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Mr. Director-man walked into the building, his mind elsewhere.
He looked around and saw that there were cookies laid out on the table.
"Hmm." he stared at the warm gooey cookies that lay there, steaming and fresh out of the oven.
"I wonder who brought these?" he asked no one.
He looked around, he was the first one there, so maybe....
"Chomp, chomp, chomp!"
Mr. Direcotor man chewed on the cookies and swallowed.
"These are great! But, one isn't enough, I'm sure no one would notice..."
Within five minutes the two dozens that had laid in the plate now laid in Mr. Director-man's stomach.
*BURP!* he smiled.
"That was great, but now I feel like a na-zzzzzzz" a moment later he was on the floor asleep.
-.- ......change thingy...-.-
Pan-pan laughed. "You're kidding, you mean you know how to make sleeping cookies?"
"Of course, it's one of my specialties, I made a batch just today. I'll let you take a look at them and maybe we'll find someone to test them on." Kurama said.
They chatted as they walked into the door and then stopped dead as they entered the stage.
"Umm, did you leave the cookies out kurama?"
"Yeah, I didn't think anyone would be here today though, at least not yet." he said
"yah, well you thought wrong." Pan-pan said.
Suddenly the curtains drew open and there they stood. Kurama with a large bowl in hand,
Pan-pan holding Mr. Director-man's hand.
And Mr. Director-man lay unconscious on the ground.
It was silent for a moment.
"My God! Pan-pan and Youko Kurama killed the Director!" Someone shouted.
Everyone began to freak out and run around.
"Oh-dear." Pan-pan muttered.
"Damn. How many did he eat?" Kurama asked, poking Mr. Director-man as he snored.
"He can eat a good bit, if he had only eaten one, he would be awake still. But he ate the whole thing instead, so he's gonna be out a while." Pan-pan muttered.
"Obvious isn't it?" Kurama asked.
"Oh shut up. I have to fix this, so you stay there."
Pan-pan turned to the audience that was still there, just running like chickens with their heads cut off.
"Okay everyone!!!! don't move, go back to your seats and I'll explain everything!" she shouted.
The audience did as they were told and sat there waiting for an explanation.
"Now, as for Mr. D. He's not dead, just sleeping very heavily.
Kuama is here today to sow us how to make chocolate chip cookies, but it may change to wake-up potion." Pan-pan said staring at him angrily.
"Oh, um, yes, I guess I will have to make that after all."
Kurama stood up andwaved to everyone,
"hey there. How's everyone doing today?" he asked.
The ladies smiled and responded, the boys just sat there in respect.
"Well, today as Ms. Pan-pan said, we will be making chocolate cip cookies, but not just any kind, but the one that will wake our sleeping friend here." he said pointing to Mr. Director-man.
"Till then, pan-pan, will you move him out of the way?"
Pan-pan nodded and dragged the body to the sidelines.
"You need to go on a diet." Pan-pan huffed as she wiped beads of sweat of her face.
The attention turned to Kurama as he grabbed ingredients from the cupboards.
"You will need all the basic ingredients for cookies, eggs, milk, dough, flour, chocolate chips.
But for this one you'll need a certain additional ingrediant."
He dug through the little pouch that was on the side of his hip, and pulled out a bottle of blue water.
"This is water from a Kenkie Wolf. A spirit of awareness and openness.
When you add these to the mix, it will cause whoever eats these to increase in their abilities of awareness and energy, and in Mr. Director-man's case, wake them up."
Kurama grabbed a bowel, and as he turned over and bent down, the sound of flashing from cameras attacked taking pics of his butt.
He looked back quickly but there were no cameras.
He turned back, and once again, he could hear the sound of flashing camaras.
He turned quickly and!...
Everyone was sitting there patiently waiting for him to continue.
"Err, okay. Well, you mix in the ingredients like so, and if you want your cookies to have a litte zip in them, you add cream." he said, he reached for the cream, but couldn't find it.
"Must be in the fridge. Just a second."
He went and dug into the fridge, then he could hear and feel the cameras taking pictures of him.
He jerked back, but still couldn't find anyone with a camera.
He went back to the fridge and grabbed the cream.
He could hear the clicking, and in frustration of not being able to catch them, he threw the cream at no one in particular, and succeeding in hitting Pan-pan.
"What the hell?" she shouted wiping the cream off her.
"I'm sorry, it's just that every time I'm not looking, people start taking pictures."
Kurama turned quickly.
"SEE? SEE? SEE? The cameras are mocking me!!"
Pan-pan stared at the audience, then at Kurama..
" I think you've been a bit stressed, how about you jut ignore that and keep talking and wake up my director!"
Kurama sighed.
He turned back to the crowd.
"Well, like I was saying, you want to add cream If you'd like it extra fluffy and the chips gooey."
He then began to mix it together and when it was ready, he began to put it out.
"Now, some of you like the basic round, but if you're like me, you like to get a bit creative. So we have little shapes, like hearts, brains, trees, stars, animal outlines, all kinds of things."
He began making shapes out of the cookies.
"Now, see how easy it is?" Pan-pan asked.
"Yah, I guess I was just imagining things." he said as he put them on a tray.
"Now you should already have your oven on bake and turned at the correct amount of degrees."
He said popping the oven open.
He turned and put the cookies in.
"How dare you all make a mockery of me~!!!!!!" Youko Kurama shouted angrily.
He jumped into the crowd and began destroying everything in sight, and chewing on peoples heads.
Pan-pan sighed.
"I warned them not to."
Twenty minutes later, everything there had been ripped destroyed, messed up, chewed on, or just had a bad smell to it.
The ding caused Kurama to pop back to normal.
"Oh, the cookies are done." he said looking at the timer.
He grabbed an oven mitt and pulled the cookies out.
"There you go. A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies." he said, smiling warmly.
Pan-pan heaved a sigh of relief.
"Thank you kurama. Well, I hope that you liked the show and come back next week for... oh dear."
"What is it pan-pan?"
"I haven't been able to get another guest for next time yet with the director out like this."
"I'll make you feel better." Kurama said smiling.
"How about not. As tempting as it is, no. well, bye everyone!"
With that, Pan-pan ran off, leaving Kurama to take care of Mr. Director-man.

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