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2. The Philippine Branch

Idaand Maria
After Kim left the room Ida and Maria talked it over. We didn't want to be separated but it sounded more and more like that was what was going to happen to us. So we walked out and were surprised that no one noticed, no complaints on our part, it seems that everyone is so used to using the elevators that no one saw us the whole time we used the fire escape stairwell.
Maria and I wandered around, just wanting to be by our selves for awhile. We sat by the seawall for the longest time and talked about what had happened in our lives in the past two weeks. Everyone was pulling and tugging at us to do this or that, go here or there and not once, not once did anyone ask us what we wanted!
We talked for a while but I wanted to do something, anything. This sit still and let what little time we have go by was for the birds! If we only had a limited time together then we should fill them with happy thoughts and good times. So I tugged on Sis until she gave in, I knew she would, and we head for New Market Street. There we wandered to our heart's content, looking at merchandise from all over the world.
“Sis! Look!” I said, as I pointed.
Ida said in a `Big-Sister' knee-jerk reaction, “Maria, it's not polite to point!”
Then she looked again at the person Maria had pointed to. When Ida gets this look her little sister knew from experience this meant that she had an idea but that she would have to be patient until Ida wanted Maria to know what that idea was.
The woman Maria had pointed out to Ida had waist length raven black hair; not that that was unusual in this part of the world but her skin was so pale, like the belly of a dead fish.
`I remember where I've seen that dress before, in the news! I have to admit that green and black two piece silk dress looks very nice. I wouldn't mind having the same style but in yellow and royal blue instead and cut shorter, maybe midlength. The boys in Middleton would just melt if they saw me wear this to a dance.' Ida smiled. `Shego may be a villainess but she does have good taste in fashion.'
Weaving her way through the crowded street without Shego seemed not to notice as Ida tried to get close enough to screw up the courage to speak to the infamous woman.
“That's close enough” Shego said without turning around.
“Um, Miss. Shego?” Ida hesitated, having been caught off guard. `How did she do that? With all the city noise she couldn't have heard me.'
“That's just Shego.” The villainess said as she looked away from the cloth that she had been inspecting. “And just who are you?”
“My name is Ida Mackenzie and this is my sister Maria Chang.”
“Wha…Oh. I get it. Half-sisters right? You don't look anything alike.” Shego said intrigued, in spite of herself.
“We get that a lot.” Maria said dryly.
“We prefer to be called sisters. Our cousin said that you're a villain and that you're bad but not really evil no matter how much you proclaim it otherwise. It's just that you follow your own rules.” Ida interrupted.
“And try to kill her.” Maria said.
Shego smirked, “Oh? And do I know this cousin who claims to know me so well?”
Now it was Ida's turn to smile. “I think you do. She's Kim Possible.”
While Shego's face registered mild surprise, another voice spoke up. “Kim Possible! Where?”
“Relax Dr. D.! If the princess were around, we'd be fighting already. I must say this is getting more interesting by the minute. Two of Kimmie's relatives just waltz right up and announce themselves.”
Marie looked up at her older sister, “Are you sure this is such a good idea?”
A blue skinned man in a bright colored shirt and tan shorts walked away from the electronics display and raising both hands in the air, “Why, Kim Possible, why? We haven't even set up a lair or started on an evil scheme. Can't we take a vacation in peace?”
Shego rolled her eyes, “Stop the rant already. I'm off the clock and I don't need to hear any of your stupid rants about Kimmie!”
Looking at Ida, Shego said, “Besides annoying us, what do you two want?”
Ida glared back evenly into Shego's green eyes but not without flinching. “Help. Our uncles here in Singapore want to split us up and we don't want to be separated. Kim or her `rents can't help us. Our uncles have the law on their side. When I saw you, I knew that we needed someone with you're…er…unique talents.”
She couldn't help it. Shego had to laugh. “Are you saying that Kim Possible, the girl who says “I can do anything” can't help her own cousins? This is rich.”
“So, will you help us?” Ida asked hopefully.
“Sorry kids, I can't.
“You can't or won't?” Maria asked.
“Either,” Shego shrugged, “Take your pick.”
“But why?”
“Well three reasons. One; I'm on vacation. Two; doing a good deed would ruin my villainous credibility. And three; I'm a mercenary. I haven't heard any monetary compensation being mentioned.”
Maria looked back; “Then item one depends on whether or not you accept item three.”
Ida picked up on her sister's cue. “We have money or can get to it.”
“Bad move kiddies how about we just keep you as our private bank.” Shego said with her most evil grin. “I think that takes care of items one, two and three.”
“Shego! Wait!”
“What is it Dr. D.?” Shego growled. “I'm trying to work here.”
“Stop.” Dr. Drakken
“Why?” Shego wanted to know.
“Because we get paid just for taking them where they want to go and we can go right back to our vacation; more importantly, little Miss. Kim Possible will owe us a favor. Like it or not, she will owe us a favor. Mahahahaha! This is a win-win situation!”
“Okay Doc. You talked me into it. I don't like it but we'll do it your way. For now'”
Dr. Drakken turned to the two sisters. “Alright kids, you've hired yourself some evil.”
Shego grinned. “Kimmie will never live this down.”
Between the two sisters, they had some S$350 (350 Singapore dollars) and they gave this to Shego who passed it on to the merchant whose cloth she had been looking at. “I would like to purchase the bolt of green and black silk, merci.”
The merchant looked at the money in surprise and said, “This is only S$350, that amount of silk costs far more. I am afraid that I will need more money to cover the cost of the material. At least…Ulp!”
One of Shego's hands flared up with green flame.
“On second thought. This will be more than enough! Here is your cloth! Haveaniceday!” He added automatically.
“Alright kids, come with me.” The two sisters found themselves trotting to keep up with Shego as she was walking to a nearby park and tapping a button on a remote that was on her key ring. With a `beep' a saucer shaped VTOL aircraft appeared out of thin air.
After climbing in, Shego pushed a button on her dashboard. “Where to kiddies?”
Ida spoke up and said, “To the Philippines.”

Maria spoke up, “It is in the Visayas, Negros Occidental, Bacolod City, in Highland Subdivision. That's the suburbs.”
Shego nodded once. “Unha. That's all very well. Now do you want to try that again? This time in English.”
Maria gave a martyred sigh. “Very well. The Visayas are the middle of the Philippine Islands, between Luzon Island to the North and Mindanao Island to the South. On the Northeastern half of the Island of Negros which is actually in the Western Provence, along the Northern shoreline. In the Highland Subdivision, it's the suburbs to the southeast outside of Bacolod City.”
Shego muttered, “Oy” to her self. “Either one of you two know how to program a location in the GPS?”
“Yes.” With that Ida tapped in the map coordinates on the keypad as her sister read them off from her sister's pocket atlas of the Philippines. After watching Ida program the VTOL's GPS. Maria just had to ask, “Sis how did you just happen to have this when we needed it?”
Ida pushed the screen and keypad into their slot in the dashboard. “Look in the back pages. Those are all the `phones numbers and web addresses of our relatives in the Philippines. I brought it with me from the USA because I wanted to let them know how mom and father are doing once we knew. Now we have a chance to visit them.”
“Shego? When we start to cross the Philippine Islands could we land near one of the towns or cities? I would like to call my Tito Federico and let him know that we will be there in a matter of hours.”
“The smaller, the better.” Shego said under her breath.

While looking down over the side of her VTOL aircraft Shego started landing in front of the walled compound that was pointed out to her.
As the saucer shaped aircraft came to rest, people came out of the front gate of the walled house. While all were looking up and watching. Shego could see at least one cell phone in use. `They had better be right. I don't like being the center of unwanted attention.' Shego thought.
Ida leaned out of the saucer and waved to her Titas and Titos. (Aunts and Uncles.) Upon landing the aircraft, the two girls jumped out to greet their Filipino relatives. Shego was going to take-off when she heard Dr. Drakken trying to chase curious children off the VTOL and that delayed her long enough for several adults to come up to the aircraft and shake hands or hug the villainous pair.
“We are going to have a fiesta tonight and the two of you simply must stay as our guests.”
Another young man eyed Shego appreciatively, “Senorita Shego may I help you down from your craft. You can use one of the guestrooms until tonight. You will join us at the fiesta as a guest of honour, yes? There will be music, food and much dancing.”
Shego looked at the handsome young man and then glanced over to Dr. Drakken. “Yo Doc! You might as well keep feeding your face! It looks like we're staying for a party tonight!”
Dr. Drakken held the bowl in on hand while eating. “Ummph! This is good, what is it?” He said pointing at the food in the bowl with his fork.
A young boy piped up, it's pancit canton.” And went back to playing basketball.
Looking confused, Dr. Drakken asked, “What's that?”
Ida stopped talking with her second cousin, looked, and said, “Its chow mein by another name.”

After dropping off the printouts on Team Possible's public record of service with GJ with her parents Kim said, “I'll go back to my room and get the girls ready for the next round of talks with the Changes.” There she found the note on her bed.
Dear Kim,
Sorry about our bailing on you but we don't want to be separated and it sounds like that is what they want to do. We need some time alone to talk things over without outside pressure. We know everyone thinks that what they want is in our best interest but nobody has asked us what we want. We will be back; it is just that we need some time to ourselves.
Ida and Maria
Kim's quick search revealed that that both backpacks were missing. The girls were running away! Kim trotting back to her parent's room, “Ida and Maria are gone and they left this note! We need to find them before something terrible happens.” Then she looked for her Kimmunicator back in her suitcase and called Wade. “Wade, we have a problem. It looks like my cousins, Ida and Maria, have run away.”
“Right. I'll start scanning the Singapore databases. Police, hospitals (both private and public), child-welfare department, and other government agencies for two teenaged girls brought in starting today, your time.”
“Please and thank you. Oh! Wade? Something else, could you call in a favor for Ron? I have a bad feeling that I am going to need Team Possible for this sitch. Please ask him to stop by the home and pick up my mission clothes for me? Make sure to tell him not to be squeamish and get my sports bra for me.”
“Got it Kim. He should have a ride in thirty-five minuets. Uh…Kim? You could buy one there. Why have Ron go through your underwear and bring one from your room?”
Kim gave a small smile; “It's a girlfriend, boyfriend thing. Now that we are dating He'll go through my underwear someday, it's a given. Now he will and he knows that I know that he knows so he won't feel all guilty about it. Like he would if he went through my drawers on his own.”
Wade looked at Kim through the Kimmunicator, “Isn't that kind of evil?”
“No, evil would be my sending him to the feminine hygiene products isle at the local drug store in Middleton.
Oh! One last thing! Add the Chang family and known associates to the places you look for the girls. After yesterday, I don't have a lot of faith in those people. Please and thank you.”
“Kim, are you sure about that? After all they are related.”
“And most kidnappings are by family members. A divorced mother or father kidnapping a child.”
“But Kim….”
“That was just an example. Just Look!”

Ever since the Junior Prom, the world had taken on a new luster. To impress his new girlfriend and long time best friend, Kim Possible, Ron had buckled down on his schoolwork and managed to help to perform his part of the missions without losing his pants.
Ron met Nana Possible at the door and went into Kim's room to gather her mission cloths and tools-of-the-trade.
Now he had to perform his most dangerous mission yet. To open Kim's underwear drawer and rummage through it to find one of her…ulp…sports bras; the bureau loomed ever larger and more menacing. Like some kind of savage guarddog. Watching over Kim's personal things. Taking a deep breath Ron advanced on the silent menace.
`It's just you and me, mi amigo, time to go where no man has gone, into Kim's drawers.' What else lay in there he didn't know. But he only had a limited time to complete this mission and meet the jet that Wade sent. Reaching out with a shaking hand Ron pulled open the top right hand drawer to reveal a multitude of panties in a rainbow of colours including black.`BLACK! When does Kim wear black? And for whom?' He shook his head, scratch that last thought. `If the top right hand drawer are panties, then the top left hand drawer should be her bras. I wonder if any of them are black?'
“Ron! Your ride is here!” Nana Possible called.
Ron pulled open the drawer too fast and pulled it all the way out. Bras were spilling everywhere. “Aw man!” He exclaimed as he stood there holding the drawer by its front handles. Bras were scattered all over the floor. “Kim is going to save Monkey Fist the trouble of killing me. She'll kill me instead.”
Suddenly the sound that had getting louder was overpowering. Looking out the window of Kim's room, Ron saw a Colorado National Guard UH-1 Huey helicopter passing by to land in the front yard. Leaving the window Ron scanned the bras on the floor and saw several sportsbras. Grabbed one at random and shoved it into Kim's gym bag. Running out the door Ron called out. “Nana! I kinda made a mess of things in my rush to get ready. Could you clean up for me? Pleasepleaseplease! I'll cook you what you want when I get back! If Kim doesn't kill me! `By!”

A fiesta means boys! A couple of hours after landing, “Tita Esma could you drive me into Bacolod City for some shopping. I need a new dress, to get my hair done and a manicure. After all a girl's got to look her best. I haven't seen Mercedes in ages. We have so much to catch up on I understand that she works as a beautician now.” She rushed to Shego's room and ask her if she would like to go into the city with her for a chance to prepare for tonight.

`There's work to be done preparing for the fiesta and sis has gone shopping with Shego for tonight. Honestly, sometimes I could just scream. I get chased out of the dirty kitchen behind the house. I am told to go enjoy myself.' so I find myself working off my frustration on the practice pole in the far back corner.
`She could have asked me!'
`I might want a dress. I don't always wear a gi or jeans!'
“You know. If you don't practice control with your blows, you could end up hurting yourself.”
Maria spun around. There was Tito Naldo Carpenter, standing there in his PNP (Philippine National Police) uniform. `If Shego washere to see Tito Naldo. She'dgo spastic!'
Maria wiped her sweaty palms on her dungaree cutoffs. “Hello Tito Naldo. What are you doing here? I mean how are things? “
`This is going smooth.' Maria thought sarcastically. `I've been exposed to too much of Shego and it's rubbing off.'
“So, Tito Naldo is there any special reason that you're here? I mean besides the fiesta?”
Uncle Naldo reached for a small notebook in his shirt pocket. Looking at his young niece he said, “Shego.”

At the familiar four tones Kim grabbed her kimmunicator and brought the small screen to life. “What's the sitch? Please tell me that you've located them!”
The pudgy black preteen looked up from his keyboard, “Kim, Ida Mackenzie used her Cirrus ATM account at the Philippine National Bank in Bacolod City and if I didn't see this I wouldn't believe it.”
“What? You're not making any sense.”
“Kim, watch this.”
“This is ABS-CBN, your Filipino News Channel. Breaking news! Earlier this afternoon three armed men attempted to rob the PNB in Bacolod City after wounding or killing the armed security guards.” The news picture left the anchorwoman and showed a video clip of EMTs working along side some stretchers in the bank lobby. Armed men could be seen everywhere. “What the would-be thieves didn't count on was an American tourist. Someone threw fireworks and while the thieves attention was diverted, the female martial artiest and hero struck. In less time than it takes to tell, the three would-be robbers were unconscious and the modest heroine vanished.” Now a stock photograph of Team Possible was shown. “It is rumored that Team Possible is operating somewhere in East Asia even as we speak. Could this have been the world famous teen hero, Kim Possible? We may never know, as many of her missions are classified.”
Wade's face appeared on screen, “Kim is there something you aren't telling me?”
“Wade, that so wasn't me. I'm still in Singapore waiting for Ron's flight. Oh no! No,no,nononono! It can't be! Wade! If Ida's ATM was used at a bank in Bacolod City do you think it could have been Maria?”
“Calm down Kim. I don't think that it was Maria.”
“But she totally idolized the `teen hero thing' and we sparred almost everyday.”
“Kim, according to my records Maria is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do. Those three bad guys were armed and dangerous and still all three were down and out in a matter of seconds. Moves worthy of an experienced black belt or Special Forces type like a Navy SEAL. No, I don't think that it was Maria.”
“Then who?”