Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ It's Family ❯ Pax, Its Fiesta! ( Chapter 4 )

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By continental-line
4. Pax, its Fiesta!

She was ecstatic! Her sister had not forgotten! The seamstress had several different dresses for her to try on. After leading the woman and her bundles upstairs to the room she and Ida shared, Maria rushed to shuck her cut off denims and shower so she could try on these new clothes.
Elsewhere in the Cordova household, it was a beehive of activity. The cooks were stoking the kitchen and backyard fires while the older children ironed the embroidered tablecloths and spread them over the makeshift tables in the yard.
Dr. Drakken followed the men as they wisely get out of the way. There they sat and smoked, drank and talked `man-talk' away from the women. Dr. Drakken found himself enjoying this get together. Shego always hurt with her words and never tried to understand him, the henchmen were all dolts. However, here he was one of them, hiding out from the enemy, women who would put them to work.
“And with my cousin Ed, we scratch-built a SUV that was badical! There was nothing over the road that was its equal.”
“Was? What happened?” Asked one of the men as he removed the bottle cap to his San Miguel beer.
“What happened? I'll tell you what happened!” Dr. Drakken's face became a deeper shade of blue. “It was Kim Possible because of her…”
“You know my pinsan, my cousin?” Asked the man wearing a bright red shirt.
`Oh snap! I had forgotten that they are related. Think fast D.' Dr. Drakken was glad that Shego had not been around to hear his slip of the tongue. She would never let him live it down. “Er, yes. You could say that I have been a major influence in her life. But I made the mistake of letting her near my DoomV and she smashed it, made a total wreck out of it.”
“I hear that. Last month my wife drove our BMW into a pothole and somehow managed to damage the universal. Do you have any idea it is going to cost to repair that?”
Dr. Drakken mentally wiped his brow. `Whew!' Too soon.
A uniformed man stepped up to the group. “Dr. Drakken? Where's Shego?”
“Um, who?”
“Shego, you know the person you came here with. Where is she? Or how she can be reached?”

Team Possible, Airborne
Team Possible had to make a night jump; the co-pilot mumbled something about not getting any landing clearance from Bacolod Domestic Airport.
Kim tapped Ron on the shoulder, “Check the straps and my parachute then turn around.” Ron tapped Kim on the shoulder before turning around. Kim then checked the straps, buckles and that there were no obstructions to the safe operation of Ron's parachute.
For Team Possible there was no reserve `chute, no second chance. (If their parents only knew!) That space being taken by their mission backpacks and gadgets.
“All set Ron! We're almost to the jump zone. Are you ready?”
“One last thing.”
"Why are we jumping instead if landing at the airport?"
"The co-pilot said that Team Possible's favor was to Bacolod City and we're over it."
Kim kissed Ron on the cheek. "Let's just say he wanted something he couldn't have."
“Thanks.” Ron had to lean forward over the bulk that prevented them from getting close and pull Kim's shoulders towards him for a kiss that seemed to go on and on. `I wonder if it would be like this when we're married …wait! I mean if…if! Later! Much, much later!' The Best Friend/Boy Friend pulled away with a look of panic, “If Mr. Dr. P ever knew…it would be black hole here I come.”
Kim was puzzled. This was not the first time they kissed since the Junior Prom, not by a long shot. However, he usually didn't initiate the kiss or look like he was going to freak out for some reason. “Ron, oh Ron. It's time to jump.”
“Right! Let's do it!”
“Getting bolder in your old age.” With a second quick peck on Ron's cheek, Kim dove out the fuselage door into the night sky.
“KP! Wait for me!” Ron jumped from the aging DC-3 after his best friend into the dark. All he could see was the inky black sky around him and scattered lights below. `Where is she?' Not being able to see your Teammate in such a jump was a hazard that Ron had forgotten about. Another danger was being unable to judge altitude without an altimeter strapped to your wrist. He could wait no longer and pulled a Kemstik from his upper harness pocket and broke its interior plastic wall to create the chemical glow. After what seemed forever, he saw a faint light dot that became the familiar green glow of an answering Kemstik. He was gaining on it rapidly. Then it disappeared beneath him. For a brief moment, Ron was at a loss until he realized that he must be over Kim's parachute after it deployed. Ron spread his arms, legs, and `star fished' to maneuver away from Kim. Now that he could see the ground. The ground was close, too close! Ron pulled his D-ring to deploy his parachute and prayed.
Kim looked for Ron's Kemstik and there was only the starlight night, her parachute above her, and the lights of a party below. Kim started to guide her parachute away from the well-light enclosure and towards the dark streets when a screaming Ron passed by faster than he should have.
“So much for stealth.” Kim worried. There was a crash followed by the sound of broken tables. Ron's parachute draped over hanging electric lanterns and several tables laden with food. Kim could hear screams and see several people moving away from the Ron's sudden appearance.

In the Darkness
“In anticipation of the funds being made available, we have kept several of the Cordova residences under surveillance. We have moved a strike team near Bacolod City and will move once the target has been located. Nothing can stop us from seizing a runaway girl."
A messenger entered the radio room and handed a slip of paper to his leader. While he waited for a reply, the messenger sat down on the bench and began cleaning his AK47 assault rifle.
The officer read the note that he had just received and wrote an answer. After sending the messenger on his way, he turned back to the radio.
“Good news. One of our agents has identified the target's sister and an unknown companion. They have returned to the home of Federico Cordova and I have just sent the orders targeting the location for the strike team. Have a small passenger aircraft at Cebu International Airport. Your `package' should be there by eight o'clock tomorrow morning for quick transport back to Singapore and our agreement will have been completed.”

All is Not as It Seems
A drawn out scream of “Lookout below! Gangway!” Followed be a crash and a lot of voices venting their surprise and dismay. The three women looked at one another and raced for the front door. Ida and Maria were blocked by the crowd in the front doorway; Shego turned to her left and used the back door away from the excitement. Following her inclination, Shego kept to the shadows of the night and crept around towards the front yard where all the excitement was. Shego scowled, this ninjitsu is not easy in a two-piece evening dress. She stayed in the darkness and watched a second parachutist land. Even before the newcomer had removed her safety helmet, Shego knew it was Kim Possible.
Kim spared a worried glance at the parachute-enshrouded tables. Somewhere in there was Ron but never had they created such pandemonium before. `Great! Just great! I'll bet Ida and Maria saw the whole thing.' Kim thought with chagrin. `I had better find some way to straighten this mess out.' Her musings were interrupted by an all too familiar voice.
“Well, well. Couldn't get an invite, so you and the buffoon just had to crash the party.” Said Shego's silky voice in the darkness.
Kim dropped her mission backpack, turned, and faced the general direction of Shego's voice in a defensive posture. “Shego! I should've known you had something to do with their disappearing.”
“You could say that Pumpkin. I was even well paid to do the deed.” Shego lied.
Ida and Maria wormed their way through the crowd and ran over to where Ron had crash-landed. After pulling the parachute away, the two teen-aged girls surveyed the ruin of the fiesta feast. Ron was sitting on the broken table with a white porcelain soup tureen on his head like a helmet. The Black Bean Soup had run down his face, soaked his shirt, and collected as puddles in the many folds of his cargo pants.
“Congratulations! Look at what you and your sidekick did. The two of you have managed to destroy a family's party and terrorize the partygoers faster than Dr. D.'s DoomBots. Are you sure you're on the right side? Sometimes the two of you can be so deliciously evil.”
“SHEGO!” With that, Kim launched herself at her shadowy foe. She had never been so insulted and in front of an audience.
`This is what I live for, which of the two of us is the best. As long as Kimmie keeps losing her cool, I always will be!' Shego thought with glee as she grabbed Kim's out thrust foot, spun and let her fly towards a nearby cinder block wall.
With a tuck and roll Kim bounced off the cinder block wall and landed facing Shego. Now that she was closer, Kim could see that Shego was dressed up in the black and green two-piece evening dress she had seen only once before in the Bermuda Triangle Nightclub & Resort. “Aw! Am I interrupting something? Were you going to this party?”
“I do have a social life, you know.” Shego grinned.
“You have a date?” Kim asked surprised.
“What can I say? When you're hot, you're hot!” With that, Shego lit both hands.
The two circled each other looking for an opening. Even as they looked, they knew that there would be no such opening, unless it was forced and that that would be painful to both young women. In a way, both Kim and Shego had come to depend on Ron as the distraction that could create such an opening that either of the women could exploit.
Ida removed the heavy porcelain soup tureen and was wiping the Black Bean Soup from a stunned Ron's face with linen napkins.
Maria picked her way through the scattered food debris, back away from the fight and towards the dirty kitchen behind the house. `Yuck! I just stepped into a platter of Rellenong Bangus in my sandals, I can feel the fish and soy sauce between my toes, and I had just coloured my toenails for tonight. It's not easy walking around in an off the shoulder sheath dress. I can't do more than a walk at best. Now I wish that sis had forgotten about me and I was in my jeans. I could help Kim out, I know I could.' The fourteen-year-old grumped.
An unexpected distraction was provided when a uniformed man walked out between the two fighters and put both arms out like a traffic cop signaling “STOP.” After Kim and Shego drew back to their default defensive postures, he turned to Kim. “Who are you and why are you attacking our guest?”
Kim was speechless. `Everyone knows who Shego is! She's an international super villainess, wanted in thirteen-maybe fifteen countries by now. How stupid can you get? Strike that. This is Ida's and by extension Maria's relatives. Think nice thoughts.' Because Kim had allowed her mind to wander, she missed the first few words.
The officer was clearly upset. “I am not in the habit of repeating myself, Miss. Now I am asking you again, some identification please.”
Kim Possible reached into her cargo pants pocket for her Global Justice I.D. Card and wordlessly held it out for the officer to read.
“Alright Miss. Possible. You do realize that GJ ID Card is not an international hunting license. Just because you are a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) does not put you above the law.”
“But that's Shego! She is…” Kim protested.
“Not wanted in this country. She is a guest at this fiesta.” Tito Naldo Carpenter interrupted.
Shego couldn't resist the temptation. “And if I wanted to file charges for assault?”
“I would have to ask Miss. Possible and her companion to come downtown with me.”
When Ida heard this, she called out. “Tito! Hindi naman! Kim Possible is my pinsan! Huwag mo silang pagbalakan ng masama. Pax, its fiesta. Can we not have all of the family here to enjoy it?”
Uncle Naldo stepped back so that he could see both young women. He looked sternly at both fighters. “Do I have your word that you two can keep the peace? Not just tonight but as long as either of you are in this District?”
Kim and Shego glared at one another in silence and Kim had turned as red as a brick while Shego stared back impassively. This infuriated Kim to no end.
Ron could see that his beloved was about to blow her cool, again. After getting up he pulled the quick release on the parachute harness and hobbled over to Kim's side, leaving a trail of Black Bean Soup behind him.
Finally, Kim broke the silence, her temper was frayed “And if I don't?”
“Amp down, KP! You're about to say something that you'll regret.” Ron cautioned.
Kim stopped and looked at Ron with annoyance mixed with gratitude. He looked like he had been caught in a food fight back in Middleton High School. Ron was in pain and Kim instinctively moved over to help support him. Kim could hear the sound of a single pair of hands clapping, slowly.
“Very good Kimmie. What a caring photo op. You might actually convince someone that you aren't a loose cannon, an out of control agent who should not have been recruited at such a young and tender age.” Shego said in her own inimitable style.
Kim tried to ignore Shego, for Ron's sake, if no other. Turning back to the police officer and sounding very much like a teen-aged girl rather than the globe trotting Global Justice Agent people had come to expect. “I'm sorry for my outburst. Yes, you have my word.”
Marie put down the bucket of water; it wasn't needed after all and walked over to Kim. For the moment, she was upset with her sister for having sent her on a `make work' errand just to get her out of the way. “How can sis try to be friends with Her! That witch in green and black is always telling us how bad she is.'
Ida stood in front of Shego with disappointment clear on her face. “Why? Why? Back at the bank…”
Shego seemed puzzled, “Why, what? I am what I am. Look kid I don't change for anybody; not for my brothers, not for Pumpkin, Global Justice, or Dr. Drakken. If you can't accept people for who they are, I'm afraid that you're doomed to a lifetime of disappointments.”
“I hate to intrude in such a tender moment but you still have not answered my question Senorita Shego.” Said Officer Naldo of the Philippine National Police.
Shego sighed. She looked at Ida's hopeful expression and shook her head. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I promise not to attack Kimmie if she doesn't attack me.” Turning back to Ida, “Satisfied?”
Ida gushed, “Thankyouthankyouthankyou.” And reached out to hug Shego.
Shego reached out in a warding motion. “No touchee Shego! If you want some touche-feely go hug the princess.” Shego walked away from a perplexed Ida. Who was left wondering what she had done wrong and how to make it right.
Shego sat next to Dr. Drakken, muttering, “I was so looking forward to seeing THE Kim Possible locked up in jail and now I have to make nice. It's enough to make a good villain sick.”
After the mess was all cleaned up, Kim and Ron found and apologized to Federico Cordova for the wreckage and interruption of the fiesta he had planned. Federico waved it off, “I can understand how this sort of thing could happen in a night jump; I just thank the Good Lord that no one was injured. Now I think that you had better go inside and clean up. You are, of course, invited to stay for the fiesta. In fact, I insist. My pamangking babae would never forgive me if you did not stay. I have some telephone calls to make. If you excuse me?”
The two teens knew a dismissal when they heard one, no matter how polite, and left in search of Ida and Maria. Kim's cousins took the two teen heroes into the house. There they cleaned up and changed into their backup mission clothes.
Kim knocked on Ron's door. “Come on, Ron! Don't be such a baby. You had injured yourself in that crash landing and I just want to check you out.”
“No, that's alright Kim; it's only a few bumps and bruises and gets your mind out of the gutter. One of these times you'll forget yourself and your parents will overhear you. Then it's no more missions together.” Ron said as he struggled in pain to bend over far enough to pull on the clean cargo pants. “How can I watch your back if our parents don't want us to be together unsupervised. Trust me Kim; you have a back well worth watching”
“Now whose mind is in the gutter?” Kim asked as she leaned forward, resting her forehead on the door to Ron's room, closing her eyes. “But are you sure that you're alright? You were limping pretty badly when you walked over to me earlier.”
“Yeah I'm sure.” Ron said as he came out.
Kim was still leaning on the door when Ron pulled it open without warning and with a high pitched “PEP!” the surprised Kim fell forward into his arms. Ron was knocked to the floor with Kim landing on top. For an eternity they laid on the floor, their eyes locked on one another.
“Uh, KP. As much as I enjoy just lying here with you. Don't you think being in an open doorway like this is just a little too public? Maybe we should get up?”
Kim blushed furiously as she became aware of her surroundings. She looked at Ron with a puzzled expression as she stood up next to him. “Alright, who are you? And what have you done with Ron?”
“KP, it's me! Honest!” Ron had come to his feet with some difficulty.
“Where's you're Ronness? You're being so considerate and serious, not that I'm complaining but only one joke?” Kim asked this `new, improved' Ron.
“Oh, he's still alive and kicking and will make his appearance sooner or later.” Ron said flashing his trademark goofy smile.
Kim had mixed feelings about that. Sometimes the `old Ron' could be so, so, maddening.
“However, where you are concerned, I am totally serious. I would never let anything harm you KP. If you believed anything, believe that I will always be there for you.
Kim was moved and relived. In an impulsive gesture a grateful Kim hugged Ron tight. “Oh Ron. That's so sweet. But don't you ever scare me like that again.”
“Kim, the ribs!”
As Team Possible walked down the hall, Kim saw Shego and Ida sitting in front of a desktop computer looking at something on screen.
“No Way!” Shego said.
“It's true. Let me show you.”
Kim wondered, `Whatis it that she finds so funny? Just one more thing to put in the `something I don't understand about Shego column.' And why is Cousin Ida spending so much time with her? Doesn't anyone other than me realize that that woman is a bad influence?'
Maria joined Kim and Ron as they walked through the large living room towards the front door. Kim just had to ask, “Why aren't you with Ida upstairs? I thought you two were tight?”
Maria made a sour face. “That's what I thought, but she's with that woman.”
Kim looked helplessly at Ron over Maria's head. All Ron could do was roll his eyes.

Fiesta! No, Really This Time!
While the caterers arrived and setup new tables and spread the replacement foods that were ordered.
Shego and Dr. Drakken talked over the arrival of Team Possible and what their plans should be. It was decided that they would leave early next morning before anybody was up to stop them. GJ would file extradition papers as soon as Kim Possible reported their presence in the Philippines.
Before leaving their room, Kim called her parents on the Kimmunicator but no one answered. “They are probably out seeing the sights.” Kim shrugged and contacted Wade. She told him that they had found the missing runaways as well as the bad news about Shego and Dr. Drakken also being there as invited guests.
Despite the earlier interruption, the Fiesta was a huge success. The universal Philippine feast was being enjoyed by all. The different foods and desserts that had survived Ron's fall from the night sky, fell prey to his appetite. Kim tried to keep an eye on Ron, her runaway cousins, Shego and Dr. Drakken. Not an easy task when she was being mobbed by young Filipinas and had to sign autographs for her fans at the same time. She was irritated to see Ida spending so much of her time with the super-villainess and even more annoyed with the number of autographs that Shego had signed...

Shego Honoured
Much later, after everyone had a chance to eat and relax with pleasant after dinner conversations. An impromptu band struck up a lively dance tune. Despite the tension Kim felt about Shego, she found herself enjoying the dances with Ron.
Shego relaxed for once and found no shortage of dancing partners. In fact Shego appreciated the irony that the police protected her; an international super villain, while she partied.
Federico Cordova tapped the side of his water glass when the band had stopped for an intermission. “Thank you, one and all for accepting my last minuet invitation to a Fiesta in the evening of the same day you received that invitation. A special thanks goes out to the wonderful cooks and their helpers who worked all day to make this a reality. This has been a day of excitement. This morning my two pamanking babae, my nieces, arrived by Senor Drakken's airship…”
“That's Dr. Drakken.” Muttered the evil mad scientist.
“…and was piloted by the beautiful Senorita Shego. Later Senorita Shego……well I will let her story be told by those involved. The Mayor of Bacolod City, the Honorable Eloy Riveria; PNB President, Bacolod City Branch, John Malang; Major Carpenter of the PNP and Senorita Shego. Could you please come forward?”
The three individuals named walked up to the head of the table where Federico Cordova was standing. It took all of her self control but Shego was not going to let Little Miss Perfect see how nervous she was.
Ron nudged Kim in the ribs with his elbow. She had fallen asleep while the Mayor spoke of Bacolod City's many points of interest. Not that he could blame her; it had been a very stressful day with a 7.9 on the Weirdness Scale. Ron wanted nothing more than to sleep. It seemed like the Mayor would go on and on and then the microphone fell silent.
Officer Carpenter looked at Shego with a raised eyebrow.
Shego looked back clearly annoyed. But refused to answer his unasked question. Shego had a hunch that she knew what had happened to the microphone and sure enough Dr. Drakken had a small remote control in his hand. Shego stalked over to where the self-proclaimed genius was sitting.
“Okay Doc. Hand it over.” Shego stood in front of Dr. Drakken with her palm open. The blue skinned villain looked at back at Shego with a wide eyed look of innocence that was wasted on Shego. “I'm not buying it Doc. Give me the remote!” Dr. Drakken slowly pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to his sidekick. Shego looked down at Dr. Drakken and said, “Look Doc, I know the speech is boring and you meant well but let's not upset the local cops if we don't have to.”
Walking into the shadows, Shego pushed the button of the remote control. There was a loud squeal of feedback from the microphone and the Mayor continued his speech as if there had been no interruption. Shego put the remote control in the thigh pouch under her dress. After she had run her hands over the dress to smooth it over so the pouch wouldn't be noticed, Shego sauntered over to the head of the table.
After the Mayor had finished his speech. Federico Cordova introduced the next speaker. “Most of you the Commander of this District, Major Naldo Carpenter of the Philippine National Police Force he has a few word to say about Bacolod's latest heroine.”
This made Kim sit up and take notice. She hadn't done anything here then who? Kim stared up at Shego. `No way. Shego a heroine? It can't be. She's up to something but what?'
“Yesterday, August 26th three armed men entered the largest branch of the PNB in Bacolod City. These terrorists then shot the armed security guards without warning and threatened to do the same to anyone else if they did not immediately comply with their demands.”
“As one of the bank robbers went around the lobby, relieving the customers of their valuables. Senorita Shego saw her chance and took it. Within seconds the thief was on the bank lobby floor with second degree burns from an incendiary device that Miss Shego had in her possession at the time. She expended the device's charges by firing flare type fireworks as a distraction and put a quick end to the attempted robbery…..”
`Yeah right! What is it with people not believing in Shego's comet powers? Even when they see it. They had to have read or heard of them. Even when she lights up in front of them, they almost always put it down as one of Dr. Drakken's inventions.' Thought Kim.
“…..By the time the authorities arrived Miss Shego was involved with life-saving first aid to the wounded security guards. After the situation was stabilized, Miss. Shego left the scene without identifying herself, a true heroine. Even a close examination of the bank security video tapes could not conclusively identify her until we received an anonymous tip as to her identity……”
Shego turned her head and glared at Ida who shrugged and grinned back sheepishly. The female villain looked up to the sky in a silent appeal for sympathy and understanding.
“…..and so it is with the gratitude of the Bacolod City Council and Mayor Eloy Riveria as their representative along with the Philippine National Police you are awarded the Medal of Civic Virtue.” Major Carpenter opened a green velvet covered box and turned the box to show the medal to Shego.
After Shego accepted the award she said, “Well, the cover is my favorite colour. What can I say? You shouldn't have done this. I mean you really shouldn't have done this. I AM A VILLAIN! And villains are not nice people. I didn't stop them because they were robbing your bank. I stopped them because MY money was in that bank and nobody steals from Shego! The first aid was just an impulse thing. Don't bet on me the next time I might have an appointment elsewhere and not stay around. I know you mean well but find some other poor sucker to be your hero.”
John Malang, President of the Bacolod Branch of the PNB, said, “That's a shame. Because there is a reward from the bank that goes to the recipient of this medal.”
Shego's defiant poise vanished as she asked, “Reward? What kind of reward are we talking about?”
John smiled, “Then the medal is yours? If so, then this check for 10,000 pesos is yours.”
While Kim was captivated and was closely watching the drama at the head of the table, Ron had become bored watching Shego do a verbal tap-dance around the issue. `Just say “yes” and take the stupid medal.' Thought Ron. He felt ready to go back to the fiesta tables for another helping of the foods that he hadn't tried yet, when a movement in the shadows caught his attention. There! On top of the six-foot high cinder block wall surrounding the property! `With my luck it'll be Monkey Fist and his freakish monkey ninjas. But first, I'll check and make sure it isn't the police SWAT Team out there.'
After Ron walked over to one of the PNP patrolmen outside the crowd, Ron asked if there were any SWAT types outside the walls and was told no. So he told the officer what he saw. The patrolman turned the powerful beam from his flashlight sweep across the top of the wall. And there was not one man in black on the wall, there were several men in black and it looked like they all had guns. After a startled moment, the top of the wall exploded in a frenzy of automatic weapons fire.