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It's Family
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A/N: Most of the first chapter was written in a laptop on a looooong flight to Singapore with my wife and two nieces. Their parents were injured in a car bomb explosion. This was originally written as a `protest' to the `sitch.' Unlike the Changs of this story the Li's are a charming and gracious family. My sister-in-law and her husband escaped with only minor injuries. So we had a nice vacation and I rewrote a good deal of the story. (I seem to make a habit of that.) On the loooong flight back, the girls insisted that the second half of the story was theirs. I used the dice from the travel Yatzee â„¢ game to add the element of chance. (This story is post StD.)
By continental-line andfamily.

1. Singapore Bound
James Possible tried to make him self comfortable but he just could not force himself to relax. The redhead who sat next to him watched him with worried blue eyes.
“Dear, I do wish that you would relax. We have a long flight before us. It's going to take 14 hours for this 747 to reach Singapore and you'll be a nervous wreck if you can't get some rest.” Anne Possible murmured quietly.
She then leaned out into the aisle so that she could take a peek at the row of seats directly behind her. The Kim and her cousins were talking quietly. Anne Possible then followed her own advice and slipped into a deep sleep brought on by having crossed one too many time zones.
`Has it been so long since Bob died?' Thought Anne as she drifted asleep.
Robert J. Mackenzie was her older brother until his untimely death while scuba diving in the waters around the Philippine Islands. He left behind a grieving Filipina wife and a baby daughter barely a year old. Time heals all wounds and Jean's sister-in-law remarried, this time to a Chinese businessman from Singapore.
That was the last she heard from Imelda until the surprise letter, years later, asking if the girls could come to Middleton for the summer for a chance to get to know their American cousins.
Now, Ida and her half-sister Maria, along with the Possibles were flying back to Singapore. The tweebs stayed behind with Nana.
Car bomb. Strange how hearing those words can create so many conflicting emotions; the two girls behind her will have to wait almost an entire day to find out if their parents are alive or … not. As a Doctor, Anne should know the right words. But that's a crock. It's family; what can you say to make the pain and uncertainty go away?
Kim talked with the girls until they fell asleep. Then she called Ron with her Kimmunicator. “Sorry to bail on you Ron but we had to leave ASAP. You understand don't you?” Kim asked.
“Sure KP, I understand. Was it an accident or a villain?” Ron asked.
“Worse. According to Wade, the Singapore authorities are blaming fanatical extremists. This is not about one person we can put in jail. They don't fear imprisonment; we are talking about people who are willing to die for their beliefs. The threat of jail doesn't faze them in the least. Ron, I have to let you go I'll talk to…” Kim tried to keep her face neutral but even Ron could see that this was hard on Kim.
“Call me; beep me if you need me.” Ron joked using one of Kim's tag lines and Ron's face in the screen was replaced by Kim's logo.
Kim's pensive face relaxed as she closed her eyes to take a nap. To take her mind off of what happened and what they might find out, Kim thought about the two girls sitting next to her. They were sisters, all right half-sisters, and to look at them you wouldn't guess that they were related.
Ida Mackenzie was 16. `A year younger than me.' Kim thought with that teenaged `I am older and wiser air'. Ida had dark brown hair with chestnut highlights from the sun and a permanent brown tan that Bonnie despaired over. `I'll bet she doesn't even get tan lines.' Kin thought enviously; who like like most fair-skinned redheads, sun-burned easily.
Maria Chang was 14 and a bundle of energy. She looked like a Chinese doll in cut-off dungarees and to Mr. Dr. Possible's dismay the boys came by in a steady stream. She already held her green belt in Tae Kwon Do and practiced with Kim whenever she could.
The passenger jets in transpacific flights showed three different movies. Over and over again and you had better like their selection. Kim liked one of the movies, the second movie she had paid good money to see in Middleton so watching it again was just a less painful way to pass the time and the third movie was one that she did not care for at all. It was going to be a long flight. It was times like this that she missed Ron, now that they were dating.

Welcome to Singapore
The Customs Agent had checked the Possible's luggage and the Agent had just stamped Kim's new Passport. (Courtesy of Wade. On her missions, Kim's GJ identification was all Team Possible needed.)
“New Passport Miss? First time traveling? Welcome to Singapore.” The Customs Agent smiled at Kim.
`If he only knew how far off he was.' Kim thought.
In the Grand Concourse they spotted a uniformed man holding a sign above his head reading POSSIBLE.
“This must be our ride.” James Possible said with forced cheerfulness. He looked over at his wife. Anne had been silent and kept to herself for most of the flight.
The chauffeur arranged for the Possible family luggage to be retrieved and transferred to the stretch limousine parked in the red zone. Seeing that it was the Chang limousine several station attendants rushed to help move the luggage. Leaving some airline passengers having to find and carry their own luggage.
Kim glanced at her youngest cousin raising an eyebrow in a silent question. Maria shrugged, “Money talks and others walk.”
The Raffles Hotel, 1887, was one of those grand monuments to Great Britain's days as a colonial power that had been modernized with today's comforts without losing the opulence of its glory days.
The parents took most of a day to sleep off the jet lag. Ida and Maria took Kim to Orchard Road and New Market Street, a shopper's dream. Kim was in heaven, going from store to stand to store. When she found what she liked she entered the information into the Kimmunicator. Later she would trim the list down depending on how much money she could talk her `rents out of. “Thanks, guys. This is fun I never get to go shopping when I'm on a mission.” Kim said as she looked over her `wish list'.

After Jetlag
James Possible woke up to find his bed empty. He found a note taped to the bathroom mirror;
Sorry for leaving you like this but I am taking a taxi to the hospital. The doctors might be easier to talk to on a professional level, if you or the children are not there with me. If we know how seriously Imelda and Larry Chang are injured, then we will have a better idea on how to helpbefore meeting the Chang clan.
Love, Anne
James Possible finished his morning routine and went down the hall to see if the girls were up. Not only were they up but also had just returned from a shopping expedition.
“I have got to get that red and yellow silk cloth. Monique will just die when she sees that.” Kim's voice came through the door. “Just think of the bon-diggity summer outfit she could make from this.”
Knocking on the door, James Possible asked, “Kimmiecub, Maria, Ida are you hungry? I thought we could go for a bite to eat.”
“Sure thing Dad. Ida told me about an Indian restaurant near Battery Park that she likes.” Kim answered.

At the Hospital
Anne Possible stepped out of the taxi and found her way to the reception/admission desks next to a large waiting room. “Good morning, I am Dr. Possible from Middleton Hospital in the U.S. and I would like to speak to the doctor in charge of administration. I am here to inquire about to status of two of your patients, Imelda and Larry Chang, please and thank you.”
The nurse looked up at the redhead and asked in a bored voice. “Identification please?”
While Jean was getting her AMA ID card, she heard a voice say. “Could it be? Dr. Possible?”
Dr. Anne Possible turned to see a Chinese doctor with several colleagues facing her. “I see that the Chang Clan has taken my advice and retained the best. How good to see you after all this time. Gentlemen, may I present Dr. Possible.”
Puzzled, Dr. Anne Possible said, “I am afraid that you have the advantage, Doctor?”
“I am terribly sorry,” the Doctor smiled, “I forgot that while I remember you. It would be surprising if you remembered one doctor out of hundreds who attended your lectures over the years. I am Dr. Lee; I am honored to have you as an associate for this case.”
“I am honored but that is not the situation.” Dr. Possible smiled while shaking Dr. Lee's hand. She marveled at how easily she fell into the local speech pattern. “I wanted to inquire about Imelda and Larry Chang on behalf of their daughters. Their eldest daughter, Ida Mackenzie, is my niece so that makes this a family matter.”
Dr. Lee gave a short bow from the waist. “You do your family great honor to travel halfway around the world for a distant member of the family.”
Dr. Possible held up one hand as if to ward off too much praise. “Really Doctors. It is nothing. My daughter has traveled farther for less reason.”
Going into “Doctor mode” Dr. Anne Possible repeated her question about the Changs.
“Doctor,” Dr. Lee said, “I am sorry but I can divulge that information only with immediate family members or Doctors assigned to this case. Wait! I have an idea! Nurse!”
The nurse looked up from her desk. “Yes doctor?”
“Would you be so kind as to pull out the files for Chang, Kong Chen (Larry) and Chang, Imelda Mackenzie?” Dr. Lee asked. “Now, please add Dr. Possible's name to the list as a consultant on my authority.”
Turning back to Dr. Possible, Dr. Lee said, “You can fill out the required forms later but we were on our way up to the ICU and we can bring you up to date as we go. This way please.”

Shopping Money
Battery Park was a lovely seaside park surrounding the concrete foundations of some of the large English shore batteries that were built to repel an invasion from the sea that never came.
After lunch James Possible, father not Doctor for the moment, still felt tired and wanted to take a nap in the early afternoon heat. The seaside breezes were relaxing and he could not summon the energy to get up from the beach chair. Although his eyes were closed, James could hear the three girls chatting about their morning's shopping and Ida and Maria were telling his Kimmiecub about their favorite shops that Kim hasn't seen yet. James thought he could feel his wallet cringe at all this shopping talk.
“Kimmiecub.” James Possible called, as he pulled out his wallet from his back pocket.
Kim walked over to where her father was relaxing and knelt in the soft grass.
“Here's 300 Singapore Dollars for shopping while we are here. Now, before you ask, that's about 200 US Dollars. Now this is not a gift. You will be expected to work this off by doing chores, such as babysitting the twins.”
Kim immediately countered with, “Double time for `sitting the tweebs.”
“After four hours.”
“Done. If you or Mom leave me `sitting the for more that three hours, double-time.” Kim said feeling proud of herself.
“Just so we understand one another. Babysitting the twins pays double-time after three hours, the first three hours are always straight time.”
“Have fun shopping.”

“So as you can see, doctors, Chang Kong Chen has several micro-ruptures to and in the brain and has yet to regain consciousness. The woman…”
“Imelda.” Interrupted Dr. Anne Possible. That was very unprofessional of her she knew but she was getting so tired of these slights from some of the other male doctors.
“Imelda,” the other doctor continued as if he had not been interrupted, “only has a compound fracture to her right tibia and could be released soon.”

The Meeting withthe Changs
The next morning the Possible family was driven to the Chang compound by limousine. Once there, they were led to a conference room with several low tables and cousins. Ida and Maria stood quietly at one of the tables waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Possible to sit first.
“Oof! I never would have worn this skirt if I knew that I would be doing this.” Mrs. Dr. Possible said as she tried to kneel in her business suit with skirt. She looked enviously at her daughter, who knelt easily in her cream colored pantsuit.
Mr. Dr. Possible knelt next to his wife while muttering about chairs.
After all were seated, tea was served and representatives of the Chang family entered.
“Thank you for returning Kong Chen's daughter so promptly.” The Elder began.
`Don't you mean daughters?' Mrs. Possible thought. Anne had to admit to herself that she was still upset with the condescending attitude of some of Dr. Lee's male colleges from the previous day.
“As hard as it is we must consider what is best for young Maria Chang if the worst should happen.” The Elder continued.
“And what of her sister, Ida?” Mr. Dr. Possible asked as he looked up from his teacup.
“Half sister, please. One of the other Changs commented. The Elder held up one hand to halt any further comment.
“Please do not think of us as heartless. It is just that Ida Mackenzie is not a Chang.” The Elder Chang said smoothly. “Ida would receive the finest education a private boarding school can provide. Maria Chang would be tutored here where she would learn the duties and responsibilities of being a Chang.”
The two Dr. Possibles looked at one another and Anne nodded. Clearing his throat, Mr. Dr. Possible asked. “The girls were to spend the summer with us in Middleton, Colorado and they seemed to like it there. If the worst should happen we would be glad to open our home to them. But as I understand it, Imelda is recovering and should be released soon. If that is the case, shouldn't the children be with their mother?”
“We have been through this and it has been decided.” The outspoken Chang said. “That Kong Chen's widow would receive a stipend for life that would allow her to live quite comfortably in the Philippine Islands and if she wishes, Ida Mackenzie could join her. Ida Mackenzie's schooling would still be paid for but no stipend.”
“If we even did consider your offer. What could these girls learn in a small American family?”
The Elder Chang looked to his left. “One more outburst like that and I shall be forced to ask you to leave us. Still what you say is true.”
Another Chang spoke up. “How safe could they be? Everyone knows that all Americans carry guns in the American Wild West.”
“This unexpected offer must be given the careful consideration it deserves. But for now lunch!” The Elder said.
Lunch was served and Kim noted only with chopsticks, no knife, fork, or spoon. Kim was glad that Ron had given her lessons from his times at Yamanouchi in Japan. This pantsuit was the single most expensive item of clothing she had ever purchased with her own money, and she didn't want to stain it with dropped food.
Looking at her parents. Kim could see that her mother was having no difficulty. Not really a surprise, considering that she is a brain surgeon. Her father on the other hand needed help. Kim's cousins needed no help. She knew that without looking. Kim felt herself slipping into `mission mode.' Something was up. What? Looking across the room Kim could see most of the Changs looking, waiting. Kim puzzled over it for a moment and realized. `It's a face thing. They're waiting for us to ask for American eating utensils.' Kim thought. Glancing back at her parent's table Kim could see that her mother had reached the same conclusion, as she struggled to control the same temper that Kim had inherited.
As the meal finished, the Elder opened a thick folder that had been placed in front of him after the meal had been cleared away. “I can see that the Possible family is no ordinary family. American, Chinese, or any other nationality.”
“Doctor James Timothy Possible, noted rocket scientist. A Ph.D. in Astrophysics, two Masters Degrees in related fields and now studying robotics in a course taught by Dr. V.F. Porter no less. Very impressive.”
“Doctor Anne Mackenzie Possible, leading her chosen profession of brain surgeon, a Ph.D. in Neurology and Honorary Doctorates in four related fields. You could have stayed on the lecture circuit or taught in a collage or university. But chose to remain a surgeon in a small hospital. One can only surmise that money was not your motivation. You chose to remain where your husband worked, a dutiful and loyal wife. You are to be commended.”
“The eldest child, Kimberly Anne Possible. Good grades, except for Home Economics for some reason. You have a web site that says, “I can do anything.” This seems to be limited to childcare for parents on a limited time basis, rescuing small animals, and other menial tasks. Your romantic interest, one that your parents seem to approve of, is one Ronald Stoppable a student with chronically failing grades. Whose ambition in life seems to be working in a fast food restaurant? Miss. Possible, with your illustrious parents, I would have expected better.”
“Although the twins, James Robert Possible and Timothy Robert Possible, are only twelve years old, their father has already filed for three patents on their behalf. Most commendable.” The Elder finally concluded.
Kim was quietly seething with anger. The summery of her was rigged. `My GJ work is not that secret! That slam against Ron is totally unfair! So the Mystical Monkey Power is on the QT and Yamanouchi is some super secret Ninja school. When Ron reaches his majority, he will be a millionaire several times over. They want me to look bad so they can say no to my parent's request.' Kim wanted to say something but a look from her Mother stopped her. Kim was confused. Everyone knew it was a lie but no one was doing anything about it.
“Up reviewing the Possible request I…” The Elder was saying.
Mr. Dr. Possible interrupted, “Excuse me Honored Elder but this is an important decision and a decision that should be reached only after due deliberation. I would suggest that we meet again tomorrow after a night's sleep."

Once back in her hotel room Kim dug out her Kimmunicator and called Wade. “Come on Wade, answer.”
Finally a sleepy voice answered. “Kim, do you have any idea what time it is here?”
“Wade, my 'rents need a printout of my public record with GJ and freelance missions. The record they have here makes me sound like a loser empty-headed valley girl.” Kim complained. Then do the same for Ron. They make Ron sound like he is one step away from dropping out of school as a loser. We are going to another meeting with the Chang Clan sometime tomorrow. So ASAP, please and thank you. I want Mom and Dad to be ready for anything at that meeting.”
Once she had the printouts Kim took them to her parent's room.
After leaving the printouts with her parents Kim returned to find the room was empty. There she found a note on her bed.
Dear Kim,
Sorry about our bailing on you but we don't want to be separated and it sounds like that is what they want to do. We need some time alone to talk things over without outside pressure. We know everyone thinks that what they want is in our best interest but nobody has asked us what we want. We will be back; it is just that we need some time to ourselves.
Ida and Maria
Kim walked over to the window and looked out at a city of millions. Somewhere her two cousins had disappeared into the city and Kim didn't have the vaguest idea where to start looking.

The Next Chapter will be Up Shortly
A/N: Many Chinese businessmen `adopt' western `nicknames' when dealing with international corporations/companies.