Jem Fan Fiction ❯ "Next Drummer, Please" ❯ Chapter 5 - Chapter 9 ( Chapter 2 )

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“Next Drummer, Please”
A “Jem: Update” Fan-Fiction
A Modernized Version of: Jem's “Talent Search”
Part 2: Chapter 5 - Chapter 9
By Dr. Thinker
Chapter 5: Aja
I was in a music instrument store owned by William Note. I stated to him, “I got some more flyers for the contest.”
William stated, “You are always welcome here, Aja.”
I heard a nice beat from a drum. “Oh, I have a friend who just got in from England.”
The hair the man had blue hair—I did not see his face, but he was beating up some drum like a pro. I stated, “He's good.”
William stated, “You should see him when he's really cooking up a music storm.”
Chapter 6: Craig
I turned around when I heard William's voice. He was with an Asian-American woman.
William stated, “Craig. This is Aja.”
Aja asked, “Are you looking for work?”
I stated, “No. I just come to visit my sister.”
Aja stated, “Sorry. You have some talent.”
I stated, “I love work. I take any kind of work. Let us talk about over dinner.”
Aja stated, “We are looking for serious performers.”
After she left, William stated, “Smooth move, Romeo”—and hand me a flyer as she stated, “Look at this!”
I was surprise—AJA was one of the Holograms. Well, she is going to now serious I can be.

Chapter 7: Raya
I was rat-tap on my old beaten-up drums my father bought me when I was 4 years old—when my father showed. He showed me a poster—it featured the Holograms—Jem's back-up band. Aja and Kimber were showed at her usual instruments—but they was a cartoon-looking black shadow with a question mark in it at Shana's drums.
I stated, “Jem lost her drummer. This is terrible.”
My father stated, “Raya. This is good new. Jem is looking for a new drummer. You could try out.”
I sighed, “I don't think could make it.”
My father said, “Raya, A quitter is some who never tries.”
I stated, “I try tomorrow.”
Chapter 8: Kimber
Ugh. The line for the Talent Search goes from the front door of Starlight Music to two blocks west of her. We were listing to our latest one-a clumsy girl with brown-hair. She knocked down one of the cymbals of an old drum set.
Jem stated, “We call you. Send in the next drummer entrance.”
Rio remarked, “Sure thing, Jem.”
Jem had told Rio to act likes he does not know Jem identity in public places including Starlight Foundation and Starlight Music automobiles. The next drummer was a man with a spiky blonde hair, brown shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and a small drum on his neck. He walked in front of us—and stated, “The William Tell Overturn”
I stated, “On that?”
The man stated, “Its' only drum I play.”
Jem stated, “I'm totally sorry, but we looking for a real drummer.”
The man stomped off ticked-off. As soon as the door got close by Rio, Jem stated, “I didn't know how many bad drummers they are in the world.”
Rio asked, “Think you will survive?”
Jem stated, “I hope so. I'm not going to surprise if we see one of the Misfits or one of their brothers trying out.”
Kimber stated, “Speaking of the Misfits, I feel like the Misfits are playing no-rule wrestling with my brain.”
Aja stated, “Relax, it's only a 1 day and half to go.”
Chapter 9: Raya
The line was outrageously long—it goes on from Starlight Music's front door past Misfit Music to a small Nintendo DS video game studio. I recalled anyone could play any Misfits song by looking for a box control on the other side of the street inside a record store across from Misfit Music. I turned the volume to LV 10—and played Misfits' “Outta of My Way.” The people in line run around like chicken with their hands cut off. They were a few people left after it—I heard both the Holograms and the Misfits had fans—but not as long as it was before. I got in line—and waited for my turn. I got the door on the second floor, entered the room, placed by purse on by the Holograms that were still a part of the group: Aja & Kimber.
Jem stated, “Who are you?”
I replied, “I'm Raya C. Alonso.”
Kimber stated, “What does the C. stand for.”
I replied, “Carmen. My real first name—but my younger brother had trouble with his C's—so he and my father used my middle name as my first time—much to my mother's annoyance.”

Aja stated, “Let see what you got.”
I went to the drum set. After sitting—I started a doing beat. Kimber walked to her keyboard and Aja picked up her guitar. Kimber stated, “Keep going, Raya. That is the beat I wanted for my new song.”
Deep inside your heart
That's where it's got to start
There are those who doubt
That you will start to sprout!
But Believe in yourself!
You've got to Believe in yourself, baby!
Got to Believe in yourself
Or you'll get nothin' from anyone else.
Don't give up when people tell you no
Keep on searchin' for another way to go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Believe in yourself!
You've got to Believe in yourself, baby!
Got to Believe in yourself
Or you'll get nothin' from anyone else.
Believe in yourself!
You've got to Believe in yourself, baby!
Got to Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself !
Jem stated, “Thanks for coming, Raya. You are pretty good.”
I asked, “Really?”
Kimber replied, “Yeah. You are the best one we had so far.”
Aja stated, “We want you to come back for the semi-finals next week. Do you have school?”
I joked, “Do I look teenage to you?” I paused for a moment, “I'm nineteen.”
Kimber stated, “If you do win, I'm won't be the youngest member of the band anymore. My age is twenty-two. Aja is twenty-five. Jem and Jerrica are both twenty-six years old.”
Jem asked as she opened the door, “Rio, any more drummers outside?”
Rio stated, “Nope, Raya here is the last one for today—but I heard one drummer remarking about hearing the Misfit's “Outta of My Way” song in while waiting in line.
Kimber stated, “These Misfits are always trying to muscle our act.”
Jem added, “Or at least, trying to put us out of common for a while.”
I walked out of the room towards the elevator—but I discover that I forget my purse. I returned to the room where Jem and the other were in—and I saw Jem though the door—but I heard Aja's voiced stated, “It me see if I got the name right, Raya Carmen Alonso.”
Jem stated, “This has been a very rough day.”

Rio's voice added, “You aren't whistling Dixie you know. I got itch to drain all of the aspirin in Starlight Mansion.”
Kimber voiced, “Take a number, Rio.”
Jem stated, “Show over, Synergy!” and she come a blonde hair woman dressed in a yellow blouse, blue skirt, and blue shoes. I remember woman as Jerrica Benton, owner of Starlight Music, the care talker of Starlight Foundation, and manager of Jem and the Holograms.
Kimber's voice stated, “With a new drummer around, you got to be careful….”
Aja's voice added, “Unless you want to reveal your secret.”
Rio's voice added, “To someone who might be related to Misfit member.”
Jerrica stated, “I'm not that worried…”
Before anyone can answer, a strange blue ghost appeared above Jerrica. The blue ghost stated, “Mind if I add my two cents in. If the secrets that your father put in fail into the wrong hands, my power will be use for evil.”
Jerrica stated, “Don't worry. I have to sure to we can trust a new drummer being letting them in on you.”
Aja's voice stated, “Hey, look. Raya forgot her purse.”
I run pretty far—so they did not think I was nosy person. Jerrica had the Jem program on her—she stopped me to my purse back to me. I went home. My father asked, “What's on your mind?” I replied, “Nothing much.” Father mostly like assumed to worry about semi-finalist.
I sent my Sunday night beating up drumming come up with a reason for Jerrica “Jem” identity. I was thankful for not have to reface Jerrica's “Jem” until next Sunday. I wondered why Jerrica is using Jem program as a cover for herself—I had a control of a hologram computer, I mostly like a mysterious female actor. I tossed and turn in my bed until I fall a sleep.