Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ It's Family ❯ It's Raining, It's Pouring ( Chapter 6 )

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A/N: This chapter covers only one night of Kim and Shego waiting out the rain. This chapter is the shortest one but when you reach a stopping point in the story, you stop.
By continental-line and family.
6. It's Raining, It's Pouring…

Girl Talk
They stood there in the comparative dryness of the abandoned building. Their waterlogged hair hung straight down. Shego looked at Kim's hair and then at her own. It was as limp as a wet noodle.
As she held up the water soaked mass of hair, Shego said “Look at this will you. I paid good money at the beauty pallor today. That's money down the drain.”
As Shego gathered firewood she noticed a number of inch and a half diameter poles about six feet above the floor all running parallel with each other from wall to wall. `They look to be about ten or eleven feet apart, that's a little over three meters.' Shego thought. On impulse Shego lifted one of the poles and it was easily lowered out of its slots in the walls. One end of the pole was placed back in its slot and the other end dropped carelessly to the floor at an angle. Shego knelt down and arranged the firewood a few feet away from Kim. With a controlled burst of flame from her hand the wood started to burn. The campfire gave them light and heat.
`Just what we need more heat in the tropics.” Kim complained as she dragged a wood box to use as a seat.
“Don't get so sour Pumpkin, we need the light and we need the dry heat. Sure we're in the tropics and the nights are warm but the air is so humid we could swim in it.”
“This is going to be a long miserable night sitting here in our wet clothes.” Kim said.
“Maybe you but I am going to do something about it.” Shego replied as she removed her green and black bodysuit. She picked up the end of the pole that was angled towards the floor and slid the cuff on to the pole. Then up the sleeve and down through the other sleeve. Satisfied, Shego placed the end of the pole back in its wall slot. Shego's suit hung straight down with its sleeves extended.
Shego over turned several trash bags until she found what she was looking for. Old newspapers, she wadded up several pages and stuffed them in her boots. When she saw Kim's questioning look Shego explained, “These newspapers are stuffed into the boots as far as they can go. The papers will absorb the water on the inside of the boots as the outside dries. The boots will dry faster without deforming. I learned that from a homeless bum after I left my brothers but before I meet Dr. Drakken.”
“This is all very interesting but MUST you sit there naked?”
“You know Kimmie for a globe trotter you are an awful prude.”
“I Am Not! It's just that I don't go around showing my body at every chance I get.” Kim said as she raised her voice.
“Oho! I think I touched a nerve.” Shego gloated. “I'll bet you've thought about it, maybe a little `accidental' exposure? Like a promissory show for Ron?” Shego made air quotes with her fingers as she said the word accidental.
“I'd never do such a thing!” Kim denied as her face blushed fire engine red. “And I don't want to talk about it.”
“Methinks she doth protest too much.” Shego misquoted with an evil glee.
Kim watched as Shego stood up and retrieved one the empty plastic trash bags and handed it to Kim. “Here ya go princess. Tear a hole in the bottom for your head and one on each side for your arms. Now take off those wet clothes and hang them up. Bra and panties also, if it makes you feel any better I'll turn around while you undress.”
Later Kim sat across the campfire from Shego, wearing nothing but dirty plastic trash bag. “Ew. This bag stinks.”
“It's the price you pay for false modesty. Me, I'd rather be clean and comfortable. Like I always say `If you've got it, flaunt it.' I said this before also `there's nobody here but us girls.'”
“No thank you, I'll stay this way.” Kim replied primly.
There was a long penetrating silence as the two sat by the fire and listened to the downpour.
“Well this is certainly an entertaining way to pass time.” Shego said sarcastically to Kim.
Ron, why did you have to go off the deep end like that? I need you! Instead I'm stuck with Shego, of all people. This woman has no sense of shame or decency.' Kim moped.
“Hey Kimmie, you should have seen what the Kid showed me on her computer.”
For a moment Kim was puzzled. “Do you mean Ida?”
“Yeah, that's the name.” Shego smiled. “Did you know that you have fan sites on the internet?”
Now it was Kim's turn to smile. “No but it doesn't come as a surprise.”
“Oh, you don't know the half of it.”
Kim sat there with a raised eyebrow silently encouraging Shego to continue.
“Did you know that these same fans write stories about us?”
Kim sat there in her green plastic trash bag wondering where Shego was going with this. From the way that the nude villainess looked like she was enjoying this, it couldn't be good.
“Some of the fans would be having us jump each other's bones by now.”
“Ewww! That is just sick and wrong!”
Shego grinned this was just too good. It was pushing Kimmie's buttons. “It get's better, or worse depending on how you look at it.”
“I'm afraid to ask.”
“The part that I'm not too wild about has me happily married to the buffoon, with six kids no less!” Shego growled. “But there is an up side to the story.”
“And you want me to ask just what it is? Sorry, no dice.”
“It involves you and someone you know very well.” Shego answered in a sing-song voice.
Kim dithered as her resolve weakened and she excused herself by thinking. `I really should find out what these fans are writing. After all it's me that they're writing about.'
Kim spoke up at last and said grudgingly. “All right Shego I know that you are dieing to get this off your chest; so spill.”
Shego crossed her arms to attempt to cover her breasts as if she was some shy maiden. “Oooo! So they were right, you do have a thing for me.”
Kim shook her head in denial. “As if! I am quite happy with my BF thank you very much.” She shook her head and thought with a tinge of frustration. `Oh, brother! Why is it I can never win in these verbal duels?'
Shego saw Kim shake her head and decided to have mercy on Kim. While it was fun to tweak Kimmie, this part of the story from some fan was just too juicy to pass up. “All right Pumpkin here's the straight deal on that story. With no Ron you go gay.”
“No way!” Kim protested.
“Way.” Shego said with a smirk. “It gets better, Bonnie is your lover.”
“That is so wrong, sick!”
“This is the best part. Bonnie goes to the hospital to get knocked up. So she is the mommy and you are the daddy. Maybe you should change your name to `Butch' Possible.” Shego had to stop here because she was laughing too hard to continue.
“That's it! Some of these people need a serious talking to.” With that Kim stood up and walked over to the pole that various articles of her mission clothes were draped over. Reaching into the still wet thigh pocket of her cargo pant she pulled out Ron's Kimmunicator that she had `borrowed' after she discovered that her Kimmunicator had broken.
Kim stabbed at the defenseless Kimmunicator while she impatiently said. “Wade! Come in, Wade! Ah! There you are. Wade I need you to…”
“In a minute Kim. I need to finish….There! I'm done! What can I do for you Kim?”
“Wade, if I give you some screen names could you get their real names, telephone numbers, and address?”
Wade stopped typing on his keyboard and looked up for the first time. He sat there like a chocolate marshmallow staring.
Kim couldn't figure out what was wrong. “Wade. Hello Wade.” Maybe something was wrong with the Kimmunicator. Kim tried tapping on the small screen.
Wade shook his head and in a reflex move he hit the PRINT SCREEN key. `This is one for my scrapbook. A screen shot of Kim wearing a green plastic trash bag instead of Club Banana's latest and a naked Shego standing behind her.'
“Uh, Kim. I know that green as the new black is back but what you're wearing doesn't look like Club Banana's style.”
“Can it Wade! I'll explain later.” Kim answered shortly; she was getting tired of this. First Shego picks at her for not going `au naturel' now her twelve year old genius webmaster was giving her grief.
Wade leans forward ignoring Kim's temper tantrum. “Kim, why is a naked Shego standing behind you? Is there something Ron should know?”
Kim's temper exploded as she jumped to a conclusion. “You've been reading those stories also? Isn't anyone on my side?” Kim shutdown the Kimmunicator before she ever received an answer to her original question.
Wade sat there and stared at the blank screen on his monitor. `What stories?' He wondered, `I may be a super genius but I'm no mind reader.'
“Well Princess, it's going to be a long night so we might as well get some sleep.” Shego said as she yawned. They made their beds on opposite sides of the campfire despite the `girl talk' they just could not bring themselves to completely trust each other.

Uninvited Guests
Hours later there was a sound that was different than the sounds of the wind and rain. Three voices talked with one another just a little louder than the background of the evening storm.
Four green eyes opened and stared at one another across the bed of coals that once was their campfire. Neither body moved, it took all their willpower but both stayed completely still. When in the field, both Kim and Shego were light sleepers; they had to be if they wanted to stay alive.
Kim tensed her muscles as she got ready to leap to her feet. Shego shook her head in a barely perceptible `No'.
`What's she planning?' Kim worried. `If they get much closer we won't have a chance to react.'
Shego listened to the footsteps as they came closer and she could hear what the men said.
“Ay ya! Look at them comrade. Have you ever seen such beauties?' Whispered a voice.
“Here we were cursing the rain and the mud that the truck became mired in. Now just look what we have stumbled on, two sleeping lovelies.” A second voice answered in a low voice.
“The small one, never have I see such red hair.” Said yet a third voice.
Kim had begun to worry. At least three of them! This was every girl's worst nightmare and here she did nothing while she waited on Shego. The plastic bag she wore in place of clothing never felt so flimsy or seemed to cover as little as it did now. It made her feel exposed and venerable. Could she really trust Shego? After all with her causal attitude towards nudity and her earlier remarks about `getting lucky' and sex in general together with her being a self-proclaimed villain. Who knew what Shego could or would not do? Despite Shego's look and head shake, Kim began to muscles began to tense in preparation to springing into action.
“Aye, but the black haired one, she is bare for the entire world to see.” The first voice continued, “One can see all her charms and sample them that much easier.”
“Not me,” The second voice interrupted, “I like it when they struggle, and it makes them memorable.”
When Shego heard this she rolled her eyes and with an exasperated expression, so familiar to Dr. Drakken, readied herself for the upcoming fight.
Yet another voice spoke up. “I agree with Harbi, I too want the dark haired one. As the `Kans say `She is hot.'”
“That's it!” Shego rolled over and sat up. “You want hot! I'll give you hot!”
The three men cried out in surprise as green plasma bolts struck their automatic rifles.
Kim was half a heartbeat behind Shego's attack as she launched her own assault on the astonished trio. Kin followed this up by a spin kick to the ribs and an equally quick retreat. Kim tugged on the plastic bag to get the edge of the trash bag back down over her hips. “I won't be doing that again anytime soon.” She was startled out of her preoccupation by Shego's shout.
The two standing would be rapists were shaken to their core. This was not how it was supposed go.
As Kim and Shego made their final flurry of kicks, punches and strikes. The three men had a sight that no man had ever seen or would see if Kim had her way. If the `sitch' was not so serious it would've been down right embarrassing.
The heroine and the villainess tied the unconscious men's hands together behind their backs using their pant's belts. While the three men were still out cold, they dragged the men to the other side of the long building, the two women then went back to sleep
After she was sure that Kim was asleep Shego got up and quickly but quietly dressed in her trademark green and black working clothes. A murmured conversation was held with the three men followed by three soft thuds. Shego left the three bodies where they lay and walked back to the still sleeping Kim. As she stood there and looked down at the still sleeping Kim, Shego had an idea that appealed to her own warped sense of humor.