Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ It's Family ❯ In Hot Pursuit, Weather Permitting ( Chapter 5 )

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By continental-line
5. In Hot Pursuit, Weather Permitting

Under Attack
Ron dove for the ground screaming, “NOT NINJA MONKEYS! NOT NINJA MONKEYS!” Once down Ron looked around. The patrolman next to him was also face-down, safe on the ground. Ron needed some answers and without KP near by, he turned to the closest authority figure, the policeman. “Not good, not good.” Ron said over and over again as he shook the shoulder of the patrolman. There was no answer and Ron's hand was sticky and wet. Blood! Worried, he rolled the patrolman over on to his back so that he could give first aid. After he looked at the patrolman, Ron lost his fiesta dinner after he had seen how several high velocity bullets had turned the poor patrolman's face into hamburger; Ron voided the rest of his day's meals. As he wiped the vomit from his lips he muttered, “It wasn't Kosher anyway.” All he wanted to do was crawl away and hide somewhere safe before he was shot dead, dead, dead...
Overhead a few of the party lanterns still cast their bright garish lights here and there in the Cordova courtyard. Making the scene all the more nightmarish.
While Kim wished that she was in a different `sitch'. She knew better and had just received her first bullet wound, did it ever hurt! She had been knocked down in amongst the collapsed and overturned folding chairs. She tried to reorient herself while leaning on an upright chair for support as she stood up. Kim needed the support of the chair as she felt weak in the knees. She found that she was having trouble seeing out of her left eye. Still, she had to do what she could to get these civilians out of the line of fire.
Mothers called desperately for their children. The young children frightened by the gun fire added to the din with their screams. The cries of the wounded only added to the overpowering sense panic. There were only a few exceptions Kim Possible was one as she tried to help frightened crowd and Shego was another. The occasional pistol shot from the surviving overtime police officers who stood their ground to earn their pay the hard way could be heard as well.
Several rounds from that first burst of automatic rifle fire also struck bank president, John Malang. As he fell, the 10,000 peso check drifted from his nerveless fingers and into the open flames of a tiki torch.
Shego had been facing away from the Cordova's front wall towards the bank president. When John Malang was shot and Shego saw her check burn. She turned with a wordless scream of primal rage. Shego reacted with the grace and skill that would have been the envy of any veteran member in the Special Forces. The green and black clad villainess (turned temporary hero) fired bolts of green flame that swept the top of the wall.
Outside the walls of the Cordova Estate the Rebel leaders were trying to get their men under control. They were here to collect a teen-aged girl and return her to Singapore unharmed. Things did not look good. While the Rebels had some serious firepower and should have overpowered the defenses easily, the planned raid had turned into a fiasco. Despite the element of surprise the resistance was unexpectedly heavy. They hadn't expected the security force or street cops to have anything like an antipersonnel flame weapon. The leader ground his teeth in frustration. The scout failed to report this little detail! When he got back to base that scout will pay the price for his failure. But for now he had an operation to complete.

A Break in the Action
“Lieutenant! Get your men under control and pull them back off of the wall.” He snarled, “We are losing too many men!” The Rebel leader then sent ten men under a teenaged corporal to circle the perimeter until they could find the service entrance. There they were to force an entrance and take their target by surprise. Meanwhile another attack on the front would be launched, hopefully with fewer casualties, as a diversion.
The firing had letup for the moment and Kim was trying to make the most of it as she herded the panicked partygoers towards the house. The house had poured cement walls with a metal roof. It had been built to withstand typhoons so it should be safe from small arms fire.
Dr. Drakken had other ideas and was trying to find the invisible VTOL. “Gaa! This the last time I let Shego keep the keys.”
Kim felt someone grab her from behind. As she struggled to get free, one of her arms was pinned behind her back. “Blast it hold still! Your face is covered in blood and we need to see how badly you're wounded.”
As Kim's vision returned she saw Ida standing in front of her holding a blood soaked cloth napkin. After she had calmed down, her arms were released. Kim felt some pain as an improvised bandage was wrapped around her forehead and was tied at the back of her head. Shego stepped around Kim and examined her handiwork and gave a low whistle. “That's going to leave a mark. I don't know why but I helped the Kid patch you up. So are you going to thank me or what?”
Kim groaned, “Can't you ever just help someone and leave it at that.”
“Sorry, no can do Kimmie. It's not my style.” Shego retorted. “Well princess I hope you learned a valuable lesson today. Don't play hero in gunfire that's one of the quickest ways to earn a pine box. Kapeesh?” As Shego talked, her eyes never stopped moving. Surveying the walls and broken front gate for the gunmen's return which she felt would be the case. There were too many for attempted robbery and she wanted to know what was going on.
Kim raised her hand to her head and realized just how close to death she had come. She had a killer headache that made her feel nauseous. She tried to sit on the ground but it was more like a controlled collapse. Kim sat there and looked at the ground between her legs. She felt sick to her stomach.
Shego stood there and surveyed the ruined fiesta and the surrounding walls. “Welcome to the real world princess. Where some underage kid you don't even know can kill just because he has a gun, no other reason. This isn't like the super villains or the freaks that you're used to fighting. Where they know you and you know what to expect from them. That's a situation where you felt in control but just now…" Shego shrugged. She let her conversation die off as she narrowed her eyes. Something was going to happen; she felt it in her gut.
Ron looked over where Kin was sitting. She was on the ground with her bandaged head between her knees. Shego was standing there, not attacking. She was had her back to Kim and was watching the walls that the attackers had fired from. He wanted to go to Kim and comfort her but he couldn't. His bloody hands had pressed a makeshift pressure bandage to a policeman's chest. His mate had gone off to try and find help and left Ron as he tried to do his best. But he was no trained medic and felt unequal to the task.
Ida and Maria wanted to help but despite her wound, Kim Possible shooed them towards the house where they would be safe until reinforcements arrived. However they choose not to enter the house but went under the cover of trees that Shego had used earlier that night.

Objective Secured!
The service gate opened with a noisy protest as the rusty hinges moved. The young corporal led his men into the backyard with the dirty kitchen. To go left would have exposed them to the defender's weapons. So he sent three men to the right under the cover of trees and the seven that remained followed the corporal as he entered the house through its back door. The corporal felt that his best chance to find the target was in the house where the majority of partygoers had hidden.
As the three Rebels soldiers crept through the trees they saw two teenaged girls about the right size and age. As the girls looked out at the battleground that was the front yard the Rebels seized the two girls. The leader of the trio compared the girls to a school picture he had been given. The smaller one was a match. With a nod from the Rebel team leader Ida was knocked unconscious with the rifle butt of an AK47.
Ron was horrified as the returning policeman who gone to find the Medic was riddled in that opening burst of the second attack. Ron stayed prone and was careful to keep the pressure on the bloody wound.
Kim dove for the dubious cover of an overturned table.
Shego sprinted for the front wall under her own covering fire. There she carefully moved along the wall while the attackers fired over her head at the front yard and house. When Shego reached the open front gate she fired several of her plasma fire bolts at the gate to clear out any gunmen there. Then Shego dove through the burnt and ruined gateway. As Shego landed, she rolled over on to her back and fired up into the rear of the attackers on the wall. That did it!

The attack in the rear was too much and the Rebels morale broke. The majority ran to get away from the awful flames and fled back to the motley collection of civilian cars and vans that had been stolen as transportation.
“Gaaa! How can Kimmie dress like this?” Shego asked herself as she painfully stood up holding her bare midriff. She had scrapped it when she landed on the rough asphalt driveway. This upset her almost as much as having the reward burn. Shego turned towards the fleeing Rebels as she threw fireballs one after another.
“This all your fault! If you hadn't attacked I wouldn't be bleeding and my favorite dress is filthy and stained! I just had it dry-cleaned today! You can't get stains out of silk! You are so dead."
As the Rebels piled into their vehicles, two of them exploded as an angry Shego continued her relentless attack.
Unknown to anyone a small group of rebel soldiers carried/dragged a young teenaged girl into one of the waiting vans.
“Shego! Stop! They've gone let the military handle it now.” Kim shouted.
“No blast it! Look what they did to my dress! They also cost me my 10,000 peso reward and I am going to take it out of their collective hides.” Shego snarled back.
The surviving Rebel vehicles raced at a reckless speed and soon left Shego far behind.
With a sigh she turned and walked back to the Cordova compound. Now that the excitement of combat had passed Shego realized that she had no idea if Dr. Drakken had been wounded or killed. Shego's walk became a trot as she went to look for Drakken. She found Dr. Drakken in among the wounded but not as she expected.
The blue skinned super villain was in among the wounded as he worked to save some of the survivors of the attack.
“Doc?” Shego asked. “Are you alright?”
Dr. Drakken looked up in annoyance until he saw who it was. “Shego! You're alive! For awhile there I thought that you must have been wounded or worse. You were in the thick of it...”
“I'm fine Dr. D., just peachy. But what are you doing? You're a mad scientist not a medical doctor.”
Dr. Drakken grimaced. “I know but right now I'm all they have and I can't just leave them like this. Not after they opened their home to us.” Dr. Drakken bent down and went back to work. Without looking up Dr. Drakken said, “I noticed that Possible's head is bandaged. Bring her to me so I can take a look.”
“Going soft Dr. D?” Shego asked.
“Not in the least. But I am not going to let some two-bit gangster in camouflage kill Miss. Possible before I conquer the world and I can gloat in my victory over her. After all, gloating is one of the best perks of being a super villain.” Dr. Drakken explained to his sidekick. Shego rolled her eyes as she left to find the teen heroine.
It was no surprise to Shego that Kim refused to be treated by Dr. Drakken.
“Come here Kimmie. At least let me put a proper bandage on that wound.”
“No thanks but I wouldn't refuse a couple of aspirins if you have any.”
Kim looked around after she realized that she had not given Ron a second's thought and here he was her BF. It only took a minute to find him as he knelt over a uniformed body. Kim walked over to him to see if she could help. Kim also knelt next to the wounded policeman and checked his pulse. Nothing! As she slowly removed her hand from the man's neck Kin said, Ron, you can get up now. There is nothing you could have done the man's dead.”
“No! He can't be! Not after I've kept the pressure all this time!” Ron exclaimed in denial.
Shego stood near by. The experienced mercenary could tell at a glance that the man was as dead as a doorknob. There was too much blood on the ground to seep past Ron's crude first aid. Without a word she rolled the body over to look at the exit wound. It was big enough to put your fist in. Shego spoke roughly betrayed by her own post combat emotions. “Face it Stoppable. As much as I hate to say it, Kim's right. He probably was already dead when you applied your bandage.”
Ida slowly walked over to the three. Her uncle Naldo was supporting her even though it looked like he could use some medical attention himself. “Kim! Maria's gone! They must have taken her! You've got to get my sister back!”
Kim slowly stood up. Looking at Ron Kim said, “Come on Ron. Its time for us to be heroes again.”
Ron didn't move. It was as if he didn't hear her.
Ida looked over at the super villain, “Please Shego?”
Shego looked at Ida's puppy dog pout. “Gaaa! I must be going soft! Alright! Kimmie, I'm going with you!”
Kim looked surprised and a little worried. Her most dangerous super villain foe was going with her on a rescue mission! Kim knew that it was not just because Ida asked her to go. “Why?”
Shego grinned savagely. “Simple. They owe me and I intend to collect in full. It's about time they learned that if you mess with Shego you're going to get burned.”
Kim reached for her Kimmunicator as she said, “We need to know where they are going if we are going to rescue Maria. So let call Wade and see if he can track their movements.” To Kim's disappointment, the Kimmunicator was inoperable the plastic case had split open and its LCD screen was cracked. Kim guessed that it must have happened when she fell after being shot. “Well that's that. Now we have no way to track the terrorist's movements. We'll never be able to rescue Maria.” Kim said dejectedly.
Shego looked at Kim with mild contempt. “You give up too easily princess. That's what you get for relying on nerdlinger for everything.”
Kim had had enough. “Alright; if you're so smart do you know where they're going?”
Shego showed her white teeth in another savage grin. “No but the attackers left in such a hurry that the good for nothing cowards abandoned their wounded. I'll just ask. I'm sure that one of them is bound to know something.”
“Right, they're going to tell you just because you asked?” Kim felt that Shego had too high an opinion of herself.
“That's the general idea.” Shego held up her hand and let green flames dance on her fingertips. “Of course I can be very persuasive when I need to be.”

Kim and Shego flew across the Negros Island countryside in the VTOL with Shego in the driver's seat.
“I can't believe you did that.” Kim said as she glared at her evil rival.
“What are you complaining about? He told me their destination. We just have to see if we can find what route they are traveling.” Shego answered. “Besides I did him a favor by cauterizing that wound.”
“And pouring Scotch on the burn?”
“I had to do something to sterilize the cauterized wound. Besides after that he wanted to talk. In fact he begged me to let him talk.”
“I still don't think it was totally necessary.” Kim complained.
They were flying north towards the city of Cadiz along the major highway. Both Ron and Dr. Drakken were left behind as the airship scanned the ground for a convoy of vehicles with its thermal camera slaved to the view screen.
“I didn't know that you had this capability.” Kim said in surprise.
“You know Drakken.” Shego shrugged, “Sort of a genius when it comes to inventing but something of a dolt when it comes to practical application.”
Shego put the VTOL on autopilot and stood up. As she moved the rear of the saucer shaped aircraft she said, “Okay Pumpkin, you take the controls while I change into my spare work clothes.”
Kim slid into the pilot's seat while she asked, “If it's on autopilot why do I have to be here? I don't know how to fly this thing.”
“Take it easy Pumpkin. I would rather have even an inexperienced pilot than to completely trust that autopilot. After all this is Drakkin's invention.” Shego replied as she stepped out of her long skirt.
Just to make conversation Kim said, “I can understand why you want me in the pilot's seat but...”
Shego! You're naked!” Kim exclaimed in surprise when she glanced in she rearview mirror. Kim sat eyes front embarrassed by the unexpected sight.
“Well doi! You can't wear underwear under silk; they would ruin the smooth look that only silk can give by showing the outline of bra and panties. Besides it would just get in the way if I got lucky.” Shego grinned.
TMI! I didn't need to hear that.” Kim said as her face flamed almost as red as her hair.
“What? We're both women here.” Shego grinned even wider. “Well one of us anyway. So tell me girlie you have the buffoon for a boyfriend and you haven't taken advantage of that fact yet?”
“His name is Ron and he is so not a buffoon. It's just that, that Ron respects me and would never do something like that.” Kim said softly.
“And it's driving you crazy.” Shego said. Enjoying the `girl talk' in spite of herself. She had no one in the villain community that she considered to be on her level. Lynn was simply too `freaky', she even said so herself and the less said about what's her name…DNAmy the better. When you get right down to it, the only one she enjoyed teasing and talking to was an overachieving cheerleader who hasn't even finished high school! It's strange at the moment she felt like a tolerant older sister. Until they are trying to beat the other's brains in again, even that Shego looked forward too. Kimmie was the only one who pushed her to her limits.
“Shego, would you please get dressed.”
“Well if it bothers you that much.” Shego opened the hinged rear passenger seat took out her carefully folded spare green and black bodysuit. As she slipped it on Shego remembered Drakken's remote control in the thigh pouch that she had worn under her dress. Shego placed the remote control in her ankle pouch. After all you never know… As her thoughts roamed over today's earlier events; she remembered what Ida had shown her on the computer. Shego knew that would tweak Kimmie and Shego so loved to tease her. It was almost too easy to get a reaction.
As they neared Cadiz Kim noticed that the sky was dark. The night stars were nowhere to be seen. When Kin pointed this out to Shego; the villainess told Kim to move it. After Shego had settled in the pilot's seat, she turned off the autopilot and took over the controls.
“Buckle up princess; you're going to love this.” Shego said as she tilted the nose of the VTOL down into a power-dive. The open topped saucer dropped like a rock. But it was too late as scattered raindrops were blown into the faces of hero and villain alike.
“Shego! Slow down! We're going to crash at this rate.” Shego pulled up a scant one hundred and fifty feet above the ground.
Shego looked over the side of the aircraft as she searched the ground. “Kimmie see if you can find us some cover before the sky really opens up on us.”
“Why? We must be only thirty miles from the city.”
“We won't make it. Feel the increased humidity? We are going to get dumped on. Remember how I said Drakken's weakness in the practical details? Well he never built a top for this thing and I for one have no wish to look like a drowned water rat.”
With little warning the light rain turned into a torrential downpour. The ground disappeared beneath them as everything was hidden in a wall of grey mixed in with the black night.
Shego slowly lowered the open topped VTOL by another fifty feet and stopped to hover. She sat in the pilot's seat and cursed Dr. Drakken slowly in a monotone. Kim sat next to Shego and listened as she voiced her opinion of Dr. Drakken and his personal relationships. Past, present, and future. Kim was in awe as she heard language that would make a sailor blush.
“Uh, Shego, I don't think he can do that.”
“Don't fret. With the right encouragement, you'd be surprised what he could do.”
“Shouldn't we get closer to the ground and find shelter.” Kim said as she parted wet strands of long hair that covered her face.
“It's not that easy Kimmie. Doc. `outsourced' the flight instruments from aircraft back in China Lake because he could get them for free. Look at this altimeter, it's analog. That means that there's a seven second delay from the aircraft's present position and the altitude shown on the altimeter. From this altitude I could drop safely to the ground in about fifteen seconds. But this blasted altimeter would still say that we are some eight to ten feet in the air when we hit the ground. So we have to land slow and careful, as much as we would like to be on the ground now. Also keep a lookout for anything we might fly into also. I really don't want to fly into a high voltage power line. We would be fried into crispy critters.”
Despite the blinding downpour Shego expert piloting slowly brought the VTOL down to earth. Meanwhile Kim was fighting a losing battle as she tried to bail water out of the little craft by using the baseball cap that she sometimes wore while on a mission.
Shego gave a shout of victory as she spotted the dim outline of a darkened building. After she landed the aircraft near the building both women jumped from the aircraft and made a mad dash for shelter.
With a roundhouse kick Shego had knocked the door off its hinges.
Kim ran in after Shego and looked around and looked around the empty building. “Shego, I'll bet that door was unlocked.”
“Hey, I'm a villain. So sue me.”