Juvenile Orion Fan Fiction ❯ An Angel Sent By God ❯ Chapter 1

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An Angel Sent By God

By: Lacus Klein

Disclaimer: No own anything. Just writing for entertainment.

Summary: Just a bit of fluff and angst put together. Tsukasa thinks of Tomonori and his reason for being.

I was so lost back then.

Alone, worthless, lying in my own blood. I ripped off my remaining wing. I didn't want it. I didn't want wings stained with innocent blood. So I ripped it off and continued to let my tears flow, knowing there no one could possibly care for something as terrible as me.

What was Gabriel thinking when he came in there and spoke to me? Did he really know the same anquish as I? He asked me what I was protecting. In all honesty, I didn't know. I could really answer any of his questions, say one. What I truly wanted. I wanted to be myself. Again, he asked what I thought worth protecting. But the answer wasn't there at that time.

I don't remember how I came to be out on the street, wandering and bloody. The only thing I recall is Tomonori-san finding me and taking me in. He was so kind to me, though I couldn't remember anything about who I was or where I came from. And ever since then, we've been like family. He's always taken care of me. Yet, I continued to hide things from him.

When my memory began coming back, I was so afraid. These wings... what would he think of them? I knew then that I couldn't have been human. So what was I? It was all so confusing. Then Kirihara-san came along. She understood my fears, and accepted what I was. She didn't care that I was an Eraser. And she was the one who gave me the courage to tell Tomonori-san the truth.

Perhaps he'd expected that there was something different about me. He knew my scars, yet he never really questioned them. And when I showed him, though he looked surprised, he still hugged me. He told me that I was an angel, sent to him by God. I really wanted to believe those words. I really did.

Now that everything is getting normal again, I can look at things a little differently. I know my past now. I did terrible things. I must rectify them myself, even if it takes forever. But I've also found a bit of peace too. Tomonori-san and my friends are there for me, and will always be. For that, I can finally be happy.

Gabriel asked me once what I was protecting. And now, I think I know the answer. I'm protecting the people I love. Perhaps Tomonori-san was right. Maybe in the end, I am an angel sent by God. And I want to be that angel.



Comments: Tsukasa! I love Tsukasa. I hoped this story turned out. It was just a short drabble I thought up on what Tsukasa might have thought after the manga series. It was a bit centered around him and Tomonori, but those two are so close I just couldn't help myself. Reviews? Please?