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By continental-line
8. Lost and Found

Shego was upset, very upset, as she reviewed her options. She still 23 miles from Cadiz and with the truck broken down, she was going to have to hoof it all the way unless she could find a ride to steal. Shego hoped that such a walk would not be the case. Time was running out and she no idea just how far ahead those `soldiers' were. However, if she had to walk in pursuit then so be it but they were going to pay big time for her inconvenience. At this rate, Shego suspected that they would pull ahead. However, if they thought that they could get away before she exacted her vengeance, they were sadly mistaken. She wore her most evil smirk at the thought of the shambles that she could (and would) create.
Shego scowled at the peaceful landscape, she needed that ride. Shego shook her head as she passed by a water buffalo as it sunned itself on the nice warm asphalt of the highway. `I'm not that desperate yet.'
Half an hour later Shego heard the sound of a motorcycle as it drew closer. `That's a motorcycle?' Shego thought as the odd vehicle drew closer. There were so many people on the motorcycle and its sidecar that she couldn't see how it was able to move at all. `I need a ride and this looks like my best option, for now.' Shego thought as she flung a fire bolt in front of the small vehicle. The driver made a sharp turn away from the green flame and the top-heavy motorcycle flipped over onto its side. The fourteen passengers were scatted over the highway after it had tipped over. She ignored the crying babies and the rooster that tried to escape its owner. Shego pushed the motorcycle back into its upright position as the barefoot driver angrily denounced her actions.
The driver stormed forward to regain the motorcycle that was his livelihood.
`She's taller than Iam but she's still just a babaye.' He thought as he tried to strike the pale-skinned woman.
Shego watched the driver advance and when he was close enough, she lashed out and kicked him in his kinatawo, as he fell to his knees he curled around the center of his pain and gasped for breath. “You should thank your lucky stars that I felt sorry for you.” Shego said with distain and sprayed mud on the driver as she started down the highway.
The former passengers watched as the vicious thief stole their tricycle/motorcycle. She stopped only for a moment to flip the driver a one-finger salute that burned with a green flame. More than one member of their group made the sign of the cross as Shego drove away as fast as the worn motorcycle would go.

The PPLA (Philippine People's Liberation Army)
The heavy rains made the small makeshift convoy move slowly as it wound its way through the hills, away from the coast with its main highway. The leader knew that if the PNP or the army looked for him it would be along the highway. No one used the inland dirt roads during the rainy season. Sure enough, the sky opened up and the water poured down on them in heavy sheets. Finally, they had to stop. The vehicle's headlights could only pierce the gloom a short distance in the wind-driven rain.
Lacking a radio, the strike force commander had to walk through the ankle deep soup that the locals laughingly called mud. In order to tell the others that that they would be unable to move until the storm lets up. He further ordered them to turn off the truck's engines in order to save their batteries and conserve fuel. As he climbed back into the dry cab of his truck, his friend handed him a towel so that he could dry off his face at least. There they sat through the long and stormy night. The storm pounded the small convoy, repeatedly with everything the storm could deliver.
Finally, Hui Ying glanced at his childhood friend and commander. “I gotta go.” He complained.
As he sat there and looked out the windshield, the commander said in a monotone. “Not in here you don't.”
“But…” Hui Ying started to object.
“But me no buts. Not in here. I don't care how wet you get, now go. I will not have the cab of this truck sell like an outhouse. Now don't disturb me again.” After he heard the door open and close, he glanced out into the gloom and whispered. “Good night my friend and don't get too wet.” That said, he slouched down in the driver's seat and tried to sleep.
The next morning the storm had passed as quickly as it had come. The sun was shining and already the humid day was heating up. The convoy was still mired in the mud. With only a few of the trucks capable of four-wheel drive, the men reluctantly climbed out of the trucks and into the glue-like mud. It was a hard, slow process but after many tries, they were finally able to move, oh so slowly, down the cruel joke of a road. At last, they could see the City of Cadiz with its harbor. With the way off this island in sight, the men worked with renewed energy. Their commander smiled as his people worked their way down the inland road to Cadiz.
He had been told that transportation had been arranged and that he should proceed to the waterfront. Soon he was at the docks where he was to meet his contact. He was not impressed. The man was fat with his belly protruding out from under his white muscle shirt.
`Well at one time it might have been white.' The leader thought with distaste. `I'll bet that his boat is no better. He looks like the captain of a garbage scow.' The fearless leader looked at the rust bucket of a ferry that was supposed take them away from this island, if it didn't sink first. They knew that their pursuers were somewhere behind them and that the army would shoot first and ask questions later.
However, their commander was not worried. As Napoleon once said, `The weather is the same for everyone.' Pursuit was coming but it couldn't be too close yet.
Just the same, he wouldn't feel safe until they were well away from the people's enemy and their accursed aircraft.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CAN'T LEAVE TODAY?” screamed the leader of the PPLA Strike Force at the fat slob of a ferry captain
The ferry's captain tried to explain that the rough seas from yesterday's storm could swamp the vessel, with its low freeboard.
Therefore, he suggested that the raiders rest and see the sights until tomorrow when the waters between the islands would have calmed down. `And I contact the authorities, if there is a reward posted.' The captain thought with ill-concealed greed.
The raider's commander didn't miss the expression on the ferry's captain. He accordingly made his own plans.
The next day they would have to wait another day, the seas were just too rough for a safe crossing. The Leader tried to intimidate the ferry's captain to take them to Cebu right away; after all, he had been well paid to do just that.
It would take a seven-hour trip under the best of conditions. The leader didn't want to think about how much longer it would take in the choppy water outside the sheltered harbor. They couldn't afford to wait any longer. The aircraft of the American lap dogs would soon find them and their mission would be a failure.
“It can't be that bad.” The Leader snarled. “You're little more than a thieving bandit trying to pick our pockets using the storm as an excuse. Well, I have news for you my friend. Not one red centavo.”
Suspecting that they had been betrayed, the frustrated Leader pulled out his Chinese 7.62mm Type 51 pistol and shot the unarmed ferry captain three times.
He waved the trucks onboard the ferry as he kept a wary watch for anything unpleasant in the sky. After all, with all their delays, one never knew when the Army would show up and he did not intend to wait here until they do.
As he waved his pistol in the air, the leader gave the ferry's crew a simple choice.
“Either you run this rust bucket to where we tell you to go and take a chance that we might sink. Or you will be shot and not have to worry about sinking.”
The crew the opted to take a chance that their luck would hold on the rough seas and they would make it to wherever they were going, hopefully alive.
Now if only they could feel secure about the promise that the terrorists would set them free after they arrive at their destination, alive.

Back in Singapore
After learning, that the Chang Elder wished to speak to them both.
The Dr. Possibles dressed in appropriate clothing for such a formal meeting. Anne gave her husband a worried glance. However, his face was impassive. Neither one said anything until they alone in the rear seat of the limousine. The last word in luxury for such a vehicle. It was clear that the Chang Clan was filthy rich and did not buy anything but the best. The parents of three overachieving children were not impressed by this show of obvious wealth and power. Each was secure in the knowledge of their own worth, both in their professional and in their married life. If they were supposed to be intimated then the Changs failed to understand what the Possibles valued most.
“Dear, you're not worried? Every time they want to talk to us, it's been nothing but bad news and innuendo from the Elder's adviser. I'm not worried about us. It's our daughter and her cousins that could be in danger.”
“You will just have to trust in Kimberly, she has always returned from her missions before. Besides her best friend is with her and I trust Ronald with my daughter's life.” James answered his wife as he tried to reassure her.
Anne smiled and looked at her husband, “Did you know that is the first time you have ever given an unqualified endorsement of Kim's choice for a boyfriend.”
Anne gave her husband a quicksilver smile. “Don't worry dear. You're secret is safe with me.”
“I'm not worried; Ron loves her and would do anything to protect her. Never have I seen two people as close as these two.”
“I just don't want him to get too close. After all if, Ron ever got too friendly with my Kimmycub. There is still a one-way ride to a black hole; all it needs is a `volunteer'”. Dr. Possible said lightly.
Anne grasped her husband's hands. “You know, she is growing up. Your Kimmycub is a young woman now. She will make her own decisions and all we can do is be there if she needs us.”
“Hush dear, we've arrived. Let's go see what they want from us this time.”

A Traitor
After the Chang's privet limousine had dropped them off at the Chang's residence, the Elder Chang meet them at the front door and personally lead them to the same meeting hall where they had first meet the Chinese clan. It did not contain pleasant memories.
The Elder Chang turned and bowed stiffly. “My apologies. If we had but known that Xi Lin wished to control the Clan for his own reasons, he would have been stopped at once. He was found out, but unfortunately, the damage had already been done.”
Chang Xi Lin had already contacted and hired a paramilitary group of terrorists in Midanaoto to bring Marie Chang and force the present leadership of the clan to withdraw and accept new leadership. With himself as the new elder of the clan.
“But aren't you older than Xi Lin?” Asked a confused Dr. Possible.
Anne looked at her husband but said nothing. She knew that in a patriarchal society her voice would carry little weight. They would listen because it is only polite to do so but that did not mean that they would hear her words.
“All of this could have been settled; peacefully I might add. With the four of you in Middletown by this time. But unfortunately, this was not to be.” The Elder continued.
“What of this Xi Lin? With money and power, he could be a threat to my family.” A worried James Possible asked.
“Do not worry; Xi Lin is in custody even as we speak. Chinese justice is swift; it will be settled before the day's end. But this is a private matter that must be settled within the Clan.”
There are more pressing matters for your family. The events that Xi Lin had set in motion are out of our control. We are honour bound to do all that we can to assist in the swift return of Miss Kimberly Anne Possible and her friends. The clan will, of course, pressure the Republic of the Philippines to bend every effort to affect the safe return of your daughter and the completion of her mission. For all our sakes, I hope that she is as capable as you claim.” The Elder bowed once more and a servant escorted the Possibles back to the Chang privet limousine.

Do You Remember When?
After they had returned to the Raffles Hotel, Anne Possible asked her husband. “Do you really think that she will be all right?”
“Without a doubt. After all, the Changs owe us a debt of honor and will not rest until it has been discharged.” James assured his wife. “Even without the Changes assistance I would worry about her safety. She has been on quite a few missions over the years. Now she is not alone but an agent of Global Justice, an international law enforcement organization that can be a powerful ally. Even more important than that is the fact the fact that Ron is with her.”
James frowned, “The only thing that bothers me is what they might do in such a tropical paradise, after the mission. I wouldn't worry if Ron were in charge because he loves and respects Kimmie too much to make her feel uncomfortable. It's Kim; she has always been the aggressive one. Too sure of herself and what she wants and she always wants it now, without thinking of the possible consequences, even if it's not in her best interest.”
“Kimmycub has always been the huntress and I think that Ron is her prey. Poor guy.” James grinned.
What he did not say was that he had mixed feelings about all those beaches with romantic sunsets. He has afraid that they might have a hormonal overload. Not that he would tell Anne about this.
Resting her head on, her husband's shoulder Anne said softly, “You know dear, I think that I'm jealous.”
“I think you might have the right idea. After all, it would be nice to get away from it all and relax on some private beach, just the four of us.” James Possible said brightly.
“Love, I don't think that would be such a good idea.” Anne said softly as she remembered their college years together.
“I don't see why we can't…” James sighed downhearted.
Anne placed a finger in front of his mouth.
“James, remember when we were sophomores at our first Spring Break?” That bicycle ride we took to explore the orange groves. Just the two of us? Anne whispered as they stepped into the elevator.
James was silent until they stepped off the elevator and closed the door to their suite. He looked down at his petite wife of eighteen blissful married years together.
“I also remember that secluded lake we went swimming together. Even though we didn't bring our swimsuits.” Said Anne softly remembering.
“Just because we did it, doesn't mean that I would condone such actions from my only daughter. She's growing up much too fast. I don't want her to get carried away with the moment and make a mistake that she would later regret.” James said slowly, with a father's worry.
Anne just smiled, thinking how hard it hard been to convince a bashful James to go swimming, “Dear do you think that we made such a mistake?”
“Of course not. You're the best thing that ever happened in my life.” James replied as he squeezed his wife's shoulder.
“Then you are going to have to trust in Kim's good judgment, after all when she feels that the time is right, nothing we say can say will stop her.” Anne said softly.
“I know but it's just…” James slumped his shoulders in defeat.
Alone in their room, James was silenced by the most effective means known to women.

Ron to the Rescue
The helicopter had followed the highway until they had reached the GPS position that Wade had provided. Unfortunately, Ron no longer had his RonCom, as he liked to call the Kimmunicator.
Down below was a swarm of men as they milled about. Next to the building, that Kim was supposed to wait in. This not did bode well for her safety. Ron pointed down and prepared to fight if it proved necessary.
As the helicopter set down, some of the men ran over to it. The Gazelle's door opened and the passengers stepped out. Ron looked on as the PNP officers as they talked machine gun fashion with the men. It didn't look like they were going to have to fight so Ron began to relax a bit. It was unsettling but a quick glance showed that Kim was nowhere to be seen.
Ron turned to the PNP officers and asked, “I don't see her, and could you ask if any of them saw Kim? I know that she's here somewhere. I just know it! The GPS coordinates for Kim's last known position is for here. Wade's never wrong.” Ron looked at the paper with the information that had Wade given him. Mistaken sometimes but never wrong.
Moreover, if they said that they haven't seen her. Then I'll have to get out and look for her myself and if I ever find that, any of them lied to me. Then heaven help them because I'll be all over them like butter on toast.
“Did any of you see a young American woman? None of you would be able forget her if you ever did see her, what with her thick main of red hair.” Ron said desperately.
“I need to find her she's my best friend. She needs me, I can feel it.”
The supervisor asked, “Is she iyo batang babae kaibigan?”
After Ron listened to the question and thought it over, although he wasn't sure what he was supposed to think over. However, it sounded serious and knew that he should give an answer to the supervisor's question.
The best answer he could give was. “Huh?”
With a look of disappointment, the supervisor walked over to one of the PNP officers and asked him to give Ron a full translation.
The officer asked Ron “Is she your girlfriend?
Thinking back to the Junior Prom and what followed, Ron said firmly. “Of course she is. She's missing and I must find her.”
The officer turned and talked in such a rapid fashion the Ron couldn't follow what was said.
“Man, this as bad as when Zita talked to her mother in Spanish. I was totally lost,
Even with two years of Spanish in school.”
Four men walked over to their supervisor and they conversed rapidly with each other, with much waving of the arms.
Ron watched as he thought. `Just to watch them, I would think that they were displaced Italians.'
Ron listened carefully as he tried to separate the meaning from its verbal sheath.
Waving the four men off, the supervisor explained in Tagalog that his men had found her. But she had escaped into the sugarcane and could not be found again.
Despite his worries Ron grinned, “That's my girl.”

I'm Glad You Found Me, Now Stay Away!
After the helicopter was airborne, again it cruised over the Sugarcane field. Ron was worried about how they going to find her. After all, he had been told that the Sugarcane field was several square hectares (what ever that is). Finding one woman who does not want to be found, could be very difficult. Nevertheless, Ron knew that he had to try. Ron was startled as a loud speaker boomed out from under the helicopter.
At first, Ron thought that it was Kim moving through the sugarcane. Then he realized that there too many, from different directions, and they all moved towards the edge of the sugarcane and the base camp. After awhile the loud speaker started up again. This time in English.
Still no movement, now Ron started to worry. After a while Ron moved forward and said that Kim was not about to give away her hiding place to a strange voice even if it was in English.
Ron leaned forward and demanded the microphone from the pilot. “KP! It's me, Ron! I'm here in the helicopter overhead. Give me a signal, so that I know where you are.”
Ron repeated this several times, still no sign of his KP. Wherever she was, she was not moving for some reason.
Ron was about to give up when he remembered the brightly colored gym bag. `One more time.' Ron thought.
“KP, KP! This is Ron again! I have the gym bag that Wade told me to bring. It has a change of clothes for you! Please, please give me a sign to let me know where you are. The pilot will lower me by sling and he will stay up here. It'll be just you and me!”
Still nothing
“KP, I've always had you're back. Please, please! Trust me! I'm here to help you. Do you remember what I said when we were tied up in BNHQ.
“Your father would threaten me with a one-way trip to a black hole time he felt that we were getting too familiar with each other.” The tweebs would always talk in their own language, Hika-abicka-boo and Hoosha.”
Still no movement.
“KP! Please give me a signal! I love you!”
Suddenly there in the sugarcane, were two bare arms waving back and forth.
Grabbing the gym bag Ron put his foot in the sling and signaled to be lowered to his KP.

To Be Continued…