InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ What Could Have Been ❯ Chapter Two: Toga and His Father-in-Law ( Chapter 2 )

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Days later, Toga, who was now awake and making a decent recovery, was holding his infant son as he sat in the corner of an empty room in the western wing of the castle. The look on Toga’s face was one of wonder and awe as Inuyasha squirmed about in his father’s arms, restless and trying to move his limbs. Toga’s son was eager to begin things much older infants could do, such as lift his head up. Sadly, his brand new muscles and ligaments did not have the strength to do so.

“So this is what it is like to be a father to a human's son…” Toga whispered under his breath with a tiny smile.

Already a few days had passed since the small family’s arrival at Izayoi’s old home and Inuyasha had already mastered the pouty lip, which he was making right now. The tiny, silver haired baby was clearly frustrated with his inability to move around and began to whimper in protest. Toga lightly bounced Inuyasha in his arms a bit, making an effort in keeping him as happy as possible.

“Easy there, young one,” Toga said softly into his son’s ears. “You’re not old enough to be doing much yet. No need to be fussy about it.”

Just as Toga expected, considering that he was this baby's father, Inuyasha did not cease his fussing. The babe's whimpering turned into whining as every clumsy movement failed to yield what the infant wanted, which Toga did not know. Despite already fathering one child already, Toga still lacked quite a bit of knowledge when it came to infants. Human babies, much less baby half demons, were, in their own ways, very different from the babes of full-blooded dog demons. The biggest difference that Toga noticed was the lack of strength when it came to moving around. While Sesshomaru was much more of a quiet yet demanding baby, he was already swatting away anything and everything that was remotely offensive in his own opinion with deadly precision by the first month.

As Toga continued to lightly cradle his infant son, a small prick made itself known on his neck. Suspecting who was responsible, Toga sighed as he extracted the one responsible with his index finger and thumb. The middle-aged dog demon turned over his hand and allowed for the pest, Myoga, to stand up in the middle of the palm of his hand.

“Master, you’re alive!” Myoga exclaimed. “I did not doubt your ability to survive with those extensive wounds for a second! GAK!”

The pest found himself being squeezed in center of Toga’s hand as soon as those words left his mouth. Toga had an irritated look on his face as he held his enclosed fist close to his face.

“I would advise you to take care with what you say next,” Toga warned. “You and I both know that you run away from danger that poses a risk to one’s life. You would have stayed by my side the entire time if you had no doubt about my survival.”

“Sorry, master…” Myoga wheezed as Toga loosened his grip back into a flat palm. “But either way, Totosai, Saya, and I did exactly what you said in regards of Tensaiga and Sounga! We would have prepared the black pearl for hiding Tessaiga away, however the three of us could not find the sword anywhere at or near the battle ground. I assume that the worst may have come in those regards.”

“You three could not find it because I still have it,” Toga said as he looked to his own side, using a glance to show Myoga where Tessaiga was resting. This quelled any anxiety that Myoga had about the “missing Tessaiga.” Toga continued, “Regardless, I can at least count on you three to fulfill my will.”

“So, since you are alive, what should we do about Tessaiga?” Myoga asked. “You can’t just keep it on your person when you are still regaining your strength. It will be any day now that Sesshomaru obtains Tensaiga and becomes embroiled in fury over it! There is no doubt that he will eventually find out you’re alive and still have the Tessaiga at this rate! I would hate to see just how this will all play out if you are not back at full strength by the time he finds you!”

“If you are suggesting that I leave it with Totosai, forget it,” Toga sighed. “His memory has been getting worse by the day. On top of that, he does not have what it takes to keep my eldest at bay.”

Myoga pondered for a moment. When he had an idea, he let out a gasp and began bouncing around the palm of Toga's hand, “I’ve got it! What if we modified the black pearl? That way Inuyasha can still guard it until he is ready just like intended! Only instead of creating a portal to the Netherworld, the black pearl stores the sword away in a sort of limbo, only to release it when he needs it most or is absolutely ready for it! Whichever one comes first!”

Toga let a ghost of a smile grace his lips and said, “That could work. However, we will need to talk to Hosenki about the change in plan. He is the one who created the black pearl and embedded the spell that would take him to the Netherworld inside it. If anyone can modify the black pearl, it would be him.”

“Should we go see him this instance?” Myoga asked.

Toga shook his head, “Not at this time. Not only am I still recovering as you pointed out, but the humans of this village have my hands tied.”

“You’re kidding, right master?” Myoga asked, sweat dropping at the response he received.

“I am afraid not,” Toga said with an annoyed cringe, thinking back to what his human father-in-law had told him.

Damn that bastard… He is lucky I do not engage in senselessly killing humans who are THAT arrogant without a good cause.





Toga bowed his head before Izayoi’s father out of respect as he entered the room that Suguru was waiting in. Suguru looked up with distaste and contempt in his eyes, but Toga paid no mind to it. There was nothing thus far for the long-lived dog demon general to be worked up over… Yet.

“You wished to see me?” Toga asked.

“You could say that,” Suguru responded with little enthusiasm. “My Izayoi told me that you two have been wed and she wishes for you and your son to stay here with her. Tell me, did you have any say in this idea?”

“No, I have not,” Toga replied. “I was too badly injured from battle to be able to have any say.”

“Do you think you, Izayoi, and that… son of yours should live here?”

“If it is what Izayoi wishes for our son, then yes.”

“I see,” Suguru mussed. “If you want my full cooperation in giving your family as much support I am obligated to give you, I want something from you.”

Toga narrowed his eyes, “I am listening.”

“I want you to serve me as your lord in my army,” Suguru said. “If you can adequately serve me, then I will know I can trust you. If not, there will be consequences.”

“You will not lay a hand on Inuyasha! He’s only an infant!” Toga barked with fury on his face.

“I would not harm the… babe. It would hurt Izayoi as much as it pains me to say and I do no wish to see her in anymore agony than what she has already been in. What I meant was that you three would be expelled from this village and the surrounding villages within two day’s walk. While that is also something I would rather not do for it tampers with Izayoi’s own safety, it is much more merciful for her than any of the other alternatives I would rather do.”

A moment of silence passed. Toga and his narrowed, dominating eyes were focused in on Suguru’s firm, unyielding eyes. Neither man yielded to the other during this time of silent debate.

At the same time, Toga could not help but think of what could happen if Izayoi’s hard work to secure a potential home went to ruin. Toga had a feeling it was not easier than what was going on now. Then there was the fact that by growing up in a village, Inuyasha would likely have a chance to properly socialize with others, something that Sesshomaru horribly lacked when he was growing up. If anything, the middle-aged dog demon saw this as probably one of the few chances he would get to raise Inuyasha correctly. He had failed with Sesshomaru, he was not going to fail with Inuyasha.

“So long as I can raise my son alongside my wife and protect them,” Toga began with a grumbling tone, continuing to stare down Suguru with determination. “I will be honored to be your general. But if one hair on either Izayoi or Inuyasha is to be harmed, I will not hesitate to draw first blood. I do not do this for you, I do this for my beloved Izayoi and Inuyasha.”

Suguru pursed his lips in thought before saying, “Very well. But as soon as you do draw first blood on anyone in this village, regardless if it is I or a lowly villager, you and your son will be nothing more than another pair of demons for exorcists, monks, priests, and slayers to dispose of, no matter what my daughter thinks of you two. Is that clear?”

“Yes, my lord,” Toga responded less than half-heartedly as he stood up to his full height, towering over Suguru with his slender, yet powerful posture.

“Father?” Izayoi asked as she made herself known, her eyes wide with shock and tears threatening to come out.

End of flashback...




“I guess it could not be helped, master,” Myoga sighed, shaking his head. “Is Izayoi aware of any of this?”

Toga nodded, “Yes. She heard everything. She did not expect her father to behave the way he did, but it is too late to change anything now. Until Inuyasha is old enough, we are stuck here. The only benefit that we may get from all of this is a stable life for our little boy, and that is all that matters to us. I am willing to do what it takes to ensure Inuyasha is raised better than how I raised Sesshomaru with Rikka. This agreement is only a means to that end.”

“That is very noble of you, master,” Myoga commended. “If we’re lucky Lord Suguru won’t send you on pointless skirmishes. Not only is that very insulting, but it takes away time that you need to be using to bond with your son at a time where he needs both you and Izayoi most. In the meantime, I should probably rest before heading back to Totosai to explain the situation and see if he can come and help us get Hosenki's assistance. I think arthritis is starting to settle in for me.”

Toga silently agreed as he set Myoga down on his shoulder. With his hand freed, Toga began stroking Inuyasha’s fluffy hair tenderly. Everything was going to be fine for as long as Toga had any say in any of the matters that came forward.

In the end, Izayoi and their son meant everything to Toga. He would die fifty times over if it meant keeping his wife and child safe and well.