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Like Ashira guessed, it was a piece of his clothes, but it scared her. She knew very well that his fire rat fur haori was mostly unbreakable, and here it was, shredded, but also a darker shade of red. His blood was on it. But, it was fresh, not like half-day old blood should be. She sniffed it, and it confirmed what she was hoping. "Yes, this is Inuyasha's," she said distractedly to Ashira. Without saying anything more she undid the tie around her hand and put the piece of cloth on her hand, retying so it would hold still. This was the beginning, she knew. She had a little piece of Inuyasha, a little piece of hope, and a large piece of determination, all of which was overflowed by the love she had for him, now stronger than ever. She spun on Ashira. "Let's go."

Chapter Twenty

"Miroku? Sango?" Kagome looked around the area. Their smells were here, though faded. Yes, she was sure of it. That grape-like smell, and the fresh water smell; Miroku and Sango. But, there was something else. A demon smell, something like that of her father, or Kouga, which meant a wolf. She followed all three scents, and met the stench of blood. Lots of it, like there was a massacre. Getting worried she moved faster, and saw dozens of slashed and bloody wolves, all blue and oversized, with more than just one tail each. . .

"Inuyasha," she whispered, knowing for a fact that whatever demons took him were the same ones that attacked Sango, Miroku, and her pup, Shippou. She could even smell Kirara's exotic kitten smell, along with her blood.

She followed their smells again, now in a dead run and leaving Kouga, Ashira, Maso and Nurino to try their best to keep up. You'd think that with how fast Kouga was he wouldn't have that much trouble, but then again, Kagome had her maternal instincts driving her; she could smell Shippou's blood more than anyone else's and couldn't lose him, too.

Without giving any glances to any human that saw her dash by she went straight for her friends' smells and into a hut that housed all four of them.

Miroku looked asleep, with his right arm in a sling and a brace on his wrist. Sango was lying on her back, also looking asleep, with a bandage and brace on her waist, more specifically around her left hip. Kirara had her right hind leg wrapped in a bandage as well, with a ugly looking scab on her forehead, but worst of all was Shippou.

He was sleeping, or so it looked, and on his back with all limbs outstretched. He looked in pain, he was wearing nothing but one huge bandage that covered his entire torso and a few on his arms and legs, plus one on his tail and a few small ones on his face. All of which was showing red from blood.

Kagome gasped, her hands lifting to her mouth. She could hear the four wolf demons behind her breathing, most especially Ashira, who was just about gasping.

"Oh, my god," Kagome said.

Apparently Miroku heard her, for his head lifted and then he was looking at her. "Lady Kagome," he said, smiling. He got up and hugged her with his good arm, not groping, and when he let go he looked her over. "You're alright!"

"I wish I could same the same for you," Kagome replied, looking over each of her companions. Then she turned her gaze sharply on the monk. "What happened?"

He nodded. After a moment he gestured that they leave the hut so as to not wake the others. He sat down on a tree stump and sighed, and finally told her about the demon(s) that attacked them. It took a little longer to explain than he wanted, but it had to be said.

"Kaede said that none of our injuries are life-threatening, but that isn't such good news," he finished. "My hand will no longer have the movements it used to, Sango won't be able to walk without a limp from now on, Kirara will have a scar on her forehead, and Shippou was bitten through his entire body. . . He will forever have small scars in those areas."

Kagome was stunned by the end of the tale. She could feel she was going to cry, if not now then later. She looked down, at her hands. Her eyes landed on the bit of red underneath the ties on her left hand, the bit of hope she carried with her. "I should've been here," she said, hardly realizing she spoke aloud. She could blame this entire episode on herself, for fighting Inuyasha so soon after getting out of the well. If she hadn't started that fight, she and Inuyasha would have been with Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippou when they needed it. They wouldn't be injured, Inuyasha wouldn't be gone, and maybe the demons that attacked would've been defeated long ago. "It's my fault."

"No," Miroku said, quickly. "You can't blame yourself for all of this, Kagome. It's as much as the Gods above fault as it is yours."

"You think the others are awake yet?" she said, mostly because she didn't want to listen. She ducked into the hut before anybody could say anything.

Miroku sighed. After a moment he brought up the subject of why Kouga was here with three of his pack.

"I found Kagome, unconscious," Kouga replied. He gestured at his companions. "Nurino, Maso, and Ashira," he said. "Three of my best warriors."

Miroku hardly heard that. He was smiling at Ashira. [D/L: You know the drill by now, right?] Putting on his best gentlemanly act, he stood up and capture done of her hands in his. "Would you do me the honor of bearing my child?"

For a moment Ashira didn't move, trying to figure out if this guy was for real or not. She decided he was. "I'm a demon," she said, clearly, and threw him into the tree trunk he was previously sitting on. Never get Ashira mad. . .

Kagome came right back out, just in time to see Nurino trying to hold back Ashira, who was trying to stomp on a certain monk who couldn't get up at the moment. "Ashira!" she snapped, going forward to shove the demoness onto the ground, who took Nurino down with her. She stood, arms crossed, in front of Miroku, this time - if only this time - willing to protect him. For two reasons - one, he was hurt and couldn't be much of a fight, and two, Ashira was a force to be reckoned with.

Ashira growled and stood back up. "What are doing; protecting him?!" she snapped. "Do you have any idea what he sad to me?!"

" 'Would you bear my child?'" Kagome said, calmly, lowing her voice to mimic Miroku's. "He says it to every woman he meets," she explained, seeing Ashira's confused look.

"Ohhhhhhh," Ashira said, and nodded. She narrowed her eyes at the monk. "You consider yourself lucky - I don't let every man get off as easy as you just did."

A moment of silence hung in the air before Ashira turned around and took a spot next to Kouga, who was shaking his head. Kagome whirled around to see Miroku, who was just now getting up, and raised her brow at him. He smiled nervously and, without another word, went right back into the hut. Where it was safe. Kagome just rolled her eyes. "He'll never learn," she sighed, and followed him.

~*~ Ray and Rare ~*~

"So. . . How are you still alive?"

He smiled. Silly woman, she still doesn't have a complete understanding of how demons work. "Simple. I waited around for five hundred years, letting my powers come back. The other demons in my pack, like me, have a regenerative gene. I know its strange, considering no mammal has those qualities, but that's just the way we are. I still had a few cells still alive of my demon form, which was all I needed."

"But why did you attack Kagome?" Ray asked, desperately.

"I didn't," Rare replied, simply. "Inuyasha saw me and thought I was threatening. It's hard to control demon instincts to survive, so I fought. It wasn't supposed to happen that way."

"But. . . What about how you said that Inuyasha's father was part of your. . . pack?" She looked down, at her hands. "Wouldn't it make Kagome and Inuyasha like cousins or something?"

"First of all, that doesn't matter with demons. Having the genial pool just makes the demons' offspring stronger. And no; they're not. Inuyasha's father was an orphan that a mother in my pack took in when she lost hers to a snail." He smiled. "She told us stories after he left of how quickly he grew, and how just one of his teeth is as tall as a man."

Ray looked shocked now. "How could a . . . demon. . . get that big?" she asked, a little breathlessly.

"Oh, that's nothing. I've fought demons before that were twice that size, and some that are a small as a flea or the eye of a needle. The size of the demon rarely affects its power."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I've found demons that were half my size but were stronger than demons ten times my size. It doesn't matter what type of demon they are, either. Wolf, flea, snail, rabbit, man, male, female, snake, grasshopper. . . It's all basically the same."

"Wow," Ray breathed. "I. . . I never knew that such things were possible. . . Just how, um, 'powerful', are you?"

Rare sighed, thinking of ways to use examples she would understand. "Okay, your house. I could probably lift it, plus another half, even with the things inside. I can run faster than the cars on the freeway. My magical powers are simple enough; just three attacks. . . Ray?"

She swayed, feeling like she might pass out again. But she held her composure, even as Rare held her up. "How much of that was passed onto Kagome?"

"A little more than half. . . She might be able to lift the house of the ground, but just a little. I believe she has my speed, and her magical powers are enormous, due to her earlier miko abilities added to that of her demon. . . Ray!"

She jerked, trying to stay conscious. It was hard because of two things; one, as much as she knew that Kagome was a half demon now, it was still coming as a shock, and two, Rare was really nice to lean into. . .


Too late. She wasn't awake anymore. He sighed, laying her back onto her bed, and took off her shoes. He couldn't help but shake his head. She seemed so much stronger the last time he was here. . . Which reminded him. . .

He got up, heading to the well in hopes he could still pass through it. He doubted it, as he had only gone through it twice, but it seemed to recognize and let dog demons pass, as it had Kagome, himself and her soon-to-be-mate Inuyasha. But then, he remembered that Kagome's adopted pup hadn't been able to cross through when Inuyasha stuffed a tree down the well, but then, Kagome only got back because of her wish to return while holding the half jewel.

He hopped down, wanting to get back so his pack didn't do anything stupid do to his absence. Yes, he was leader of his pack now. And if they knew about Kagome, which they probably did, they'd know that as his only child, she was the heir to his so called "throne". And if anybody or thing hurt her, then they wouldn't be too lucky about getting away alive. He hoped Inuyasha hasn't been arguing with her or anything.

He landed on the bottom of the well and looked up. Just as he thought, he didn't get to go back. That made sense, considering he had waited five centuries to get here in the first place. He sighed as he hopped back out, knowing he wouldn't get much of a chance to see his own daughter after this. For all he knew, she died, years ago on the other side of the well. After all, when she left with Inuyasha, to go wherever it was they went, they really disappeared. And, as only a spirit with barely enough body to house it, he couldn't exactly follow them. At least he still had one love left in his life, and she was something to look forward to. He was just worried about when she would die, leaving him without her for however much longer it would take him to die. Not that nearly six hundred years was young, but for a demon, it was just passed middle aged. About fifty or sixty in human years. And half demons live little more than half as much as a full demon.

That equaled around five hundred, depending on the hanyou. Kagome, now that she had his healing abilities, just might live long enough to see her mother again in this time, though with her tail and ears, she might think otherwise of it. After all, it was hard enough for him, only being able to easily walk outside on Halloween, and having to sneak around late at night to keep from getting stares. Every now and then some people stopped to goggle at him, but he had one safe reason: "I love dogs!" That usually got them to stop staring, and almost always they would look strangely at him and walk away shaking their heads.

It got old and annoying fast. How ignorant can these people be?! Have they forgotten when they lived side-by-side with demons everywhere they went? Are there no scrolls left or other records that prove there was a such as demons on the earth and spiritual power? They don't even believe in spiritual power! It would be easy for a demon, no matter who, to just. . . wipe out the humans in this time. Gods, if Naraku were still alive, he would have done just that! Thank the Gods he didn't make it so far.

Trying to get a little more adjusted to this house, as he had not been here for a long time, he peeked open doors and entered rooms, learning by smell and sight which room was for what. He stopped to smile when he found Kagome's, which was already smelling a little more like her new self. Pink covers, a desk, some stuffed animals. . . Just wait until she gets back to remodel this place! After all, her style in clothing was already turning out to be like his, although it was all her own, and if he wanted to remodel this room, he'd probably choose to pant the walls blue and the desk green, and change the covers to either red or black. Kagome just might agree. But he left anyway, shutting the door after making sure the window was latched and went back to Ray's room. He was still a little confused about whether or not he should consider her a mate, since he hadn't marked her, but they did have a child together. What were the rules on these things?

There didn't seem to be any. Oh, well. He smiled down at her. Soon enough you'll be my mate, Ray. Until then, get as much rest as you can. I know it's been a long time since your husband left, and I know you haven't gotten any lovers since then. Our time together was just once, but demons, you see, don't just take one time and leave. That time had special circumstances; ext time I'm not stopping because you only need it once. You'll see how long a demon can and will last, soon enough. Good night. . . For now.

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