

Faintly, she heard Inuyasha growl, and knew that the 'boys' were about to get into yet another name-calling match.

Without even waiting to see if her assumption was true or not, she tilted her head back and took a good sniff, and smelled something like mud, with a fragrance surrounding it, smelling something like flowers.

In a moment's time she realized that she heard it before she smelt it, and now she knew exactly who it was.

"Inuyasha!" she said, catching his attention. "It's Kikyo!"