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She had one chance to make this work. She knew the consequences if she should fail. She knew what Naraku would do now. She knew, above all, that if she did fail, she was going to fight Naraku with her last breath.

There was no way she was going to make such a victory on his part easy. It wasn't in her nature.

~*~ Kagome, Five o'clock ~*~

In a minute Kagome had it all straightened out and Sesshomaru was gone. Kagura was more or less safe with Kaede, and Kanna was sleeping in the nearest room - well, sort of. Was it possible for a young female demon to sleep with her eyes open?

~*~ Naraku ~*~

The biggest problem was how his mortal time affected him. The demons in his body literally fell apart, revealing helpless Onigumo again. The demons couldn't move, and neither could Onigumo.

As always, a spasm of pain held him still a moment, and he held his side. The sun was setting. It wouldn't be long now.

Forty Seven

For the umpteenth time, Kagome glanced up to find Inuyasha staring at her with the strangest expression. If she had to place it, she'd say that he looked like he found out something that was being kept from him, and trying to prove to her that he'd figured it out. Nonetheless, Kagome was oblivious to whatever it was he found out, and she kept shivering under the intensity of his gaze.

After a total of three hours, she couldn't take it and rounded on him. "What are you staring at?!" she demanded.

Standing outside, a little apart from everybody else, her voice didn't quite reach the ears of the others, who were currently playing rowdily with the orphans.

Inuyasha's eyes flashed as he gave her the answer. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" he demanded.

The words in her mind all went mute at once. Kagome stared at him for a moment before shaking her head. "I'm not. . .I couldn't be. . .and how would you know it, anyway?" she blurted, matching him demand for demand.

"I can smell it," Inuyasha returned. "Not that it wasn't obvious, what with your sensitive stomach and oddball emotions," he snapped.

Kagome gave an incredulous laugh, but it died halfway out her throat. She felt light-headed and slow. She struggled with words for a minute, trying to form words but never making it past the first note. Stunned as she was, there seemed to be nothing to say.

After another short while Inuyasha swore softly, as though to himself, and then brought her into his embrace. Kagome accepted the comfort gratefully, still having trouble believing that she was pregnant - and at sixteen! She leaned against him heavily and closed her eyes, the motion bringing forth two hot tears.

All she could say was, "Pregnant."

Inuyasha nodded and tightened his arms. With a playful tug at her arm he drew back a little and tilted up her chin. "I guess this means there's no chance Shippo could be lonely, huh?"

Kagome gave a laugh but nodded. And then her thoughts turned, and she narrowed her eyes, steeling the maternal instinct in her that wanted to start cuddling her stomach and picking out baby clothes. "This is bad timing, though," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She raised watery green eyes to Inuyasha's smoldering gold ones. "This makes everything more dangerous," she told him. "We're not done yet."

Inuyasha nodded again and glanced back at their pack, as he'd labeled the remaining blue wolves and humans. "I think it's time to talk to your father," he said, and looked down at her.

With a shaky nod Kagome set off, speaking briefly to Sango and Miroku as Inuyasha spoke to Gar. They joined up again inside the hut as Kagome gathered her extra kimonos and wrapped them up, deciding to bring them with. Certainly a few of them could fit her mother, right? Ray would be overjoyed to have such beautiful kimonos, things no human could possibly have made, in either times or the distant future.

~*~ Rare ~*~

Lifting his head, Rare glanced out the living room window to see the remainder of his family coming towards the house. With a grin he stood up, ruffling Souta's hair as he went by him. Meeting Kagome and Inuyasha at the door, the first thing he did was pull Kagome into a tight hug. But the moment he looked at her face, he knew something was wrong - or at least something was bothering her. Deeply.

As if that wasn't enough, Inuyasha wore much the same expression. He let them both in and watched silently as Kagome lifted herself onto the table and sat there, and Inuyasha leaned against the sink, the two facing each other, but both with bent heads. Kagome looked up at Rare and said, "Where's Mama?"

"Upstairs," rare said, and started there.

"Wait, Dad," Kagome said, catching his arm. "Give these to Mama," she added while giving him a soft, wrapped gift. "And then we have to talk." Her eyes, the same color as his own, had a look of almost fear, and definite uncertainty and a type of need that only a father could assuage.

Rare nodded and went upstairs, giving Ray the parcel without waiting to see what it was. He went right back downstairs, but now Kagome and Inuyasha were in the living room, and Kagome - though smiling at everything Souta excitedly told them - had tears threatening in her eyes.

"Souta," Rare said, catching attention. "I'm afraid I must speak with Kagome. You and Inuyasha may play in your room, if you wish."

"Yeah!" Souta cried, grabbing Inuyasha's wrist. "I can show you my new video game!"

"Souta," Kagome interrupted. "I've got a better idea. Why don't you and Inuyasha go out running?" With eyes on Inuyasha, she added, You can let him ride on your back. He'd love it.

Inuyasha nodded and got to his feet, leading Souta outside as he began chattering on about how awesome it would be to get to ride on Inuyasha again and just how far were they going to go, anyway? And for how long? And just how fast could Inuyasha run? How high could he jump? Is the sky really the limit?

Rare took a seat next to Kagome and brought his arms around her. "What is it?"

Her green eyes were practically pleading for him to come up with a solution as she told him about the newest development - no puns intended.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, if that's what -"

"That's not it!" Kagome claimed. "Well, part of it is. I'm just sixteen. But this is just getting more and more complicated and I don't know what I can do or -"

"Stop it," Rare told her, catching her hands, which were wildly gesturing. She was going to work herself into a panic. "Everything will be fine. Trust me," he added, when she was going to protest. They looked into each other's eyes for a long moment before Kagome gathered words once again.

"I just realized something," she told him. "When you bit me, I heard somebody say, 'I will live on, if only through you'. Did you say that?"

That one caught him off guard. "No, I did not. But you heard it?" When Kagome nodded, he sat back and thought about it. After a few moments he grasped her arm and sat her up straight. "Do not move," he told her, looking over her body with a crucial eye.

Kagome was just about blushing. This was her father, and he was merely checking her state of health, but she couldn't get over being stared at. Even in the throes of passion with Inuyasha she blushed at being stared at, if only unconsciously. "What are you doing?" she asked, hearing the way her voice shook with nervousness.

"Looking," Rare said, and then his eyes focused on the center of her chest, just beneath her heart. His eyes narrowed and unfocused, and then he lifted a hand like he was going to touch her.

Kagome, despite her reasoning that this was her father who had only her best interest in mind, jerked backwards and covered her chest with her arms. A second later she was laughing nervously as Rare gazed at her questioningly. "Sorry?" she tried.

"I cannot help you if you do not hold still," he told her.

"Kagome!" Ray called, standing in the doorway. She twirled around, wearing a lovely blue kimono with a pattern of blooming green vines along the hem, grinning. "This is absolutely gorgeous!"

"I thought you'd like it," Kagome said, but otherwise didn't move.

Neither had Rare, and Ray noticed it. "What's the matter?" she asked, her motherly sense kicking in and telling her this wasn't a happy meeting.

"Nothing you need to worry about," Rare lied.

Ray propped her fists on her hips. "Every time you say that to me, it means I do need to worry about it. Now what's going on?"

Rare glanced at Kagome, searching for words. He looked back at Ray and said, "I believe a demon has taken root in her body."

Kagome nearly fainted at the words, and Ray wavered in the same feeling. "A what did what?" Ray breathed.

"If Kagome would hold still," Rare said, again turning to Kagome, "I could catch it."

"Catch what?" Grandpa asked, just entering the house. It was a moment before he appeared beside Ray.

Kagome let out a sob and dropped her head into her hands, trying to fight off a stronger, more vibrant blush. It was embarrassing, knowing that a demon was inside her - possibly threatening. It was more so knowing her father had learned of it, and then told her mother. It was unbearable for her superstitious grandfather to be told of it, and all in her presence.

Rare stood up and brought Kagome up next to him. "Don't worry," he said to her, barely a breath of sound. He began to go to her room as Ray informed Grandpa of the news, and he heard Kagome mutter something like "I'm not worried" under her breath.

Once inside her room, he shut the door and sat down on her bed with her. After a moment's thought he brought her legs up onto the bed as well, and focused on her chest again.

Kagome took it as a bad sign when he looked confused and began scanning her over again. "What happened?"

"It moved," Rare said.

Kagome lifted a hand to her heart, trying to calm it. She didn't notice her other hand coming to rest on her belly, over her womb and the baby inside. Nor did she notice anything else, seeing as how she blacked out. Everything that happened over the past few weeks all came flooding back, and with it, blessed darkness as it all weighed too much.

If she could have, she would've smiled when she lost consciousness. She needed a break - and lately she wasn't eating well, anyway. She trusted her father to take care of her and let her rest. She trusted Inuyasha to take care of Souta, should anything happen. She trusted Gar and Sango and Miroku and everybody else to watch over the orphans and Shippo.

But she wasn't so sure she trusted herself.

~*~ Inuyasha ~*~

Although Souta kept talking and laughing, Inuyasha didn't hear any of it. He didn't see where he was going, or if any humans spotted him. He ran and ran, as he used to when he was a boy and thoughts of his mother became too much for him. But this time, he wasn't thinking of his mother. He was thinking of Kagome, his mate, his love - beyond all reasoning, the other half of himself. Her, and the pup she carried. His pup. A life, too small to be weighed, that they created together, most likely during the first night they were together, when they told each other of their love.

Souta yelped rather loudly, and Inuyasha snapped himself back into the present, and saw the building they were going to hit. Souta hung on for dear life, as his life may very well depend on Inuyasha. However, it took Inuyasha just an instant to shift and land his feet on the wall, and it was just as easy to rebound off and onto another building. He stopped once landed, and knelt down, giving Souta time to relax himself as well as letting himself calm down and refocus.

Next to him, Souta panted and clutched at his heart, obviously more than a little scared. If he could have gathered words, Inuyasha would have apologized for scaring a few years out of the kid. But his mind was already receding again, wondering at what advice Rare could give Kagome and if Kagome would be alright with it. . .And if they could do whatever it was Rare might suggest.

With a riot of emotions raging through him, Inuyasha couldn't think anymore. His main emotion was fear, fear for Kagome and the pup and everyone back in his time. Just beneath it, close to overriding it, was the intense love he felt for Kagome and the still-growing love for the pup inside of her. Miniscule emotions were all battling each other beneath the fear and love, so many he couldn't recognize which was which - at least not so early in learning his emotions again, after being so cold for so long.

At a loss for what to do, what he possibly could do, Inuyasha dropped his head and buried it in his hands. He was shaking, he knew that, but he couldn't stop it now. He didn't notice Souta next to him, wondering what was wrong. His awareness retreated inward, to the point where all he knew was that Kagome was pregnant, he was going to be a father, and Naraku had the power to take that away, if they didn't kill him first.

Souta was shaking his shoulder, worried and scared, but Inuyasha wasn't moving except to breath. He could only wonder what he was thinking about to make him so sad and blind to the world.

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