Jem Fan Fiction ❯ "Next Drummer, Please" ❯ Chapter 13 - Chapter 18 ( Chapter 4 )

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“Next Drummer, Please”
A “Jem: Update” Fan-Fiction
A Modernized Version of: Jem's “The Talent Search”
Part 4: Chapter 13 - Chapter 18
By Dr. Thinker
Chapter 13: Craig
I find my sister, Mary Phillips. She was the “Stormer” of the Misfits. Mary invented see the other Misfits her pals: Roxy, Jetta, Pizzazz—and the stale fruitcake manger, Eric Raymond. Eric tried to talk into discovering Jem's identity. I do not really care about Jem. Pizzazz told me that ever help them discover Jem's identity or Stormer will get a fate worst then death for a musician.
I joined Aja for a little jog around the Starlight Mansion area. At the park, I tried to get the identity out of Aja, but she told me that the telling of Jem's identity is up to the mysterious rock-star himself. I'm felt a little upset with this—and I run right back to Misfit Music—and told Eric that I'm not going to a part of his fruitcake. I decide to hide out at Mary's house—and I hope to make her quit the Misfits. She needs a better band then those crazy girls.
Chapter 14: Pizzazz
I saw Craig Phillip, Stormer's brother leaving Eric's office in an angry mood. I stated in a singsong voice, “Another dazzling failure, Eric.
Eric stated, “Craig was useless from the beginning. I still think Raya knows something-but if I only if I got a chance to put the squeeze on her.”

Jetta hugged Eric as she stated, “You want her squeeze, love. She paused to remove Eric's wallet from his shirt. “All you need a bit of American pounds.”
I noted from my father that pounds are England paper-cash. Eric was mad and stated, “Give me back my wallet.”
Jetta replied, “Sure, dear. Got what I need from it. I'm off to find a gang.”
Chapter 15: Jerrica/Jem
The semi-final concert featuring Raya and Craig got off to a good start. We mix up sounds—some of them new and some of them old. It was about time to end the concert, with a special surprise.

I stated, “To end the concert, a drum duel between Craig and Raya!”
Beat this, if you can
Or are you just an also-ran
I ain't no loser that you can dismiss
Beat this!
Beat this!
Beat this!
Beat this, go and try
If you can't then wave goodbye
This is my moment, my turn at bat
Beat this!
Beat that!
Beat this!
You think you're really somethin', don't ya?
You think you've got it won, don't ya?
Well, I've got news
I ain't about to lose
Beat this, do your best
And if you can't, may I suggest
You throw your hat in, and blow a kiss
Beat this!
And then if you can,
Beat this!
Beat this
I stated, “Please remember as you leave to vote for the drummer you like the best. An independent company will count the votes—and I reveal the winner tomorrow at 5:00 PM California Time.”
Chapter 16: Craig
Stormer found me at her home—and she tried to get back to help the other Misfits.
I asked, “Why you just quiet the Misfits?”
Stormer replied, “I need the Misfits. In addition, if you do not help us—they will kick me out of the group.”
That ticked me off---and got into my car and head back to Misfit Music.
Chapter 17: Raya
Talk about some major bad luck. My father's nursery was wreck was night. We usually have very hard time getting money from the bank—we see to get confused with another family, Poncho—more often then not.
I stated, “I got to go.”
One of my brothers asked, “What about your press conference?”
I replied, “It won't matter, Craig will in.”
I find Eric in his office with some of the Misfits. I stated, “I need money.”

Eric stated, “Give me Jem's identity—and you can name you price.”
I started, “Ok…..Jem…is...”
The black-haired Misfits walked into my view—and stated, “Don't make a bloody drama out of this.” I spot something familiar—a black orchid. I recall my father is only in Los Angles that grows that type of flower. I pulled her hair as I stated, “You paid some one to wreck my father's nursery, and so I come begging for money!
Eric stated, “I'm innocent—I have nothing to do with his!
The black-haired Misfit remarked, “He's lying. He paid for it!
I stated, “If I was poor, I would not touch any money from your wolfs! I am out of here. I got a press conference to get to.
Chapter 18: Eric
Just great—I wonder if my smashing of my mirror after reading the newspaper about Jem just after Jem's first appearance had to do with my Big Mac-size bad luck. I was going to bruise up Jetta for this—as I walked towards as I stated, “I got a score to settle with you!
I heard Craig's voice shout, “It can wait. I got TWO SCORES to settle.” He was in the room, when I turned around—something I should not have done.
He wrapped my desk lamp core around my neck. I told me that I have to cough up the money for Raya's father—I attempted not to scare—but I couldn't remove the lamp core from my neck—so I opened my cash book that I used for Zipper and Techrat. I give him a little bit—but he stick his hands in the money—and then he pocket in—then he turned to the Misfits—as she stated, “Stormer doesn't think we can make it with out your guys. Treat her right…or else…”
Pizzazz asked with sighed, “Or else?”
Craig did not say anything—but his action spoke louder. He ripped off one of the Misfits post I have in my office, crumble up like a piece of used tissue paper, and tossed into the trashcan.