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By continental-line
3. Getting There is Half the Fun Team Possible

Team Possible
Kim watched as the FedEx jet slowly come to rest after its long flight. She saw Ron exit the jet like one of the zombies in that video game he and Felix always played. Ron ambled towards the customs building across the tarmac and was quickly passed through customs by showing his Global Justice Identification Card. He met Kim on the other side of the fence where she gave him a fond hug and he handed her the Middleton Cheer Squad sports bag containing her mission clothes.
After changing into her mission clothes and saying to goodbye to her parents, Kim called Wade to check on the status of their ride to the Philippines. She had called Wade hours earlier to arrange a ride to the Philippine Islands and Wade had not been very optimistic.

One Last Favor
Kim scowled at the young super-genus on the screen of her Kimmunicator. “Sorry Kim but this is the best that I could do.” The Wade said. “We used up a lot of favors getting those tickets for the trip to Singapore and again for Ron to join you. Just be grateful that we still had a favor to call on in that part of the world left.” Kim turned off the Kimmunicator, put her hands in her pockets, and huddled next to Ron. It was cold!
The 60-year-old DC-3 lumbered along the bright blue Pacific sky at 8,000 feet. With a cruising speed of almost 180 miles per hour, no pressurized fuselage, or insulation for the passengers; who felt like they were slowly freezing in their summer-weight mission clothes.
“H-how long `til we get there?” Ron asked Kim.
She shrugged. “Eight to twelve hours, depending on how fast we can get refueled at Bandar Seri Begawan International Airport in Brunei.
“Where is that?”
“Somewhere on the island of Borneo, I think. Now get your survival blanket out of your backpack. It's going to be a long flight.”
“And to think a jet would make it in a little over than three hours.” Ron muttered to himself.
Four hours later Ron woke up with a pressing need. Being careful not to disturb Kim, Ron looked around for a `restroom' on this bucket of bolts. Not seeing one, Ron forced himself out from the warm comfort under the blanket to go ask the pilot of this airplane if they even had one.
Ron poked his head through the cloth curtain that served as a door to the flight cabin. Looking at the pilot and Co-pilot in their fur lined flying jackets and thick flight gloves, Ron felt a stab of envy. Then a rumble from `down-under' reminded him that he had more `pressing' matters. “Uh. Guys, I need the facilities. I've gotta go real bad!”
The Co-pilot turned in his seat, “Sure have mate. Just go behind the curtain in the tail section and you'll see what you need.”
Kim woke to hear Ron's “Aw man!” Ron just stared at the nightmare before him. `I am going to have to use a five-galleon paint bucket for a toilet! At least it has a snap-on lid to keep it from spilling when not in use.'
“Ron what's wrong?” Kim asked
Kim looked “It's no big, Ron. We've had to make do with worse conditions in the jungle. At least there's toilet paper. Now stop whining and do what you have to. I am getting back under the blanket. It's cold.”

Shego in Bacolod City
Shego was wearing her trademark green and black outfit. She wanted to get her two-piece silk dress dry-cleaned before tonight's fiesta, if possible, so she had accepted the invitation to ride into Bacolod City. Shego glanced at her young companion sitting next to her in the backseat of the car.
After Mrs. Cordova stopped and let them out at the dry-cleaners, Shego went inside to drop off her dress to be cleaned. She was outraged, to put it mildly, when she was told that she had to pay extra for a rush cleaning of her dress.
“I should've just blasted them.” She fumed.
“But if you had, they would not be able to clean your dress for tonight.” Ida replied.
“It still would have been very satisfying.” Shego responded.
“Here, let me buy lunch.” Ida said. “I just need to stop at the PNB to zap some money out of the ATM.”

Less than an Hour Later
“Shego! Wait! Slow down.” Ida protested “”Why did we have to leave the bank so soon? You're a hero!”
Shego glanced at the teenaged girl. “You don't get it, do you, kid.”
Ida sounded puzzled, “What's not to get? You totally stopped those bank robbers in their tracks.”
“Look, let's just get something to eat and mama Shego will explain the facts of life to you.”
“I'm in high school and I've already had the Sex Ed. class. I know all about `the birds and the bees' please and thank you.”
“Don't be smart. You need to listen to me. If you plan on breaking the law, you need to keep a low profile.”
“But we didn't break the law! We're related to the Cordova's here in the Philippines just as much as we are to the Chang's in Singapore! If the Chang's want to tear Maria and me apart, then I say we did the right thing by seeking help and protection from Tito Federico Cordova, my mother's elder brother. He…they will help us, I am sure of it.”
“Don't count on it princess. If the stakes are high enough, the government will sell you out every time and it doesn't matter whether or not you think that you didn't break any laws. The fact is; you broke several laws in several different countries. Congratulations kid! With only a little more effort on your part and you could apply for your own villain's card. You get a year's subscription to Villain's Digest at half price for the first year.” Shego said sarcastically.
Shego saw what she had been looking for; a nice, quiet little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where they would be out of sight and were not likely to be bothered. After sitting down and ordering a lunch of Puto (steamed rice cakes) and Lumpia (egg rolls), Shego and Ida continued their quiet and sometimes not so quiet talk.
“Shego, you still haven't explained. Why did we leave in such a big hurry? I'll bet the bank would have given you a reward for taking those bank robbers down. You're a hero.”
“NO! I AM NOT A HERO. I'm an internationally wanted super villain and the last thing I want to do is appear in the news. I am supposed to be on vacation, not fighting agents of Global Justice, INTERPOL, or the local cops. You need to think about things like this also.”
“But we are here and safe. This is my ina's hometown. My titos and titas are here to help protect us.”
“Whoa kid. Slow down. You are using words I don't understand.”
“Oh. I'm sorry. What I meant was that this is my mother's hometown and I have uncles and aunts who can help us. Sorry.”
“That's alright, remember just because I'm also bilingual doesn't mean that we speak the same languages.”
“Um, Shego.”
“Yeah kid.”
“The TV over the lunch counter. Take a look.”
A mid-sized TV was mounted on the wall near the lunch counter and a news program was on. Shego couldn't understand what the commentator was saying but when the anchorwoman vanished from the TV screen to be replaced by the videotape from the Philippine National Bank's security cameras Shego grew interested. The black-and-white tape showed a woman with long dark coloured hair in a one-piece skintight body suit attacking and taking down three armed would-be bank robbers in a matter of seconds. The newscaster returned to the screen and talked some more. Shego still didn't understand what she was saying, until she heard the words “Kim Possible.” THAT got her attention! “Ida! Quick! What did she say about Kim Possible?”
Ida had been watching the TV and turned to answer Shego's question. “You're off the hook. The TV people seem to think that Kim Possible is responsible for foiling the attempted bank robbery.”
“WHAT!” Shego yelled. The TV exploded in a ball of green flame. “Come on! We're leaving, NOW!”
“Just a minute! Why did you do that? I've gotta pay for our lunch!”
“NO! We go NOW!” Shego started to mumble about Kim Possible. Finally she burst out with, “What is with TV people. Are they blind as well as stupid? I don't look anything like Kimmie! At least they could have said unknown person but NO-o-o-o they just HAD to give it to that do-gooder! Like she needed it!
“But you said before….”
“Listen kid. I'm a villain and villains are evil! But that doesn't mean that I enjoy their giving credit to my enemy. Got that? Gaa! When did I go soft? If Dr. D. ever heard about this, he'd never let me live it down.” Shego groaned.
“But I'm not a villain and if sis and I are going to live here the last thing I need is to stiff the local merchants.”
The two of them walked back to the dry cleaners to check on Shego's dress; it wasn't ready, and Shego was already in a foul mood. This just made her mood go from bad to worse. Raising her voice together with many arm gestures and just a touch of green flame (for emphases); Shego managed to convince them that her dress had priority and should be ready for pickup within the hour.
Ida still needed to buy a dress for the fiesta and that a seamstress with a selection of dresses in her sister's size should go to the Cordova residence so that Maria would be ready for tonight. Shego found an original dress that she liked and asked if it could be made in green and black silk if she provided the material. Ida arranged to have the seamstress pick up the material in the VTOL at the same time that Maria was to be fitted for her dress.
Later Ida took Shego to Mercedes' Spa & Beauty Salon. Where the two of them spent several hours being pampered and Shego's long black hair was the envy of all the employees in the salon.
“Shego. The dry cleaners. I forgot.”
“I didn't and they had better be open when I get there.”
“Isn't that rater inconsiderate?”
“Not at all. One of the basic rules of villainy is the value of being selfish. They made me wait so I will make them wait. End of story.”

Meanwhile Back in Singapore
The two Dr, Possibles stood in the hotel hallway and watched as Kim and Ron trotted away from them to go on Team Possible's latest mission; that of finding and returning with two runaways, Kim's cousins.
Anne Possible looked over at her husband. “Be a dear and ask for a postponement for a couple of days. Tell the Changs that Kimmie was called away for a mission for a couple of days.”
Giving her husband a peck on the cheek, “And I need to get down to the hospital to keep an eye on Imelda and Larry. They are the key to this situation.”
Hours later, Dr. James Possible sat in the overstuffed chair with a wet facecloth folded across his forehead. That was how Dr. Anne Possible found him when she entered their hotel suite.
Standing in the room, Anne smiled, remembering their college days. Anne had often found him like this after a test day in their off campus apartment.
Removing the jacket of her business suit, she walked into the bathroom to clean up. Once in the bathroom, Anne removed her blouse before turning on the water in the shower stall.
Then she looked at the impressive fixture next to the shower stall. It was sunk into a raised platform, the black marble of the platform contrasting nicely with the white of the Jacuzzi. `Look at how big that thing is,' Anne giggled silently to herself, `James and I would have loved to have this back in college. I did not just giggle like some silly schoolgirl.' Anne thought about it as she continued to undress. `Well, we didn't have it then but it is here with us now. The twins are in the `States with Nana, Kim is on another mission with Ron, we have a two day reprieve from the Chang family, and Imelda and Larry are improving.' Anne stepped up on the platform and turned on the water for the Jacuzzi. `As a doctor I know the therapeutic value of a long hot soak and as a wife I know the value of a Jacuzzi this big. Especially when I know that we won't be disturbed by our children.'
Having changed her mind, Anne turned the water off in the shower stall and stepped out of her skirt. Walking back into the living room, Anne gently shook her husband awake. “Dear, wake up. Your bath is almost ready.”
James Possible was mildly surprised to see his wife bent over gently waking him up. Looking at her he realized that he had not seen his wife dressed, or rather undressed like this in years, not since she became a mother at least. In his mind's eye, Anne looked the same as that first night back in college. Anne Possible had always worn a bathrobe over her pajamas as Kim was growing up. To see her like this suddenly made him feel much younger and very wide awake.
Anne pulled him with her towards the bathroom. “There's a Jacuzzi big enough for the two of us and I hate to see it going to waste when there is no way for the children to disturb us. Somewhere in those clothes is the man I love and I'll find him. Even if I have to do a strip-search.”
James Possible looked lovingly at the woman he had fallen for back in college. Scooping the scantly clad woman into his arms, he carried her to the Jacuzzi feeling younger with every step.

Bandar Seri Begawan International Airport in Brunei
“Arrrrg! This is going to take forever!” Kim said, frustrated at the delays.
“Amp down, KP. We'll get there, eventually. Personally, I'm just glad to have a chance to soak up some rays.” Ron said as he leaned against a nearby yellow `Follow Me' truck.
The Copilot called out the fuselage door to Ron. “Hey mate, off yer lazy backside. You used the bucket so you have to empty it and clean it out. We don't need to smell that in this heat.”
“Aw man.” Ron stood up and walked over to the silver DC-3. After Ron had walked off with the smelly bucket, the Copilot walked over to where Kim was resting in the shade.
“Hello Sweet thing, a lovely young sheila like your self should never be wanting for company. Fortunately for you I'm more than willing to step in and fill the gap,”
Kim opened one of her eyes and glanced up at the blonde-haired Australian Copilot. `Is he hitting on me? Well he is sorta good looking but that is as far as it goes. He's too full of himself with none of Ron's love and concern.'
Kim spoke up but otherwise didn't bother to change her comfortable position. “You don't know how lucky you are, that my boyfriend didn't hear this.”
The Copilot looked over at the thin teenage boy carrying the five-galleon pail. He snorted reminding Kim of Brick Flagg back in Middleton. “Him? The only fear I'd have is how badly I might hurt him if he tried something.”
“If I was Shego, I'd be tempted to sit back and let you try.” Kim replied to his implied threat to Ron, “But unfortunately that wouldn't be right.”
“Are you saying that stick of a boy could beat me?”
“No, I'm saying that man could hurt you.”
Flexing his muscles, he smirked, “That sounds like a challenge.”
Kim frowned. “Listen Muscles-for-Brains, I'm trying to keep you from getting hurt. That man is a master of Tai Shing Pek Kwar.”
“Him? A martial arts master? Now, I know that you've been lying to protect him.”
Now Kim stood up to face the arrogant Copilot. “A word of advice, NEVER ever call me a liar or I won't bother with waiting for Ron. I'll hurt you myself.”
“No sheila threatens me.” With that he turned on his heel and stormed back inside the DC-3, slamming the fuselage door behind him.
Kim stood outside the aircraft, angry with herself for letting her temper run away like that.
“Hey KP, what's up?” Ron innocently asked as he returned to their ride.
“I'm afraid that I let my temper get the better of me.”
“No big KP, I'm sure that it wasn't anything important.”
“Ron, you don't know how wrong you are. Now let's get on board.”
“Something's got you tweaked.”
The two opened the fuselage door and climbed on board the cargo plane. Ron said to himself, “Are so.” He walked to the tail section of the aircraft to clamp the bucket in place while Kim went forward to check on their flight schedule.

The Changs
“The Possibles are stalling. We must take action ourselves.”
“But the Honoured Elder has agreed to wait two days while young Miss. Possible is on some kind of `mission.'
“Bah! That is just an excuse. My sources tell me that the missing girl is not even in the country. She and her elder sister have fled to the Philippines where, no doubt, they plan to claim sanctuary from her older sister's people. The Elder has forfeited his position as leader of the clan by not acting in the clan's best interests. It is up to us to have Maria Chang returned, by force if necessary. Once young Maria Change is returned to us and the Possibles are proven false, the Elder will have to step down and pass the mantle of leadership to on one who can get things done. I shall, of course, humbly accept the position.”
“But the Elder…”
“Must not know of this. The old fool still commands respect and loyalty from some factions within the clan. Once we embarrass him by providing Maria Chang, we will lead the Chang family into a new era.”
“Now I have been in contact with the Philippine People's Liberation Army on Mindanao. They are most cooperative and will start looking tonight for the right fee.”
“Agreed. Wire the money to a dummy account that they would have access to and let them begin the retrieval immediately.”