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**bam bam! Disclaimer timey! Osu! Kodomo no Omacha is owned by, Miho Obana, TV Tokyo, Tokyo Pop, Sony, and Gallop. Sana's sooo hyperly cute! @_@ It's kinda scary trying to write a fan fiction for it but at least I'm trying to keep them in character as much as possible *Artz pulls out a huge cup of coffee and places Kodomo no Omacha into the dvd player *


A familiar tune from Sana's alarm filled the air in the Kurata houshold. Sleepily Sana slapped the alarm and gazed at the time before she laid her head back in pillow where an old dream ran through her head. She was running with a flag in her hand that said 7:00 and when she ran up the hill and staked her flag she called out to someone and someone replied "School." Sana woke up and stared at the alarm clock with a scream for it was now 7:05. "MAMA!" she screamed as she quickly found her high school uniform and wore it with a twirl then bushed her hair placing it into two ponytails with a smile and ran through the halls "Bye Mama, Ohayo Rei, Bye Shimura-san!" She stared at her watch again with a short pause "AHHHH I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" she screamed as she looked over towards Rei who stood there with a toothbrush in his mouth.

"Hai hai" the older man nodded as he grabbed his keys and walked off to his car.

"HAIYAKU!!!!" Sana screamed as she pulled out her mallet from elementary and junior high years and began to pummel Rei with it.

"Ok ok!" Rei replied as he started the engine and drove faster than usual as she looked up with a small smile as she saw herself staring down from the billboards and adds that hung on the windows of shops… and she then realized that a kid was walking past them.

"REI!!!" she grabbed his neck and began shaking him "I CAN'T BE LATE FOR MY 1st YEAR OF SENIOR HIGH!" all the shaking caused the car to spin and bounce all over the place till it reached Jinboh Senior High which was right next to her Junior High school. "Bye bye Rei!" Sana waved to him happily as she ran out of the car to her classroom where all her friends from junior high school greeted her.

(A.N: In Japan Junior High goes up to 9th grade while Senior High is only three years so in other word Sana is a Sophmore and 16 for now since her birthday is in March and the School year starts in April.)

"Sana-chan!" a groups of new people exclaimed as they saw the actress in their class.

"Sana!" Fuka screamed as she waved her hands in the air making Sana work to go towards her usual group of friends and when she got there she placed her hand on her hips and spread her legs lightly as she laughed.

"Sana's here!" she announced jokingly.

"Baka" a familiar voice chastised as Sana looked around to see who she thought the voice belonged to… she was right it was none other than Akito Hayama. Most of the students that didn't know Sana and Akito's history wanted to strangle him for being so rude.

"Don't mind him you know he's missed you" Fuka replied with a bright smile as Mami, Aya, and Hisae nodded lightly. Akito and Sana lightly blushed at the statement but Sana made a quick recovery.

"OH HO HO HO HO!!" she laughed as she placed her hand by her lips "Perverted Hayama's back from Ame-rica!" she joked with a horrid English accent like when she pretended to be Samu. She continued laughing till she felt something warm against her breast. "AHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she looked down and Akito's hand was lightly touching her breast. She quickly pulled away from him and brought out her mallet and began to swing at the leopard tailed Hayama.

"I see you're boobs got bigger… you might need a new bra." He stated causing the whole room to stare with wide eyes and open jaws. Sana fell to the floor with an actress sob.

"My love life is officially over…" She sighed bleakly. "So Akiiiii…" She wrapped her arm around his neck and smiled from ear to ear slyly. "What have you been up to aside from watching you on TV winning championships?" she asked not noticing Akito's light blush.

"Just that" he replied as he cleared his throat lightly.

"Awwww they are so cute together… remember when Sana confessed her love to him?" Fuka noted towards Hisae, Mami, and Aya. The four nodded in unison with a bright blush "AWWWWWWW!" they squealed as they remembered the time when they were little and when they started Junior high. Sana laughed lightly as she scratched the back of her head lightly in embarrassment. A loud pound in the front got everyone's attention.

"Ok class get settled down" a loud voice bellowed "Welcome first years to your Homeroom my name's Takayama Inui and we've got a new transfer student Kamura Naozumi. All the girls in the class began to swoon as the light purple haired actor walked into the classroom with a smile.

(A.N: last names first only when I state their whole name ^_^ it's the Japanese way)

"IIIYAAAA!!!" the girls screamed happily as they surrounded the actor.

"Sana-chan" Naozumi walked over towards Sana then stopped as he felt a glare of threatening eyes against him. "Hayama's back in Japan too… fun" he sighed as he took his seat and cursed under his breath. "So Sana-chan" he smiled brightly shrugging off Akito's glare. "What do you think of the new drama we're going to be in?" he asked.

Sana tapped her cheek lightly and thought for a minute about which drama and it hit her it was a love story of two senior high kids that live in two different worlds in the same school. "Oh right the love story one where you play the leader of the rich preppy group, known as the whites and I'm the leader of the punk, realistic, normals known as the blacks. We still need my characters right hand / bodyguard…. Which reminds me Aki… you want to play part? You fit the description perfectly!"

"Ehh?" was all Akito could say before Naozumi widened his eyes.

"EHHHHHH!" the rest of the class screamed in unison as they looked over at Akito and then Naozumi who looked like he was about to sprout tears.

"Yada" Akito sighed as he leaned back in his chair.

"Why?!" Sana screamed as her cheeks puffed out.

"Because acting is just not me"

"But but…. You wouldn't have to act! You're just like the character! PLEASE?!" she begged as tears streamed down her eyes. Akito sighed as he narrowed his eyes and raised one of his hands to his face.

"Fine fine… baka.." he sighed

"YAY!!" Sana exclaimed as she jumped up and down and twirled in circles.

"Oi… I think Naozumi-Kun died…" a classmate sighed as he continued to poke at Naozumi's stiffened body.

"I'm guessing I don't have a normal class huh?" Inui-sensei sighed as he sat down in his chair.

One of the girls in the class raised her hand with a bright smile "how old are you sensei?" she asked causing Inui-sensei to fall over in his desk.

"I'm 24" he replied as he grabbed a textbook from his desk and stood up "Ok punks, I want you guys and girls if it's offending to call me Inui-kun so if anything's bothering you, you can talk to me."

"Sensei my stomach hurts" a student cracked up

"Just deal with it" Inui replied with a sigh as he opened his book "Today will be a free day since you don't have the texts… just keep the talking to a minimum." He sighed.

"Wahh kakoui!" one of the girls sighed as she stared at Inui giving him the creeps.

"Yahh domo Inui-kun!" Sana screamed happily.

"Oh lord" Inui sighed as he leaned back in the chair again and began reading his book. Sana turned around to face Akito with a smile.

"Aki, Naozumi, want to ride with us to the station?" Sana asked with a smile. Naozumi smiled and nodded.

"Like I have a choice" Akito replied only to feel a glare towards him by Naozumi. "What?" he sighed.

The bell rang announcing the end of the day perking Sana's ears as she grabbed Akito and Naozumi and rushed out the door saying quick goodbyes and into a waiting Rei-kun's car. "OHSU! LETS GO!" Sana screamed as she patted Rei's shoulder rapidly with her usual hyperness. In a quick flash the four arrived at the TV station and the people that stood outside noted a bright blur as Sana dragged the three inside and to the producer/ director. "Ne ne Kakashi-san I found my bodyguard!" she announced as she pushed Akito in front of her with a bright smile. Kakashi looked Hayama Akito over and nodded lightly.

"He looks the part… does he act the part?" he asked

"Does he ever" Naozumi and Sana replied in unison as they looked at each other then rolled over laughing not noticing Akito and his popped out veins.

"Fine, then forget it" Akito sighed as he began to walk off.

"MATTE!" Sana screamed as she held onto his legs tightly causing Kakashi to laugh loudly.

"Hey kid do you know Karate?" Kakashi asked and was pleased when Akito nodded his head lightly. "Good you're her boyfriend right?" he asked with a small smile causing Akito and Sana to blush brightly. "Good cause the bodyguard is also Sana's boyfriend till she meets up with Naozumi-kun…" he met Akito's glare and lightly sweat dropped.

"WAI!!" Sana jumped up and down happily as she hugged Akito with a smile as Naozumi sighed and began to play his trumpet.

"OK LET'S START FROM THE TOP AND MOVE TO LOCATION!!" Kakashi-san screamed as he walked over to his car. The camera men and everyone else got together and moved to an abandoned school "I want you guys to remember your location and study your lines."

Akito read over his lines and sighed at the irony of the script, he was exactly like the character in the story but he was hella sure that he was not going to allow Sana ever be taken by the likes of Naozumi. He looked over at Sana and nearly fell over as she began to sing about fish flakes. "She'll never change" he sighed when her voice killed his concentration.

"AKI!" she called out as she rushed towards him.

"Don't get any idea's Sana"

"Unnn that's not it."

"Then what?"


"That's a first"

"Oi…" she puffed her cheeks in anger at his comment when she felt his hand under her chin. "Aki?"

"I've been thinking… we haven't kissed for a while huh?" he asked with a small smirk causing Sana to blush… it was true after he went off to America she visited every time she got but they didn't kiss like when he tried to tell her that he liked her. She puffed her cheeks again as she ran after him with a mallet.

"HENTAI AKI!" she screamed as she chased after him. `It feels just like before we went our slightly separate ways.' She thought to herself.

"Buru… Babbit desu! Ne, ne missed me?" It's blue wings flap happily "Un, un this writer didn't want to put me into the story… HEY NO RUNNING!" Sana turned her head threateningly and glared at the small whit bat "Hai hai… I'll go."


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