Jem Fan Fiction ❯ "Next Drummer, Please" ❯ Chapter 1 - Chapter 4 ( Chapter 1 )

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“Next Drummer, Please”
A “Jem: Update” Fan-Fiction
A Modernized Version Of: Jem's “The Talent Search: Part 1 & Part 2”
Part 1: Chapter 1 - Chapter 4
By Dr. Thinker
Chapter 1 - Shana
It was regular Saturday morning—and I getting my ego boasted by Krissie, one of Jerrica Benton's Starlight Girl, in my fashion study at Starlight Mansion
Krissie stated, as she looked at her new outfit in a near-by mirror, “Thanks, Shana, This is a fabulous outfit!”
Just then, Laura, another one of Starlight Girl, entered the room and stated, “JEM wants you!”
Not counting Rio, Jerrica's boyfriend--only the Holograms knows that Jerrica uses one of Synergy's solid hologram to become Jem. Solid holograms can walk, talk, dance, jump, and do other actions—but they cannot do any voice: coughing, crying, talking and of course, singing. Then I remember, Kimber Benton, Jerrica's sister wanted to practice three new songs she wrote: “All Right with the World”, “Believe in Your Self”, and “Beat This!”
I yelled, “Oh, no! I totally forget about the practice session! Aja is going to make me remember—if avoid getting killed by Kimber!”
I ran to the music. Jerrica was always in her Jem's illusion. Jem stated, “I think we need to pick up the beat on this number.”
I guess it she going with one of the later ones. I handed Kimber the drumsticks—the music type version—as I stated, “You should take the drum.” I picked up by electric bass guitar as I stated, “I hadn't play my guitar in months.”
Kimber groaned, “I have to stay on the keyboard!”
Aja added, “I'm hopeless on the drums.”
Jem stated, “I can do the guitar—but I can't do drums or keyboard.”
I guess I had to the face the music, as I stated, “I wished we can have someone else to my drum.” I took the drumsticks back from Kimber and started to sit down—the door open faster then I can think—and the opener of the door was Anthony Julian, my boyfriend.
Chapter 2: Jerrica/Jem
I was surprised when Anthony Julian opened the door. After he come in, he stated, “Get your most glamorously outfit ready. I got deal for Shana that will knock your socks off.”
Shana ran to her fashion study. She stuffed her purse with some of her latest fashion designs.
Kimber stated, “What on Earth make you come here, Tony?”
Anthony stated, “I just got back from Tina Gabor's place.”
Aja stated, “The famous television mini-series star.”
Anthony nodded as he added, “She just fired her costume designer and she's looking for some new and different.”
Kimber stated as placed Shana's hat on her head, “You better not kept her wait—I heard rumors that Tina wants everything on a sliver plate sooner then Pizzazz does.”
As Anthony and Shana left, Aja stated, “So much for our practice session.”
I stated, “Show over, Synergy” to remove the Jem illusion. I stated, “If Shana gets this job, she won't have time to tour.”
Aja stated, “But she's loyal to the Holograms. She may turn down the job.”
Kimber shouted, “I had a risky plan!”
I asked, “What is it?”
Kimber stated, “We do common Misfit route---in other words, we treat her as if we the Misfits treating Stormer.”
I asked, “What if Shana sees though the plan?”

Kimber stated, “Stormer and Shana shares something—they are both very insure about themselves—and Stormer had yet to see that handing around the Misfits isn't helping her music career.”
I stated, “Well, we give it a shot.”
Chapter 3: Kimber
We treated Shana as if she was Stormer in the Misfits' circle. Lucky, Rio's been shopping for a new truck. The last truck he had got its wheel removed by the Misfits after we upset them—and the mechanic was working on the “Starlight Express” van. We been using the new mini-limo we won in the “Glitter N' Gold” contest. She left very ticked-off, but I bet she was crying up a storm inside. It is going to hard to sleep tonight; I ended up in the music room at night. Surprising, I joined by Jerrica and Aja.
I stated sadly, “That was the hardest thing I ever done.”

Aja stated, “Shana's too loyal, she would never quiet unless we made her.”

Jerrica stated, “We need to find a new drummer—and soon, our tour won't wait.”
Chapter 4: Pizzazz
My temper would make Tina Gabor, my aunt; look at me as if I was the Wicked Witch of East in the Land of Oz. My father stated I got my temper from her. Tina is a television mini-series starlet. She appeared in numerous roles—mostly playing my favorite type of roles—very rotten and ruthless anti-heroes.
I meet Eric at Misfit Music's parking area. I screamed at him, “I'm had with this Starlight Talent Search. Jem is getting a lot of free news because of this!
Eric was on a ball for a chance, “Shut up, Pizzazz. We got clubs to visit.”

Roxy asked, “What do you mean?”
Eric stated, “The only thing to knock Jem out of the news is to find a new Misfit.”
Roxy asked, “Why do we need someone else hogging our act?”
Stormer stated, “I like Eric idea—it's one of his better one.”
Roxy asked with a growl, “Did some one borrow your brain for the today?””
Stormer replied, “No. A new instrument means a full and more complex music.”
Eric stated, “Afraid we find some better you!”
Roxy remarked, “No one's better then me!”
We visited 10 clubs, as the night went on Eric started to look like we were using his brain as punching bag as we listen to music that make me want to listen to Holograms' records for 24 hours—a fate worst then death for me—but I don't think Stormer would mind. We stopped outside of the “Sherlock Club”. Sherlock is where smaller British bands playing when visiting Los Angeles.. Stormer read a poster outland, “The Musical Morons—direct from London.”
Eric stated, “They are nobodies.”
Something, we heard a saxophone playing. The audience was yelling. I could not tell what they were yelling—but I liked the reaction—it sounded Misfit-ish to me. I want in—and we discovered that that yelling was audience telling the band to go back to “England”. The saxophone was a black-hair woman with a black and white outfit that was suitable to be in a Misfit video. I took the stage with the other Misfits: Roxy and Stormer. I whistled.
One of the audience members stated. “Hey, it's the Misfits!”
I stated, “I like you style. Think you can kept up”
The voice stated, “Depends if you can keep up with me, Yanks!”
I come right out,
Say what I feel
I won't mince words,
You got my appeal
Baby, I like, I like your style
I know you are versatile
I like, I like your style
I won't waste time
I'll come to the point (huh)
You don't belong
In this kind of joint
Baby, I like, I like your style
I know you are versatile
I like, I like your style
We could make some noise, you and I
Are you ready, are you willin' to try?
Baby, I like, I like your style
I know you are versatile
I like, I like your style
Yeah, I like your style
I stated, “That was some nice work, Ms.”
She stated, “The bloody name is Jetta, you stupid Yanks.”
I asked, “How do you like to be Misfit?”
Before Jetta can answer, Roxy stated, “She can't join us unless Stormer and I agree.”
Stormer stated, “I love her accent.”
Jetta smiled—but Roxy was frown. “I say she goes.”
Jetta stated, “I'm not going with out blood up your stupid Yank face.”
Usually, I love beating up someone—makes me feel better—but this is not going my way. Lucky, Eric was still on the ball. I hope that he falls off the ball soon—I do not think I can handle this on-the-ball Eric. Eric's plans backfire in a big way. Eric stopped and the fight—and asked, “What's your work permit?”
Jetta stated, “I think I left in the Underworld's hideout last time I was in London.”

Eric stated, “That means you can't illegal work. When the government get win of this—they will send her back to England.”
I stated, “Don't worry, Eric. My father will take care of it.”
Jetta stated, “I like your style too. I'm in.”
I vowed at a very loud voice, “Watch out, Jem! The new Misfits are going to get you!”
Since this is a based on a two-part episode of “Jem and the Holograms”, I decide to make each part four chapters.