Jem Fan Fiction ❯ "Next Drummer, Please" ❯ Chapter 19 - Chapter 21 ( Chapter 5 )

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“Next Drummer, Please”
A “Jem: Update” Fan-Fiction
A Modernized of: Jem's “The Talent Search”
Part 5: Chapter 19 - Chapter 21
BY: Dr. Thinker
Chapter 19: Aja
It was 5:00 PM. Jem was getting to announce the winner. Both possible winners, Raya and Craig are both backstage with me. I was one of her better days—I usually worry a lot about the Misfits and Eric Raymond. I wonder what happen if they discovered Jerrica was Jem—nothing good, I am guessing. Craig just hit me with a shock.
I stated, “You withdrawal yourself from the contest.
Craig nodded as Raya stated, “But if you did that, I will win by default!”
Craig stated, “Raya, you have talent—and Jem and the Hologram can help you with that. Also, the votes had already been counted.”
I asked, “Where are you going?”

Craig answered, “Back to England to avoid conflict.”
I offer him my white scarf to remember me. Just then, I heard Jem stated, “The new drummer of Jem and the Holograms is RAYA CARMEN ALONSO! Now, meet the new Hologram!”
Raya shouted, “I WON!”
Chapter 20: Shana
I was once again facing the dragon of the show business, Tina Gabor. Tina stated, “You make my co-star better then me again for the 5th time today!
Shana stated, “I do my best for everyone. You do not want a fashion designer--you want a goon! You make The Misfits look normal!”
Tina stated, “No one insults my niece and her pals! Let us just say you and your director pal right now--like a film. You BOTH are CANNED—or in this case, FIRED!
Anthony and I smiled as we drive to out Gabor Star Productions. We stopped at Anthony Julian to discover what we going to do. Anthony got a job that he taken out of when Tina Gabor called him, a sequel to a blockbuster movie that he did the first one. For me, I did not know what do. Anthony offered, “You can go back to Jem and the Holograms.”

I stated, “They do not want me—and by now they got a new drummer.”
Anthony stated, “Let's go find out if that true. The helicopter will not be picking me up for a while.”
Chapter 21: Raya
I was enjoying the spotlight—when I saw Jem talking to the person that represents the independent company that counted the votes—she went behind the curtains—mostly likely to remove Jem disguise from her. Just, then I was brought of my watching Jem, when a photographer asked if we could take some on the stage. I rushed began the curtain—and shouted, “Jem, don't change!
After the curtain opened, I said, “Jem, you better look Jerrica someplace else.”
Jem stated, “Thank you.”
After the press left, Jem, Kimber and Aja got in my one of private rooms, locked the door.

Jem asked, “How did you know my identity?”
I stated, “When I went to get my purse back, I saw you change to Jerrica.”

Kimber asked, “You know the entire time?”
I stated, “Yes, but I'm almost told you secret to Eric Raymond.”

Kimber stated, “We know all about Eric Raymond. Let me guess—he said that you wouldn't win the contest and tried to bride you.”
Raya stated, “Yes. And he had my father's nursery wrecked.”
Jem stated, “You did not spill the beans—and you stop me from making a big mistake. We are proud to have as a member of the team.”
Kimber stated, “I can't wait to show Raya, Synergy!”
The roadster pulled up beside a familiar car to Jem. She recognized it as Anthony Julian's car. It turned out Shana had quit the fashion job she was give by Tina Gabor. While, they were talking—I slipped out—and head home. The night, my father came in with the money need to pay for the wrecked green house. He asked, “Why are you with Jem and the Holograms?”
I stated, “Shana come back—so they don't know me.”
I heard Jem's voice said, “Wrong.”
I looked up a saw a red van unloaded by Kimber, Shana and Aja. Jem stated, “Raya, we want you on drums.”
I asked, “What about you, Shana?”
Shana replied, “With you on drums, I can play my guitar!”
Jem stated, “Are we ready to rock?”
In unison, Kimber, Aja, Shana and I stated, “We ready!”
All's right with the world (All's right with the world)
Everything is in sync,
Everything is alright!
Friends are friends again (Friends are friends)
Everyone is in the pink,
Everything is alright!
I feel great again,
Feel first rate again,
I'm with the people I love,
Moonbeams are dancin' above
All's right with the world (All's right with the world)
Everything is in sync,
Everything is alright!
Friends are friends again (Friends are friends)
Everyone is in the pink,
Everything is alright!
Things are hummin' now,
Things are drumin' now,
Harmony is restored!
We're singin', wingin', come on board!
Everything is alright!
Friends are friends again (Friends are friends)
Everyone is in the pink,
Everything is alright!
All's right with the world (All's right with the world)
Everything is alright
The next day, Jerrica give me a tour of both Starlight Music and Starlight Mansion. Jerrica explained why she is Jem. My guess was correct—she wanted Starlight Music out of Eric Raymond's hands. She told me about the beginning from the death of her father to winning the second Battle of the Bands.
Jerrica stated, “You heard Kimber wanting you to meet Synergy. Well, you get your chance now.”

She led me to home office/den-type room with a fireplace. She walked though the wall. I heard Jerrica stated, “It's a hologram. Come on in.”
I walked in—and saw, a huge computer with piano-type keys on it. The face was that of the blue ghost I above Jerrica when I tried to get my purse back.

Synergy stated, “Hi, Raya.”
Raya stated, “Hi, Synergy.”
Well, we finally ended my latest “Jem: Update”. Since of course, “The Talent Search” was a two-partner. At the near end of “Talent Search”, Kimber wants to show Synergy to Raya after she helps protect Jem's identity—but her plan stopped by the return of Shana. In “Scandal”, Raya is walks thought the hologram wall to wake up Kimber. That is why I had Jerrica show her Synergy in this fan-fiction.
Well, I do not think I been doing any more two-partners for a while. Thinking how to split up the story was quite hard on my brain.
Logging off,
Dr. Thinker