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Its Family
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10. And Justice for All, Sort Of

From Bad to Worse
Maria eyed the rusted and painted over porthole, she was a petite young woman and was sure that she could make it through, although she wasn't so sure about her Silver-colored, ankle length, off-the-shoulder, sheath dress.
Maria skinned her knuckles as she worked to force the reluctant porthole that begrudged every inch that she forced open. When at last it was forced into the room as far as she could get it to move. Maria walked across the cabin and listened at the door. When she heard no activity on the other side, Maria knew that she didn't have much time before someone came to checkup on her.
Maria struggled to slip through the porthole but her long dress had snagged on something. So Maria had to wiggle her way back into the cabin.
There she took her off her dress. As she stepped out of it Maris thought, `Somewhere, somehow someone is enjoying this at my expense.' Maria complained. After she had divested herself of the tight fitting dress. Maria stepped on the bunk to try once more.
Maria tried once again to wiggle and squirm her way through the porthole and away from her captors. Once again, something snagged and she was held in place. However, she was not going back! She strained and pulled until something snapped and she fell face first into the water. After initial shock of hitting the water, Maria surfaced to swim away from the slow moving ferry.
Maria had concentrated on the escape that she didn't stop to think about what would happen after she had made good her escape. While she treaded water, the ferry slowly faded into the distance.
`With any luck, they won't notice that I've gone until they reach wherever it they're going to.' She thought.
Maria had hoped that one of the thousands of islands that made up the Philippines would be nearby. No such luck.
`This is where the heroine would say, `Better drowning than a fate worse than death. What a load of …..' '
The sight of a large, white, power boat that sped along at high speed. The overpowering sound if its gasoline engines gave it the impression of power as it cut through the water like a knife. The high-powered craft had interrupted Maria's chain of thought. No matter she needed a ride and here it is.
Maria waved one arm and yelled for all she was worth. At first, she thought that the speedboat would pass her by until she realized who was piloting the boat. Maria called out Shego's name while she screamed for help.
The boat slowly lost headway as it turned about and slowly crept to where Maria was floating in the water. After Shego cut the power, she moved aft with the gaff. Shego extended the pole to Maria and pulled her onboard.
Shego smirked, “Missing something?”
Maria was puzzled until a cool breeze wafted by her wet skin. She looked down and with a rather loud “$&#$!” (1) Maria crouched down and glared at the pale woman, “I could use a blanket or something.”
Shego chuckled, “You and Kimmy are definitely related. The two of you share the same bad luck."
While Maria wondered about that cryptic remark, Shego soon returned with a light cotton blanket. (2)
Shego searched the nearby waters until she found what she was looking for, she steered the craft over to the floating object. Reaching into the water with the gaff's hooked end, Shego retrieved the object from the water.
Turning to Maria, Shego asked. “Lose something?” There on the end of the gaff hung a small white bra.
Maria pouted at Shego, “You're enjoying this aren't you?”
Shego shrugged and climbed back up to the flying bridge. The powerboat slowly gathered speed as Shego continued her pursuit.

Up, Up and Away!
The helicopter pulled away from the sugarcane field to drop off the two PNP officers to secure the crime scene while Team Possible flew southeast to Toledo on the island of Cebu. (3)
“Ron, I need new clothes, I know that you like these, but I can't fight in them.”
“Well, according to my guidebook there's a Smarty Mart in Cebu. We could buy what you need in there. They have everything! I even have a world-wide 10 per cent off loyal customer coupon.” Ron was so excited.
I don't suppose that Cebu has a Club Banana. Kim hoped.
Ron was puzzled, "Why? Smarty Mart and Club Banana are owned by the same company, except at Smarty Mart you can buy it a discount."
Kim put here head in her hands, “I don't want to know, this so sick and wrong in so many ways.” She moaned, “Maybe nobody will recognize me at Smarty Mart do you think that there's a chance?”
“Are you kidding, KP! Of course everyone will know.” In his excitement, Ron failed to recognize the danger signs in Kim.
“No way! We are going to fly straight to the international airport at Cebu and end this once and for all.”
But Kim, I'm, sure that we can get what we need at discount prices.”
Ron, don't you forget that I know 16 styles of Kung Fu and I would be more than happy to practice all of them on you. If you make one peep! Do you understand?” Kim threatened.
Ron nodded mute for once. He had never realized the depth of her dislike for that store.
“Some things are going to take getting used to.” Ron said to himself with a frustrated sigh.
Kim did not hear what he said but she knew that she had overreacted. Kim laid her hand on Ron's arm. “I'm sorry Ron. Could you ever forgive me?” Kim asked with a tentative smile.”
“What's to forgive? I'm sure that we'll find something, sooner or later.”
Kim hugged Ron, not caring if the pilot saw them. “I promise to make this up to you someday. Please be patient.”
The helicopter refueled in Toledo City local airport. The helicopter was making good time as it flew over the mountains and across the island to the city of Cebu.
'The pilot shook his head at the unusual sight. She was truly something else. Who else would be confident enough to wear those yellow shorts and a pink halter? She must have complete faith in his abilities and self-restraint to trust him while wearing that outfit.'
'If my daughter tried to dress like that, she would be grounded for the next ten years.'
`Just wait until I get back to base. No one, but no one, would believe that the great Kim Possible would dress like this for a mission.'

Justice or I am So Screwed!
“The clan hearing for the defendant, Chang Xi Lin, is now over.” The Elder said pro forma.
“Xi Lin, you are stripped of all rights and privileges, save one, you may make one last request, with in reason that presents no danger to the clan or those under it's protection.”
Xi Lin glared at the Possibles, if looks could kill, they would be dead. The two Possibles had been invited to attend the hearing and give testimony on behalf of their daughter and her errant cousins.
“Xi Lin, you are to be reprimanded to the authorities of the Singapore Metropolitan Police.
To be charged with, the theft of clan funds to destabilize a foreign power and ally of Singapore.
Using said funds for an armed and dangerous foreign extremist paramilitary to attack civilians in their home and kidnap one Chang Maria on foreign soil.
For causing death, and grievous wounds, to authorities of said foreign power.
For providing funds to attack citizens of the United States of America, an ally to this nation.
For misuse of Chang property other than Chang funds, for the conspiracy to commit crimes in the following nations or citizens thereof: Singapore, Indonesia, and the Republic of the Philippine Islands.
To commit conspiracy against citizens of The United States of America and guests of this clan.
To commit conspiracy against the government of The People's Republic of China.”
Do you have a statement that you wish to make to the court that might mitigate this verdict?
Xi Lin had only one chance and he had to word it carefully. “I refuse to accept the Clan's judgment against me.”
“After careful consideration, the Clan's first judgment stands. You have proven yourself a danger to this Clan and will no longer be a member of this clan. You are to be stripped of all rights and privileges of this clan. Furthermore, the clan name of Chang is to be removed. You are now just Xi Lin, a man with no clan or family affiliation.”
“The remaining charges by this clan must be dropped at the defendant's final request of this clan.”
Do you, Xi Lin, accept the finale judgment of this body?”
Flashing a look that promised vengeance against the meddling Possible family. Xi Lin prepared to leave.
The Elder held up one hand. “Please restrain the person of Xi Lin.”
“You can't do this! All judgments by the clan have been dropped. You must set me free or forfeit all honour in the eyes of the other clans.”
“While it is true that all judgments against the person of Xi Lin have been dropped…”
Xi Lin shook off the hands the hands of the junior clan members who had restrained him. He prepared to leave The Hall of Judgment one last time.
With a cruel smile of victory, he started for the door that led outside the Chang Clan's Compound and freedom.
The Elder was not finished. The door that Xi Lin had been walking to was opened. In stepped two Chinese soldiers, wearing plain brown uniforms, with a single red star on their caps.
“NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!” Xi Line backed away from the two soldiers who walked into the Hall and bowed to the court. This might have been a clan hearing but it served the function of a court.
“I am no longer a part of this clan; you have no authority over me.”
“You are quite right. This clan has no jurisdiction over you in clan matters; however, this is no longer a clan matter. I have here a warrant for your arrest and extradition to The People's Republic of China for crimes against the State.
Duly signed by a legal Magistrate of Singapore. As a citizen of this nation, I am duty bound to restrain you until duly recognized representatives of The People's Republic of China arrive to take you into custody. There you are to be tried by the People's Court for crimes against said State, found guilty, and sent to a reeducation camp of their choice.
This meeting of the assembled members of the Chang Clan in now adjourned.”

Vengeance is Mine!
Shego's powerboat pulled along side a wooden pier and jumped off the boat, leaving it for whoever wanted it. She no longer needed it.
Maria tagged along; Shego went to where the informants would hang out.
Shego shook her head. No matter the nationality, a certain type of criminal always followed the same pattern.
Shego continued to walk down the darkened alleyways. Maria stayed a little closer. Shego's colors, black and bright green, was a direct challenge and threat. The thieves and muggers could sense the aura of menace and wisely stayed away from her.
Shego was the only person that she knew in this city. The green and black clad woman was scary but not as scary as being alone and on her own in a strange city.
Shego stalked ahead to the ferry that she had pursued for hours. It took no more than a few minuets to see that it was sinking right where it was.
With no clue where they went, Shego was forced to ask Maria if she heard anything that might be remotely useful.
Maria thought about it for a moment. “When I was in the back of the van we had to stop because of the rain. We stayed and there waited for the rain to stop. I couldn't try to escape because was chained hand and foot to a stanchion in the van.”
Shego growled, "That's just dandy. But how does that help us find those bozos.”
Maria glanced at Shego, seeing that she was not about to rip her head off out of frustration, Maria continued her story. “Well later that one of them asked if it was true that they were to be paid only after I had been delivered to the aircraft...”
“Well, that make's it easier. All we have to do is get a map of the city and the surrounding area.”
Shego spread the map on the lawn. After searching, she found what she wanted. Now she was royally pi&$!
Shego looked over at her young charge.
Maria sat patiently waiting to see what Shego would do.
“Well, I'm waiting? Do you have any bright ideas? At last count, I make it to be six private airfields, two domestic airfields, and one very large international airport. Oh joy, will our fun ever stop?”

PPLA, I think we Pissed off the Wrong Person
The leader of the PPLA Strike Force was in a foul mood. The object of this mission had escaped. All they had to show for their efforts was her silver dress. The best that they could do in this situation was to raid the Chang stronghold and `liberate' the needed funds from the greedy Chinese who sought to pollute the righteous cause of the movement to free the Home Islands from the Imperialistic Puppet Masters, the `kenos.
To himself, the Leader sometimes wondered if this was the true aim of the PAPAL or was he and his men merely pawns in a power struggle between two opposing factions. That there really was no difference between the two. Both factions, had by their actions, betrayed the trust of the working poor that they were supposed to represent.
As he shook his head, he climbed into the cab of the lead truck. He had his orders, for now. Maybe it was time he started looking out for # 1.
The trucks passed through a remote gate that had been conveniently left open by auxiliary members of the PPLA. The trucks crossed the tarmac and headed toward the Chang's private hanger and it's Gulf Stream Executive Jet. The waiting Jet, had been refueled, for its special passenger to return to Singapore.
The trucks that arrived from their mission were to deliver her to the waiting jet. The crew stood near the aircraft's hatch, as they waited impatiently for their cargo.
“Where's the girl?” One of the crewmembers asked.
“Where's the second half of our payment?'
“Give us the girl.”
The two Chinese crewmembers drew their pistols, and threatened to shoot, if the convoy's leader failed to deliver the girl to them, now.
The canvas sides of the trucks were pulled back and the intimating sound of several assault rifles being charged. (4)
The two thought better of their first idea to force the issue.
“Now about that compensation?”

It Takes a Thief
Shego listened to the conversation and waited. Part of being a good thief was patience. Soon she would have her vengeance. She watched from the darkness and followed them to the entrance of hanger # 13. Shego grinned to herself. Soon they would have all the bad luck they deserved.
It was a shame about Maria; she was beginning to like the little twerp. However, if she wandered around free, she would get herself hurt or she would accidentally give away Shego's position and the thief could be hurt. `Not gonna happen.' Shego promised herself.
If everything goes as planned. The two villains would be able to return to their vacation in style and with their reputations intact.
Shego soon learned that the payment was in the rear of Hanger # 13. She stayed under the cloaking shadow of the darkness. Shego waited until most of the men had returned outside to make sure that the men in the jet did not double cross them somehow.
Using her plasma, she cut a hole big enough for her to enter to surprise the single guard. He was unconscious before he could alert the others of her presence. This is how she liked it. In and out before anyone even knew, she had absconded with every penny/centavo that the terrorists thought they had.
This could even turn into one of the easiest heists yet, not even the Princess could stop her now.
“This is so rich, now that I've thought about it, I'm so rich.” Shego said to herself.
“I don't think so Shego. You might as well give it up there over two dozen Global Justice agents are here at the request of the Philippine government.” Kim stated as she stepped out of the shade.
You really screwed up big time. Here you had a safe haven and you just had to steal.” Kim's BFBF, Ron Stoppable stepped out along side HFGF.
“For shame, and here two young women thought the world of you after you saved them. You just had to disappoint them, didn't you?” Kim continued to scold.
Shego smiled, “You know Kimmie, and your speech would have so much more impressive, if you were dressed in anything else.
“Tell me, did you wear that yellow and pink combo, in public? They are so small that they should be illegal, don't you think?
Now tell me Pumpkin, how did you keep Ron focused on the mission, wearing that, hummm?
'What was she up to?' Kim wondered.
Shego had to keep up the banter, until Dr. Drakken landed his VTOL behind Hanger # 13.
If she could get rid of Kimmie somehow, they could make a clean getaway.
"Kimmie, you know you can't stop me. Even if you wanted to, I could destroy you as a goody-goody two shoes by this time tomorrow."
"There's nothing you can do me. Give it up."
"I don't think so. Not so long as I have this.” Shego reached into her ankle pouch and pulled out a little red carton. With a smirk, Shego said. "I believe this yours, princess. I am so surprised.” Shego brought one hand up to her cheek in mock horror."
"Give that back, it's mine!” Kim made a lunge for the little red carton and missed as Shego sidestepped.
"No, no, no, Kimmie. It's not polite to grab. I wonder, does your mother know?"
"You know Kimmy, I'm going to actually do you a favor. Do you want to know something? I really don't even know why. Actually I'm going to do you two favors."
"First here, catch!” Shego tossed the little red box and Kim snatched it out of the air.
"Second, did you know that jet that's preparing to leave even as I speak? Meanwhile, you're with little ol' me and they're making their getaway?"
Kim stayed in her defensive stance but she took a quick glance to see the small jet gathering speed.
“You know, I would go after that jet in a heart beat, if there was something in it for me. However, there isn't, so I won't.
"You, on the other hand could have a way to stop it.”
It's lucky for you that Auntie Shego is here to help you stop that big, bad ol' jet.”
“Alright Shego, what are you talking about? And no tricks.”
Shego reached into her ankle pouch a second time and pulled out a small device that looked like a remote control. “This is one of Dr. Drakken's inventions and the amazing thing is that it actually works.”
“All right, I'll bite, what does it do?”
“Simple actually. When you push the big red button and it sends out an impulse that short circuits any electrical system that it's aimed at.”
Shego tossed the device to Kim and said, “You'd better move it, that jet is almost out of range.”
Kim was clearly unhappy but she had to turn and run after the slowly accelerating jet.
Kim pushed the big red button (5) and the jet engines shuddered as they came to a screeching halt. The jet itself coasted to a stop.
Kim turned around and ran for the hanger. She had to stop Shego before she told anyone that the ultimate teen hero went on her missions with a box of condoms.
Ron was helping to tie up the rebel soldiers as Kim called. Ron ran after Kim.
I would follow her anywhere. Growl.” Ron thought to himself
GJ agents quickly took the aircraft's personal into custody and contacted the Philippine National Police to take the prisoners into their custody, this being their jurisdiction.
The two heroes ran into an empty hanger, the money was gone and so was Shego.
Ron did find a white envelope with Kim's name scrawled on the outside cover.
“This is it? What happened to Maria?” Kim asked.
"Where is Shego and how did she move all that loot?” Ron wanted to know.
Ron wandered around while Kim skimmed through the letter.
Dear Kimmy,
By the time you read this, I'll be long gone. Dr. D. landed the VTOL and we have all of the treasure thanks to Dr. Drakken's Gravantic Ray.
Now that we have been well compensated for the loss of my reward money.
I will tell you that little Maria is locked in the tool shed next to Hanger # 12.
We will be out of sight for a while. However, don't you fret, I won't tell a soul about your little secret. I wonder how Ron would react to this.
I'll be back to kick your little tuchis from here to next week.
Look in the small envelope that is inside this envelope.
Your parents have been informed that Team Possible has been invited to stay for a short vacation here in the Philippines.
Of course, I didn't tell them just who invited you. You will be staying for an all-expense paid vacation at Palawan Private Resort.
Don't worry; the rebels are paying for this, even if they don't know it.
When I get back, you'll owe me, big time.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do and I'll do almost anything!
Later that week Kim and Ron enjoyed the white sandy beach with the sparkling blue water.
A few days later, they were preparing to take a swim. Kim turned to face her boyfriend. “You do know this a clothing optional beach?” (6)

(1) This is rated T you know.
(2) Sometimes, the temperature drops down to 70 degrees at night.
(3) The City of Cebu is on the Island of Cebu.
(4) A rifle that is being charged is a rifle that has placed a round in the chamber of the rifle so that it's loaded and ready to fire.
(5) What is it with Dr, Drakken and big red buttons?
(6) So true. This Resort is a favorite honeymoon location.