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By continental-line
7. Outnumbered and Alone

Shego bundled Kim's clothes into another plastic trash bag and picked up the Kimmunicator as she trotted out into what was now a light rain. Shaking her head sadly at the sight of the waterlogged VTOL, Shego trotted over to the extended cab pickup truck. It was in the mud all right but not deep enough so that it should have stuck there. Obviously, they were as incompetent as drivers as they were rapists. The keys were in the ignition and Shego wasted no time in getting the truck back onto the highway. Once there she stopped the truck and reached for the Kimmunicator.
As the screen came on, “Hi, Kim. What can I do…You're not Kim! Where's Kim? Shego what have you done to her.” Wade asked anxiously.
“Relax Nerdlinger; Kimmie was fine when I left her. But you had better contact the buffoon and let him know that she is stranded at this location.”
“I have your GPS location but why isn't Kim with you?”
“For a genius you are slow on the uptake.” Shego stared at the small screen with narrowed eyes. “It's because I didn't take Sleeping Beauty with me.”
Wade felt a bit miffed as he turned on the tracking mode of the Kimmunicator. Wade had designed this to continue working even when the Kimmunicator was turned off. This background program would not reveal itself to the Kimmunicator's operator.
“One last thing Nerdlinger. Can you patch me through to the buffoon if he doesn't have one of these things?”
Wade was offended and didn't bother to conceal it, without a word the young genius typed furiously at his keyboard, he looked into the lens of his webcam and said, “Done. You should be hearing a telephone ringing any time now.”
As she listened to a telephone ringing through the Kimmunicator Shego said, “Alright Nerdlinger you can hang up or disconnect or whatever it is you do to get off the line.”
With a scowl, Wade's face vanished from the screen of the Kimmunicator.

Trying to Contact Ron
The telephone was ringing and that was the least of anyone's concern after the attack. Only little five years old Segunda Cordova was there to answer the telephone. “Hello?”
Shego looked at the blank screen of the Kimmunicator with a puzzled expression. “Hello, I…”
“Hello?” The young voice repeated to Shego.
Shego began to lose her temper; she did not like to be interrupted especially by some preadolescent joker who wants to play telephone word games. “LISTEN TO ME YOU LITTLE TWERP!
The sound of Shego yelling scared young Segunda (it scared Dr. Drakken also) and she dropped the telephone receiver. She ran out into the yard. “Mommy! Mommy! Some mean old lady yelled at me on the telephone!”
As they heard this, Ron and Dr. Drakken looked at one another. “Shego!” They exclaimed in unison. They ran to the telephone in the Living Room. Ron glanced at Dr. Drakken and said, “Jinx, you owe me a soda.” Dr. Drakken looked puzzled as the two of them ran into the Living Room only to find that someone had hung the telephone up.
While Dr.Drakken bemoaned the bad luck, Ron thought, `Oh, man. Brain pain.' Normally when Ron had a problem, he turned to Kim. However, she was with Shego who had just harshed all over a little five year old. Something was wrong. Why had Shego called? “Oh man. I am just spinning my wheels. I gotta talk to Wane about this.” Ron moaned to himself.
After he was told that Ida's room has a computer with a DSL connection Ron went upstairs two steps at a time. Soon he Instant Messaged Wade and the two `talked' (well, typed) about Shego's call. Together with her short conversation and the tracer, Wade had activated in the Kimmunicator. Wade was able to tell Ron where he thought Kim's location might be.
Downstairs Dr. Drakken stopped his play-acting and behaving like a fool. He stepped into a nearby bathroom and locked the door. He pushed a button on his LCD wristwatch. `Who would've thought that my hobby of collecting vintage comic books would inspire me to invent a `Dick Tracy' type wrist Video Communicator.' The evil villain thought with glee.
“Shego. Shego come in. I know that you can hear me. Answer me.” Drakken said impatiently.
“What's up Dr. D?” Shego's voice came back over Drakken's VidCom.
“Did you just try to call me on the telephone?” asked Dr. Drakken.
“No, actually I wanted to give a message to Kim's sidekick.” Shego replied.
“Why? No matter. Give me the message and I'll see to it that the buffoon gets the message.” Dr. Drakken said.
“No. Listen to me Doc, if you tell him, one of them will figure out that we have our own form of communication like theirs. Then we lose our advantage.” Shego explained in a bored tone. Sometimes Dr. Drakken could be so dense. “Instead I will tell Nerdlinger the message for Ron and let him contact Ron. Now listen carefully, when Lover Boy gets ready to leave to find Possible make sure that you go along for the ride.”
“But…” Drakken tried to interrupt and Shego rode roughshod over what he was going to say.
Shego sighed. “Doc, the saucer is full of water and I need you to dry it out and fly it to the city of Cebu. Meet me at the international airport. Call me and I'll let you know where I am. Don't be late, I have a feeling, when this truce is over, we should vanish before little Miss Possible realizes that we're gone.”

Ron and Dr. Drakken
They stood outside the Cordova compound and waited for the PNP helicopter to pick them up and fly them to the GPS coordinates that Wade had given Ron. Dr. Drakken looked curiously at the large, brightly colored nylon bag that Ron held by its straps. If the buffoon was not going to volunteer information then he would not lower himself to ask.
Ron stood there with the borrowed sports bag thinking, `Man, oh man. Kim's gonna kill me when she sees what I had to bring. Ida wanted to come as part of the rescue effort to save her sister but she took it well when I told her to leave it in the hands of Team Possible. I guess the past events have forced her to mature rapidly.'
The French made Gazelle helicopter flared into a landing and the right-hand side door slid open. A short, slender figure jumped out from the co-pilot's seat and trotted towards the Cordova home turned battlefield. Even though the fight was over help was needed for the wounded. After reporting to Major Carpenter that the medivac helicopters were in the air and would be arriving soon. Co-pilot Teodoro Elpidio walked rapidly towards the house in search of a bathroom. He was so focused in his search that he did not notice the slender young women who followed him into the building.
A short time later, the overall clad co-pilot walked out of the building and towards the waiting helicopter. When the pilot saw his co-pilot, he started the helicopter's engine for take-off. The lightly built co-pilot took his seat in the helicopter and fumbled while he secured his seatbelt. “Elpidoro, now you know why I told you not to drink that beer. Maybe next time you'll listen.” The pilot shrugged and continued, “I know that you are new at this and you are proud of your flight status but you don't need to wear your flight helmet while on the ground. You're lucky that Major Carpenter was distracted or you would`ve found yourself washing this chopper with a sponge, alone. Never, never wear your flight visor down when you report to a superior officer unless we are in the air, understand?”
The co-pilot gave silent thumbs up.
The pilot's quick glance told him that his co-pilot was sulking. His flight visor was still down and he just sat there, not doing anything, like a bump on a log. The pilot shook his head over his moody co-pilot's behavior. With a surge of power, the Gazelle helicopter lifted off into the air in search of Kim Possible.

On Her Own
When she woke up, Kim didn't move while she went over everything that happened yesterday, it had been an interesting day, without a doubt. Shego was nowhere to be seen. The three men who tried to attack them last night were slumped over leaning against the far wall, apparently asleep.
`Wait! Back up! I don't see Shego! Where is she?' With that thought, Kim quickly stood up and looked around to see where the green and black villainess disappeared to.
Her clothes should be dried by now. Kim turned around and she reached for the pole that her mission clothes had been hung from. `They're gone!' Kim thought with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. `The clothes were goneand so wasShego. I don't need Wadeto tell me whet happened, that lousy, two-faced witch and to think that I trusted her last night. After that fight last night, I thought that maybe she was changing. But NOOOoooo she played me like a gullible fool that I was. Well THAT is about to change starting now.'
At the sound of voices, Kim turned and faced the doorway in a defensive pose. `Great! This is all I need! More goons, I thought that these guys were supposed to be making a getaway with Maria.' About half dozen men filed through the open doorway talking amongst them selves in a language that Kim did not understand. The number of men didn't faze Kim in the least. She had faced worse odds from Hench Co's henchmen while on a mission in the past. However, the number of sword-like machetes, knives, and poles with scythe-like blades on the end of the wooden shafts did worry her. Kim had none of her gadgets or clothes, not even her trademark `ninja' slippers. She did have her 16 styles of Kung Fu but other than that, all she had was the plastic trash bag she wore.
`It doesn't look good. I think it's about time to get the heck (1) out of Dodge!' Kim thought franticly. She looked around quickly and saw that there were no windows. Just an open door frame in the side of the building facing the highway, the door was inside the building where Shego had used it for a bed, and twin hinged `barn doors' facing parallel to the highway.
Kim turned and sprinted towards the `barn doors'. After she tossed aside the thick bamboo that that bared the doors shut, Kim pushed; open one of the over sized doors and ran outside to the dirt road that curved up to the highway. Once she was outside Kim saw, too late, the rusty stake body flat bed truck with still more of the blade armed men. Turning on the ball of her foot, she plunged into the thick sugarcane field on the far side of the building away from the highway and the armed men.
Seeing Kim run barefoot in to the sugarcane some of the men ran after her calling to her in their native dialect.
Inside the building, one of the men cleared out the makings of Kim and Shego's camp and found the burnt and twisted remains of three assault rifles. Two more men walked to the far side of the building where they were supposed to pickup trash and clean up the debris. One of the two men walked over to wake up the three sleeping men, when he tried to wake them they fell over. Startled to find that the three men with their arms restrained by ropes, tied behind their backs at the elbows and wrists. When he tried to wake them, nothing happened, they remained unconscious, he called out to the others to come and give him a hand in moving these men outside.
With no radio to contact his superiors, the leader told one of the men to drive back to the sugar processing plant in the truck. When he found out about the young woman who had run out of the building and into the sugarcane field, he muttered soft curses to himself sending the truck back too soon. With a deep sigh, he walked outside and dispatched two men to the other crews, North and South of his location, with orders for the other crews NOT to set fire to the Sugarcane fields(2) because he had sent men into those fields.

Shego was making up for lost time by pushing the pickup truck to its limits despite the occasional grinding sound. When she heard the metal on metal grinding and felt the engine run unevenly she thought, `This can't be good.' She was right, it wasn't.
With a horrendous noise, which sounded like a cross between dragging you're fingernails on a blackboard and dropping pots and pans, the truck shuddered and gave up the ghost. While the truck coasted Shego smelled something burning, the villainess dove from the smoking truck. With experience from years of escaping from Dr. Drakken's exploding lairs, Shego put some distance between her and the smoking truck. After she dusted herself off, Shego watched the white pickup truck roll to a stop. When the truck stopped smoking Shego walked over to the truck. There she gathered her belongings; Shego opened the glove compartment and took out the Kimmunicator. “Who knows, this thing might come in handy later.” Shego opened the passenger's door and gathered up all of Kim Possible's belongings.
As Shego walked along the highway, she sorted through Kim's things. `Panties and sports bra; too small.' They were tossed to the side of the ground. `Black crop-top blouse; also too small. You would think that the Princess would have developed some sort of fashion sense after all these years.' After she emptied the pockets of the cargo pants, Shego wadded the mission clothes together and threw them into a nearby rice paddy. Then she sorted through Kim's gadgets. Kept what she wanted and tossed the rest. Why does she carry so much junk? It's a wonder that she can fight me with so much junk.' Shego pocketed two smoke bombs, the pen-laser, and the Kissy Lips lip-gloss stink thingy. `Maybe Dr. D. could analyze this for our evil use.'
Shego looked at one last item that she decided to keep. It was a small red cardboard box, only two inches by two inches and only a half an inch thick. The villainess had an evil smile as she placed the red carton in her ankle pouch. `I wonder how much Villain's Digest would pay for this. I could even sell this to The Inquisitor tabloid also for even non-villains to read. This could very well put her out of the teen hero/world saving business. She could be grounded forever, if not longer. This is so rich. This could make up for the reward I lost without ruining my evil reputation.'
Green flame engulfed Shego's clenched fist as she said to herself. “But this does not let those bozos off the hook. They cost me money. Either they pay up with interest or they are going to hurtin' puppies when I'm done.” That said Shego continued down the road.

Once in the sugarcane Kim soon became lost. Sugarcane can grow six to eight feet tall and become a wall of green that you cannot see over. With the sun overhead, Kim could not even use that to tell direction. Finally, Kim squatted down and listened as the voices of the searching men were slowly getting louder. This was worse than when she was tied to the giant wooden cactus at Buenos Nacho HQ. At least Ron was there for her, now she had nothing except too many enemies, too close for comfort. `Could it get any worse?' she thought miserably.
It was as if the Fates had answered, `Yes it could.' Kim's head snapped up as she heard the hunters get closer. They were close; she could hear the pursuers as they passed on either side. She was so intent on the men as they passed by that she was almost caught by surprise when four men entered her small clearing in front of her. Kim rose slowly to her feet in a defensive stance ready to fight or run. She did not like her odds; these men all had weapons and probably knew how to use them. Three of them had machetes and one held that pole/scythe thingy.
As they stepped into the small clearing, Engle Melvia was startled to see the missing woman at the other side of the clearing. Even in her disheveled state, she was a beauty. Never had he seen anything like her in person. He ignored her cuts and scratches, marveled at her well-formed legs, the arms were also bare, and seemed to beckon him forward. He shook his head at this errant thought. From her stance, she obviously knew some martial art and he did not want to find out the hard way. Instead, he would try to coax her out without a fight. One of his men expressed his own opinion and what he would like to do about it. Without looking to see who said it, Engel told him to shut up. The pula haired beauty was indeed a man's dream come to life.
“Mahal kita.” Engel said to himself. Slowly he placed the machete on the ground, standing he held both empty hands palm out in front of him. “Ano po ang inyong pangalan? Who are ka? Saan kayo galing” he said in Filipino. Engel was uneducated but everyone knew some English no matter how poor.
The woman with the flame colored hair cocked her head to one side with a raised eyebrow. As she watched the men in front of her, Kim did not forget about the others who searched for her. She knew that it was a real danger and that she could be attacked at, any time but she needed more information. If the man would rather talk than fight so much the better. He had put his weapon on the ground and slowly walked towards her as he held out his empty hands. As he smiled, Kim could see that he was missing his two front teeth. The smile might be a good sign but she was not about to trust any of them, especially the man with the pole type weapon. She didn't know what he said but she was willing to bet that wasn't good.
Engel stopped about one meter away, any closer and she would feel threatened. Speaking softly as he would to any frightened animal, he knew while she might not understand him there was a good chance that she would understand that he meant no harm by the tone of his voice. For almost a minute, no one moved or said anything. Engle was patient time was on his side. He waited calmly while she thought it over. Then Pedro lashed out with his pole/scythe. Engel turned to see the blade of the scythe miss the woman and strike the ground. The woman leaped to the side away from the blade and into the sugarcane. Engel glared at Pedro who smiled sheepishly. With a twist of the pole, he lifted up the severed body of a cobra. (3) Engels looked back in the direction the woman with the hair the color of sunset hat taken as she jumped into the sugarcane. There hanging from the broken sugarcane stalk hung a torn green plastic trash bag.

The locations used in this story I have been to I do need reviews to learn what is needs improving.
(1) While Kim is old enough to know all the `bad' words, it doesn't mean that she would use them.
(2) Setting fire to sugarcane fields is one way of harvesting the crop. The fire would burn everything but the sap-filled stalks them selves. It also destroyed or chased away potently dangerous animals and insects in the fields.
(3) Yes, they do have cobras in the Philippines. These are not the Hooded Cobras of India. But rather a shy snake that hunted field mice and other small animals but still poisonous. Farmers prize and leave them alone to hunt the vermin that are a farmer's bane. However, like any snake, they could lash out at anyone who disturbed them.