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Author's Notes: It might be interesting to learn that the names I chose for the characters were quite specific. For example, while Cael sounds like a type of lettuce, it is actually based on the word for Sky in Latin. Similarly, Tsuna is for Sand in Japanese but I'm pretty sure some fans would figure that one out quickly. Lastly, Reki took a bit of work to come up with, but it's from the word for River in Slovenian. Pretty wild, hey? Once again, all characters belong to their respective owners: this is a work of fan fiction. Enjoy and please review!

Kingdom Hearts: Inheritance
Chapter 1

"Cael, you lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here."

The crimson haired boy awoke with a start, roused by the voice of his friend and twisting about to meet her cerulean gaze. Framed by glasses glinting in the sunlight and complimented by a short, front-swept haircut of navy blue, she certainly had an educated and attractive look to her. "Gimme a break, Reki! How am I supposed to be cool if I can't take a rest now and then?"

This drew a brief laugh from Reki as she extended a hand to him, partly as a hint to get him to stand up from the spot on the grass where she found him. "At this rate, we'll never be done training! Besides that, Master Mickey has asked all three of us to meet him down in the Hall of the Cornerstone as soon as we can."

Taking her hand, Cael glanced around the courtyard garden at the mention of the third person supposedly coming with them. It also reminded him why he came down here in the first place for a rest as the greenery surrounded by the alabaster stone work (and topped by royal blue spires) was quite an idyllic setting. He quietly wondered to himself why more people didn't stop off here to relax. "Well, if we're all supposed to go... then where is Tsuna?"

To this, Reki gave him an abashed look. "I was sort of hoping you'd know. As much as we all have an 'unbreakable connection of friendship', that boy is continuously elusive whenever he's needed," she admitted, mockingly quoting a line from Mickey that became a sort of inside joke between the three friends.

"Seriously?" asked a crestfallen Cael, exaggerating the impact of her statement like it physically hurt him. "I guess we'll have to go look for him."

"If you had to track me down again after finding him, we'd be wasting even more time," she pointed out. "I'll run ahead and let Master Mickey know what the plan is, and then we can all meet in the Hall of the Cornerstone after you've found him. Or he's found you. I need to ask Mickey a few questions anyways... about some stuff... so don't feel too rushed," she added, sort of cryptically.

Heading back to the doors of the 'toonishly warped' castle interior, Reki split off towards the throne room. "Good luck!" she told Cael as he followed her with his eyes, signature scarf and sandles disappearing around a corner before he established his bearings.

"Actually, I think I know just where to go..." he figured aloud.


The sound of clanging metal coming from a room down the hall told Cael exactly what he needed. This was a room they visited often together but it was certainly never used for its original intended purpose. With King Mickey's decision to create a new Keyblade Master Academy, what was once a storage room for the Shield Guardians had become a makeshift training room. One that Tsuna liked to spend a lot of time in.

Rounding the corner of the doorway, Cael watched patiently as the youth with jet black hair and emerald highlights finished his set against a training dummy. Landing solidly on the toes of black coloured boots after an impressive aerial finisher, Tsuna remained kneeling upon the stonework. Keyblade vanishing into wispy nothingness, he allowed himself a few moments to catch his breath after the strain. All this while knowing fully well that he was being watched by a smiling Cael leaning against the nearby wall.

"Pretty intense! Those heartless won't know what hit them." Cael complimented, walking closer to give him a hand up if he needed it. The friendly gesture went unacknowledged though as Tsuna stood again on his own, turning his bright red eyes to regard his friend with a touch of scorn.

"You say that as if we won't be fighting for our lives out there. The protection of this castle won't be around forever, Cael. We have a duty expected of us, and it's important to be prepared for whatever comes," he noted to his more light-hearted companion, though it was a line he seemed to echo on a regular basis. "You really should take training more seriously."

Cael feigned being upset by his friend's accusation. "I do take it seriously! ...most of the time," he tried to protest, finding his argument squashed by the fact that he did sort of admire Tsuna's dedication. "Like right now, I'm here to let you know we're all supposed to meet down in the Hall of the Cornerstone," Cael added, perking up as he remembered his task at hand.

Tsuna considered this for a moment, and all it might imply. "Well then... This could be it! Maybe we should get in one last sparring session. You know, just to make sure you're ready?" he suggested with a smug look, dusting off the protective shoulder plate he wore with a gloved hand, which complimented the rest of his training garb. While the outfit was little more than black canvas pants with green kneeguards that matched his hair and a black tank top, it gave him the mobility he needed to take on anything.

Cael agreed to this, already wearing similar looking gear but themed instead with a blue tank top and sneakers. Also worth noting was a lack of knee guards on his pants, and all of it paired with a black jacket sporting white trim and an emblazoned blue armband as a personal style choice that he tended to wear everywhere. Shrugging, he materialized his pale yellow looking Keyblade. "You're on, man. But we shouldn't take too long."

Tsuna smiled, glad to have a proper training partner over a dummy any time he could. Resummoning his own sword, the match ensued.


Cael's natural skill and unpredictable fighting style eventually won, laying Tsuna out on the training floor in pain and holding up an open hand as a signal to yield. "Owww... I think that will do! I still want to be able to walk to the Hall..." he groaned, picking himself up and making his blade once again fade out.

However, Cael didn't escape unscathed either. "You really went all out, Tsuna. Almost had me a few times there..." he complimented while massaging a couple of bruises, knowing full well how much his brother-in-arms secretly hated to lose. But this only got him another smoldering condemnation.

"Don't mention it. You know King Mickey doesn't like it when we spar while unsupervised. Let's not keep him waiting too much longer." Tsuna reminded him, making to leave the training room ahead of Cael.

Cael responded with one of his usual embarrassed grins, crediting why they fought in the first place up to the the fact that they were still just impulsive teenagers. "Oh yeah... right. We've got to get moving," came his reply as he picked up the pace a bit, catching up to Tsuna as they both rounded the corner towards the Hall, chuckling about their mischief as only best friends would.
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