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Author's Notes and Disclaimer: I'm releasing this story before KH3 and Dream Drop Distance, and I can honestly say I haven't played Coded or it's remake. Special thanks to a couple of my friends who helped me edit and review, and my wife who helped me find the confidence to work on this. All characters belong to their respective owners (namely Disney and Square Enix for the most part), save any original ones. They belong to me. Enjoy!

Kingdom Hearts: Inheritance

"Sora can't keep doing that forever, there has to be another way!"

"You are right, King Mickey. He cannot. I believe we would be well served to look to the works of our former masters for inspiration."

"Wait, you mean... reopen the Keyblade Master Academy?"

"That was but one outcome that I have been considering for some time, though it cannot be myself that undertakes such an endeavor."

"Begging your pardon, Master Yen Sid... Sir... but why not?"

The grey bearded sorceror dressed in fine blue robes then turned sharply on his heel, no longer directing his steel-grey gaze out of the moon-shaped window that looked out upon the starry blackness surrounding the tower. Instead, he snapped his attention onto that of his former apprentice. "I have always held myself personally responsible for Xehanort's corruption going unchecked. I cannot allow for such a mistake again, and my new purpose here is part of that endeavor. I will continue to monitor the balance of light and darkness here where my power is greatest, and be able to keep you informed."

Mickey sighed, having already known the reason, yet was hoping he hadn't needed to hear it again. "Please reconsider... I don't think I can do this alone." he replied, looking down to the floor.

"Have confidence, King Mickey. Alone is one thing that you most certainly are not," came the reply, immediately getting the anthropomorphic mouse's attention back with a start. "Merlin has shared much of his knowledge with me and I believe he will be a helpful ally in reestablishing the Academy now that his work at Radiant Garden is effectively completed."

Mickey gave his trademark laugh at this. "You've got that right! His team sure did a bang-up job!" he noted enthusiastically.

Yen Sid nodded to this before continuing, "As well, you are already versed in administering the Mark of Mastery Exam, Sora and Riku having been supervised and graded by you personally. I see no reason why this could not then extend to other students."

Considering this for a moment, King Mickey recalled the memories he had of their exam. It certainly was not like a typical Mark of Mastery exam as he had it explained to him, mostly because of both of their prolonged experience with Keyblades, having developed a lot of their training on their own, and because they had both gone through so much to get to that point with their experiences varying rather wildly. "Very well, you can count on me!"

Mickey was about two steps from dashing out of the room door and down the tower's so-called 'weirdest spiralling staircase in existance' before stopping himself short. "Can't really reopen the Academy without any students am I supposed to find them?"

To this, the old sorceror smiled and seated himself back at his desk, summoning a large tome onto the surface of the desk, already open to the page he required. "Perhaps you've forgotten, Master Mickey, about how you came into possesion of your own Keyblade. The only requirement to wield one is an exceptionally strong heart, " he began to explain.

Tilting his head quizzically, Mickey returned to the desk to see what exactly Master Yen Sid had laid out with his book. "I'm not sure I understand you, sir."

"A Keyblade chooses it's wielder," he stated in his usual stern manner, "You fearlessly plunged into the Realm of Darkness to seek one, and thereby obtained it. There was even a time when Riku was able to pull the Kingdom Keyblade right from Sora's hands simply because he had a stronger will. All Keyblades are attracted to those that posess certain qualities, though being connected to the heart of another keybearer certainly helps."

"Oh, I get it now! We just have to let a keyblade point the way!" came Mickey's revelation.

The page that Yen Sid had open appeared to be instructions on a sort of ritual. Something that outlined how to awaken the power of a keyblade within a person's heart. "There may be hundreds of keyblade weilders out there now that don't even know it yet. All they require is something to bring that light to the surface."

Mickey and Yen Sid both read out the title of the ritual simultaneously.

"The Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony"
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