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It looks like the four or five chapter story is going to be ten chapters long (at least). 8)
Shego is playing a bigger part than I had planned. However, she is such an interesting character to write about.
By continental-line
9. The Race for Cebu

On the outskirts of Cadiz, Shego abandoned the motorcycle and its sidecar to walk into the city. She noticed that the native Filipinos stopped whatever they were doing to watch the green and black clad woman as she stalked through town.
Shego always drew attention and sometimes fear wherever she went. To tell the truth, she liked it like that way. It guarantied her evil reputation.
Her prey was near she could feel it. She glanced down side streets as she passed them but continued down the main street. This was getting her nowhere fast.
To top it off, she was hungry. When Shego saw some street vendors, she stopped for lunch and treated it like a buffet. After she helped herself to whatever she wanted.' She started to walk away. When the vendors had the nerve to demand their money for the food she had eaten, Shego shrugged and glared at them. Fortunately, the streetwise vendors recognized her potential and left well enough alone. To demand money for the food that she had eaten would have been like prodding a hungry tiger with a stick; never a good idea.

The ferry had been loaded and pulled away from the quay. The men breathed a collective sigh as they watched the shrinking shoreline.
They were just in time, back on shore the men watched as green flares lashed out at the abandoned trucks on shore. Even from this distance, the explosions and random parts of the trucks arced through the morning air in an awesome display of pyrotechnics.
The Maoist PAPAL were supposed to be atheists, like all good little communists, but more than one muttered a quiet prayer to the God of their fathers. Fifteen minutes later and those wrecked and burning trucks could have been them.
Maria was pushed into a small cabin where she fell to the steel deck. With a metallic click, Maria knew that she was locked in, looking around she saw that the room contained cot that was welded to the deck. It looked like any loose furniture had been removed. The grey paint was peeling off the walls to reveal the rust covered walls underneath. On the wall opposite, the door was a closed porthole. This gave her a spark of hope. Maria was under no illusions about what could happen if she remained their prisoner for much longer. The only reason it had not happened yet was that the leader shot one of his own men to make a point to the others.

Ron, Peek-a-Boo I See You
Ron stepped of the sling that had been lowered by the helicopter with the colorful nylon gym bag slung over his shoulder.
Kim! Kim! Ron had to shout to be heard over the overpowering down blast of the helicopter's blades as the aircraft hovered in place. The stalks of the sugarcane waved wildly in the hurricane-like down blast of the helicopter. Ron's normally unruly blond hair whipped about like the snakes of Medusa. After a moment, although it seemed like forever, Ron spotted the two bare arms, followed by Kim's trademark auburn red hair.
Like Ron's hair, Kim's hair lashed about wildly out of control, stinging her painfully like small whips that lashed at her bare skin. (Not that Ron knew that.) Kim stood just a little higher so that she could gesture Ron to throw her the gym bag.
Ron tried to compensate for the violent down blast and threw the gym bag a little too high.
In a reflexive action, Kim jumped up to snag the errant gym bag.
Eeep!” Escaped from Kim when she realized that she had put a little too much `oomph' into her jump she had caught the nylon gym bag on her first try. `Thank goodness! I don't think that I could make myself do that again'. She quickly crouched down out of Ron's sight. He had seen more than enough. Please and thank you. Kim's face burned bright red.
As she started to unzip the gym bag Kim thought back to her conversation with Shego.
`I'll bet you've thought about it.'
`It's just that I don't go around showing my body at every chance I get'.
`Oho! I think I touched a nerve, maybe a little `accidental' exposure?'
Kim thought about, trying to be honest about it. (Not something, she was particularly good at.)
She allowed a small, very small, smile at the thought. `Maybe, I've thought about it what girl my age wouldn't? However, Ron is too nice a guy. He blushes when we kiss. He's sweet, I couldn't ask for a better BFBF but sometimes I just wish that he would grow up.'
She reached into the gym bag to see what Ron had brought for her.
Ron knew that he had seen more than any man was meant to. Not if he wanted to survive 16 styles of Kung Fu. He was getting nervous; Kin was quiet, too quiet for too long.
Ron heard Kim's voice over the sound of the helicopter's rotor blades. It was a tone of voice that he hoped against hope that he wouldn't hear from her. However, it was too late, as Kim's voice lashed out. “Ronald Adrian Stoppable! (1)You've got some `splainin' to do! (2)
But this is the best I could do on short notice. You're other set of mission clothes were still at the dry cleaners. They thought that were doing you a favor by getting them cleaned for you. Sorry.” Ron said while rubbing the back of his neck.
“Do you have something against me? Or is there something you're trying to tell me?” Kim asked, now that her first urge to hurt someone had subsided.
Ron continued to rub the back of his neck, unsure what was wrong. “What's wrong, KP? Ida's the only one close to your size that I could find on short notice. She packed some of her clothes in her gym bag. I just brought as fast as possible. Wade said that speed was of the essence.”
Kim growled, `I think that I am going to have to talk to that young lady about appropriate clothing.”
Ron was nervous it existed at several levels. At the top of his mind was his wondering just how was she dressed. If she became so amped up, you'd think it came from Smarty Mart. Then again, it could be `cutie' clothes. He could imagine Kim trying to fight Shego in clothes that had little hearts, angels, or worse little pink teddy bears. Shego would be laughing so hard that she couldn't fight.
Last being a guy, even if KP didn't think so, it could be a teeny-weeny polka-dot bikini. After all, if it was good enough for a song, he wouldn't complain. Ron smiled at the thought. Then Kim stepped out. He was speechless.

On Shore with Shego
Shego was breathing hard as she glared at the burning wreckage around her. Ignoring the firefighters Shego turned and stormed off in search of something that she could steal to catch up with who ever they are. This was taking much longer than she had planned. The sooner she caught up with them, the sooner she could take out her frustration. In a way this could be even better than beating little Ms. Perfect, well, almost. Kimmie was still at the top of her list but these bozos had ticked her off to no end.
After she brought the VidCom up near her face, Shego called. “Yo! Doc! You there, when will the water bucket be able to fly? I'm behind schedule and we're almost out of time. If GJ hasn't been called in, I'd be very surprised.”
Dr. Drakken's brow furrowed in a frown. “I thought that this place was out of bounds for GJ? “
Shego rolled her eyes, “Get with the program, Doc! The fight with lots of destruction and a kidnapping. Kim Possible and her dopey boyfriend were in the thick of the fighting and now they're missing. We also were in the same fight and now we're missing also.” It doesn't take a genius to figure that Global Justice will add two and two to get five.”
“Shego, you're words hurt.” Dr. Drakken whined'
“What ever. Before you interrupted me, what is the status of the VTOL?” (3) Shego asked, her almost none existent patience worn thin.
“Very well Shego. Draining the craft was simply a matter of lifting the floor mat and opening the drain. What is going to take time is drying out the electronics. I have to remove the paneling to be able to access the wiring underneath, then after carefully absorbing the excess moisture, I…” Dr. Drakken rambled on.
“Doi! I don't need step-by-step explanations. Tell me, how long will it take to get that thing flying?” Shego said slowly like she would to a particularly dim child.
“That's kind of hard to say. There so many variables that I have to take into account. That to miss just one of them would throw everything into chaos!” ranted Dr. Drakken.
“Doi. Why, don't you say you don't know, if you don't know?” Shego asked with narrowed eyes.
“Um. I don't know.” Dr. Drakken guessed afraid that this might turn into an owwie.
Turning off her VidCom, Shego growled, “Honestly, sometimes I just want to…grrrr.” Shego smashed the hood of a passing automobile, without even bothering to look.

Almost Legal Mission Clothes
Kim stepped out from the sugarcane that she had been using for cover.
She was not happy about this sitch. Unfortunately, she had no other clothes to wear. Even this was preferable to nothing at all.
Ron just stood there, speechless and stared. This was his KP? No wonder all those hotties had been flocking around her all those years in high school. How could he have been so blind?
Sure, they had been best friends for most of their lives. He had always thought of her thought of her as a true friend through most of their school years. He had never been able to understand just what the other boys saw in her that he didn't. Not until their Junior Prom, did he truly understand what a precious treasure she had become. Still he hesitated, afraid that he would say or do something to drive her into the arms of another now that he understood just what it was that the others had seen all those years ago.
Now Kim was the hottie and Ron felt himself ready to melt.
Although Kim was amped up, she had to admit that Ron was acting like a guy, for once. She walked up the Ron as he stood there in shock, his mouth open. Pleased with the effect, Kim put one finger under his chin and pushed up.
“Ron. Ron. Earth to Ron.” Kim smiled, “You like?”
“Aaahha… Kim?” Ron swallowed once, twice. He seemed to be having difficulty with speaking. He opened and closed his mouth several times, like a fish out of water. “Ah. Kim that's a new look for you. Remember to remind me to thank Ida for her choice of mission clothes.”
Kim glanced down at the yellow very short, shorts. “I'm glad that you approve, but these aren't what I would call mission clothes. However, if you like them, I'm sure that Monique could fix me up with something at Club Banana.”
Ron gave a nervous smile, “I'm glad your father is in another country. That pink tube top is what maybe two inches wide?”
“Thanks for reminding me.” Kim scowled as she adjusted the top. But it's not a tube top and I am going to have that little talk with Ida. She's only 16, what is she thinking of with something like this at her age?”
“I think that she was thinking that that outfit is a perfect boy magnet.” Ron said thoughtfully.
Sometimes Ron could be so right but that did not make it any better for a sixteen year old to dress like this.
Like most boys, Ron had exaggerated. It went from about 2 inches under each arm, to a little larger in front. The front was straight across the top but the bottom of the cloth was hanging free as it came to a downward point about 6 inches from the top. The cloth stopped just short of her back where it was tied together with spaghetti straps in the back.
“How did she tie that behind her?” Ron wondered.
The covering seemed to have a life of it's own as it tried to flab about in the helicopter's downward blast of air. Kim prevented this by holding the bottom with one hand.
“You know KP; you sound just like Mrs. Dr. P when you wore that little black dress.”
“Ron, you know that I wasn't myself. It was that moodulator.”
Ron smiled, “Just the same that dress was one hot number.”
“Ron, mission, remember?”
“Right KP.” Ron held the sling steady and said. “Ladies first.”
Kim glanced at Ron and whispered in his ear so that he could hear over the helicopter's noisy rotors. “I don't think your offer has anything to do with manners.”

Shego, All at Sea
Finally, Shego found just what she had been searching for, a thirty-seven foot cabin cruiser/deep sea fishing boat.
Pasting a sickly-sweet smile on her face, Miss Go walked on board the imposing craft.
“What can I do for Miss?” A florid man asked as he stepped up from the cabin.
Running her hand along the smooth wood of the gunnels' railing, Shego turned and strained to keep the smile on her face ever though it hurt her pride as a villain. “I would like to buy or take out a long term lease for this fine craft.”
Openly appraising her finer points that were not hidden by her body suit, he quickly raised the value of this fine craft, if she wanted this boat bad enough, he was sure that they could come to an accommodation.
Shego fought the urge to cut this womanizing excuse for a man into chum and feed him to the sharks.
Instead, she smiled sweetly while she envisioned him as a crispy critter. “Please, my name Miss S. Go and while I am here for the next year, I would like to do some sight seeing.”
“If you want to go for a short cruise, I'm sure that we will find out what sure she could do.” He smiled as he envisioned what he could do out of sight of any nosey neighbors.
“If we are going out, could you fill up the gas tanks so that I could learn what needs to be done?” Shego felt like she should gag but she knew that she needed full tanks of fuel if this gas-guzzler was going to make it on one hop at full speed.
Once out of the harbor. Shego questioned him about the operation of the speedy cabin cruiser. Once she learned all that she needed to know to operate this boat. Shego smiled once again. “I'll take it.”
He rubbed his hands together and said, “If you'll excuse me I'll get the paperwork that will need to fill out.”
While he was down below, Shego checked out the controls to make sure that she understood everything perfectly. Not that she was worried. Shego was nothing if not a quick learner.
As he came back up the stairs, he commented that he could find a way to knock a few hundred dollars off the selling price if she ….
“No need. I'll take it.” Shego said with her most evil smirk in place.
“But the price…” He hesitated, seeing Shego's new expression for the first time.
Shego lit up both hands. As her smirk became a shark-like grin. “Don't worry about the price. I'll take it as is. Now jump!” Shego threatened as she flung a fireball over his head.
Once he had jumped overboard, Shego set the throttles wide open. As the craft cut through the whitecaps Shego felt exhilarated as the wind blew through her hair, letting it stream out like a flag behind her. Shego allowed herself a smile of pure enjoyment. Finally, things were finally beginning to go her way.

Dr. Drakken, I'm Myself Again
Dr. Drakken stepped out of the helicopter and looked around. Ignoring Ron, the two PNP officers, and the crowd of Filipino workers Dr. Drakken spotted the saucer shaped aircraft. Walking over to it, he could see that Shego had not exaggerated it; if anything, she had understated it.
Dr. Drakken removed his trademark blue lab coat and black rubber gloves. (Although why he wore them in such hot weather, even he was at a loss to answer.) After he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, Dr Drakken reached into the craft, removed the floor mat in the passenger's area, and opened the floor drain. Then he opened the low wall drain for the container box that formed the bottom of the passenger's seat.
After Dr. Drakken pulled out Shego's waterlogged green and black two-piece silk dress, he thought. `She is going to be so very unhappy. A small amount of water can stain silk and this dress is waterlogged.' With a shudder, he laid the dress on the grass to dry in the sun. Not realizing what too much heat can also do to silk. Unknowingly, Dr. Drakken has set himself up for a world of hurt.
After he removed the dashboard panel, Dr. Drakken started remove the excess water with a dry rag.
Just then, his VidCom started to ring. Standing up, Dr. Drakken thought.`I really need a snappy ring tone like that Possible girl.'
After a testy conversation with his sidekick, who was getting to lippy for her own good? Someday, someday…
It took almost two days to get it in flying condition. Although he had no intension of giving Possible and her buffoonish sidekick, a ride to stop whatever Shego had planned. Therefore, he pretended to continue to work on the VTOL until they had left.
Thinking back, Dr. Drakken wondered.`I didn't rely that there were three of them. If it I hadn't recognized that unruly mop of red hair. I wouldn't have recognized that it was actually Kim Possible. This so rich. Dr. Drakken snuck a picture of the great Kim Possible with his cell phone camera.'
After they left on the PNP Gazelle helicopter, Dr Drakken quickly reassembled the VTOL and made ready to fly to Cebu, wherever that was.
Before he took off, Dr. Drakken used his VidCom to contact Shego that Kim Possible was airborne and that he was about to take off himself.
The unusual thing was that Shego didn't hold the VidCom steady, but rather she seemed to bob in and out of the picture. Finally, he gave up and flew on a northeast heading. (The wrong way. Nach.)
After some two hours flight time Dr. Drakken called Shego. “Um. Shego? Shego? Are you there?”
“Of course, I'm here. What do you want? And it had better be good news.”
“Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?”
`You'd better give me the good news first. That way I won't feel like strangling you right away.”
Dr. Drakken winced at the thought. `Why does she always have to be like this? Doesn't she realize just how much her words hurt? It could be that that she is so used to fighting Kim Possible that she doesn't even know that she is doing it.' Dr. Drakken thought it over, `Nah!'

(1) With a nod to captainkodak1 8^)
(2) See Emotion Sickness for Kim's impression of `I Love Lucy's Dezi Arnize (sp?) standard line when Lucy goof's. This seems to be on a regular basis just like our Ron.
(3) VTOL is Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft that does not require a runway in order to fly, in a fashion similar to helicopters or Harrier Jump Jets.