Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ Sushi ❯ Sushi ( Chapter 1 )

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Kodomo No Omocha
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~ Sushi ~
Akito watched the girl from the corner of his eye. `Amazing how one redheaded girl caught my attention so quickly' he pondered.
Since the moment she entered the classroom, she was definitely like no other. Literally. She is the only girl he knew that came to school late on her first day or any day for that matter.
He remembered those days. Akito furrowed his eyebrows. He hated thinking about how he acted.
`I can't believe acted so childishly. The boys did deserve their punishment though.' he thought as he switched the song he was listening to on his Ipod.
Akito noticed that Sana was singing one of her famous on-the-spot songs she just made up. He watched her until she finally breathed her last word out and curtsied while everyone applauded.
Akito pulled on his earphones and put his Ipod in his backpack.
He casually walked up to Sana and sat down next to her, putting an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him. She blushed, a light pick tinting her cheeks and glared at him playfully.
Sana had (thankfully) gotten over the hammer phase when they first started dating.
He just raised an eyebrow and started paying attention to what their friends were saying.
“…new restaurant by my apartment. I hear they have excellent food and most people compliment their sushi. We should go sometime. What do you think guys?” Tsuyoshi asked.
Akito looked at Sana and she at him. She smiled brightly at him, which made his blood pound faster. `She stills remembers…' Akito thought happily.
He gave a smile so small that if you didn't pay attention to how his face changed, you will think he was smirking at you. He gave her a peck on the check, which in turn made her blush.
He watched her as she talked animatedly to the others, promising that both of them would be there. They would, for it was a mental agreement ever since that fateful day they met at a sushi restaurant.
Akito thought to himself, `I don't know how people live without sushi…'

Author's Note:
My first Kodocha FanFic ! I thought long and hard about the way Akito acted but I still think Akito can out very OC. Anyways, review/leave comments. Its been a while since anyone has posted here ^^ Time to bring it back to life!
--- Kaoru Himura