Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Danger! ( Chapter 9 )

[ A - All Readers ]

After a short break we all returned to the stage so Jem could have a turn with some of their songs. We even found some time to head back to the rocket for a snack. Then, it would be a little while before our next transmission.
“Guys, popcorn.” Jerrcia called.
We all dug in, but we seemed more interested in our ratings. We had never seen numbers so high in our lives. It would normally take anyone else years to get it that far.
Later on, their was still time for some of us to take the lunar-tractor and go exploring on the lunar surface. Jerrica and Rio stayed behind on the Rocket with Steve.
“Remember, you guys…” she said over the radio. “You're oxygen-feed batteries only can work for another two hours before needed to recharge. So don't wander too far.”
“Don't worry, sis… we'll be fine.” said Kimber
As we drove away form the site, we got out and hopped around a bit exploring all the rocks, hills, and craters. “Wow… the Earth looks so beautiful from here.” said Aja.
“It sure does.” added Shana, “I just hope we'll be able to set foot on it again.”
“Don't worry Shana, we will.” I said, “I mean, what else could go wrong that could ruin things…?”
Back at the Rocket, Rio reached for the bowl of popcorn, “Hey… none left.”
His girlfriend giggled, “Don't Rio, I'll go make some more…”
“Uh, no, no, no… I'll do it.” Steve offered. “You guys have done a lot out there anyway.” Then he was gone, much to Jerrica and Rio's confusion. “Did you see that?”
Rio nodded, “He sure is jumpy, but why…?”
The answer soon came right at them for when Jerrica wasn't look, WHAP! “Ugh…!” someone had hit her from behind. “Jerrica…!” cried Rio, but then he was his and knocked out too.
It was Otto, the man who was spying for Eric. “All right, Zodiac, come out now.” he growled. Steve nervously cam back inside the room. “Hey, I thought you said you wouldn't hurt anyone.”
Otto then pointed a gun at Steve. “It was just a little tap… but never mind it now. You will dump these two outside and then prepare to takeoff immediately.”
Steve's blood churned, “What? But the others aren't back yet.”
Otto didn't care. He was under orders to eliminate Me and Jem. “We can't just leave them here. They'll never survive.” cried Steve.
“Listen you fool…!” growled Otto. “They only planned enough oxygen for eight people. When the others return there shall be eleven of us. We'll never make it back alive unless we leave right now. Now do as I say or I pull the trigger!”
Steve had no choice.
Meanwhile, the rest of us were on our way back. We all had fun, and I even collected a few special things, but was saving for a surprise when we got home. “Here, now… what's this? said Bill as he gazed through the windows of the tractor.
Everyone gazed at the rocket. “The door's shut… and the ladder's been withdrawn.” said Ben.
This struck us all as very odd. “What's going on up there…?” asked Raya.
I picked the radio up, “Hello up there!” I called. “Please open the door, and drop the ladder.”
Otto was growing impatient. “Zodiac, hurry!” he growled. “Dump those two out side and takeoff.”
Steve already had lied about dumping Jerrica and Rio, and actually just placed them in the holding area, all tied up. Rio was already starting to wake up however. “What's… happening?” he wondered.
Steve took his place on the command deck. “Charging engines…” he said sadly. “Ten seconds.”
The Rocket started rumbling and the thrusters fired. “Hey!” cried Kimber. “It's taking off!”
“They can't just leave us here!” I shouted.
Otto was chuckling sinisterly, when suddenly the motors stopped worked. “What? What is happening?” he roared.
Steve couldn't understand it either.
The rocket began to fall back down again. “Watch out!” I cried. “It's going to topple over!”
Luckily it didn't. The door opened, and the ladder was dropped. It was time to find out what was going on up there.”
Otto grabbed Steve by the collar. “GRR… YOU DID THIS!”
“N-No, no… I didn't… I swear it wasn't me.” Steve begged for mercy. Otto didn't believe him and was about to shoot to kill when suddenly a wrench flew at his hand. “ARGH…!” he dropped his gun.
“Steve didn't do it…” Rio snapped. He and Jerrica came too just in time and stopped the systems below. Jerrica grabbed the gun. “Both of you, hands up!”
When the rest of us got back inside. “I think it's time you told us what this is all about, Steve!” I snapped at him.
Seeing as how he was badly outnumbered, and outwitted. Steve had no choice buy to spill the beans.
It all started three years ago. Steve was working on a top secret project when he developed an unfortunate habit for gambling. He just couldn't stop gambling until he had lost everything, and was in hopelessly indebt…
Then suddenly, a stranger appeared and agreed to pay up for his loses. “Eric Raymond”
“ERIC…?!” we all shouted. “You mean, he's been behind this all along?” snapped Kimber.
Steve hated to say it was true…
In exchange for his payment, Eric wanted in on Steve's projects, and threatened to reveal Steve's dirty past and gambling recklessness to the world. This would really place him in jeopardy.
Luckily… Steve was able to avoid this and fled to Morvania where he got a job on the space program. He thought he was free from Eric, however, two nights before the launch he had appeared before Steve, and explained to him that he was to sneak Otto onboard…
“I'm waiting for a special delivery.”
With Otto onboard, Eric would be able to get rid of Jem and Mykan once and for all. So that he would never again have to come in second to them.
“Oh, Steve…!” cried Jerrica.
I ordered the technicians to tie both Steve, and Otto up tight. “What…?” snapped Rio. “You're going to let them stay here and engulf our oxygen? They were going to leave us on The Moon! I say we leave them here instead.”
The girls gasped in shock. Obviously Rio was suffering from more space-sickness. “Rio… if we do that, we won't be any different form them.” said Kimber.
Rio rubbed his eyes, and snapped out of his temper. “You're right. I'm sorry.” He said. “But what are we going to do?”
There was only one thing we could do…
I contacted Earth. “Rocket-Star calling Earth. Do you copy?”
“Earth to Rocket-Star. What's going on up there? We've been trying to call you for an hour now.”
I explained to the men about Otto and how Steve snuck him onboard, but that we were well in control of the situation. “Unfortunately… our oxygen supply is even greater danger. If we ever hope to make it back to Earth alive… we're going to have to leave immediately!”
“We will call you again when we're ready to takeoff. Until then-- over and out!”